Home Security Cameras – Protect Your Home on a Budget

You are on the way to devise some ways to protect your home, but always the cost there worries you and leaves you with no decision. Yes, home security cameras the best solution for your home security but the cost these takes can vary with your need or the type of devices your security requires. So it is not always true that you will have to bear a huge cost on home security instead it is your need which will decide your cost. A home security camera can come with the feature of tilt, zoom, pan and so on but it never means all have such requirements which normally prove to be a costly affair.

Most you just need the simple coverage of your home and surroundings that normally cost a normal amount. And of course if you want all those hi-end facility even with such requirement it would be simply to overburden your budget. Simple coverage can be performed with a single camera which allows you to see the surrounding surrounding with one sitting. Although these wide angle cameras are better to cover more areas but it will hardly solve your purpose of watching narrowly your target objects.

Further if your home has any thing quite narrower by which either entry or exist can be watch, could be good position for installing wide angle camera there to see the objects much closer. In such condition your purposes can be solved even with a wide angle camera which has the feature of capturing a bit narrower area with its narrower width. By this you easily get to see who is entering your promises and what his exact postures are. These cameras will give a much better view by bringing you closer to the action and delivering a higher quality picture for these narrow areas.

The home security camera you are going to install can feature mainly tow types of recording systems. The first one is standardone DVR and the second one is PC-based DVR system. Normally here recording devices with your camera are a bit different than what you find with your other DVR or satellite / cable DVR so they also increase the cost on these devices accordingly. The stand alone cameras are normally suitable to record to keep record of every action with movements directly on to hard discs. This option allows you to watch any footage required even later that too in a more secured form. These DVRs provide the best basic system for home users. With the second one option you get a card that installs into your PC wit your any latest browser to provide inputs for the security cameras. The cameras then start recording with the help of included software onto the hard drive of the PC. This recording option is typically of advanced technology than the previous one and in result you get a higher resolution for picture and sound recording. So, the pc based security camera surveillance is a bit entrusted as it helps you see more pictures at a time while with stand alone you have to switchover to get new visuals each time.

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Product Name: BEESKATEERS TM – Home


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#1 – 100% Independent Home Mortgage Loan Advice, Tips on Rates, Brokers, Refinancing:

Product Name: #1 – 100% Independent Home Mortgage Loan Advice, Tips on Rates, Brokers, Refinancing:


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some people almost always
get the lowest
interest rate
on their home mortgage… and
pay too much
in points or “junk”

Buying or
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for first time buyers, move-up
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M. Klinger, Real Estate Broker
Aventura, FL

If you want a mortgage with the lowest
for the lowest points and fees…
here’s exactly how you do it!

To A
Personal Message
From Jim Edwards 

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or later.  
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From the Desk of Jim Edwards

right – you will “buy” your next loan)

you want to avoid the schemes and tricks mortgage brokers use to “gouge” you for extra
fees and “points”, avoid the common mortgage shopping blunders people make everyday that
cripple them financially over 15… 20… even 30 years, or if you
just want manage
your mortgage to build financial security rather than sell yourself into
financial “slavery” for 30 years-

then this might be the most important letter you ever read.


Most people don’t
know how to shop for a mortgage!

Here’s how most people shop for a mortgage
– (sound familiar?)
They call a few lenders and ask what the rate and points
are. That’s it!

They have no clue what questions to ask
about “points”, fees, interest rate
“lock-in” periods, closing costs, “pre-paids”,
and more. 
They’re like lambs to the slaughter by a pack
of hungry wolves!


“system” is stacked against you!

lenders make their money based on how much money you borrow
and the points and fees they can get you to pay. 

The more
money you borrow and the higher fees you pay… the bigger
their paycheck! It’s human nature — they will make you
pay as much as they make a bigger commission!

companies will “gouge” you for extra fees!

Those lenders abused borrowers
and took thousands of dollars extra out of the
borrower’s pockets for one simple reason – they knew
they could get a way with it! 

question is – if those companies are the one’s getting
caught.. how many more do you think are gouging borrowers
just like you and getting away with it?

this is just the tip of the iceberg…


year thousands of people screw up the mortgage shopping process.

They get the wrong loan at the wrong price and pay for it
dearly until they’re old and gray. 

what I mean…

If you overpay for the
house, you will get stung for some money and learn a valuable
lesson. If you overpay for the mortgage in interest rates, points,
fees or other costs, you will pay for your mistakes EVERY month for
the next 30 years! 


