Reduce Your Business Travel Cost to Zero With Video Conferencing Solutions

Business travel cost is a nightmare for several organizations. The sales representatives are required to travel across the globe for meetings that ultimately result in more business for the organization, but regulating that cost is a serious concern for the admins and finance departments. It is primarily because the expenditure is a necessity. But what if you could just minimize that cost to nothing? What if your representatives could meet anyone around the world anytime without incurring any cost?

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and one of its fruitful offerings is Video Conferencing Solutions.

What is Video Conferencing?

Just like you carry out a conversation through your mobile devices across continents without paying a hefty amount, video conferencing is the technology that allows you to have a face to face conversation instead. Like any other technology, it has come a long way ever since the origin of its capabilities in the 1970s. Earlier, no standard protocols existed on which video conferencing could rely upon. It was an extremely expensive affair. However, with cloud technology coming in, we have extremely affordable networks. Interoperability of video teleconferencing systems is virtually guaranteed now that standards and protocols have been clearly established. This is the reason why many firms are now investing in video conferencing devices and replacing the way conferences and meetings were held traditionally. It allows the company officials to meet their clients anytime, without actually traveling to their location. In addition, they can also collaborate among themselves even when they are not present in the organization.

Which video conferencing solutions are right for your business?

Yes, it is extremely convenient and allows any organization to save a major expenditure on travel. But there are several providers in the market today which has opened up a stiff competition among them. This is partially beneficial for the customers but has also given rise to several queries:

  • What solution will be the right one for my business?
  • How is video conferencing different from remote desktop support or web meetings?
  • Is video conferencing secure to discuss sensitive information?
  • Which video conferencing solutions are available in the market for different room sizes including executive room, small meeting room, big conference room and auditoriums?
  • Is there an instance where I can use video device over Wi-Fi?
  • Can I replace my IP phone with video endpoint but still retain the same extension?
  • I have no budget to buy a license for the multiparty feature but I need the service. Is there any other option I can explore?
  • Can I use my Skype for business with Telepresence?
  • Can I call my US and UK sales persons on their mobile devices via video device?
  • How secure is video conferencing as a means of communication?
  • If my video device went down, what will I use as the SLA and backup for my device?
  • I’m having a problem connecting branch offices and meeting rooms within a single video call. How can I be helped?

These are a few of the questions that are asked by customers generally. It is difficult to answer them all by generalizing everything because every customer has a different requirement; they all have different architectures, different allocated spaces, and different budgets. To provide the perfect solution, any provider requires all the necessary details so they can analyze and suggest the best options.

Types of Video Conferencing Solutions

Board Room Video Solution

There is a wide range of solutions to all boardrooms ranging from the small (4 people) to the large (18 people) boardrooms. Products such as Cisco IX series, TX series and MX series will totally change the way you conduct your business meetings to face to face meetings at ZERO travel cost. This solution comes with some of the advanced features like Speaker Track & Presenter Track camera, HD video Quality, Screen-sharing, and presentation on different devices like smartphones, Laptops, and Tablets.

Desktop Video Solution

You can now convert your desktop into a smart workspace ideal for video/audio call, screen-sharing, and screen extension. Using Cisco EX, DX series and video phones you can connect to board room-meetings and Web call with just a click of a button.

Mobile Video Solution

A mobile video solution has opened a world of new opportunities for companies having a presence in remote locations, home-workers & customers. Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Cisco CMR and Spark solution have totally changed the way we interact with everyone.

Apart from being used for business purpose, the mobile solution will prove to be a big-time success for your educational and training verticals. It will be as easy for you as doing a call with ZERO implementation and connect to multiple people through a single call.

Video Wall

Convert your non-functional brick wall to video wall and share timely and accurate information related to our business using HD video wall.

Cloud Solution

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions are available for you depending on your industry requirement. With them, you can create your own personal meeting rooms and invite your customers and colleagues over a video conference without investing in any hardware.

It’s time to save your business meeting expenses.

A good provider will offer a free consultancy to all their consumers. They will listen to your requirements, understand them, analyze them and only then suggest you the right solution for your business segment. With a right solution, you can collaborate with your employees but also with your clients, anywhere and anytime.

Source by Anmol Rawat

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Philippines Travel Guide – “Philippines Insider” the Ultimate Guide

Product Name: Philippines Travel Guide – “Philippines Insider” the Ultimate Guide


Are You Looking for the Most Extensive Philippines Travel Guide on the Market?

