Coensio Mt4 charts tool

Product Name: Coensio Mt4 charts tool


Coensio MT4 charts
Start monitoring your trading systems!

This tool allows you to generate equity graphs and to monitor all interesting statistics of every trading system on your MT4 account.

Click on figure below to see it in action!

This tool is an MT4 compatible indicator which can be attached to any chart to any timeframe. The generated report is a .html file, which is stored locally in MT4 folder.

This tool is an MT4 indicator that can be attached to any MT4 chart using any timeframe. On each new candle the indicator generates a full report which is stored as a .html file in local MT4 directory.

Yes a DEMO version of this indicator is available in the download link below. After a short registration you can test it with your favorite indicator on AUDUSD pair. DEMO version is limited to 3 systems only!

After purchasing the CoensioMt4Charts indicator, you will get your own License Key which will be linked to your personal MT4 account. This means 1 License Key is valid only on 1 MT4 account, at a time. You can always change your MT4 accounts, by sending me an email (without any additional costs).

The CoensioMt4Charts indicator has been successfully tested on: Firefox, MS edge, Chrome and Safari browsers. It should work on any other moderrn browser.

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Freedom Particle System

Product Name: Freedom Particle System


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Monetized URL Shortener And Make Money Online By Sharing Links!

Product Name: Monetized URL Shortener And Make Money Online By Sharing Links!


Monetized URL Shortener And

Make Money Online By Sharing Links!

create an account, create a link and post it – for every visit, you earn money. It’s just that easy!

Monetized URL Shortener And Make Money Online By Sharing Links! is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.

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Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt.

Adflyfly helps me to advertise my sites easily! It is great to see my sites getting massive exposure & traffic!

This online tool is easy to use, I do earn money with the system. Thank you!

I have tried many money making tools online and I can say this tool is the best..highly recommended!

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Perfect for small less than 10 team

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Click here to get Monetized URL Shortener And Make Money Online By Sharing Links! at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Comic Book Collection – The Ebook!

Product Name: Comic Book Collection – The Ebook!


My name is Dave Gieber. I’ve been a serious comic book collector for over 40 years and have amassed over 2,000 comic books.

Why do these little books sell for so much money?

That’s part of the magic of comic book collecting. This isn’t your standard kind of collection. There is an incredible history here. Decades upon decades of people have happily collected comic books. Some do it for fun. Others view them as collectible comic investments.

We have grown up with them. We read about our favorite super heroes and their diabolical arch rivals, the super villains, their super powers, their sleek, other-worldly costumes. Comic books transport us out of ourselves and into a make believe land where anything is possible. (Some of us were reading these colorful little magazine-type books long before television was even invented!) Comic books are the stuff of which dreams are made of, both then and now.

There are new comics, old comics, and historical comics — all waiting and wanting to be collected. Each of them has its own, magnificent, story.

There has never been a better time to get started, whether you’re more interested in getting started for fun, or you plan on profiting big time from your own personal collection.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Comic Books

For me,this is more than just a hobby — ot’s part of the fabric of my life.

I think that this quote by my friend, Erin Scott, manager of the Allston Branch of New England Comics, says it best:

“Collecting comics can be fun. Hunting down back issues in row after row of bins, trading issues with other collectors via the Internet or mail, getting a great deal on that first appearance of your favorite character and being able to say you have the entire run of something is totally awesome.”

It’s a medium that is not only visually colorful and artfully designed, but also weaves a mesmerizingly powerful super-human story.

Now, collecting comics isn’t for everyone, but if the quote above got your blood pumping and made you smile, it’s probably in YOUR blood too!Introducing…Comic Book Collection

A 68 page blueprint to learning the in’s and outs of collecting comic books for fun and profit.

Here are just a few things you will discover:

Comic book collecting is NOT the same as reading comic books.

You will be spending time and money on your hobby. Collecting can be as fun and profitable as you want to make it!

It would be unrealistic to believe that by buying comic books, you will become an instant millionaire.

It could happen, of course, but, unless you know what you have, what it’s worth, what condition it’s in and how to preserve your investment, you will never know its rightful value.

That is why I created this guide book!

Do you have comic books you either inherited or bought, yourself and and don’t know how to see how much they’re worth?

I have come across many people who have no idea how to get started, and are desperate for help. That’s why I have decided to create the ultimate go-to guide on getting started with comic book collecting the quickest, easiest way possible.

I’ve left nothing out — this guide is dedicated to you. It will become your best friend as you delve into comic book collecting.

It contains invaluable resources that I have learned over nearly half a century.

It used to be that you’d have to struggle to get started collecting comics. It was like a club you couldn’t get into unless you had certain qualifications or were of a certain age.

These days, anyone can get started collecting comics as long as they have the right information! You need to gain knowledge of the methodology of collecting comic books. You need high levels of information and discussions, as well as information on pricing and cataloging your own collection.

The point is that the web, and this guide, makes it easy! You can find great communities of support and a ton of information. You don’t even have to find any of it on your own!

Well, you won’t become an expert overnight, but, you’ll be a lot closer to it. It will save you a lot of time and money, because everything you need to get started is already laid out for you.

You can do it by yourself, but there is a LOT of information to learn, especially if you try to do individual searches for it. And, of course, the problem with learning that way is that you can’t perform a keyword search for something when you don’t know what that “something” really is.

You need an accurate, concise, and actionable guide, all put together so you can actually learn what you need to know rather than spending hours searching.

One of the most important concepts you’ll come to understand as a comic book collector is that of supply and demand. Many collectors are not familiar with this concept and do not understand why the comics they bought 5 years ago are barely worth cover price.

Does that sound like a problem you’ve had as well? Don’t worry — you are not alone! It’s key to be realistic with your goals. I will show you how.

You will learn how to enjoy the medium — not just because you want to become wealthy, but because you enjoy collecting comics in general.

Why get started? Part of the reason is because of…

There are few things out there that have a history as rich as comic books. Interestingly enough, the history and origins of comic books is actually a bit controversial. In this guide, we go deep into the history of comic books, from the cartoonish broadsheets of the Middle Ages, to England’s Ally Sloper’s Half Alley, to The Yellow Kid, and more.

You’ll enter a world where Buck Rogers, Tarzan, Little Orphan Annie, and Dick Tracy were just born. Famous Funnies will whisk you back to meet Joe Palooka, Buck Rogers, and Mutt and Jeff.

You’ll discover which comic, created by two teenagers, was born and would later become one of the most highly sought after comics in the world.

In fact, you’ll learn everything you want to know about the 100 greatest comics of the 20th century! As well as which comic book gets the distinction of being the Comic of the Century!

For real comic fans, there are only two kinds of comics ,__________ and everything else! This is the comic book that made all of the others possible.

There are different comic book eras — but not everyone agrees on what and when they are! We explore this interesting controversy in detail; including the Victorian Age, Platinum Age, Golden Age, Atom Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age.