Everybody worries so much about the house that nobody ever gives
very much thought to the loan. 

the loan that costs you month after month – not the house. Yet
virtually nobody gives more than a passing thought to the financing!


When I protested over the outrageous charges some bankers were
bilking out of unsuspecting borrowers I had a manager tell me there
was a code of silence among mortgage people about all the extra fees
and points – his exact words were “honor among thieves.” 

I say “No More!”

I’m getting way ahead of myself…

Ex-Mortgage Banker
breaks “Code of Silence”

it’s a new loan, refinancing or a home equity loan –  I am
going to take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to get
a mortgage loan without getting ripped off in interest rate, points
and “junk fees”… then I’ll show you how to manage that
loan and all the insurance and tax costs so the loan actually sets
you free financially! 

that’s a tall order and I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three

good reasons I can back up what I claim:

should you listen to me?

one: Did you know that many mortgage brokers can
(and will) charge you so much extra in points an fees that they actually

make more money than the realtors — who charge 6%!?!

As a 10+ year veteran of the mortgage
and real estate business I have seen things that would make most people roll their eyes back in their head in total
disgust! I’ve seen mortgage brokers charge buyers more points than necessary just to make a higher commission. 

but true……

Buyers and homeowners just like YOU being
charged Thousands of dollars extra because of
their ignorance! 

People just like your neighbors have been taken advantage of because they just didn’t know any better! 

I got into the mortgage business to help people… not to take advantage of them. I got so steamed up about it I decided to literally go on a crusade and do something about it. 

That’s why I
developed my program “The TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM of Mortgage Financing” – I got sick
and tired of seeing people just like my own mother and father get taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous money lenders!

two: The lessons and methods you learn come straight from
the front lines of the mortgage business. Someone who has actually
been there… an ‘insider’… teaches you the facts quickly and
easily so you can take action!

Having worked in the mega market of Miami, Florida as well as in the upscale community of Williamsburg,
Virginia – I have seen over 1000 real estate, refinancing and mortgage transactions get to the closing table… I have
seen and financed with every type of loan imaginable – VA, FHA, Conventional, JUMBO,
A.R.M.’s, Step, Bridge, 3-5-7-10 Balloon, 100% financing, 125% financing, Owner Financing, Reverse mortgages… I’ve BEEN THERE – DONE THAT and
brought home the T-shirt! 

information in this program has helped literally THOUSANDS of people
just like you to understand, evaluate and exercise their BEST OPTIONS in getting a mortgage loan and buying a home! 

get all my experience from thousands of transactions boiled down
into one, simple-to-understand, easy to use program for getting
virtually the lowest mortgage rate with the lowest points
and fees possible in the current market. 

you are at all intimidated or unsure about the mortgage process – if
you don’t understand how to evaluate your options in getting a mortgage
loan this program will help you feel comfortable that you are making the best decisions for
yourself and – more importantly – your family’s long-term financial well-being!

three: It doesn’t matter what type of loan
you get… this information works !

you are re-financing, getting a home equity loan or buying a brand
new house… I don’t have anything to gain financially by which
mortgage option you choose as a result of my advice in this program. 

That is
always something that ticked me off about some mortgage

Even if it wasn’t done consciously
their advice always seemed to come back to the rate and points that would
make them the most money – not what was best for the client! 

Packing on the
points or padding the
interest rates because the buyer or home owner supposedly has “bad” credit or “too much debt” or “is a poor risk” is almost common practice.

one more thing…

the buzzword around mortgages is “credit scoring” – a
number that rates your overall financial “worthiness” to
get a loan. Some lenders require certain scores in order to get the
best interest rates… but some use these scores as an excuse to charge
you a lot more money in points and interest for reasons that nobody without a computer science degree could understand!! 

of this and other pitfalls… you must learn the secrets revealed in
my amazing and shocking program – 

TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM 
of Mortgage Financing

is a summary of the fantastic benefits you receive
in this breakthrough mortgage program


you’re probably wondering how and why I can do all those things.

me explain…

the The TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM of Mortgage Financing
you get an hour and a half audio seminar that teaches you:

to get the lowest rate mortgage for the lowest fees and points
in the current market…

to deal with lenders…

the questions you need to ask them…

to choose the right mortgage program…

to compare costs…

decisions you need to make…

problems you will face…

and a whole lot more!

addition to the hour and a half audio seminar where I guide you step-by-step through the entire process and point out all the potential
pitfalls you may encounter – You also get a the manual packed
and to the point with exercises, examples and illustrations of
the points you need to understand and consider in getting the lowest
rate loan for the lowest fees and points available in the current

workbook, the software, and the 90 minute seminar are downloaded digitally from the Internet
– so there’s no waiting – you could be benefiting from this
breakthrough program within 5 minutes! 