Visiting, Working, Investing, Marrying, or Retiring in the Philippines?

Do You Want to Marry a Filipina and Bring her to Your Country?

“Philippines Insider”, the ultimate Philippines Travel Guide, gives you ALL of the detailed “inside” information from a 15 year veteran

Find out every strategy, tip, secret, technique, method, and tactic that I have learned from 15 years of being “on the inside” in the Philippines.

Put your mind at ease and have every question answered about your future Philippine experience. The Philippines is unlike any other country and there are many details that will make a huge difference in the success of your Philippine experience.

“Philippines Insider” is the ultimate Philippines travel guide that will make you feel confident in dealing with every situation encountered. It will save you huge amounts of time, it will save you thousands of dollars, and very possibly save your life.

I have traveled extensively throughout every region of the Philippines and put all of the comprehensive details developed in the last 15 years into this book for you.

From the large cities, to virtually every small town in the Philippines, substantial details are provided on exactly where to go and what to see.

These are plans of action that avoid problems and save tremendous amounts of time and money. With my guide, you become a savvy professional who knows what’s ‘going on.’ You can make your time in the Philippines successful for you.

* The Secret to Finding the Perfect Philippine Bride

* Be Informed About Dating and Marriage in the Philippines

* What to do and what not to do in an online relationship

* Tips for Dating & Relationships with Philippine Women

* Marrying in the Philippines; Step-by-step detailed account

* Strategies to Protect your Assets BEFORE Marriage

* Discover each Region of the Philippines with Extensive and Detailed information

* Gain In-Depth Knowledge about Philippine Culture and History

* Answer all Your Questions About Retiring in the Philippines

* Understand how to Make a Living in the Philippines

* Know all about Transportation in the Philippines

* Be Aware of Everything About Real Estate in the Philippines

If you are looking for information about the Philippines from a reliable source at a reasonable price, this is definitely the best book I have come across.

Justin, R., Michigan, U.S.A.

Spot on advice for the traveler to the Philippines. Excellent recommendations for places to see, and what places to avoid.

Travis, B., England

Thank you for all of the great information! Straight to the point and excellent advice on how to find the right Philippine woman. Accurate information with clear instructions on how not to get scammed.

Julianne W., Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been an expat in the Philippines for over 10 years. If you have any plans of visiting or investing in the Philippines, this book is in-depth, detailed, and extensive.

Ted B., California, USA

I just wanted to let you know I really liked your website, and book. In fact, I wrote a blog entry on my website about it.

Alex S., United States

I was thinking of retiring in the Philippines and your book was crucial in my decision making. Every question I could possibly think of was answered.

Robert, K., Montana, U.S.A.

Thanks for all of the INSIDE information. The insider details are brilliant and priceless. A real gem that I can rely on for accurate details.

Tom W., Australia

I found the woman of my dreams thanks to you! The information in your book about how to find the perfect Filipina bride is right on the mark. Excellent tips on what specific traits to look for in a Philippine woman.

Bill T., Tampa, Florida, USA

The information is excellent from what I have reviewed to date. Definitely a 5 star rating. I would absolutely recommend it to friends. Thanks for your outstanding effort!

Roy B., Manitoba, Canada

Visiting, finding a bride, or living in the Philippines as an expat, this is the best guide that answers ALL of your questions.

Niklas M., Germany

Hi, I’m Patrick, an American expat residing in the Philippines. I have compiled an extensive amount of information regarding Philippines travel, Philippine culture, living in the Philippines, working and doing business in the Philippines, marrying in the Philippines, and retiring in the Philippines. My 15 years of experience in the Philippines has included every situation possible. It’s all covered for you in my eBook. Whatever your plans are related to the Philippines, this guide is indispensable.

What You Will Learn in “Philippines Insider”

1. Regions of the Philippines

• Extensive Details of Each Region
The entire country is divided into 17 regions based on the geographical, cultural and ethnological characteristics of the areas within each region. You don’t have to do any research as we’ve done the dirty job already. We sum up all the features of each region of the country and objectively present what the region offers to tourists.

• Manila, Cebu, Davao
The three main cities of the Philippines – I provide up-to-date and complete details related to each city, the top tourist spots and sightseeing locations are described in detail.