It’s important to understand the different eras as you build your collection. Perhaps more importantly, you should know why certain experts recommend different age titles according to what was popular and prevalent during certain years. You cannot effectively collect comic books if you don’t have this information!

Best of all, I’ll let you know exactly which titles to look for in each age!

In addition to learning about the rich history of comics, you need to consider your role in all of this.

There are three main kinds of collectors:

No matter what you choose as your focus, you need to invest in the long term — for yourself and your heirs. When you read this guide, you’ll discover how to avoid investing in a huge number of comics that will not be able to hold their value.

Unfortunately, not all comic books are equal. There are a lot of comics that are published in the millions and have little to no true resale value. There are moments of interests — fads — in every era. You absolutely must choose your investments wisely and carefully.

Someday, you’ll want some money for your trouble! That’s why you need expert advice on what to select. It’s kind of like an insurance policy against choosing the wrong comics!

Here are some examples of what you’ll want to buy…

Just say “Maybe” and get your very own No-Risk copy of Comic Book Collection.

If you’ve read this far I’m sure you’d really like to get started learning more about your own comic books and which ones are valuable, but you may have a little voice in your ear that says: “What if this isn’t for me?”

No problem. There is no need to say “yes” at this point. Just say “maybe.” Order Comic Book Collection below. Read it and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, then email me back and I’ll refund your money. It’s that easy.

Ensure You Develop the Best Possible Collection, With the Chance for Huge Profits!

It’s extremely important to know what to look for — not only do you need to know which titles to look for, but you also need to know what condition you should look for, and how to determine what condition a certain comic is in. While you might think this is intuitive — it absolutely is not!

There is a set of standards you need to adhere to. If you don’t have this information, you’ll be totally lost as a comic book collector. This guide ensures you’re able to find your way!

Don’t worry — this will be fun! You’ll discover exactly how to estimate the correct price for buying and selling. A novice could easily overlook what the professional or seasoned collector would spot. Ensure you’re buying the right comics so you can profit hugely whenever you decide to sell.

The one requirement for decently grading a comic book is a profound sense of self-honesty! You have to be incredibly realistic, which is impossible to do if you don’t know what to look for.

Learn the meanings and sometimes very subtle differences between:

I discuss these different grades of comic books.

You’ll also learn which book you will absolutely want to invest in if you’re going to collect comic books — all serious collectors have this one!

Even if you were going to invest in other price guides, it would be unfortunate if you did not take this one resource seriously as a barometer of honest pricing information.

What to check up on first? I point you to an accurate, free pricing guide you can start using today!

I’ll also point you in the direction of one of the coolest resources ever created for comic book collectors — you’ll be able to manage your entire collection online — free! This is invaluable and absolutely worth your investment in this guide alone.

also point you in the direction of one of the coolest resources ever created for comic book collectors — you’ll be able to manage your entire collection online — free! This is invaluable and absolutely worth your investment in this guide alone. Once you place your collection online, you can share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter …and other serious collectors.

You need to ensure you keep your comic book collection in the best possible shape!

There are 7 enemies you need to be aware of when it comes to preserving your comic book collection:

It comes down to proper storage.

If you love your comic book collection as much as I love mine, storage and preservation will be important to you.

Need to sell a few comics and make some money to cover some extra expenses during this economic slowdown?

If you’ve already got a collection, my guide also includes the name, phone number, and e-mail address of someone you can sell your comics to NOW!


Yes, Dave, I am ready to become an instant expert on comic book collecting! Great! But, wait. We’re not done.

Order today and receive not one…not two…but,5 Free Bonuses! If you’re as serious about collecting comic books for profit, as I am, the following bonuses alone, are worth the price of this book! Here they are:

Bonus #1
The History of Superman

I can’t believe I found this. An ebook rendition of the comic book that started the illustrious career of one of the most popular comic book heroes of all time, Superman. Action Comics #1, released in 1938, introduced Superman to the comic book industry and the rest is history.

Originally created by a couple of teenagers, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Superman went on to become a mainstay in every comic book enthusiast’s collection. And get this, you won’t believe a man can fly. You WILL believe a man can jump great distances. Believe it or not, Superman originally could not fly. As with so many things we are familiar with, the Superman character we know today, evolved over time.

This ebook makes a fantastic complement to my Comic Book Collecting ebook. The original comic is very illusive these days and if you do own a copy, it is worth a bundle. But for those of us that have never seen the origin of Superman, this ebook is a great history lesson and is yours if you act today.

Bonus #2 What You Should Know About Comic Book Authentication

Bonus #5Lifetime Updates

There is nothing else like this available, anywhere. I hope that you will be able to benefit from all the information in my all inclusive Comic Book Collection guide and your 5 free bonuses, as much as I have.

.P.S. Remember, you have 60 days to read my guide BEFORE you decide if you want to keep it!

Dave GieberReturn to Home Page

The free eBook that startedit all for my Comic Book Site!Dave Gieber

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howtogetabiggerbutt-wsll-ckbk1 — Quakker

Product Name: howtogetabiggerbutt-wsll-ckbk1 — Quakker


Finally, Brilliant Scientists Have Discovered The “Hidden Butt-Growth Secret” In Your Glutes. No More Frustrating Buttocks-Enlargement Attempts. Your Flat Bottom Days Are Over! 

Finally, SCIENCE has answered your prayers. “How to Get a Bigger Butt” is no longer a mystery. Pay close attention, and you’ll achieve a 2-inch increase in butt circumference in just 6-short weeks.

Getting a bigger booty has been on your mind for a while. You really want that Beyoncé-booty.

But, you are a careful planner. Before you spend your time and resources on any project, you need to meticulously gather all the facts. You have to evaluate and analyze these facts; in order to determine the feasibility of actually getting a fuller and rounder backside.

You have given a half-hearted try at “the special butt lift” advice, you took straight from COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE. It did not work.

Then, you saw some “butt pills” in ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine. You tried those too.

Of course! Not only, is it possible. In fact, it is also quite usual. Countless girls enlarge their booties every day, without plastic surgery.

By using this cutting-edge technology, you’ll have that coveted Brazilian booty in a few weeks. Add six more months and you’ll be attracting more attention than Jennifer Lopez.

The key is to limit your focus to three backside muscles:

You can’t influence the layer of fat on your bottom, not directly. So, how do you increase both muscle-mass and fat, on your hindquarters? The solution is your gluteal muscles.

You can directly increase the size of your gluteal muscles, and as a consequence, get a bigger booty.

Let us put it in very simple terms. Your gluteal muscles are muscles.

Let me repeat. “Your gluteal muscles are muscles.” And as everyone knows, muscles respond to stimuli.

Your muscles will atrophy, if you do not stimulate them. Your muscles will grow, if you stimulate them. This is biology 101. It is not just basic. It is literally third grade stuff.

Now, that’s phenomenally exciting news.

