Bigg Boss 12: I heard Priyanka Chopra is entering the house with me, says Bhajan king Anup Jalota

Bigg Boss 12: I heard Priyanka Chopra is entering the house with me, says Bhajan king Anup Jalota

Bigg Boss 12

Anup Jalota is set to enter Bigg Boss 12.

Bhajan king Anup Jalota has entered Bigg Boss 12 house last night. His motto is clear. He will entertain the housemates with his bhajans and spread love and harmony. He promises that he doesn’t get angry at all, and the one who picks fight with him will get the opportunity to hear his most melodious bhajan.

He also made a surprise revelation. When asked who would be his jodidaar in Bigg Boss 12, he said “I guess it’s Priyanka Chopra.” Read on to know more.


Any jitters before entering the Bigg Boss 12 house?
I am quite relaxed. I have come here for picnic. I am planning to enjoy a lot here. Bigg Boss makers approached me two years back, but since I had prior commitments, they invited Swami Om in my place. This time I had some time at hand, so I thought why not.

For how long do you think you will be able to survive on the show?
I have my concerts lined up, and I want them to release me a bit early. I think I can stay for a month there and in all these days, I will enjoy the experience to the hilt.

What if somebody tries to harass you or pick a fight with you?
I will calm down that person with my bhajans. “Zindagi yun hi bahot kam hai mohabbat ke liye..rooth kar waqt ganwane ki kya zaroorat hai.”

What if you lose your cool?
I don’t lose my cool ever. I don’t get angry at all. I meet so many spiritual leaders on a day to day basis and also years of singing bhajans has filled me with loads and loads of love.

Who’s your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss so far?
Deepshikha Nagpal. She played very well and handled things peacefully. I know her parents and have seen her when she was 2-3 years old.

And the kind of contestant you would like to avoid?
I will interact with everyone and will not avoid anyone. If somebody tries to trouble me, I will calm the person down with my bhajan.

What do you think of host Salman Khan?
Salman is a great man, he does a lot of social service. I know his entire family. I am happy that I would be able to meet him more there.

It’s an era of trolling. What if somebody tries to malign your image?
I will myself reveal everything about me.

It’s the season of jodis. Who’s entering Bigg Boss 12 with you? We heard it’s Jasleen Matharu.
I heard Priyanka Chopra is entering Bigg Boss 12 with me. Because a singer is coming with me.

Well, the Bhajan king surely has a great sense of humour.

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