Ultimate Gymless Workout

Product Name: Ultimate Gymless Workout


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301 Moved Permanently

Product Name: 301 Moved Permanently


The document has moved here.

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COURSES – MindGenius Academy

Product Name: COURSES – MindGenius Academy


For Limitless Confidence, Deep Love

You Will Enjoy Deep Relaxing Meditations

You Will Instantly Release Stress

You Will Instantly Feel Happiness & Harmony

Have you noticed that …

… you have different levels of self-confidence in different situations? 

Sometimes you feel strong, happy and confident and some other times insecure and anxious.

Your confidence has nothing to do with your name, your age, your title, your money or how you look. 

Confidence is something much deeper. It’s a reflection of your inner state. 

People who feel confident in every situation, have learned how to do it. You can also learn it.


A Loving-Kindness Attitude

✅ activates your immune system & improves your physical health

✅ reduces anxiety & gives you peace of mind

✅ gives you a stronger self-confidence

✅ creates better relationships

✅ gives you a greater chance of success

When you activate deep feelings of love and safety

inside you, you will experience unwavering strength, 

strong independence and  deep freedom. 

You have harmony, compassion and deep love 

in the deeper layers of mind at this very moment.  

Would you like to awaken these deep feelings 

and live a life filled with love and harmony?   

And if you want to find a loving partner or

increase love in your present relationship … 

 … Well – you guessed it – 

you need to create feelings of love and safety inside you first.


Do you have limiting beliefs and destructive emotions about money? 

Maybe you got them from your parents, perhaps you learned them in school? 

Let go of your limiting money beliefs and destructive emotions and you will experience abundance and the richness of life. 


We have transitioned from industrial age to information age and a digital world.

The world is changing rapidly.

 Don’t be left in poverty in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

 Change your mindset and live fully in the new paradigm!

For Limitless Confidence,

Deep Love And Infinite Abundance

Develop a strong self-confidence and

deep feelings of inner safety and freedom

Deep feelings of love & loving-kindness

An amazing ability to attract a loving partner 

Unleash your creative powers &

create infinite abundance 

 You Will Experience States of Mind

You Didn’t Even Know Existed!

10 High Quality Videos and

12 Deep Life-Changing Meditations

Listen & Just Relax and

You Will Achieve Amazing Results.

MODULE 1 Stress Release 

MODULE 2 Rock Solid Foundation 

MODULE 3 Limitless Confidence

MODULE 5 Infinite Abundance

Each of the modules is presented

The modules will be drip fed for the best results possible.

You will get a new video, meditation or article twice a week via email.

You can listen to them when ever you have time.

MindGenius Manifestation

Once you get it, it’s yours for ever!

Awaken your enormous hidden resources 

with evidence-based methods and

limitless confidence, deep love and

These methods have been tried and tested and they work.

You have huge potential right now –

yet you use only a small fraction of your resources.

Imagine what will happen

when you live up to your full potential.

 MindGenius Manifestation will

1) Balance Your Nervous System

2) Change Your Brainwaves and Neural Pathways

3) Release Your Negative Thoughts and Create a Constructive mindset

4) Transform Your Negative Emotions into Positive Actions

5) Release Destructive Blueprints from your Subconscious Mind and Create New Healthy Blueprints

6) Activate Your Deep Energy Centres and

7) Deepen Your Energy Level

You can feel happy and confident in every situation!

If you order today you will get

5 Amazing Special Bonuses 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

BONUS # 1 🎁 Deep Insight Affirmations for Limitless Confidence

BONUS # 2 🎁 Deep Insight Affirmations for Deep Love

BONUS # 3 🎁 Deep Insight Affirmations for Infinite Abundance

BONUS # 4  🎁 Membership in the Exclusive MindGenius Academy Community 

BONUS # 5 🎁 Membership in the MindGenius Manifestation Mastermind Facebook Community

If you buy now you will get

all these 5 Amazing Bonuses

It Will Be Very Very Cheap! 

life changing meditations

You can listen to the program

in your busy everyday life

You will get a new video, meditation or article twice a week via email.

You can listen to them when ever you have time.

MindGenius Manifestation

for a ever deepening experience!

the Full 60-Day-MindGenius-

You Can Return It For Any Reason At All …

With No Questions Asked …

Start Your MindGenius Journey Today!


We’re not around right now. But you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you, asap.

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– A List Blogging : A List Blogging

Product Name: – A List Blogging : A List Blogging


Are you quickly building a large, loyal audience?

Are you earning more money from it month to month?

You’ve been blogging for a while now.

You’ve made some progress and learned a lot along the way.

And yet, you’re not where you want to be, are you?

The A-List Blogging Masterclasss can help you finally turn that corner!

Hey, I understand. Blogging is a tough business – especially in the beginning. You feel like you’re doing all the right things but still you see others passing you by – and you wonder what you’re doing wrong. It’s frustrating because you can sense that success is within reach, but you can’t quite latch onto it. And meanwhile you watch your online heroes, the A-Listers, almost effortlessly commanding the attention of thousands upon thousands of adoring fans.

“How do they make success look so easy?”

  Just like the plush red velvet rope that keeps the “regular folks” out of the glamorous nightclub, there’s a blogging barrier that separates the A-Listers from everyone else.

You’ve done the work. You’ve sharpened your writing skills, you’ve learned all the basics, and as far as you can tell you’ve done all the right things. But still you stand there behind that velvet rope – watching others walk up the red carpet and through those doors that you so badly want to walk through yourself.

