Government Releases Wholesale Inflation Data For December

The increase in wholesale commodity rates in the country is determined by Wholesale Price Index

Wholesale inflation stood at 3.80 per cent in December, the government said on Monday. That was slower than wholesale inflation of 4.64 per cent recorded in the previous month. Wholesale inflation – or the rate of increase in wholesale prices – is determined by Wholesale Price Index (WPI).

Food inflation stood at – or the rate of increase in food prices – was at 0.07 per cent last month, as against a food deflation of 1.96 per cent in November 2018, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement. Deflation – or negative inflation – determines the rate of decrease in prices.

The government will release consumer inflation data later in the day.

Separate official data released last Friday showed that growth in industrial production stood at 0.5 per cent in November, the slowest growth rate recorded since June 2017. A contraction in manufacturing activity was a major drag on factory output.

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