Really! Do you realize the monumental significance of this fact? You can actually increase the size of your booty. Why? Because your butt is a muscle…and muscles respond to stimuli.

Isn’t that a powerful REALIZATION?

Your muscles grow, if you stimulate them. They atrophy, if you do not stimulate them.

Every day, bodybuilders rely on this exact-same principle to build muscle-mass. It is the same principle that Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger used to win the “Mr. Universe Bodybuilding” title, eight times, in a row.

You do not have to be a “Mr. Universe” title-winner to develop your gluteal muscles. Anybody can do it.

There are specific, scientifically proven exercises to grow the biceps of a bodybuilder. There are specific, scientifically proven exercises to grow a bigger butt.

Bigger butt workouts are no secret, really. The hidden key is the proper execution of the workouts.

They gave you that silly advice, “regular exercise and good nutrition”. By now, you have already tried their advice, and discovered that it does not work.

You’ll find the same old and ruinous advice in: Elle Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Women’s Health, Real Simple and Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Stop heeding the vibes from these commercial magazines. Their main purpose is entertainment. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try their advice. You’ll discover that they never produce the promised results.

Something is always lacking. This lack can metamorphose into a DEADLY HEALTH DISASTER.

The lurking danger is no longer a mystery. It has been DISCOVERED BY A TEAM OF SWEDISH SCIENTIST. Not only did it elude the fitness gurus….but even laureate sports doctors failed to RECOGNIZE IT FOR AGES.

It affects nearly every flat-bottom woman, both the sedentary and the active. You’d better believe, it does not discriminate against age. Both young and old women are affected.

Improper form affects not only the bottom, but the whole well-being as well.

And, when I tell you, what it is, YOU’LL BE SHOCKED…

… because your goal should be to cause HYPERPLASIA, not HYPERTROPHY.

HYPERTROPHY is the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue thanks to the enlargement of its component cells.

The right ‘bigger butt workouts’ should not seek to create a hypertrophic effect because gains from hypertrophy do not last long.

The right ‘bigger butt workouts’ should produce a HYPERPLASIC EFFECT.

Hyperplasia is the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue thanks to an increase in the number of its component cells.

Hyperplasia is the effect you’ll get by using this unique program.

What is the point of getting a bigger butt, if you cannot flaunt it like Beyoncé.


Why do some women squat for years, but have no shapely booty to show for it?

Lustrous Hair
Perfectly Tanned Skin

For the same reason that people do crunches for years, but have no flat stomach to show for it.

…because their midsection is covered with a thick layer of fat.

Your round, full and shapely backside will never become visible, if you are overweight.

An over-sized derriere, coupled with a bulging muffin top, is A DISGUSTING MONSTROSITY. Excess body fat is guaranteed to deform your silhouette.

Your goal should be the full package _ AN HOURGLASS SILHOUETTE, just like Jennifer Lopez.


In addition to squats, you have to perform targeted glute bridges, cable kickbacks and hip thrust exercises.

Whouff!!! That’s the sound of you falling into the desolate abyss of monumental failure.

Yes indeed! Abysmal failure awaits you, if you make this one GIGANTIC MISTAKE……Train! Train! Train!

Just learn 10 ‘bigger butt workouts’. Then, go full bonkers. Train like mad.

Running, yoga and dance classes are overrated, when it comes to buttocks-development. High intensity stair-sprints and hill repeats are far superior.

In fact, if you are going to lose fat, HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO IS INDISPENSABLE.

When it comes to the ultimate booty workouts, don’t believe the hype.

Squats are not enough. You need more than just squats to enlarge your hindquarters.

Of course, you’ll have to squat.

Train like an obsessed gym rat. Without fail, train every single day. Turbo-charge your motivation and train like hell. Train! Train! Train!

Training without adequate resting is a recipe for failure.

REST AND RECOVERY is just as crucial as training.

WARNING! Free Give-away….the ULTIMATE Backside-growth SECRET!

The size of your butt does not increase during training. IT INCREASES WHILE YOU ARE RESTING.

During training, the tissues in your gluteus will neither increase in size nor in number. Training actually causes the tissues to break and tear.

While resting, the broken and torn tissue gets repaired in a process known hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

During hyperplasia, mitosis occurs, resulting in the multiplication of the number of cells. During hypertrophy, protein synthesis occurs, resulting in the increase in volume of already existing cells.

While you are resting, both processes will lead to the increase in the volume of gluteal tissue in your buttocks.

For a sure-fire guarantee that your booty increases in size, three conditions must be met.

Women tend to have a harder time, toning up their posterior than any other body part.

If only, all that belly fat accumulating in your midsection could miraculously flow to your prat, you’ll have the fullest hindquarters on the planet.

You’ll be on the next flight to the tropical beaches of Sao Paolo _ the round butt capital of the world.

Well, not too fast. If your belly fat flowed to your backside, you will not get the full, round and firm butt, you crave.

Instead, you’ll get a rump that’s too big or too wobbly or too floppy or too saggy or too cellulite-ridden …. exactly the kind of derriere no one wants to grab.

TRUST ME! No one looks at a cellulite-ridden booty and exclaims, “Yummy! I’ll give up my multi-million dollar fortune just to plough that arse.”

You don’t want that lumpy, dimpled look anywhere near your hips, thighs and rump. When it comes to cellulite, the prime and only policy is “ZERO TOLERANCE.”


Hi, I am Doug Hamilton, a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist, personal trainer, Iron Man magazine contributor and founder of the internet’s longest-standing strength site,

In a moment, I’ll reveal to you the 7 Key Workouts you need to enlarge your rump and unlock the hidden power in your body.

But first, let me explain just how deep-rooted the flat-bottom problem is.


Here’s the truth: Most people don’t realize the cause of their problems is loose gluteal muscles.

The impact, the gluteus had on the whole body never occurred to me until I saw the effect that loose gluteal muscles had on the health and well-being of my wife after she gave birth.

One wrong curvature on that posterior and it wouldn’t matter how pretty your face looks.

Instead of looking like Kim Kardashian, you’ll find yourself looking like Lil’ Kim.

You see, our gluteal muscles are the engine through which our body moves. They control our balance, our ability to sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, walk and step.

Everything goes through the gluteus.

And when our gluteal muscles tighten they cause a lot of problems in ordinarily healthy and active people, like us.

Before I reveal how most people end up having flat bottoms and the host of health problems that come with it, let me introduce myself.

It was only then, that I truly understood the magnitude of the problem.

We’re not just talking about a bit of soreness. The ramifications are much deeper than that.

Loose gluteal muscles could be the root cause of problems such as:

If any of these sound familiar to you, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Loose gluteal muscles affect nearly everybody, but few realize the impact on the whole body.

Again, everything flows through the gluteus.

Think of the gluteus as a barometer. The health and flexibility of your gluteal muscles are an indicator of the strength and health of your whole body.