Hi there! I’m Mary Jaksch from A-List Blogging – and I want to teach you the skills and tactics I used to achieve my dreams with my blogs WritetoDone.com and GoodlifeZen.com. WritetoDone.com is now the largest writing blog on the internet with well over 50,000 subscribers and over one million annual visitors. And GoodlifeZen.com has grown to over 30,000 subscribers! I now enjoy a six-figure income from my blogs and live a life many people can only dream of.  But I was just like everyone else when I started…  Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. I worked hard and learned the basic skills and principles, but still I failed to build a strong following.  It was a struggle. A very frustrating struggle that I know you can relate to. But then something wonderful happened. I learned how to connect with A-List bloggers like Leo Babauta, Jon Morrow, Darren Rowse, and Brian Clarke. These experts taught me all the insider tips, tricks, and secrets to quickly grow a successful blog with a loyal audience, and turn my blogs into a thriving business. They taught me how to take it to the next level. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned these strategies and replicated them over and over again with not only my blogs, but the blogs of many of my students.   

Joining A-list Blogging was the best thing I ever did for my blog. I’ve been blogging for a living for over 3 years now and am making more money than I used to in the corporate world. It’s made such a difference to my life! Jules Clancy, www.thestonesoup.com

    In my career, I’ve met so many talented bloggers who were almost gave up on their blogs (and their dreams) because they were worn out and discouraged. Their blogs were stagnant, and they couldn’t understand why. Maybe you feel that way, too. I just couldn’t stand to see so many promising bloggers throwing in the towel like that. That’s why I created the A-List Blogging Masterclass. I’ve made it my mission to teach as many new bloggers how to achieve their dreams, and build their online businesses the right way through the masterclass.

With the help and inspiration from A-list Blogging, I’ve created a six-figure business. No more wondering how I will pay for my son’s college…how our racked credit cards could get paid off. So, so grateful! Carol Tice, www.makealivingwriting.com

  So far The A-List Blogging Masterclass has helped thousands of bloggers to start their blogging journey the right way. Many of those students have created successful businesses from their blogs that allow them to work on their own terms, and live lifestyles they’ve dreamed of their whole lives.  

After I joined A-List Blogging, I was able to quit my job to be a full time blogger and marketer. A-list Blogging helped me take my blogging and business efforts to another level. Steve Aitchison, www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog

The A-List Blogging Masterclass is NOT just another blogging course. It’s made up of…

And it’s growing all the time! It’s literally a storehouse of insider information covering any blogging topic you can imagine! You’ll also have full access to my team of experts who are waiting to support you, plus you’ll enjoy being a part of a vibrant community of talented bloggers who you can interact and network with.

I don’t know if my blog would have made it if not for the A-List Blogging Masterclass. The information in the courses is amazing, plus the support offered by Mary and her team is fantastic. Having someone just an email away when you’re stuck or needing direction is invaluable. I highly recommend the A-List Blogging Masterclass to anyone who’s serious about building a successful blog.  GaryKorisko, www.rebootauthentic.com

Take a moment and ask yourself what your blogging dreams are worth.

What would building a large, loyal audience be worth? 

What’s the value of working for yourself and earning a great living? 

What’s the price of being able to love your job and control your own destiny?

Some online courses cost several hundred dollars – for one course.

  And many of them are well worth it. With A-List Blogging Masterclass, you’ll have access to 8 full courses and over 120 lessons. And that number is growing all the time… You might expect the cost of this stockpile of insider A-List information to cost much more than a single course. Maybe thousands of dollars, right? Well, it’s actually, it’s very affordable. For the cost of a daily trip to Starbucks, you get full access to the masterclass.

Because I feel so strongly that the A-List Blogging Masterclass can help you take your blog to the next level, I’m offering you a 60 day guarantee. If within 60 days you’re not 100% satisfied with the masterclass, you’ll get a full refund.

Join us now and learn everything you need to know to take your blog to the next level. This is the advantage you’ve been waiting for. I look forward to seeing you inside!

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33 Top Blogging Tips By Spectacular Bloggers

3 Easy Ways to Come up with Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Quiz: What Makes a Blog Successful?

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– A List Blogging : A List Blogging is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Cake Weight Loss

Product Name: Cake Weight Loss


Eat This ONE Unusual Morning Pastry To Lose Your Belly Fat Before Midnight!

***WARNING: Due to recent reports from viewers who have experienced accelerated fat loss please consult your physician if you experience more than 1-2 pounds per day of belly fat loss or more than 12 pounds per week. This pastry weight loss ritual should only be used as noted in the above video.

My science backed system and 100% no-risk guarantee has propelled thousands to regain control of their bodies, their lives,
and their relationships. Here are just a few fascinating reviews from lifetime fans
of The Cake Weight Loss System

My childhood best friend of 16 years got engaged and wanted me to be in her wedding, I had not seen her in a few years, and was super embarrassed about how much weight
I gained, I knew that I was going to see lots of people from high school and I needed to lose weight fast! I was already on a low carb diet, but I was binge eating every week because I
felt so deprived. I found Cake Weight Loss and was desperate for results. The first 3 days I lost 5 pounds, and I felt so satisfied, full, and abandoned all cravings! 6 weeks later,
it was my best friends wedding, and I was down 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes! Standing by her side in her wedding really pushed me to get started but I’m going to keep going!

I started Cake Weight Loss when my girlfriend and I split up. Sad to say, we had been together for 4 years,
and I found out she was cheating on me. When I saw the guy, I knew why. He was in much better shape than I
was, confident, and good-looking. I knew I had to get myself back to where I was before I let myself go. I
guess I didn’t notice how bad it really was. I tried very extreme diets that weren’t budging the scale, a
friend reccomended Cake Weight Loss, and I was sold. After reading the book I understood why all those
extreme diets weren’t working and how a simple change could help me lose so much weight. Everything I
believed about low fat and low carb diets was wrong. You can really enjoy losing weight and it doesn’t
have to be hard! I lost weight very quickly and now I am amping up my workouts along with it, I love my
results, this was just the life change I needed. I’m down a total of 40 pounds, and let’s just say my
ex noticed …;-) Thank you Jennifer for giving me the wake up call I needed!

