Zika virus grips Jaipur, at least 50 cases reported

Zika virus grips Jaipur, at least 50 cases reported

Zika virus has gripped Jaipur with 50 positive cases reported so far (Saturday).

In a latest, six cases have been reported from Rajput Hostel, a private entity located in the heart of the city, next to the famous Rajmandir Cinema Hall.

The first Zika case was reported three weeks ago from Shastri Nagar, a dense colony on the outskirts and thereafter, the virus has travelled to Sindh Camp, where interstate bus stand is located.

Jaipur has been reporting the very high number of swine flu cases this year, putting a question mark over the functioning of the health department and the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.

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The authorities rarely take steps to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and get into firefighting only after problem assumes epidemic proportions.

So senior officials have been rushing to the field now and have launched fogging in Shastri Nagar but local media reported that chemical being used in fogging is obsolete and ineffective for countering Zika.

Additional chief secretary (health) Veenu Gupta visited Rajput Hostel on Saturday. The hostel has been closed.

Gupta said the virus was not fatal and people should not panic. She said the department was taking it seriously because it spreads fast and could affect unborn child in the first trimester.

However, so far only two pregnant women have been tested positive for Zika and both delivered a healthy baby, unaffected with the virus.

The health department has screened about 150 pregnant women and none has been tested positive.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan government has to take immense precautions to ward off any communal trouble before ordering fogging in Zika infested areas of Jaipur.

Chief Secretary DB Gupta appealed to the Maulvis to create awareness about the clean surroundings and necessity of fogging and other steps to prevent and treat Zika. The administration has ordered that owner of the premises where mosquito larvae’s were found would be fined Rs 500.

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