It is at the center of your body’s movement. Sitting within the well of your gluteus and hips is the psoas major muscle, one of the two muscles that makes up the iliopsoas.

It’s often called the “mighty” psoas (pronounced so-az) for the many important functions it plays in the movement of your body.

The psoas is the only muscle in the human body, connecting the upper body to the lower body.



Your gluteus is the bridge between your upper body and lower body.

The muscle attaches to the vertebrae of the lower spine, moves through the pelvis and connects to a tendon at the top of the femur. It also attaches to the diaphragm.

This means it has a profound impact on your breathing.

A functioning psoas muscle creates a neutral pelvic alignment, stabilizes the buttocks, supports the lower spine and abdomen, supports the organs in the pelvic and abdominal cavity and gives you greater mobility and core strength.

These glaring biological facts point to an obvious path. The path to a larger bottom flows through the psoas muscle.

When it functions well, it has the power to…

Put simply, THE PSOAS MUSCLE is at the center of movements in your body.

For this reason, you cannot afford to have loose psoas muscles. A flat arse will be the least of your worries, if you psoas muscles are loose.

The consequences of loose psoas muscles are serious and numerous. And there’s one activity, in particular, that’s the sworn enemy of your psoas muscle…


It may be the most harmless activity known to man, but it’s also one of the biggest dangers to your health.

Don’t think that you are not possibly affected because you are in normal weight. The core issue is not weight, but rather activity.

The human body was designed for movement. It was not designed to remain riveted in a chair for several hours per day.

The increased sedentary lifestyle of our era comes with numerous ramifications.

The tightening and shortening of the psoas and gluteus occurs, when you remain seated for prolonged periods of time.

Excessive sleep will also produce this side-effect. Believe it or not, if you remain in bed for 4extra hours every day, your back will actually begin to ache.

Excessive sleep will also produce this side-effect. Believe it or not, if you remain in bed for 4extra hours every day, your back will actually begin to ache.

If you don’t believe, just try it, and you’ll discover this hazardous truth for yourself.


Wonder why your stomach still sticks out; even though, you’re hammering the abdominal exercises every day? It’s a common myth that bulging belly is due to weak abdominal muscles.

The real cause might be tight psoas muscles. Tight psoas muscles will produce a curvature in your lower back; thus pushing out your stomach.

Or, it might simply be the usual culprit__A THICK LAYER OF FAT OVER YOUR ABS. Your taut abdominal muscles will not show, if they are covered by a thick layer of fat.

The obvious solution is to lose body fat. You lose body fat by creating a calorific deficit. This means, you must expend more calories than you consume.

Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone. The psoas tissue provides the fight or flight muscle.

When is the psoas muscle function properly? In moments of danger, the psoas muscle will automatically tighten.

Your entire survival mechanism will kick into high gear and a shot of adrenaline will flow to your psoas muscle. The adrenaline will provide the fuel, needed to either fight or run.

When is the psoas muscle malfunctioning? The psoas muscle is malfunctioning, when it remains under tension both in moments of danger and safety.

This will lead to the overworking of the adrenal glands. When this happens, your immune system suffers and your body automatically switches into fat storing mode in anticipation of danger.

Scientists have supplied conclusive evidence for this fact. If you can’t shed that weight? Blame your gluteus and the hamstring muscles in your thighs.


Sitting all day causes your gluteus to become stuck in a forward thrust position. This leads to pulling on the lower back and decreased blood flow and circulation through the buns, and to where it matters.



Diagnosing malformations in the gluteus is tricky.

If you’ve seen a therapist or physician, chances are they weren’t able to pinpoint the issue.

Buried so deep within your abdomen, it’s no wonder identifying it as the root cause of any of your symptoms is difficult to do.

It’s why malformations in the gluteus are left undiagnosed and untreated for far too long, as physicians look for a simpler explanation.

So understand that this it’s not your fault.

However, knowing this, hands you the power to finally do something about it before it’s too late.


Knowing, you have tight gluteal muscles, is one thing.

Knowing, how to fix your gluteal muscles, is another challenge altogether.

If you trust so-called experts on YouTube, they’ll have you believe it’s simply a case of holding a few static stretches for a period of time to try and lengthen the muscle.

Or rolling around with a tennis ball stuck to your back pocket (as if that will really make any difference).

It takes more than a tennis ball and foam roller to unlock your gluteus…and doing it wrong could cause even MORE damage.

The reason few people manage to fix their gluteal muscles is simple.

It’s really a hard area to reach.

As you can see from the anatomical diagrams above, the gluteus is located deep within the hindquarters, and therefore difficult to reach. This also means, it can’t be easily impacted by merely stretching.

So it’s little wonder, why trying to loosen it requires more than a simple static gluteus stretch. You have probably tried more than one method.

You’ve probably found, you’re spending hours of your time stretching this way only to find out that it’s having minimal effect.

That’s because you need to attack the muscle from a variety of angles using a variety of exercise techniques and modalities in order to “unpack” the muscle in the right way.

The truth is, you can learn to release your tight hip flexors on your own.

If you think of your psoas as a combination safe lock, there are several numbers that will unlock it but they need to be entered in the right order.

Static Stretching Has Its Place – But The Stretches I show you are more effective.

There are a number of specific movements beyond simple static stretching you can use to unlock and loosen your gluteus, hips and thighs.

PNF is an acronym for ‘Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation’. It is a technique where you are activating a specific muscle in order to relax the muscles around a joint so you can decrease the stiffness around a joint.

With these exercises we are targeting the muscle in all planes of movement so the core and abdominal muscles have good activation, endurance and strength in all planes of movement which leads to a decrease in unnecessary damaging stress on joints.

In this unique technique, we are targeting the tissue that muscles are surrounded in and working on loosening and lengthening the fascia. Few people understand the negative effect this tissue can have on your body.

This is where you are activating the muscle around a joint and moving that joint through its full range of motion in a progressive manner. This leads to an increased range of motion around the joint, warming up of the muscle around the joint and improved circulation around the joint. Think of high knees or butt kicks.

In these exercises, we are targeting the joint and doing movements and exercises that help the joint function optimally. This allows a joint to move more freely.

Due to all of our sitting and daily technology use, many of our muscles are not working properly. With this technique, we’re targeting those muscles that are off and activate them in order to help the body move more efficiently.

Now, you know the specific techniques, you need to unlock your gluteal muscles, the next question is how to combine these in the most effective way. Please don’t be overwhelmed by the “Shop Talk” above because…


Like unfolding a sheet or unpacking a parcel, opening up the muscles in your gluteus requires it to be done in the right order.

Try to release one muscle before another and you’ll add to your tightness. Getting it wrong really can make it worse.

It’s why so many people give up trying to fix the problem themselves and believe incorrectly that they have to live with the problem. But hoping the problem will go away by not exercising is just as damaging.



I first met Rick when he helped me fix a thigh problem. He was one of the few injury specialists, I met who helped athletes by focusing on getting them back to training, rather than avoiding workouts.