• Philippine Regions and Provinces
Each Philippine region is described with substantial specifications on every tourist attraction to see and exactly where it is and how to get there.

• Philippine Visa Procedures, Strategies and Tips for Every Situation
Tourist Visa – Visa on Arrival – Visa Extension

• Balikbayan Privilege
What is it? Special strategies on how to get it, whether you are married or not

• Permanent Resident Visa (13A) – Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage
Detailed information about applying for and receiving a permanent Resident Visa (13A)

• 13G Non-quota Immigrant Visa
Information for (a) former Filipino citizens, (b) spouses and, (c) their unmarried minor children who are returning to permanently reside in the Philippines.

• Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV)
Allows you to reside in the Philippines for an indefinite period as long as the required qualifications and investments are maintained.

• Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV)Specific strategies for a Retirement Visa in the new favored retirement destination in Asia.

• Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG)
Investor visa allows multiple entry privileges and extended stay for a foreigner who employs 10 Filipinos

• Early Influences – Colonization – Religion
Background information about the culture of the Philippines. I help you understand how and why Filipinos do what they do.

• Art & Literature
Epic poems, proverbs, songs, and riddles were passed from generation to generation through recitals and spells in various dialects of the islands

• Philippine Myths and Philippine Mythology
Philippine myths and superstitions are very diverse. Philippine culture today still retains the prevalence of mythology

• National Symbols of the Philippines
The national symbols of the Philippines and how they embody Philippine culture, traditions, customs, and ideals

• What is a Filipino? – Filipino Traits and Filipino Nationalism
Every country has its own identity that is radically distinctive and known throughout the world.

• Pilipino: The Filipino People and the Philippine Language
The term Filipino refers to the word Pilipino – the language and the people

• Pinoy : How and Why?
Why are they called Pinoy, and what does it mean?

• Philippine Food and Cuisine
On a Malayan base, Chinese, Hindu, Spanish and American ingredients have been added through centuries of foreign influence and surprisingly, a blend with an identity of its own has emerged.

4. Safety in the Philippines

• Traveling to areas of Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago
I have traveled extensively throughout the country during the last 15 years, including to “high risk” areas. I give clear details on exact security precautions to take, and techniques to use while in the country

• Crime
Just as in many of the major cities throughout the world, crime is a problem in the Philippines. Learn exactly how to protect yourself against specific threats

• Banking/ ATMs
How to protect and secure your financial transactions while in the Philippines

• Tips for Protecting Yourself if you are Arrested
Laws are not enforced evenly in the country, you may find yourself in custody even if you did nothing wrong

• Special Strategies for Missionaries
Missionaries in the Philippines have special circumstances that require specific techniques

5. Philippines Dating & Marriage

• Pinay, Filipina, Philippine Women
Pinay is the common term for Philippine women, they are famous for their characteristics especially when it comes to family

• Risks of online dating
What to do and what not to do in an online relationship

• Tips for Dating & Relationships with Filipinas
Filipinas are not Western women, you need to deal with them in a specific way

• The Secret to Finding the Perfect Philippine Bride
Certain characteristics that you must look for in your potential bride

• Top Tactics to Properly Protect your Assets BEFORE Entering into Marriage
The Philippines is a community property country. Discover the ‘hidden strategy’ to protect your assets, straight from a SENIOR COURT JUDGE in the Philippines

• Marrying in the Philippines
Step-by-step detailed account of traveling to the Philippines, marrying your sweetheart, the costs involved, and strategies for your success

Last Update:
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Number of Pages: 317

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6. Health & Wellness in the Philippines

• Protecting your Health
The tropics have a whole host of bacteria, infections, and varying hygiene conditions that you may not be used to. I give you comprehensive details on exactly how to stay healthy by using low cost natural products available in the Philippines.

• Malunggay as Healthy Food Option
Malunggay abounds everywhere in the Philippines and is packed with an incredible amount of nutrients.

• Philippine Natural Medicine, Powerful Cures and Alternative Medicine
Nature has provided potent medicines and among the most popular ones are the malunggay (Moringa oleifera), ampalaya or bitter gourd (Momordica charantia), carrot and winged bean

• Saluyot, for Health, Long Life and Beauty
Saluyot, ever-present on the dining tables of the Ilocanos and the Tagalogs in Northern Luzon and other provinces in the Philippines.