I couldn’t believe I lost 5 kilos my first week! (11 Pounds in America.) I love Cake, Sweets, and Desserts, so when I saw
this I knew I had nothing to lose but to try it! Who knew one small yet powerful change could alter the chemistry of my
body to push out all that weight! It was just the change body needed from all those other boring, tasteless diets. I’ve
shared this with my girlfriends, and they can’t believe it, I am now down 10 kilos and counting, Thank You Jennifer for
making weight loss so simple and delicious!

To whoever is reading this, I know how you feel, I’ve been there myself, and you know exactly what I’m talking about! You’ve tried it all,
you’re desperate, and frustrated. It’s hard to have hope when everything you’ve tried has failed. I’m glad I didn’t lose hope because this
program has been life changing. Cake Weight Loss not only opened my eyes to how I was sabotaging my own weight loss when I thought I was being
healthy, but it really gave me motivation to start over and have a better outlook on life. I saw results in the very first week, my pants were
fitting more loose, and the scale continued to go down at least 3 pounds a week, and at most-7! I did coaching with Jennifer and she really pushed
me to go the extra mile. I’m just getting started, I can’t wait to see what I look like next month. Thank you for everything Jen!

I never thought that eating cake would be so guiltless. My breakfast every morning is so indulging! I look forward
to that fresh chocolate aroma every morning now…and the moist fudgy texture…it’s to die for! I used to try everything
to beat my sweet tooth cravings like protein bars, protein cookies, weight replacement shakes, and fruit, but this
recipe is really something special and unique. My weight loss journey has become effortless, stress-free, and attainable.
I actually brag now that I am about to turn 40, because losing this weight has really made me so energetic,
youthful, and just happy…I’d love to keep it a secret but it’s too amazing not to share. Thank you for
everything Jennifer…Cake Weight Loss is going to change weight loss for a lot of us.

I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to get rid of all of my plus size clothing and clear out my
closet, it feels so refreshing…I was a size 14 in pants, that is 45 inches just on my hips!! I am
now a size 8, which is something I never thought I could attain. All my life, I have been heavyset, and
I thought it was just the way I was meant to be, all the women in my family are big! Since I could
remember, I would wear clothes to hide my shape, and now I can embrace my shape! I’ve always loved
shopping but I would never treat myself to it because even just going to the plus size section was
depressing for me…Cake Weight Loss was made for someone like me, it has changed my thoughts on
“dieting” and I love being able to run my hands down my waist and feel no rolls!

CAKE WEIGHT LOSS is a ground breaking new dietary system that not only guarantees to help
you get rid of stubborn belly fat, it also promises to eliminate it faster than anything you’ve ever tried before.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark
of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200,
Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not
constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or
opinion used in promotion of these products.

Click here to get Cake Weight Loss at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Cake Weight Loss is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century

Product Name: Redefine Your Reality – Spiritual Coaching for the 21st Century


2005, over one hundred thousand lives  have changed in over 90+
countries through this free Foundation Course. It’s time to upgrade
your life today. It’s time to redefine your reality.  Sign
Up Below!

Dear Shafin:

I am so grateful for all of your insight you have shared with your 7
day foundation course and the additional information and tools such as the

1 hour meditation you are providing to all of the members. 

This information has assisted in my personal development and the
application of this information has improved my well being. 

Thank you for sharing this with the world. Bright blessings and best
wishes always.

Janice Scarinci

Associate Professor
& Department Chair
Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management
Northwood University, Florida, USA


Your course has been a one on one conversation where l not
only learned valuable lessons but also got to know my teacher.  This
gave me the added advantage of having a role model: warm, kind and
also tough and matter of fact when needed. You are wise, generous
and inspiring. Thank you.

Alfred D. Herger Ph. D. Psychologist


I cannot express in words how grateful I am of all the stuff you have
sent me. I cannot wait to share it with all my friends and families.
It’s a life changing experience! You helped me reshape my
values and thinking system, I find myself more confident, in control,
wiser, a clearer vision of my future and the courage to pursuit it.

I think that everyone and every living form on this planet is special,
we all have a mission, a purpose to have come to this world. Until we
find out what the mission entails we are just a scattered energy
floating about, and feeling something is missing without knowing what
exactly it is. I am so grateful that you entered into my life.
It’s one of the best things happened to me! You are
absolutely brilliant!

Hello Shafin

I can’t believe how your 7 day coaching has changed my life. It’s
truly amazing. Here’s my story:

In 2003 I was diagnosed with “Major Depression” and was told I would
have to take mediation for the rest of my life. When I was first
diagnosed I was started on the lowest dosage of antidepressants,
over the years my doctors kept increasing my mediation and I was
taken 4 times the amount of medication I initially started with. The
side-effects were awful and I still was not feeling 100%. Over the
years I started abusing drugs, starting with pot and working my up
to heroin. I kept thinking to my self this is not the way I want to
live my life, life cant be this difficult, why is my life such a
mess, nothing was going the way I wanted it to, I was surviving
life, not living life, I felt I was just going down hill, FAST.

I then came across your web site and took part in your 7-Day
E-course. The shifting in my personality has been life changing; I
don’t even have the words to describe how it has changed my life. My
thinking has taken a completely new direction. I haven’t touched
drugs or anti-depressants for the past 3 weeks now, it may not seem
allot to some people, but to me it means the world. From living the
past 8 years taking pills and drugs on a daily basis to now not
taken anything is truly a miracle for me. It’s as if I have been
blind but now I can see. The sounds I hear are louder, the
colors are brighter, the tastes are tastier and the feelings, well I
now know what it is like to feel love from people; my entire
perspective on life has changed.