Rick showed me what so many other injury specialists hadn’t – how to work through the right sequence of techniques to unlock the tension and tightness in my muscles. He also showed me the required mindset to properly solve the problem.

He’s the guy I turned to when my wife, Kimberly, was struggling with pain and discomfort in her gluteus after the birth of our son Landon.

In the days and months following the birth, Kimberly experienced pain in her hips, and discomfort when walking and sitting. She was struggling to sleep.

In just 15 minutes working with Rick, he’d successfully unlocked her gluteal muscles, so she no longer felt any pain or discomfort that day. She was able to walk without experiencing the nagging pain in her pelvic area. She could sleep better and could start enjoying those precious days with a little one at home.

But Rick’s “flow” technique doesn’t only help those in pain.

Over the years, this technique has been enhanced and perfected to increase blood circulation in your muscles.

At Vivapark, our Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson felt his gluteus was a little tight (from sitting all day and answering questions on and tried the same routine Rick had used with my wife.

Within days, Chris successfully increased his deadlift by 35 pounds to finally hit that 500 pound pull, he had been training for. All because he got to experience the sequential flow of movements that Rick developed to release his gluteal muscles.

It’s not about the exercises.



While many of the techniques were ones I already knew, doing the movements in the right order unravels all the tissues including muscle, fascia, connective tissue, and the joint capsule while breaking up scar tissue.

Using the right sequence kick starts an increase in blood flow to the area to clean out metabolites and lactic acid and reduces inflammation while nourishing and rejuvenating the area.

I’ve seen, with my own eyes, the power of Rick’s techniques on my wife and on our Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson.

That’s why I asked Rick to share with you the very same program, so you too can be helped to unlock your gluteus and increase the size of your backside.



Working with Doug, we’ve created a great program that is quite simply Done-For-You.

Doug has pulled together a “sequential flow” designed just for you. It is composed of 7 vital techniques, including mental conditioning techniques, life-force meditation, aerobic exercises, 3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises, Mobility Exercises, Fascia Stretching and Muscle Activation.


We’ve shot these 7 exercises with explanations from Rick on perfect form and exactly how to target that hard-to-reach gluteal muscle. The video content is split in two:

The first is a Coaching Instructional Video where Rick takes you in detail through each exercise, so you fully understand why you’re doing that exercise, the best form to take and how it should feel.

The second video is a Follow Along format designed so you can perform the flow alongside the video without breaking for explanation.


You’ll receive a highly targeted, easy-to-follow manual with greater depth about the gluteal muscle. The first part of the manual also comes in audio format. Just plug your headphones and you are good to go. You’ll get further explanations on the effects of well-being, sexual attractiveness and reproductive health. It also includes detailed descriptions of the exact exercise movements.

Whenever you run into any difficulties in understanding, you can also consult the videos. With this holistic approach, you are guaranteed to get everything right.

You will experience astounding health benefits from this unique program.

Regular execution of these exercises will bring tremendous improvement to your health. It will gradually undo the damage done to your gluteus and start stimulating the booty to enlarge.

But first a warning…this isn’t for everyone.

As you can imagine, this is a hugely technical field. The last thing we wanted was to overload you with too much. So, we’ve gone the extra mile to simplify the program, and strip it down to the most essential elements.

Consistent application is going to yield rapid results.

I guarantee you’ll not find a more effective result-oriented program out there. I’ve been through hundreds of them.

To be honest, a few, even have the right content. However, there is no program out there that makes any effort to give you the self-discipline to follow through on the exercises.

And if that wasn’t enough, I have an offer for you if you purchase today…


BONUS 1 “Mental Mastery – Willpower: Ultimate Key to Sexual Prowess” in Audio Format

Any Sports Doctor worth his salt can tell you the 7key Bigger Butt Workouts.

What he cannot give you is the consistent self-discipline to actually follow through on the exercises. This is where “Mental Mastery” comes in handy.

Consistent self-discipline is the indispensable ingredient that will lead you to a bigger and rounder arse. Believe it or not, self-discipline will also increase your sexual appeal.

As you use the “Mental Mastery” techniques to develop your self-discipline, you’ll learn one potent ingredient of success.

You must have a clear and singular overarching purpose.

You are not allowed to simultaneously pursue two goals at the same time. Your priorities must be clearly sorted-out and disentangled from any conflicts.

Once the destination, towards which–you are striving is crystal clear–allocating the time and resources to ‘walk the walk’ becomes rather easy.

Distractions no longer have power over your life.

Further benefits of clear, unshakable priorities include:

Self-discipline gives you the capacity to command yourself!

I know what, you are thinking. You are thinking that isn’t really all that powerful. Really? How often have you found yourself, eating potato chips, when you should have been eating salad? How often have you found yourself, watching TV, when you should have been exercising?

Being able to command yourself will put an end to your procrastination problems. That also means;

Self-discipline is going to increase your mental and sexual health.

Do you know what cognitive dissonance is? Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition, in which, there is a rift between your ideal and reality.

Without self-discipline, this psychological anguish is going to generate the feeling of guilt in you.

You are going to feel guilty because you know, what you are supposed to be doing, but you are not doing it. The feeling of guilt is going to burden and weigh you down; unless, you develop the self-discipline to do what you planned to do.

Self-discipline will give you the majestic force to raise your standards.

You will find yourself giving up small short-term instant gratification pleasures; in exchange for, greater long-term rewards.

You will persistently aim for the higher reward; instead of settling for less.

Self-discipline will not just get you a bigger, fuller booty; it will also increase your fulfilment in life. Your fulfilment will increase, whenever, your actions align with your true purpose.

Tell me babe! So, you want a curvy, hourglass silhouette.

Well, my dear, you’ve got to work for it babe! Work babe! Work!

The cavalry isn’t coming. Unless, you have the money to hire a personal trainer, you are going to have to rely on yourself. Self-discipline fosters self-reliance.

Nobody is coming to motivate you, my dear. You are doomed, if you can’t motivate yourself to do the exercises.

Self-discipline is going to flex your self-reliance muscle. Motivating yourself will become as effortless as walking in the park.

Your RELATIONSHIPS will experience a tremendous boost.

Self-discipline increases your reliability. Everybody wants somebody they can depend on.

Believe it or not, your relationship with yourself is a pretty reliable predictor of your relationship with others.

If you can’t depend on yourself to train 6days per week and eat that spinach, why should your partner rely on you to bring the steak for Sunday’s barbecue?

Self-discipline is going to SAVE YOU TIME. It will liberate your mind from trivial worries.

Once you have your ‘bigger butt workouts’ going, you’ll be able to forecast, when the results will become visible.

This will liberate you from the constant anxiety of staring at your backside in the mirror and fretting, why you do not look like Kim Kardashian already.

You’ll become calm and self-confident as you measure small increases in size, week after week.