• Top 10 Philippine Herbal Plants
The 10 medicinal plants described are defined as Philippine herbal plants that the Philippine Department of Health, through its “Traditional Health Program”, has endorsed

7. Philippine Transportation

• Transportation in the Philippines
There are various forms of transportation in the Philippines, from the absolutely absurd to the relatively up-to-date budget airlines plying the skies. I present numerous suggestions on how to use each one effectively and at the lowest cost.

Jeepney – Bus – Philippine Taxis – Car Rental in the Philippines – Air transportation – Philippine Ferries – Trains in the Philippines – Tricycles – Habal-Habal

8. Making a Living in the Philippines

• Philippines Jobs
Detailed information about what jobs are available and in what industries for expatriates (expats)

• Complete List of Multi-National Companies with Operations in the Philippines
These companies pay western salaries to expats

• Strategies and Tips for Investing and Doing Business in the Philippines
The Philippines is a developing country in Asia, the business style and way of thinking are different than in western countries

If you value your life, do not get into this business, even though it is completely legal

9. Philippine Real Estate

• Exhaustive Details Related to Buying and/or Investing in Real Estate in the Philippines
Tips and secret techniques for buying Philippine real estate legally, even if you are not a Philippine citizen or permanent resident

• Renting Property in the Philippines
How to rent property in the Philippines, where to rent, methods to deal with landlords, security deposit

• Buying a Philippine Condominium
Details of the condominium market in the Philippines, what to look for, and what to watch out for

• Philippines Homes – Creating Your Own Paradise
Buying a Philippine home can be great, or it can be a nightmare from hell – Learn the specific approach to create your own paradise

• A full Overview of Relevant Philippine Real Estate Law
Real Estate laws of the Philippines in clear simple language so you become an informed buyer or investor

10. Retiring in the Philippines

• Top Techniques for Retiring in the Philippines
Cost of living information and the practical realities of living in the Philippines for a longer period of time

• Visa Options for Retiring in the Philippines
What are the best options? What are the costs involved?

Last Update:
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Number of Pages: 317

The techniques and strategies in this book more than pay for themselves. They have been tested and proven over the course of 15 years. Simply following a few of the tips will save you tremendous amounts of time, money and possibly save your life.

These tips, observations and techniques come from 15 years of dealing with all levels of Philippine culture. From the highest officials in various government agencies, to local residents of every region in the country. From marrying, doing business, investing, and working in the major cities to trekking through remote provinces and traveling through “high risk areas.”

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Buy Now and Receive 8 Free Bonus Reports!

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FindGo - Directory & Listing PSD Template

FindGo – Directory & Listing PSD Template

Are you having an idea about build a directory & listing website to help people can find things that interesting in your city?.

FindGo is evaluated a unique & modern PSD template for listing & directory theme with clean and trendy design. Includes full functions necessary and researched detail based on exnperience user. Designed on grid system, your site will auto responsive layout and look sharp on all screens. My package includes 43 well-organized PSD files and with this template you can use it for a lot of website such as hotel listing, events listing, place listing, food & restaurant listing, services finder, etc.

Really wonderful if you rate it 5 stars, it’s bring motivated for me to create quality items for next time.

Template Features

  • 43 Fully Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files
  • 05 Homepages Unique
  • 07 Directory Listing
  • 05 Directory Single
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Creative and unique design
  • Based on Bootstrap 1170px Grid
  • Easy & customizable PSD files
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Google fonts used and font awesome icons
  • Great support 24/7
  • Extended documentation

PSD Files

  • 01_home.psd
  • 02_home.psd
  • 03_home.psd
  • 04_home.psd
  • 05_home.psd
  • 06_listing_half_map_v1.psd
  • 07_listing_half_map_v2.psd
  • 08_listing_half_map_v3.psd
  • 09_listing_half_map_v4.psd
  • 10_listing_full_with.psd
  • 11_listing_right_sidebar_v1.psd
  • 12_listing_right_sidebar_v2.psd
  • 13_listing_style_all.psd
  • 14_listing_single_v1.psd
  • 15_listing_single_v2.psd
  • 16_listing_single_v3.psd
  • 17_listing_single_hotel.psd
  • 18_listing_single_restaurant.psd
  • 19_blog_v1.psd
  • 20_blog_v2.psd
  • 21_blog_single.psd
  • 22_listing_category_v1.psd
  • 23_listing_category_v2.psd
  • 24_user_dashboard.psd
  • 25_user_profile.psd
  • 26_user_my_listings.psd
  • 27_user_notifications.psd
  • 28_user_favorites.psd
  • 29_user_reviews.psd
  • 30_add_listing.psd
  • 31_shop_list.psd
  • 32_shop_single.psd
  • 33_shop_cart.psd
  • 34_shop_checkout.psd
  • 35_shop_order.psd
  • 36_contact.psd
  • 37_pricing_table.psd
  • 38_service.psd
  • 39_terms_of_use.psd
  • 40_testimonials.psd
  • 41_element.psd
  • 42_404.psd
  • 43_mobile.psd