I will also guarantee that you
several incredible Bonuses at no
extra cost if you act NOW!

on that in a moment – but first you should read
what our customers have to say….

got our loan in two days and I KNOW we got the best rate and terms
possible – because they were lower than 3 other lenders told me I
could get. I even had the loan officer tell me he had never had a
borrower ask him these questions and compliment me about how much I
knew. He actually asked me if I’d been
in the mortgage business!”
A. Goss, Williamsburg, VA

only negative about the program is that most people will never
realize how much they needed it until it is too late! Most people
will pass right over it – and some day look back and wish they had
bought the program. I’ve been building and financing houses for 40
years and I have never seen such a clear and concise explanation of
the right way to get a loan and avoid all the tricks I’ve seen
bankers pull over the years. Anybody who is even thinking about
getting a loan better buy this program as fast as they can.”
E. Cassilly, Real Estate Developer, South Florida

have used the techniques in this program to save 10,000’s in
interest on my own mortgage. I learned things I had no clue about
and could kick myself looking back. First time buyers and anyone who
feels like they got screwed on their last loan should get this
program. Accountants and engineers especially will like it because
it has so much great information in a compact and complete format!”
G. Gilley, Toano, VA

have bought, sold and financed dozens of houses as an investor. I
can say without a doubt that just some of these techniques would
have saved me the thousands of dollars I obviously wasted over the
last 25 years! I will never buy or finance a house again without
first reviewing Jim’s program so all of his excellent tips and
advice are fresh on my mind and on the tip of my tongue when I start
dealing with these bankers.” 

H. Kelly, Real Estate Investor, Williamsburg, VA

Do NOT get a mortgage unless you
KNOW the answer 
to ALL of these questions…

is a lot of confusion surrounding mortgages and real estate

I want to give you 6
questions you absolutely, positively must have the answer to before you
sign up for any type of mortgage:

you pass over this program lightly as something you don’t really
need or don’t have time for… ask yourself these six

you know how to tell if a mortgage broker is telling you a rate over
the phone just to entice you into their office… or can they really deliver
what they promise?

you know how to compare various lender’s offers “apples to
apples” or are you at the mercy of people who know more than
you do — and who want you to spend your money?

you know exactly what to do in order to cut 10-12 years of interest
off your mortgage – safely, legally and without even breathing hard?

you know how to cancel paying PMI? (Do you even know what “PMI”

you know why getting “pre-qualified” is just a waste
of time… and can actually hurt your ability to negotiate with a

you know the 7 questions to ask any lender to make sure they aren’t
just using “smoke and mirrors” to get you into their office
so they can “get you down on paper”?

get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

can you put a value on this critical information about the right way
to get a mortgage loan and not make a mistake? 

look at the BIG picture… 

tell me… 

How much is it worth to you to spend all that money with
100% assurance and peace of mind that everything is going as planned
and you aren’t paying a dime more than you have to? 

much is that worth to you?

summary, here’s what you get:

access to this amazing information – no waiting for the mail!

complete The TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM of Mortgage Financing
manual to download plus some great BONUSES for acting

get the hour and a half seminar accessed online … guaranteed to turn you into a “pit bull” mortgage shopper! And
by the way – don’t worry about listening to the tape online…
it’s as easy as listening to mp3 music! – my grandmother can
even do it.

immediately and receive the following incredible bonuses

I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to
sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!
If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following

Bonus one:

Real Estate Calculator Software Package – this software
calculates payments for various interest rates, loan amortizations,
bi-weekly payments, “Good Faith” closing cost estimates,
refinance savings calculators and more! 

Bonus two:

Bonus three:

Bonus four:

my BONUS SECRETS, including: 

Warranties – Insurance worth Buying

Refinances – Short-term heaven… or long-term hell!

up your credit without getting ripped off by “Credit
Repair” companies

“Credit Score”… What is it? How can it hurt or help

can’t lose with my 100%,
ironclad, money-back guarantee

the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event
you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money-back guarantee:

risk is all on MY shoulders! 

satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%,
no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any
reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with our product, just
send us an email within 60 days and we’ll refund 100% of your
purchase price. No hard feelings!

decide now! 