I now know my life will be different, I still can’t believe it; it’s
like I have been reborn to live life again. I am so grateful to you.

I have even gone back to college and iv decided to study Electrical
engineering, something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would
be able to do. I have gone from thinking, “I can’t, its impossible,
it wont happen to me” to “I AM, I CAN, I WILL!” My family can’t
believe how my personality has changed. Thank-you so much, you have
changed my life!!!

I have been telling everyone I know about you and how my life has
changed. You have given me a reason to live again, and for that I am
eternally grateful.

Yours truly,

Dean Jacobsen
South Africa, Durban

This is NOT some self serving promotional newsletter that will just nag
you to buy some products. This is a real eCourse conducted by
Shafin de Zane,
the author of Redefine
Your Reality.
In this Foundation Course your participation will be expected. Do NOT
signup unless you are ready to actively learn and bring about profound
changes in your life. It is completely
free to join. No obligation
whatsoever. You will receive each part of the course every day for the next 7 days
only after you personally verify your registration. If you do not receive your
verification email from us in the next 10 minutes, check your
spam folder. If you find our email there, mark it as not spam.
This will allow smooth delivery of all your lessons.

Day 1: Get Out of Your Reality

Day 2: You And Your Personality

Day 3: What Creates DANGEROUS

Day 4: Deeper Into Your Belief System

5: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part I

Day 6: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part II

Day 7: Design of a
meaningful life…

hate spam as much as you do and we
promise never to send you unsolicited email ever! Every email comes
with an easy 1-Click unsubscribe option.


Thanks for the wonderful
coaching course and free books, have learnt so much in such a short time, so
many questions answered, makes you light up inside when you start to
understand finally.

Looking forward to more
of your work, just overjoyed that finally been able to take those first
steps on my own journey and understand why i have been holding myself

Thanks again. Your
teachings are so enlightening!

Hello, My name is
Filis and I am from Canada.

I would like to say
thank you to Shafin. The 7 day course has been very helpful to me. Not
only is it inspirational, I am beginning to see life in a whole new

The daily exercises work
and if one is persistent with them, you will begin to experience life

I believe in myself much
more now than I ever did before. Thank you.

B, Canada

Greetings with love. Its
always good to receive your mail, I always wanted to have your mail in
my Inbox everyday so I can start my day with great views or things. I
have highly benefited from your 7 days course and mails. I now have
perfect faith that my dreams will soon realized in perfect ways. Thanks
for your guidance and you are such an amazing person that you wanted to
lead others also to their dreams. Thanks for realizing me with my inner
source that I am the only responsible for all my dreams.

Jadeja, India

I’ve tried to quit smoking several times with no success. I was so
used to the idea that I smoke, that when I quitted I started smoking
again after a day or two.. just because I thought that I can’t quit.
On day 1 of the coaching course you told me that reality is what I create
it to be, and on day 4 you told me that I am what I believe I am, so
I said to my self: “I believe I can quit smoking”.

It’s been three weeks now, and I haven’t even thought of smoking
ever again. And I believe this is just the beginning of
change. Thank you for inspiring me! Best wishes,

Peev, Bulgaria

you Shafin de Zane! Thanks to God that you are in this

I have
too much to say but I will be short here. You showed
me the key to understand this world and to be happy.
You gave the answer of the question “why?” that I have
searching my entire life. I realized that all my life
I was exercising to control my body, and my behaviour.
I was trying to control the results.

explained how mind is working, what are the feelings.
You showed the Source. Now I’m learning from your
course to create these results. Now as never before I
can’t stop. I want to go on, I want more. This 7 Day

Course does miracles. I’m beginner but already feel
much calmer and happier. I’m on the way to buy
Redefine Your Reality Package.

creating, keep making miracles with us!

Lilit, Armenia


My warmest greetings to you! I almost feel as though I know you! I
really wish I did! I would love to have you as my neighbour! You
have definitely impacted my life and I truly thank you from my

To a large extent, I have put my life on hold for the past 7 days!
I’ve been scanning my inbox searching for your next email eCourse!
It couldn’t have come at a better time!!!

The exercises helped me focus my awareness on taking the next step
towards defining my own personal success. Made me aware that we
are the creators of our own adventures and destiny and that we need
to take responsibility for defining our own course in life. That
has to be in some ways one of the most difficult things to do.

I truly thank you for helping me find my way. You really make the
world a better place. I admire your dedication to helping so many
people in finding their way.

Hope the new year will bring you lots of joy and continued success!

Turley, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Shafin:

My Name is Pierre
Zidor and I am from Haiti.

Before I took your
7 day life coaching course, my brother and I used to read the Book “The secret”
and also watched the video.

One of our wants
was to get something that would confirm what we learned from the
secret. I meditated on that want, and one day while I was checking
my email on Gmail, I saw this banner crossing through my screen with
“Redefine your reality”: I quickly took advantage of it for I think
it should be related to what I just learned.

And here we are,
not only your e-course confirmed what we knew, but the way you
explained things and the exercises you gave were just proper, and
did a good job in getting me to start looking from within.

Thanks Shafin
for this initiative and sacrifice you’re making to help others; this
should be praised and recognized around the world. I will write
you about the successes I will soon be experiencing


Thank you for your 7 day
life coaching. Your
lessons and the questions you posed inspired me to not just read the
material , but to live it, play with it and prove it to
myself.  The mission statement is still on the paper I wrote
it on, but it’s also in my heart and mind.

Things that used to be
big issues, aren’t so
big anymore.  I have been able to be more direct and decisive
as a result. Thank you!