After a week of hard-work, you will not feel any guilt in taking a break. The absence of guilt is proof that you have earned your break.

SECOND GIFT: Strong Legs Coaching Videos

Bruce Lee is credited with the saying, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” Keep it simple, stupid.

Never complicate the basics. Your buttocks are muscles. Muscles are tissues. Tissues are comprised of a multitude of cells.

Your buttocks is not going to stand in the air. That’s where strong legs come in.

Don’t forget your legs in your mad haste to increase the size of your hindquarters. Imagine how awkward your butt will look on skinny legs.

The exercises will provoke rupture and tear in your gluteal muscles. While resting, your body will go to work healing and building new cells through hyperplasia.

Do not underestimate the value of rest and recovery. Your legs need to build new tissue for the next day.

Two words: thick thighs. In essence, female thighs are essentially the splendid sex handles imaginable.

You can’t keep your pantyhose and stockings on forever. At some point during the day, you are going to have to take it off.

The spectacle of those stockings slipping off your buttocks and gliding down your thighs is one of the most thrilling teases ever.

You see, throughout the day, you have to cover other body parts. This rule does not hold true for your legs.

You can actually expose your legs throughout the day. But, the tease only works, if you cover your legs the rest of the day.

Of course, getting your legs toned through exercises is not the only measure you are going to have to take.

You have to very simply shave your legs. It does not get any more fundamental than that. Shave your legs and apply some Aloe Vera on them.

Not only will this make your legs smooth but it also helps with cellulite and any dimples around the thighs.

Women need a sexy thigh gap but nothing excessive. An excessive thigh gap will make you look skinny. And you definitely don’t want to look like an anorexic.

What you want is the growth and development of muscle tissue on and around your hindquarters.

Leg exercises are necessary in the construction of these muscle tissues on and around your backside.



Bodacious Booty: Fuller & Rounder than Ever

“I played volleyball in Jacksonville Catholic Girls College. Athleticism had never been a problem for me. I’ve been an athlete my entire life; however, my butt was so flat that I refused to wear bikinis.

I was only 17, when I decided to put an end to this embarrassing impediment. 8long years have come and gone; yet, I still remember the day I made my decision. It was on May 7th, 2006. We had a friendly volleyball match with some exchange students from Brazil. Believe me! Every single one of them had killer butts.

The boys were lusting after them like bees lust after honey. These boys had no shame. Some of them stared so hard, their eyeballs almost fell off. That’s when I knew, I must get a bigger backside.

“I immediately went to work, researching how one could increase the size of one’s bottom. I must have consulted more than 21sports doctors in Jacksonville. Half of them were more interested in dissuading me from pursuing my goal than providing me with any useful information. The rest gave me information that got me nowhere in 3years.

In spite of my best efforts, I still had disgracefully flat hindquarters at age 20. Things only changed, when we moved from Jacksonville to New England. There, I met my new friend, Megan. She recommended the “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” program.

At first, I was skeptical, but Megan showed me before and after pictures of herself.

I decided to try out the program. What did I have to lose? As it was, my arse was already flat. I mean, how flatter could it get!

Reluctantly, I started using the program. The results were fabulous. In 3months, I measured an astounding 1.1inch real increase in butt circumference. It effectively laid all my doubts to rest. I dove all-in, using the program like an elixir. I have been using the program ever since and I can tell you, those Brazilian girls have got nothing on me.

My butt is just as full and voluptuous as that of Jennifer Lopez. The only difference, between J. Lo. and I, is that, I am not an international pop star.”

Fashion Designer, White Plains, NY,

Dormant Butt Syndrome is Real

“Finally, the AMA (American Medical Association) has entered the condition ‘Dormant Butt Syndrome’ in the Encyclopaedia of Physiological Health. It has been a long, hard fight to get the AMA to recognize DBS (Dormant Butt Syndrome) as a valid medical condition.

I have been at the forefront of research conducted at the Wexner Medical Center in Ohio State University. The results of our research have stood up to meticulous scientific scrutiny. Scientists in Sweden, Russia and China confirmed the validity of our conclusions.

It is very simple. I’ll put it in layman terms, so that, even a total dummy can understand.

The aesthetic appearance of your pancake bottom should be the least of your worries. Your actual worries should come from the side-effects of weak gluteal muscles. Wait! It gets worse! If you simultaneously suffer from weak gluteal muscles and tight hip flexors; then, you should dread the coming nightmares that will terrorize you for years.

Knee ache, cramped hips and back pain are the primary symptoms of weak gluteal muscles and tight hip flexors. If you have these symptoms, I wish, I could tell you to see your doctor immediately. Seeing your doctor won’t do you much good, for DBS (Dormant Butt Syndrome) only recently got recognized by the medical community. There are only a few doctors, who are aware of DBS and how to treat it.

Actually, doctors at Schweitzer Medical Centre in Stockholm prescribe the “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” program to their patients. These doctors have an immaculate reputation and a flawless record of complying with the highest health standards.

Given the impeccable credentials of the Schweitzer Medical Centre, it’s no wonder, why “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” is creating a frenzy of excitement across social media.

It goes without saying that I fully endorse and exclusively prescribe the program to my patients.

Initially, my patients were shocked, when I prescribed them, the “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” program. “What has my knee and back ache got to do with my buttocks?” they frequently asked me with an expression that bore a tinge of embarrassment.

Permit me to give you a straightforward answer, so that, you too, don’t have to rack your mind to figure it out for yourself.

Your gluteus absorbs shock as you walk. The need to absorb shock is even greater, if you are running. Guess, what happens, if your gluteus is too weak. The shock and stress do not magical evaporate simply because your gluteus is too weak. The shock and stress get absorbed by your back, hips and knees.

This is not even some radically new scientific discovery that had to baffle doctors for so long.

If you lose your sight, your sense of hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling will become over-developed to compensate for the lose. If you lose one arm, the other arm will become over-developed to compensate for the loss. If one of your kidneys fails, the other kidney steps-in to do the work, which was meant for two.

The same phenomenon is at work with your gluteus.

If your gluteus fails to absorb shocks while you are walking, your back, hips and knees will step in. Over time, the undue stress and strain, in your back, hips and knees, are likely to result in ache. If left untreated, the pain in your back and knees will transform from acute to chronic.

The obvious solution is to strengthen your gluteus. The “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” program will get you stronger gluteus and concurrently enlarge your backside.”

DC DIBAK DABCN Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

How Narrowing My Waist Made My Arse Appear Bigger

Believe me, when I tell you, I haven’t put much work into my ass. I’ve got the genes. Of course, the phenomenal techniques in this program have helped me enhance my derriere, but the bulk of it is thanks to awesome genetics.

You don’t have to be jealous. I had to earn my hourglass silhouette through an insane amount of hard work and dedication. All this didn’t just come natural at birth.