Any media – Images, fonts premium, icons or logos used in previews are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. Read help file for more details after you purchase the design.


Listopia - Directory, Community WordPress Theme

Listopia – Directory, Community WordPress Theme

You can build a directory & community site with Listopia.

How to update V1.3

preview desc
near me, radius
live ajax search
my user menu
single listing page
more taxonomies

Front-end forms with pictures / images
My Items(shops) form (Multi photos, Google maps, Video, Custome fields)
User profile (Edit : members profiles)
Single page (Feature, Streeview, Maps)

Advanced googles

Upload pictures/images with WP Media Library.
Multi images uploading ready
Various useful shortcodes for listings.

XML bulk import is possible. you need to use the 3rd part plugins. (we don’t provide import service setting). Listopia is compatible with Javo Directory, Javo Spot database. You can simply change theme and the listing will be displayed on maps. Other setting needed to be setup.

Listers Features.
Add items (listings)
Useful Listings
Listing by Categories
Listing by Locations
Listing by Address
Listing by Radius
Blog posts
By Category.
By Tag
Custom Categories
Custom google map marks
Custom Featured Images
1 Click Setup File Provide
Importable sample data, (it installs only enough sample pages. not all.)
Importable theme option setting
Flexible page setting : theme settings or each page settings.

Business Listings
Advanced Google Maps with Ajax
Unlimited page styles with Elementor
Frontend forms : Item listing, User Dashboard
Pricing Tables
Multilingual ready (WPML) : will be ready soon
Bootstrap 4
Unlimited Color Schemes

How to update V1.3

Version 1.3.0 (2018-03-30)

Added : Header builder ( you need to update template )
Added : Menu builder ( you need to update template )
Added : single meta widgets.
Improved : Compatibility for Elementor 2.0.3
Improved : CSS, JS

Version 1.2.1 (2018-02-14)

Fixed : Preview image.
Improved : Minor CSS, JS issue

Version 1.2.0 (2017-12-21)

- Added : Theme settings > General > Added 'auto generation less to css 'option (just leave it as disabled if you don't work on css via FTP )
- Improved : Common Script > Improved functions for Lava directory favorite 
- Improved : Shortcode > Module15 > Fixed undefined function issue and minor improvement.
- Fixed : Lava more taxonomies > Admin page > Display error message issue
- Improved : Header > Mega menu > Block shortcodes > display categories list issue
- Fixed : Install Wizard > Addons next step > Lava faq
- Improved : Widget > Single listing Title line > Save button issue.
- Improved : theme settings, sidebar some options hide
- Fixed: Loading icon issue when you click preview button on module 15
- Fixed: Wrong Category, Location visible on single listing page.
- Improved: Title line widget style on single listing page
- Added: More taxonomy addon, lava post reivew. 
( You can simply activate them or run wizard to activate them )

Version 1.1.1 (2017-12-16)

Fixed : More taxonomies : installation error
Lava More taxonomies, lava post reviews has been shortly removed until we confirm it works fine.
We will double check. It won't take too long.

Version 1.1.0 (2017-12-15)

Improved : Sample elementor data
Improved : Demo data
Added : 7 addons ( only for event now )
Fixed : Minor CSS, JS

Version 1.0 (2017-12-15)

V1.0 Theme release


Lambado - Creative Template

Lambado – Creative Template

Lambado is creative unique template for multi-purpose use.
6 Fully editable , well organized, layered PSD
Based on 960 grid

Open Sans

Icons by

Images are not included in PSDs

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TravelCo - Tour Booking and Vocation PSD Template

TravelCo – Tour Booking and Vocation PSD Template

TravelCo is complete travel PSD Template, Best fit for Traveler, Travel Agency.