Rempel, Canada


I find your regular emails like breaths of fresh air, in the pace of
everyday life, I stop and take a deep breath because each time I find
something new and always, a moment to meditate. And miracles happen,
small and big.

Makes me realize that while we are constantly reminded that terrible
things that happen in a moment – miracles too happen in a moment. Thank

United Kingdom

Hi, it hasn’t been
long since I found out about you. I want to thank you for being there
for us, for helping us awaken little by little with your teachings.

I have learnt and
remembered so many things, that now I feel less stressed.
There is one thing I have to continue working with, perseverance.
Thanks again for everything you do.

May you have the
greatest of holidays.

Dearest Shafin,

of all, i have fallen in love with u since i enrolled with this
amazing 7 day course and helped me to change my life. I never felt
so strong and confident from inside. Starting from the 1st day
course till 7 day course, every single article made me change my
thoughts, made me change my life. I must congratulate to those
people who chose this e-course and would suggest all the people (who
can not believe that miracles can happen in your life, if u really
want it to happen) to enroll for this e-course. I always used to
think that i am loser since i lost the love of my life, i lost my
mother. But now i am so confident and happy, that i can make other
people happy too. It all happened because of u Shafin. Thank u so
much for bringing this miracle to my life.

Debarati Sen Roy, India

First I want to
introduce myself.
I am
Etienne Jacobs, I was confused, and had one hundred million
questions as to why is it that other people have what I can only
dream of and never seemed to be able to reach or get. Yes I was the
classic LOSER.

by chance I stumbled across Shafin’s Website and enrolled for the 7
day E-Course, I thought it would be more mumbo-jumbo like all the
other “So Called Self Help” stuff. But I was WRONG!!! OH SO WRONG!!!

Shafin! This is for you:

Thanks so much for opening my eyes and showing me the way where I
can find the answers! Thanks for letting me discover what my real
potential is! And that I am in control of my reality! You said
something about Millionaires. Well I am going to be one of them! I
am going to make it HAPPEN! I can, I will!


Etienne Jacobs, South-Africa

Dear Shafin, 

Repeating every joyful comment like the ones you are used to
receiving would be the least I can do to express my satisfaction for
your guidance through the course. Although I live on one of the most
blessed and beautiful spots on the planet, I feel unfortunate that
you don’t visit Greece giving lectures and seminars. But I feel very
fortunate about my fluent English so that I will be able to read
your work as soon as I obtain it (something I plan to do real soon
). I really want to be able to put into  practice what I have
recently learnt from you and other teacher-writers, stuff I have all
alone looked for, without any guidance or recommendation.  Maybe
it’s the Call or the right time.

Thanks again. I remain your true friend.  I will try to convey to my
teenage kids your views. My daughter needs self reassurance as she
will face very competitive exams on June and she is the easy part.
My 20 year old son resists a lot but I will give a try.

Natassa  Papazaharia, Athens,Greece

Dear Shafin,

The title
Redefine Your Reality says it all. I have been reading and
practicing a few meditation and self-development books. Your message
in eCourse and in eBook is very powerful. Your insights validate
the truth: the connectedness of all beings and our ability to create
our own universe.

I ‘stumbled
upon’ this course just when I was going through a painful situation
(the universe always plans it that way); the eCourse and the eBook
ground me to go inward and do a profound practice.

Thank you for
your wonderful service to the world.

Chandira Kumar, USA

Hi Shafin,

Well, I got introduced
to the concept of consciousness around 6 yrs ago. However, I have been
efforts to walk the path for a little more than a year now. So, at the
outset I would say that what I saw in the 7 day ecourse wasn’t all new.

However, I must say one
thing; It very strongly drove home the point that “I can do it”!!!! I
have been mulling over the idea of quitting my job so that I can
dedicate more time to helping people and also dedicate more time to
‘realizing’ by direct experience all that was put in words in the 7 day
ecourse. Reading all material in that and the subsequent mails made me
feel stronger in a sense that nothing can touch the real me! I am a
child of the universe and if there is something that I really really
want to do, the universe will conspire that it happens!

I loved the mail where
you mentioned about how we will be tested. Since then, I have been able
to observe the distractions that pop up in front of me and am
consciously able to witness the events that occur in my life, more than
being a part of them!!

Thanks so much. When I
was wondering if I was doing the right thing or not, I stumbled upon
your work and it has erased the doubts and strengthened my conviction
in what I should be doing!!!

Jayanth Ganapathy, India

My name is Biljana
and I live in Greece.

You’ve helped
me determine ONE course in my life which is the only course worth

I still have a long long
way ahead of me, but for me there is no way
I’m giving up on myself. This feeling- to
dive into the silence within you! Everything I do to achieve it is
worth doing.

~Biljana, Greece

Hi Shafin,

My Name is Roxanne Robinson and I want to tell you that your E-course
has been one of the most informative courses I have ever gotten on the
Internet.  My girlfriends have been using the buddy system to
keep us on track. Your exercises have helped us stay focused and have
brought more abundance into our lives then ever before. You truly rock!

I repeat your words every morning and evening and for me that is truly
a miracle, you do have a special way of explaining the way life is
working and how we can redefine it. I truly believe you have opened new
avenues for us and I thank you for that.

I have always believed in the idea that we create our own
life,  you have just helped me to confirm my beliefs.
 Life is just too short for everyone not to have everything
they have every dreamed of and you are one of the special individuals
that can really bring people around to believing in themselves.
 Thank you again for your words of wisdom.


Hi Shafin, The 7 day
life coaching Course is the
beginning of an enlightening journey and the experience was
way beyond my expectations. I have bought the Redefine Your Reality ebook, this has somehow opened my eyes and given
me a deeper understanding of myself.