There are lots of flabby and shapeless girls out there with incredible genetics. They stuff their whale-faces with food like it is about to go out of style; then wonder why their sexual marketplace value took a nosedive through the floor.

Take a look at Gemma Collins, and tell me, she does not have the genetics to go head-to-head with Kim Kardashian. Why is Gemma Collins not on par with Kim Kardashian?

Because, she has eaten herself to the size of a hippopotamus. Gemma Collins naturally has a big ass, but her ass cannot be displayed because she is morbidly obese. What about Rebel Wilson? Rebel Wilson has the genetic endowment to have been a super model. In fact, she could be a super tooshie model, if she only had the self-discipline to get rid of some body fat.

What is the difference between Gemma Collins, Rebel Wilson and Kim Kardashian?

Self-discipline is the reason Kim Kardashian has an hourglass silhouette, while Gemma Collins and Rebel Wilson look like whales. All 3women have good genes but look radically different because one worked on her body while the other two wouldn’t recognize work, if it kicked them in the teeth.

Good genes are not enough. You must do the work. The world is full of girls with good genes, who totally neglect their bodies.

I have not neglected mine. So, like I said, nobody has any business being jealous of me. All I did; was mainly go to work on my waist.

You should try it. Go to work on your waist and it will make your posterior appear bigger. This is the hidden secret behind Iggy’s giant rear end.

For the past few years, jealous people have been spreading unfounded rumours of butt-implants. Please lay those false rumours to rest. Iggy Azalea has 100% natural buns. The secret to her huge booty is the priceless work; she has done in narrowing her waists.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” program had an entire set of tricks and techniques designed to effectively give you a lean and narrow waist.

I am a keen believer in a holistic approach. You can’t afford to exclusively work on your buttocks. You must eliminate belly fat as well.

Aeronautics Assistant, BAE Systems, East Side Manchester, UK


Most girls have a flat bottom. This means they can benefit. It’s not a case of whether this will benefit you, but how much…

That’s why I want to make this a no-brainer for you with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

For the next 60 days, try using the simple techniques demonstrated by Doug. You can incorporate the techniques in your daily workout routine or use them as stand-alone workout.

I’m confident you’ll be delighted with the results but, if you’re not, simply email us and ask for a prompt and hassle-free, no questions asked 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not happy for ANY reason, I insist you ask for a refund and we’ll be more than happy to give you all your money back.

After seeing the effect of the program on my wife and students, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel the benefits of a fuller and rounder bottom.


Now you’ve seen the benefits of taking action and the hidden dangers of carrying on as normal and you can see the power of the Unleash Your Bigger Butt program.

It still stuns me to see so many girls working hard in the gym and carrying on as normal. They struggle to understand why they still feel pain, why they’re low on energy and why their body isn’t responding.

It ALWAYS comes back to their gluteus.

Already thousands have experienced the life changing results from unlocking their gluteus and to celebrate hitting the quarter of a million marks on our Facebook fan page, we’re slashing the price of this program for a very limited time.

And that’s less than you’ll pay for a book that doesn’t have the walk-throughs or the essential video demonstration necessary to ensure your sequential flow is done properly.



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Mend Your Marriage – Huge Epcs, Rebilling + Upsells!

Product Name: Mend Your Marriage – Huge Epcs, Rebilling + Upsells!


From the desk of: Dean Cortez

var dayNames = new Array(“Sunday”,”Monday”,”Tuesday”,”Wednesday”,”Thursday”,”Friday”,”Saturday”);var monthNames = new Array(“January”,”February”,”March”,”April”,”May”,”June”,”July”,
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“Is Your Marriage Less Than What You Expected It To Be? Have You Ever
Wished You Could Feel The Way You Did When You Were Newlyweds?”

Don’t Worry, We’re Here To Help! You Can Bring Your Marriage Back To Newlyweds Again! Just By Simply Reading This Easy Step-By-Step E-Book That All Married Couples Should Have!

At some point, it happens to everyone: You wake up one day and suddenly your once-blissful marriage is shattered. The spark is gone. And the love of your life wants nothing to do with you.
You yearn for those feelings you had on your wedding day. When you were both filled with hope and possibilities of what was in store for the future. Do you wish you could have those feelings back again?

Look – there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. Life isn’t all sunshine and buttercups. But a happy marriage is a very real thing, and you deserve a happy, healthy marriage. I can show you
exactly how to win back your partner and re-ignite the passion in your once happy marriage.

You remember the feelings you shared when you first fell in love when it was impossible to look at each other without smiling. Just spending time alone together was the perfect night. And the animal attraction between the two of you was white hot.

You were happy together once. And if you were happy once, you can be happy again. Almost everyone encounters some sort of marriage problem from time to time. The reason is simple:
You are given absolutely no training! In every other area of human development, we are given some formal training. In high school you were educated about everything: health, science, literature… but no one ever explained marriages to us.

So in essence, you are left to fend for yourself. Ever since the day you were born you were forced to develop marriages with people. And we spend the rest of our lives bouncing in and out of different marriages but never learning how to make them work or how to improve them.

Reading this letter is a great first step, but ordering our new breakthrough book is even better! We can show you how to bring back that loving feeling in no time at all. It’s an amazing book – “Mend Your Marriage System: How To Mend Your Marriage, Catch A Cheater And Protect Yourself From Ever Being Betrayed Again.”. Countless people have already taken the advice in this book and made their marriages all they dreamed it was supposed to be.

You can do it too! Look, there was a reason why you married the person you married. In the early times of your relationship, things were probably all peaches and cream, but then times changed
and maybe both of you changed. With this book, you’ll be able to embrace those changes and make them work for both of you in ways you would never even imagine!

What will you learn when you read this book?

What the warning signs are that your marriage might be in trouble

How to get the romance back

Adjusting your thinking to work for a healthy marriage

Ways to reconnect with your spouse

Very few people can go through their marriages without a little bit of conflict – sometimes a whole lot of conflict. You can choose to let this affect your marriage forever, or you can choose to take
back your spouse and regain what you felt when you first got married. Some people think it takes two to do this, but it really doesn’t. You can get your marriage back to newlyweds all by yourself!

With just a few simple techniques, you CAN save your marriage. You don’t need expensive counseling. You don’t need to see a shrink. You don’t need to burn thousands of dollars on expensive divorce lawyers. And you don’t need any involvement from your partner. That’s right – you can fix everything without dragging him or her into couple’s therapy.

Maybe you’re a little bit skeptical about what we’re telling you, but what we are offering you in this book is an amazing fix to a problem that’s been around for years and years. The romance
doesn’t have to die.

But just don’t take our word for it, listen to people who have taken our advice and realized that even after several years of marriage, you can still feel like newlyweds again.

You can see how others have taken the advice from this book and put it into practice to save their marriages.

You won’t be forced to wade though page-after-page of self-analysis and psychiatric babble. You’ll jump right into a clear-cut marriage repair strategy and you’ll discover exactly what steps to take to win back your partner. We’ve even included special sections that give you advice on how to be more romantic in your relationship.