I’m saying is don’t decide now if the program is for you. Just get
it and try it out risk-free for 60 days. If it doesn’t do
everything I say and more… 

it doesn’t show you exactly how to get the lowest interest rate
for the lowest points and fees…

it doesn’t take you by the hand and walk you step by step
through negotiating with lenders…

it doesn’t teach you exactly which questions to ask to keep from
getting bilked out of unnecessary points and fees…

it doesn’t show you exactly how to shave years and tens of
thousands of dollars in interest payments off your mortgage…

it doesn’t turn you into a confident “pit bull”
mortgage shopper 

then I don’t want your money! 

give you every penny of your purchase price back. You have nothing
to worry about!

the very least you get the free software that’s worth more than your
purchase price… at the very least you get special reports that can
save you thousands of dollars in fees… at the very least you get
all my BONUS Secrets – and at best you get everything I promise you
and MORE! 

you see – any way you look at it you’re about to be a winner!

can I sell it for OVER 50% off? – Because I don’t have to send
you anything in the mail! There’s no tape to mail, no manuals to
print, no postage to pay. You access everything online right now! Since I can
make the same amount of money at this price I just pass the savings
on to you and we both win!

how to order right now!

The TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM of Mortgage Financing

get UNLIMITED and INSTANT access to the manual, 1 1/2 hours of audio, and
all 6 Bonus Secrets online instantly! 

Once your payment is
processed you will be taken to a page for instant download access to the information.

So go ahead – order now.
In as little as 2 minutes you will be benefiting from the proven
program that can literally save you thousands in fees, points,
and mortgage interest!

I have Read and
Agree to the Disclaimer

Terms Of

<= Will open a new window on our secure server.

your success,

Jim Edwards, Author
The TEN Dirty Little SecretsTM of Mortgage Financing
“Selling Your Home Alone”

Here To Email Us

Loan Tips
P.O. Box 547
Port Haywood, VA 23138
(757) 715-2157

– If you are going to make a loan application soon – will
you be prepared… or will you just “wing it”? Don’t
take a chance with your financial future. Get this program, read
it and use it to get the peace of mind that you got the best
deal possible in the current market!

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This is our favorite question. InstaXplode does not guarantee an exact number of monthly growth, like many “swindlers” services on the web. The latter in fact, very often promise 1000 or 10,000 followers a month. We will not make you this promise, because only a sales service of fake followers can do it! Our method is an intelligent system that does what you would normally do (like, comment, follow the profiles of your choice). It’s as if you were managing your page 24 hours a day, interacting with other people, according to the chosen criteria. This means that it will be those people (real people) who will decide whether to follow you or not, based also on the contents of your page.

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Home Rowing Machines – Get All-Around Exercise Without Going to the Gym

Home rowing machines are the closest thing you can get to a real outdoor rowing experience without actually going out on the water. This piece of equipment harnesses the elements of rowing a boat (scull) and provides a full body workout.

You board a home rowing machine just like the real boat with knees bent, feet on foot rest, and hands on the handles which serve as your oars for maneuvering. To start your workout, pull the handles to your chest while simultaneously extending your legs to push the seat backwards. This way, you are actually getting the right feel of outdoor rowing.

But it's not just the feeling of rowing you are getting with home row machines but also the health benefits as well. As mentioned, rowing utilizes various muscle groups like the arms, shoulders, thighs, abdominal muscles and others.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Aside from that, it also strengthens the busiest muscle of the body, the heart. With a healthy heart you can run faster, play harder, last longer and basically go further. In short, it improves your stamina and endurance.

And since this is non-weight-bearing exercise equipment, it strongly puts stress on your joints, giving less strain on the muscle while maximizing every ounce of energy which translates to more calories burnt.

After all these good things, it is hard to believe that you can get them from just one piece of equipment. Because you need just the one foldable item, you do not have to worry much as to where you can put this machine. Especially for those who have small living spaces, like those in condominiums and apartments, exercise equipment can really get troublesome if they are eating up a lot of space in your home.

Most models of home rowing machines, if not all, are lightweight and portable. These can be folded and equipped with caster for easy storage. They size can shrink to around 20 "(L) x 30" (W) x 50 "(H) so they really fit under your bed or walk in closet.