It has changed
my life for the
better as it brings more peace and happiness within and I feel
more energetic and focused. This is a great experience for
anyone who is ready to change and is looking for
a guiding light to realize the true powers within. Thank you
very much Shafin.

Peter from New Zealand

Dear Shafin:

First, wanted to thank you for spreading your teachings and for sharing
your valuable knowledge with us. God Bless You!

Your teaching just further confirmed my commitment to meditate and to
look for the answers inside and not outside of myself… It is so clear
now that what is real is our inside world and that the outside world is
just the result of what is inside, so powerful!!! 

I wish for people to be happier and happier:)

Thank you!


Hi Shafin,

I’m Grazvydas from Lithuania.
Maybe you know, that the Index of Happiness in my country is one of
the lowest in the whole world. But thanks to you it has increased
this month because I have received the Course.

There are great inspiring message
in Day 2: I am not the events of my life. I am my consciousness, I
am my creation among my creations. Cogito ergo sum.

So there is not reason to be
unhappy. Well done, Shafin. The world stay better. You really
guide people from darkness to light, like me in the attached
picture. Thank you


Hi Shafin,

I have just finished your

coaching course
and all I can say that this one
is really different and of great value.

I have been interested in this “law of attraction” stuff for quite
some time now, even before “The Secret”, and I have received
e-courses from lots of different teachers. But this is a real
eye-opener, as it brings quite a few insights that may be unpopular
at first view, such as your lessons about the way that attraction
works and the common mistakes most of us make in our relationships.
But we have to face this and deal with it!

Thanks a lot for this information!

Antje Usula Seebohm, Malta


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Libra Man Secrets — Put That Hot Libra Man Under Your Spell

Product Name: Libra Man Secrets — Put That Hot Libra Man Under Your Spell


And if the man you are seeing was born between September 23 and October 23 then this is going to be the most important message you’ll ever see about him…

And the reason is in the next 90 seconds your going to see how to attract almost any Libra man… craving with deep devotion for you and only you…

… moreover, you’ll also discover how to tip the scales in your favor and load him with love, lust and obsession so intense that he unleashes a beast within himself to hunt you… even fight violently to get you and chase you down…

He’ll never be able to let you go away… sometimes even begging you to never leave him.

And by the time you finish this page, I wonder how soon you realize that finally you’ve the keys to his heart and mind…

You’ll discover how to make him realize that your “the one” he’s been looking for all along…

Finally, you can say “good bye” to all the confusions… no more putting up with his “hot and cold” nature…

… no more worrying about approaching him or hoping “he’ll get your signals”…

… no more feeling uncertain about your future and wishing he want you in the same way as you want him…

Now what I’m going to show you here is so deep and primal “experts” almost never talk about these things… See, this is not about those junk “horoscopes” or “psychological loopholes” you’ve been told since you were a small kid…

This ancient secret was ignored, ridiculed… even buried up until now… It has never been revealed so I urge you to watch this page and I can promise you’ll soon crack the code to a Libra’s heart…

Now I’m sure you must be wondering who the heck am I?

And how can I claim you can read a Libra in love… everybody knows loving a Libra is such an emotional roller coaster. Heck, he could not make a decision to save his own life… how can he ever decide to chase you or want you…

And let me tell you… you’re absolutely right.

You can’t predict or manipulate a Libra.

One moment he’d be shouting from the rooftops that he loves you… but the very next moment he’d be giving you the cold shoulder…

Why does this have to be so complex?

OK let me explain it a bit and then you’ll start to realize how to attract and keep him.

Okay the truth is that you can’t control a Libra man… ever… at least, not until you know what influences him.

What I mean is even though he is a son of the Venus – the beautiful Goddess of love and romance… (Though it gives you unique challenges) but the disastrous influence on a Libra’s personality can come from the Sun (and sometimes the Saturn) – a very important figure in Astrology – in a moment I’ll tell you why.

And because of these natural influences he can come off as cold, mean and even indifferent to you… See, it’s not your mistake if he turns towards his dark side…

Now here’s another twist to the story… because of the dominance of the Venus – he’s a gentleman… flirtatious and sweet talker who loves attention from beautiful women.

And this is the reason why only he can adore you… love you with a deep sense of worship like no other man can…

Now I’m sure you’ve realized why he is sending you mixed signals…

… getting confused about you and your sign… sometimes coming to win you even if he has to slay fierce dragons… and at other times becoming a sadist he relishes your pain.

But here let me warn you: this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because the Sun is not the only one influencing him… the rabbit hole goes deep… Now before you think its way too complex, allow me to tell you a story.

And pretty soon you’ll realize how reading a Libra is simple.

Now it’s a bit embarrassing for me to acknowledge here… but not too long ago I was highly skeptical of Astrology.

As a brilliant student of Psychology I somehow knew he belonged to me. I assumed I can “get” Frank, a hot Taurus, pretty easily.

Everything was going on great and he was madly into me.

He lit every cell of my body with fire and ecstasy… even bending over backwards to make me smile… and soon I was addicted to him.

But then things suddenly turned south. I didn’t know what happened.

I couldn’t stop him from hating me. Actually, the truth is I couldn’t handle his imbalanced side.

But then it struck me that I study under some of the brightest Psychologists in the world and I can easily make Frank come running back to me… Right?

Well here’s what happened next…

None of those “loopholes in male psyche” my professors boasted about worked. I went home empty handed.

Finally, I saw Frank dating a damn good hottie. I had no chance in front of her…

The witch stole my love from me… and drove the final nail in the coffin.

I cried for days and nights dreaming about Frank, devouring junk food like a junkie… trying Law of Attraction and what not…

At that time, my mom took pity on me and suggested me to take a vacation to Romania… My family emigrated from there when I was a little girl.