Features Template:

  • 28 Pages Template, multi-page
  • 05 Homepage Versions
  • Well Organized Layers
  • The template is designed in bootstrap design trends
  • Bootstrap Grid 1170px
  • Free Google Font used
  • Free Icons Used
  • Travelco can be bought only on Envato Market

How to insert a photo?

Find a place where you want to insert the photo (usually a layer named “bg photo”, “bg map” “bg image” or “bg”)
above this layer insert picture. When you right-click to select “Create Clipping Mask”. And your picture takes shape.
All happy with just ;)

Google Font Used

Before you edit the template be sure to install the fonts.

Travelco – Modern and Simple PSD Template

  • 01: Home Page V1
  • 02: Home Page V2
  • 03: Home Page V3
  • 04: Home Page V4
  • 05: Home Page V5
  • 06: About Us
  • 07: Tours
  • 08: Hotel
  • 09: Flights
  • 10: Deals
  • 11: Cruise
  • 12: Cost saver
  • 13: Blog
  • 14: Blogs_Detail
  • 15: Contact_Us
  • 16: Typography
  • 17: Login
  • 18: My Account(Dashboard)
  • 19: Setting / Payments
  • 20: My Booking Page
  • 21: Public Profile
  • 22: Wish List
  • 23: Booking Form
  • 24: Review Form
  • 25: Tour Details
  • 26: Your Review
  • 27: Car / Chauffeur List
  • 28: Registration

That’s probably all! Thank you for purchasing Travelco – Modern and Simple PSD Template for Professionals.
If you have questions, please write them in the comments, I will answer them.

All images are just used for Demo Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT
included in the final purchase files.

Change Log
Version 1.1 On Monday, 19 February 2018

- Homepage V5 (Modern Design)
- Travel Agency kit Added
- Typography Added
- Car / Chauffeur Page Added


GeoMetry – HTML Geolocation Template v2

GeoMetry – HTML Geolocation Template v2

HTML Directory Geolocation template

Design for geolocation social network (HTML).

Made in a minimalistic style, clean design with a portrayal of every detail. This design can be used for services, which are based on working with maps and geographic position of the user.

Unique design for geolocation social network

Unique design created for geolocation sites. Suitable for a directory of companies, social networks and other useful services

5 valid HTML pages
Used google maps API

In the documentation I will reveal the secret of creation maps!

Fully responsive

it looks cool on iPhone and iPad

Bootstrap 3 used

on the basis of the new framework – twitter bootstrap 3

In this item uses OWL Carousel – the best adaptive, multi-function carousel

2075 icons in one fonts

i used the best icon bootstrap – webhostinghub glyphs/


Gotrips | WordPress Booking Theme

Gotrips | WordPress Booking Theme

Please send your tickets at Our support team will help you.

Gotrips is a WordPress theme supporting online hotel booking, vehicle rental according to the itinerary, tour booking. For a variety of payment gateways such as popular Bank Transfer, Paypal Express, Stripe, 2Checkout, Payu in many countries around the world. Our theme is well compatible with WPML plugin, just manage the price data, properties, … on a primary language and all will be synchronized fast! Theme builds an beautiful interface for user / service management partners, flexible orders, quick operation. Interface designed based on Materialize framework css will provide you with a simple, efficient, and mobile-friendly experience. The system of Theme Options, shortcode, helper classes, action/filter hook will help administrators and developers to customize easily. The theme will also constantly update plugins system coming with helping theme to get more features to support higher and more specific requirements

On the demo are included add-ons:

Changelog version 1.1.1

  • [Bug fix] Enqueue scripts
  • [Bug fix] Availability
  • [Update] KingComposer page builder

Changelog version 1.1

  • [Bug fix] compatible with Yoast SEO
  • [Bug fix] Validation html
  • [Bug fix] Date format
  • [Bug fix] Can not change the post status
  • [Update] System optimization
  • [Update] Arabic version
  • [Update] Sort the list of hotel rooms by price
  • [Update] Revolution slider
  • [Update] Delete the bookings from Partner Dashboard
  • [Update] Hotel policies to the reservation email
  • [Update] Partners can search for their services by name in the service manager
  • [Update] Search by hotel amenities
  • [Update] Opening price and price by distance for cars