Price Levels

But how much will it set you back to get your own?

There are various types of rowing machines available in the market. Different styles, designs, mechanisms, offer different results and also different price. Needless to say, a cheap machine will most likely not have top-of-the-line performance while a top-brand equipment comes with a hefty price tag.

Rowing machines have four types: piston resistance, magnetic resistance, air resistance, and water resistance. Piston resistance rowers fall in entry level category. Most of them have no leg drive capability and less accurate stroking pathway.

Water resistance rowing machines comes next when you talk about price. They use a brake flywheel that adjusts to the user's level of rowing. It increases resistance when you drive hard and loosen up when you slow down. But on the bad side, it is a little noisy and heavy because of the water tanks (where the flywheel is installed).

When you talk about noise and weight, even in terms of performance, the magnetic resistance variety toples every competition. But then again, it comes with a price, and a big one for that matter.

The last but not the least is the air resistance rowing machine. It is one of the favorites among professional and enthusiasts because it delivers almost the same performance and accuracy as the magnetic resistance version but at a lesser cost.

Source by Ernest Jarquio

The Emptiness Inside Searching for a Home

Everyone feels it at some stage. There is a black sort of feeling that comes over one from within. It’s like an emptiness, loneliness, or anxious experience that may be one or all of these things. The question is what does one do about it? Can it be erased with activity or entertainment? Will it subside after sex or a good dinner? Do friends help or a party where one gets drunk? Maybe it’s something for which no one has an answer?

There are times when such a feeling comes over me and then the realisation that something in my life is not right. That’s when reaching out to the Spirit helps. Taking it as a warning of an incident that will bring bad news my reaction is to instantly rebuke it, get it out my mind, and occupy myself with the things that bring better thoughts.

What this means is that something within one is stressed. In my experience that is the Spirit calling out for attention. All too often when it is ignored bad things will happen, such as the death of a loved one, or an accident. The reason is not always obvious but sometimes it is related to behaviour. the conflict between our minds and spirit is at play here.

To put this a better way those who are linked to God have a duty to maintain that channel. When it gets blocked the Spirit leaves and the emptiness or void that brings about relates to tragedy.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, the knowledge given to me enables questions like this to be answered. When led to research the origin of religion and the World Order it led me to the roots of such in the evil of the Islamic system, which has so influenced the world that reality is hidden behind a wall of deceit.

When people engage in that deceit, be it through religion, politics, or money-making ventures, the emptiness inside grows. Anxiety takes over and stress is compounded. The reaction of those impacted is to do more of the same, be that running a business, praying to false gods, or delving into other things, like attending meetings and contributing to the deceit.

Many think that money is a solution to these problems and so they turn to gambling, theft, or other ways of getting it, such as drug trafficking. The end result is always disaster as what they thought would make them feel better actually makes them worse.

We can’t run from the little voice inside, although most believe we can. We can’t change the plan of God nor throw anything in the way of its success. The efforts by mankind to influence the outcome has resulted in the way the world is today. It stands on the precipice of destruction and the weapons, climate change, and other things are the results of man.

Source by Norma Holt

Wearable Technology and Devices Gain Ground in Home Healthcare

Patients and healthcare providers across the globe have come to the realization that dependent solely on hospital systems will no longer be a viable option. Industry experts are of the opinion that ongoing interventions in home healthcare devices and services will help alleviate the current pressure on the global healthcare system.

Technology has proven to be extremely critical to home healthcare. Current and upcoming advances in home healthcare technologies are not only designed for effective disease control but also encourage and enable individuals to live independently.

Technological interventions were complex and expensive in the past. However, growing need and demand for convenient and effective remote patient monitoring, development of new and innovative technologies, and availability of sufficient funding have led to increased accessibility to low-cost technologies and devices.

The new and affordable in-house gadgets are not just popular among geriatrics looking to age at home. The customer base has rapidly expanded to include new patient groups, such as those suffering from chronic illnesses, children, and diabetics. This is sure to pave the way for a brighter future for both patients and healthcare providers.

Growing Use of Biosensors to Monitor Geriatric Health

When it comes to home healthcare for the geriatric, there are some innovative technologies and gadgets that have been seamlessly integrated into the assisted living or senior living industry, or in what is more broadly referred to as geriatric care services. Speaking from a strictly medical perspective, recent technologies for monitoring the health of senior citizens including blood pressure monitoring devices, oxygen therapy devices, patient temperature management devices, and cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices.

