Trump's walk with Queen Elizabeth II is making Twitter question his manners

Trump’s walk with Queen Elizabeth II is making Twitter question his manners

“Trump simply has no idea how to behave around women of equal or higher status to him,” commented one supremely-annoyed Twitter user on a video of the US president and Queen Elizabeth II.

The video in question is of Donald Trump, who is facing massive ‘not welcome’ protests in Britain, taking a walk with the Queen while gazing at the castle guardsmen.

In it, Trump can be seen occasionally walking a little to fast the 92-year-old. At one point, A “clueless” Trump steps in the way and blocks the Queen’s path, leaving her to go around him.

Viewers have even pointed out that the Queen “literally had to instruct Trump on how to walk properly,”.

Going by the virality of this video and the comments on it, it seems like the ‘walk’ will be remembered for a long time as “cringeworthy” and “uncomfortable”.

If you’re still missing the hilarity of the video, take a look at this clip:

Reports have it that Trump even made the Queen waiting for their tea, and did not arrive until just after 5 pm.

Anti-Trump protesters in Britain are already miffed with his visit to the country, holding major ‘Stop Trump’ protests across London. Reports say nearly 250,000 people are set to march today.

There is even an ‘angry baby Trump’ blimp hovering in the London sky to show that he is not welcome here.

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