Changelog version 1.0.8

  • [Bug fix] Remove cart
  • [Bug fix] WPML translation in the partner dashboard
  • [Bug fix] Filter by price
  • [Bug fix] Typo in booking email
  • [Bug fix] New booking email subject
  • [Bug fix] Do not display all taxonomies on Partner Editor
  • [Featured] Administrator can ON/OFF services which are not supported
  • [Update] Optimize meta data when translating
  • [Update] Change Temperature Unit
  • [Update] TwoCheckout payment
  • [Update] Flag language icons on mobile
  • [Update] Add client name column to booking list
  • [Update] Can change Temperature Unit

Changelog version 1.0.7

  • [Bug fix] Do not send customer information to partner when the booking is not completed
  • [Bug fix] Send email to admin & partner & customer when the booking have been changed status
  • [Bug fix] Count post status in partner dashboard
  • Add ON-OFF ‘Get contact information from owner profiles’ option
  • Add booking-ID in email subject
  • [Featured] Partner can translate their services on frontend
  • [Add-on] Extra price for accommodation
  • New map style with map toggle button
  • Popup login / register
  • Update Hotel Gallery
  • Add hotel Policy
  • Add ‘Show all ’ button in notification box
  • Add ‘_blank’ to the link

Changelog version

  • [Bug fix] Partner can not upload images
  • [Bug fix] Can not make reservation from ‘Availability form’ on hotel page
  • [Bug fix] Space above the header on the mobile
  • [Bug fix] Color error of the menu in mobile layout
  • [Bug fix] Change signature at partner registration email
  • [Bug fix] Partner can not view all partner services at frontend
  • [Update] Add American Express is an accepted payment card
  • [Update] Add custom card accepted option
  • [Update] Error 404 can be edited as a page or at least text
  • [Update] Hide payment method options with partner role
  • [Update] Reviews after booking successfully
  • [Update] Update main color

Changelog version

  • [Bug fix] Partner can not edit their services (permission error)
  • [Bug fix] Login / registration menu item on mobile
  • [Bug fix] Do not automatically fill out the form at the hotel’s availability (list style)
  • [Update] New style for password-lost form
  • [Update] Option ON/OFF to send owner’s information in booking email

Changelog version 1.0.6

  • [Featured] Haft-map style
  • [Featured] Partner Layout
  • [Featured] Text On Slider layout
  • Change topbar/header style
  • Change room link: http://your-domain/hotel/hotel-name/room-name/
  • Pagination for ‘List Of Service’ element
  • ‘Price range’ search field for vehicle
  • Request Booking Form can send to partner
  • Add adult & children fields for the hotel
  • Add the payment icon to the booking email
  • ‘Sticky header’ option for each page
  • Notifications manager for partner
  • Check cart notify by ajax (compatible with the plugin cache)
  • Card accepted section for hotel/accommodation
  • Show user’s information in partner dashboard (name, email, role, phone, address, …)
  • Show coupon name in the booking
  • Room footage option for room
  • Automatically fill in form availability form in single hotel from the search page
  • Update statistics manager
  • Hide Admin Bar option
  • [Remove] ‘filter’ search field element (name, price, …). Tt is integrated into ‘Search Results’ element
  • [Fix] Paypal can not completed the booking
  • [Fix] Can not change list/grid layout

In version 1.0.5, we have upgraded the notification system with many features, that it supports the interaction between managers, partners and customers.

  1. Shows the number of customers who are online
  2. Shows total order in this service
  3. Notify managers when new bookings are made
  4. Show notification to customer when manager changes booking status
  5. Show notification to customer, partner when administrator delete booking
  6. Show notification to administrator when service needs to be approved

More Informations – Gotrips Notifications Add-on

Changelog version 1.0.5

  • Add filter by multi-taxonomy in ‘List of Services’ element
  • Change topbar styles
  • [Fix] Search by taxonomies
  • [Fix] Missing email subject
  • [Fix] Can not translate ‘Ohteam System’ plugin

Changelog version 1.0.4

  • Send email for customer when manager changes booking status
  • ON/OFF display partner/administrator information
  • Display booking form when has errors of the validation on mobile
  • Upgrade Notification system
  • List of services element shows by ID of the services.
  • Add Add-Ons landing page in Theme Options page.
  • [Fix] datetime format
  • [Fix] Do not show single page of tag
  • [Fix] Can not delete multi-location on meta options.