I wasn’t excited about the vacation. But I reluctantly packed my bags and flew to Romania.

My first stop was Otopeni, slightly north of Bucharest. At Vernesti, I had to meet my aunt. And then after about half an hour’s drive to Soresti I was going to stay put for my vacations.

The journey was pleasant and I felt a change. And unknowingly this small decision nudged the ball rolling in my favor… and I was about to witness a great secret of life.

Finally, when I met my aunt I felt a huge change in my energy. I felt wonderful.

And even though I was enjoying the idyllic place, my aunt confounded me by asking what was wrong with me.

Gawd, is my break-up written all over my face?

Anyways good for me, I told her everything about how Frank dumped me, how a witch stole him from me and how having access to some of the most modern Psychological and Technological advancement I could not do anything about it.

But my aunt just smiled and nodded and said, “What sign is he?”

What? Why? How does that make any difference?

Anyways I told her… And soon she had an even bigger grin.

Is she making fun of me? I thought.

And then something happened which scared the living daylights out me.

She blurted out a few details about Frank and me.

Then like a good Psychologist I reasoned… it doesn’t prove anything. Anyone can get a few details right about any guy. Right?

Actually, my aunt was an ace Astrologer. You see, Astrology is big in Romania. Television, newspapers and radio spots are filled with ads from psychics, astrologers and oracles.

Finally, when we reached home (which was more like a castle) I realized she is doing pretty well in her vocation. Her customers included top honchos, big politicians, and celebs flying in from around the world.

When we settled down for refreshments, a part of me was feeling like my life was about to change soon…

And then she carefully prepared something called a ‘Synastry report’ and my eyes opened wide with amazement as I read it. If I’d access to this report earlier our relationship would have been firing on all cylinders.

I had never seen anything like this ever.

The report was like a deep psychological analysis – yet giving you a bird’s eye view of the relationship.

I gulped hard and realized why Frank dumped me… why there was a chasm between us… and why deep down in his heart he was upset with me.

I finally “got” Frank. I wish I had visited her earlier.

“But it’s too late now…” I said.

And then my aunt looked in my eyes and said, “Do you really believe that? What are the odds any other woman can read Frank like you do now?”

I felt a jolt and saw a glimmer of hope flickering in the darkest hour of night. But I must decide now and reach out to grab him…

Naturally I still had some doubts about all this. So I did a bit more research, reading rare books in my aunt’s library.

I realized why Astrology is a much deeper science than those junk horoscopes you read in magazines and newspapers.

See Astrology is not about what’s going to happen… it’s always about what can happen especially when you change your course – tapping into the powerful forces of the nature.

Of course, you know the phenomenon of the tides. The sun and the moon, sitting millions of miles away from the earth, move HUNDEREDS OF BILLIONS OF TONS OF WATER so effortlessly!

And you know our bodies have 70% water. Imagine how much influence they can put on your moods, decisions and lives.

The truth is Astrology has always attracted the intelligent and logical people. In a study conducted in the 1960s, Astrologers beat Psychologists hands down when it came to predicting case histories.

These scientists believed in Astrology.

In fact, recently it came to light that the wife of the US President Ronald Reagan relied upon Astrology to guide her husband in the White House to great successes… President Reagan started to rely upon her advice AFTER the Iran-Contra fiasco in the mid-1980s.

Remember, it was Reagan, one of America’s most famous presidents, who ended the cold war without firing a single bullet.

There is no doubt that from the White house to the Wall Street… from relationships to multi-million dollar business decisions… Astrology is a widely consulted science.

It was no more smoke and mirrors.

It opened my eyes… as a Gemini woman I was incompatible with Frank in more ways than I thought. I crawled into his mind and read him like a book.

And now I was getting impatient to test my new weapon. Why not?

So I flew out to WIN my Frank back. There was no room for misfires or duds.

Next day I called him without any fuss… it didn’t matter whether he was smooching that hottie or schmoozing some million-dollar client…

He instantly picked up the phone and surprisingly asked me where I had been. Of course, I stuck to what my aunt had told me.

And then we talked for over an hour. No pleading, no emotional blackmailing, no smoke and mirror techniques.

By the time, we finished an incredible thing happened. Frank wondered if we could meet in the evening. I felt as if I’ve staked claim to his heart…

And then he said, “Oh honey, meet me whenever you want…” He turned down all of his million-dollar clients just to see me. Now that had never happened before.

When we met, initially I was terrified… I kept in mind the roadmap my aunt showed me.

Amazingly by the time we finished he was feeling guilty for breaking up with me and he wanted to come back.

I didn’t know how to handle it.

Long story short, he darted back like a lost dog to its rightful owner and I realized the power of Astrology.

Over the next few years, I delved deeper into this ancient science. And soon I started helping out others in the matters of love and it became my profession.

Now an obvious question you may have is what happened to our relationship after all these years.

Well, our love grew deeper… And after almost two years – he went down on his knees and proposed to me.

It couldn’t have happened without my aunt, Astrology and the roadmap she gave me. I cried but it was the best thing that happened with me.

Imagine his mind as a maze and locked at the center is his heart. Also in the room are bottomless pits, hostile women and dangerous beasts…

Thing is even if you could fly through some “loophole”… you could never manipulate or beat the beast into submission. Because the fiery “Solar flares” can strike you and fry you like a chip.

But what if you’ve a perfect roadmap with written instructions showing you which place to avoid, which to visit and how to handle his dark side to steal his heart easily?

Of course, consultation with a good relationship Astrologer is your best bet.

But it’s impossible for me to guide everyone. And many women might not be able to afford my regular fees let alone my private visiting fees. It was disheartening for me.