An article by NBC News sheds light on the growing adoption of sensor technology in the US, especially for senior living. Allowed for improved estimation of a patient or individual's metabolic state at a remote location, biosensors enable constant monitoring of those seniors who suffer from a number of different ailments but choose to live independently, out of hospitals and nursing homes. The NBC article discusses the use of such sophisticated sensors to track an elderly couple's walking speed, heart rates, and even sleep patterns. This unobtrusive technology also sends alerts in case of emergencies, allowing timely intervention of family members or caregivers. Like several medical device companies, research organizations, and medical universities, ElderTech, Missouri, has been studying the significance of environmentally-embedded in-home sensor networks and their relevancy in detecting health changes in older adults.

Development of Portable Digital Devices to Remotely Track Heart Conditions

As the medical devices industry undergoes a tectonic shift with the advent of telemedicine, the field of cardiology has also felt its ensuing benefits. Soaring incidence of cardiovascular conditions and the consequent need for constant monitoring of patients have resolved in demand for cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management (CRM). Home healthcare is a leading end user of these devices, with demand for ECG and cardiac monitors, Holter monitors, event monitors, and ILR (implantable loop recorder) continuously rising.

Interviewing the founders of Eko Devices, The New York Times talks about growing competition in the telemedicine business. Eko is one of the many cardiovascular care companies that has been capitalizing on the home healthcare industry .

In a recent development, the company developed a digital stethoscope specifically catering to cardiac patients at home. This innovative palm-sized device, called DUO, has the potential to alter the way heart patients are monitored. Combining electrocardiogram or EKG and electronic stethoscope in just one device, DUO provides unpretented insight into cardiac functions. This includes tracking and quickly reviewing heart rhythms and sounds to enable advanced bedside analysis and, if required, remote care.

Need for Constant Glucose Monitoring Driving Demand for Diabetes Devices

With medical devices becoming increasingly interconnected thanks to rising penetration of the Internet, growing use of smartphones and a slew of other medical devices, and expanding hospital networks, detecting and managing diabetes at home has become not only convenient but rather effective. Today, there are a wide range of diabetes devices available, promising quick and accurate results. User-friendly designs of most devices and increasing awareness levels along the diabetic population across the globe have been resolved in a rather massive market for self-monitoring devices to be used in home settings.

A recent research article sponsored and reviewed by Avantes BV – a prominant innovator in the development and application of miniature spectrometers, focuses on the need for non-invasive diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. In order to detect and treat diabetes before it gets out of hand, constant glucose monitoring and maintenance is critical, and for the longest time, existing diagnostic standards and therapies were immensely invasive. Moreover, managing this disease out of hospital settings was extremely difficult. However, advanced medical sensing technologies have enabled easy and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and diabetes testing. Latest innovations have also ensured convenient and user-friendly insulin self-administration devices.

Wearable technology has been one of the most prominent innovations to benefit and empower diabetics around the world. These devices have been preventing diabetics to take charge of their own health outside the doctor's clinic and effectively managing the condition. Smartwatches, interestingly, have shown immense potential to enable needle-less glucose monitoring with time. Apple Inc. is reportedly working on developing sensors for monitoring of blood sugar levels, an advancement that could turn devices such as the Apple Watch into a means of monitoring important vitals. The aim is to develop sensors that can non-invasively and regularly monitor blood sugar levels to help diabetics treat the condition from the comfort of their homes.


An article in The New York Times recently shed light on the shrinking community of home health aides or personal care attendants in the US According to Paul Osterman of the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, if the number of workers in this field of home healthcare continues to fall, the country will be faced with a shortage of around 350,000 paid care providers by 2040. This alarming fact makes the development of advanced remote patient monitoring devices even more crucial.

Keeping this need in mind, companies are looking to devise technologies that will, in a way, replace human service providers with digital home healthcare assistants. To put this into perspective, home health aides are now testing Amazon's Echo platform as a home healthcare assistant. Researchers hope that the companion online app will be increasingly responsive to clients' needs, keep family caregivers in the loop at all times, and effectively streamline alerts, reminders, and functions.

This opportunity is sure to capture the interest of tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Amazon, giving them an opportunity to emerge as trailblazers in home healthcare.

Source by Nishita Pereira