Changelog version 1.0.3

  • NEW FEATURES: Send contact form before request a booking (Contact Form 7)
  • ADD ‘Tour Programs’ section in the single tour layout
  • ON/OFF Sticky Header
  • ON/OFF showing site’s description below the logo
  • FIX: Compatible with WPML plugin

Changelog version 1.0.2

  • New layout for hotel, room, vehicle ,tour
  • Remove weather text on the ‘Destination’ element
  • Add filter by taxonomies (categories) for hotel, tour
  • [Fix] Paypal currency

Changelog version 1.0.1

  • Optimize page load speed
  • Integrated with accommodation rental (Add-on)
  • Guide for car rental information (Add-on)
  • Add new layout for list of hotel, vehicle, tour
  • Change style of the settings page
  • ON/OFF the discount field. The default is OFF
  • Booking without login. The system will automatically create an account for the customer.
  • Quick reservation at the hotel details page
  • The administrator approve partner’s upload
  • Can change the slug-name of the service
  • [Fix] Calendar style of the availability
  • [Fix] Add destination of the tour

Theme Features

  • Hotel booking
  • Vehicle rental
  • Tour Booking
  • Accommodation Rental (Add-on)
  • Payment gateways: Bank transfer, Paypal Express, 2Checkout, Stripe
  • Search by Google API
  • Partner manager, services manager, booking manager, statistics, ….
  • 5 Homepages + 2 Header Styles
  • Font Awesome icon, Materialize icon
  • Compatible with WPML plugin
  • KingComposer Page Builder

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More Infomation


Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise is a Directory & Listing psd template created especially for Directory Business. It includes 29+ PSD files. It has many functions designed to make easy and reliable directory listing. You can use this psd design for use other variant business. IT Can be used for a lot of websites directory & listing type, like Property, Realestate, Hotel, Shopping, Travel, Transport, Restaurants, Entertainment etc..

The PSD file is perfectly organized, so You could easily customize everything.

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Listing Paradise Directory Listing PSD Template

Key Features Overview

  • 29+ Layered PSD Files
  • 03 Concept Listing Type
    • 01 Hotel and Tour
    • 02 Realestate
    • 03 Restaurant
  • 06 Index Pages
  • Directory Listing PSD Template In One
  • Realestate Finder and Add Listing
  • Hotels Finder and Add Listing
  • Restaurant Finder and Add Listing
  • Google Map Intigrated
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Ready
  • Show Directory Items in sidebar via Widget
  • Show Directory Items in content via Shortcode
  • Beautiful gallery for Directory Template Item page
  • Create and manage Item Custom Fields per Directory Account
  • Free Google Fonts & Icons
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Much More Options

PSD Contents

    Hotel and Tour

  • 01_Index Hotel and Tour.psd
  • 02_Index Hotel and Tour with Map.psd
  • 03_Hotel and Tour Listing Grid View.psd
  • 04_Hotel and Tour Listing List View.psd
  • 05_Hotel and Tour Listing Map Grid View.psd
  • 06_Hotel and Tour Listing Map List View.psd
  • 07_Hotel and Tour Listing Single Page.psd
  • 08_Menu.psd
  • Realestate

  • 09_Index Realestate.psd
  • 10_Index Realestate With Map.psd
  • 11_Realestate Listing Grid View.psd
  • 12_Realestate Listing List View.psd
  • 13_Realestate Listing Gird View With Map.psd
  • 14_Realestate Listing List View With Map.psd
  • 15_Realestate Listing Single Page.psd
  • Restaurant

  • 16_Index Restaurant.psd
  • 17_Index Restaurant With Map.psd
  • 18_Restaurant Listing Grid View.psd
  • 19_Restaurant Listing List View.psd
  • 20_Restaurant Listing Grid View With Map.psd
  • 21_Restaurant Listing List View With Map.psd
  • 22_Restaurant Listing Single Page Tab-1.psd
  • 23_Restaurant Listing Single Page Tab-2.psd
  • 24_Restaurant Listing Single Page Tab-3.psd
  • 25_Restaurant Listing Single Page Tab-4.psd
  • General Pages

  • 26_About.psd
  • 27_Contact Us.psd
  • 28_Blog.psd
  • 29_Blog Single.psd


<p>Please note that images used in live preview are not included in the package. If you have any questions please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thank you!</p>

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