A fantastic idea struck me. First I got scared… but then I was given the faith to pursue it.

This is going to blow your mind away.

DISCLAIMER: Libra Man Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Here’s why I’m excited: I’d a jealously-guarded easy-to-follow guide I used to share with my loyal clients only. It was privately called “Libra Man Secrets.” Some friends even recommended to never publish it.

But a word got leaked and soon my inbox got flooded with pleas for help and women begging to be let in. And frankly, I was a bit worried…

You see, this guide gives women tremendous power over Libra men…

Here I’ve poured the Libra man so he is attracted to you with uncontrolled instincts; you’ll fly under the radar and make it HIS idea to chase you – with obsession.

So I can share it with you only if you qualify 3 simple terms:

First, you must NEVER misuse your new powers – not even for fun,

Second, you must NEVER attract a committed Libra man – again – not even for fun,

Third, you must NEVER control a Libra man against his will.

Now I invite you to try this “secret weapon” yourself.

Libra Man Secrets gives you a “roadmap” to ignite his devotion for you.

It’s a perfect blend of Astrology, Psychology and something called Sextrology.

And it works like clockwork on almost every Libra man out there… even if he has rejected you a hundred times, or he’s a compulsive cheater or he’s a “commitment phobic” man.

This is the love potion to load him with undying love for you and only you.

The bottom line is: Libra Man Secrets is designed to guide you at every stage of your relationship.

Now that we’ve taken care of your relationship, next comes one of the most important part of his life…

… one he’ll never reveal it to you for fear of being judged – his sexual needs. Sometimes you might ignore these needs for fear of crossing the line and hurting him… and you’ll be right to do so.

But how do you stir his tremendous sexual and creative energies and create sparks of love and life so essential for a successful relationship with a Libra?

The good news is you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself because I’ve deciphered the code for you…

DISCLAIMER: Libra Man Sextrology is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

And when you get into this hidden corner of his mind you’ll realize he can be pretty challenging… it’s not just about sex – as “experts” wants you to believe. It’s much more than that…

But before I give you access to all that… I want to arm you to the teeth with these FREE bonuses which will blow his mind away.

DISCLAIMER: Libra Man Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Here’s a fraction of what you get in this free bonus:

Now I’ve got something special for you… you may not need this bonus now but I’m sure it’s going to be very important guide for you…

DISCLAIMER: Libra Man Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Truth is if a Libra has shut you off then it can mean that something is forcing him to do so.

A Libra would never pull away because he spotted a negative trait in you, or he wasn’t ready for the relationship, or he was not feeling challenged… or he wasn’t getting the kind of sex he wanted… a Libra doesn’t give a damn… remember, he’s son of the Venus.

In this free bonus I’ll dive deeper and show you how to regain his attention and love.

Here’s a taste of what you get:

Oh and I almost forgot about this one… Before we go I’ve one more amazing bonus.

DISCLAIMER: Libra Man Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

You see, text messages are everywhere… As I told you he’s good with words but he can be too lazy to write long text messages… unless you hook him with the right kind of messages…

You see, you can’t send any lousy message and expect him to reply back instantly.

So in this special bonus I’ll show you how to sow the seeds of seduction with the words… even if you could barely type a message on a mobile phone.

Here’s a glimpse of this special bonus:

But I’m not over yet. I’ve got ONE MORE SPECIAL BONUS for you today. I’m sure you’ll love this one.

You see, when you take a step closer to him, the whole Universe moves… and when you try “Libra Man Secrets” chances are your stars will realign and try to send you new messages…

You know, the best course of action is to speak with a good relationship Astrologer to interpret the new signs for you…

And I get a lot of questions from fans around the world, but it’s not humanly possible for me to help everyone out…

However, I can’t let you wonder blindfolded… So I’m experimenting with this…

Here’s the deal, I’ll give you my personal email address in the special member’s area.

And you can ask ONE relationship question or something you want help with and I personally guarantee you my reply…

And the good news is it won’t cost you a dime if you get “Libra Man Secrets” today.

As I said this offer is an experiment and it’s on the table for a limited time only, so I urge you to grab this now before I pull this off.

You see, the idea behind the “Libra Man Secrets” is to give you tremendous love, luck and happiness.

When you’re sailing in the uncharted waters having a wise friend can be invaluable. “Libra Man Secrets” is that wise friend.

But you’re definitely not going to pay what my private or web clients pay, not even half of it.

You’re NOT going to pay even the cost of a cup of coffee to consult your friend… not even half of it…

“Libra Man Secrets” cost just 79 cents a day…

But if you’re not blown away with “Libra Man Secrets” in the next 60 days, then just send me an email and I’ll quickly refund 100% of your money, with no hard feelings.

Yes, you must see a change in the way he looks at you, in the way he smiles at you… in the way he holds you… you must feel good and you must feel him getting irresistibly drawn to you… you must feel him craving for you otherwise I insist you send me an email anytime in the next 60 days and I’ll ensure every penny is refunded to your account…

But in the uneventful case of you being dissatisfied, I insist you keep the program for your personal reference. Because more than anything I want you to experience his wonderful love.

I Wonder How Soon You Become Aware That Your Charm For The Libra Man Is Going To Go Through The Roof

And the reason why I’m so confident is by now I’ve seen countless clients attracting the love they wanted.

Before you go here’s the final lesson: what do Libra men find irresistibly attractive in a woman?

No, it’s not big breast, or big butt…

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Advancing Guitarist Program – Learn Guitar Lessons – 67% Payout

Product Name: Advancing Guitarist Program – Learn Guitar Lessons – 67% Payout


Click here to get Advancing Guitarist Program – Learn Guitar Lessons – 67% Payout at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Advancing Guitarist Program – Learn Guitar Lessons – 67% Payout is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.