It’s hard to put a price on something this powerful. You could spend thousands of dollars on therapy and counseling and hundreds more on overpriced books penned by self-proclaimed “marriage gurus”.

Maybe you think it’s not worth the money. Can you really value your marriage in dollars and cents? You know what, though, that’s OK. We understand where you’re coming from. That’s why we
guarantee this amazing book.

You’ll Enjoy A 100 Percent 60-day Money-Back Guarantee! That’s right! We said you get 100 percent of your money back if you don’t learn the how to bring your marriage back to newlyweds!

There’s no reason why you have to lose the person you married. Get back to where you were when you first said “I Do”. Order this breakthrough book today and get back the romance that you’ve been missing!

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Mend Your Marriage – Huge Epcs, Rebilling + Upsells! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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Product Name: Unauthorized Affiliate – error page


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The Sports Model Body

Product Name: The Sports Model Body


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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Sports Model Body is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Nice Guys With An Edge

Product Name: Nice Guys With An Edge


You know that because you’ve been told a million times. “Oh you’re so sweet.” “You’re too kind.” Any of this ring a bell? I mean, if being seen as the “good buddy” to a dozen women was an Olympic sport you’d be a triple time gold medal winner right? You’re a nice guy. You open door. Your offer your seat. But you never get fucked.

It’s right though isn’t it. You’re a boss when it comes to feelings and walking your “girls as friends” to the bus stop at night. But getting in her panties? That moment you slip her bra off and see her rack for the first time? That’s a distant dream.

Why can’t you make that “leap”? You see tons of really dumb ass guys with hot ass women and think “Damn I could treat her better than him. Probably fuck her better too.” I bet you’ve sat for hours wondering what’s wrong with you. Admit it. You’ve sat at lunch time and watched the hoards of guys and girls going about their lives and thought “What about me?”

Yep you heard it right. Women never respect a guy who isn’t willing to get in their game. And no self-respect? Means no panties off for you! You know that old chestnut “Treat them mean keep them keen”? Well I don’t recommend it. But striking a poised balance between being “too nice” and “mean” is exactly what you need to do.

And I am about to show you how. Buckle up buttercup. The next 2 minutes will change your life.

The names Manny and I used to be just like you. I grew up in the same street, saw the same girls, had the same fantasies. Yeah I “knew” women. I was good friends with some hot girls. Even got a couple of them into bed (all be it for a cuddle). But getting them into bed for sex? Not a chance. I was too nice. Too “friend zone”. Too likable.
I wasn’t a guy girls looked at and thought “Damn I’d love to fuck him.” I was more inclined to get that 3am call when a girl got dumped by her REAL boyfriend.

You’re such a good friend to me Manny. I’d hate to lose what we have.” Roll the credits, and the fucking crying on my shoulder and the endless tales of asshole men. And how “different” I was. So there I am, arm around a hot piece of ass doing the whole “There there, it’ll all work out.” routine. Meanwhile my dick is throbbing, her perfume is making me crazy and I can see down her shirt. Big juicy tits. All nicely tucked up. And that’s where they’ll stay. Fuck!

Any time I got a sniff of a relationship with a high school girl BOOM!!

I tried to be the guy everyone could trust and relate to. Even though it meant I was putting my own needs on the back burner. I even had thoughts. Those little thoughts that pop into your head like “Wonder what she’d do if I just grabbed her tits?”. Those thoughts became BRAIN CRACK. Brilliant little fantasises that I could go home and jerk off to. Meanwhile the assholes are fucking the girls I just spent 2 hours consoling.

It was a roller-coaster. A fucked up, screwed down, mental hell. My body wanted women. My mind wanted to keep people happy.

I ended up meeting this beautiful girl in College and we actually hit it off. I thought finally I was going to use my penis! The first time I kissed her in front of my friends at a party, my face was literally glowing. I felt that I was in love and nothing could stop me! Unfortunately, I was the non-sexual emotional rebound.

We were in college together, saw each other constantly, cuddled, slept on the same bed, and my god every night I had such a boner…but would always fear to take charge and lead as a man. I remember lying down next to her in bed and she said — “Manny, you are the perfect guy, I want to break up!” and that shocked me. I went from being the “perfect” boyfriend to being put in the friend zone without getting laid!

So I created Nice Guy With An Edge to STOP you guys going through what I went through. It took months of research and development. If you tried it yourself…. hell… you’d be in an old folks home before you got laid. But I did it! All the hard work has been done.

I went through hell and came out with this. Nice Guys With An Edge. The step by step psychological blueprint.

The COMPLETE digital audio guide to dragging your stupid weak ass out of the friend zone. And making girls take notice.

You know what? It’s fine to be a girls friend when you’re IN the relationship. But starting out that way will end in you being relegated to the “nice guy” pile.

Before getting this product, I was suffering from low self-esteem and confidence, especially with women. In my desperate attempts to seek approval from women, I became a weak beta male who allowed others to determine the way I felt about myself. The slightest positive or negative response from a woman would determine whether I was up on cloud nine or down at rock bottom. Women, sensing this weakness and vulnerability, would invariably put me in the friend zone. But thanks to Manny’s “Nice Guys With an Edge”, I am now in greater control over my emotional state. I’ve learned to achieve emotional balance, and as a result, I’m now able to determine MY OWN VALUE as a man. Women now see a more confident and self-assured man – Manny helped me to bring out this “Edge,” and it’s paying dividends!”

“Hey Manny,
I finished Nice Guys With An Edge and I just wanna tell you how blown away I am with your program and with how much it has helped me.
I’m not gonna lie, at first I was skeptical, I’ve tried a few different products to help me improve my romantic life, and they have not brought me anything more than a few dead end phone numbers, so other than the recommendations of my buddy, I did not know what to expect out of your program.
Boy was I in for a surprise. I’m extremely thankful for what you are teaching here, as it has improved my game WAY above what I could’ve ever expected.”

Talking about price. How much would you expect to pay for this? I mean you are about to have great sex in a matter of days just by purchasing this course. What is sex with a hot girl worth to you?

But you know what? It’s completely shitty to price people out of the market. EVERY guy that suffers from nice guy syndrome needs this product.

I really got a kick out of producing this product. I mean why wouldn’t I? It allows me to help thousands of guys get over the “friend zone” bullshit. And it changed my life. But here’s the thing. I don’t want this out there for too long.

And you know what? It’s a ZERO risk purchase. No really. If you’re not completely happy with this product and you don’t get a girl in 60 days. You can have your damn money back. To be honest you’ll need it. To drown your sorrows. This is fool proof and fail proof. You cannot and will not fail. I won’t allow you to.

As a special gift, to help you on your way, I am giving away my Approach Anxiety Cure. It’s a special system that will increase your probability of successful approach when talking to women in public.

“I’m going to share a simple structured model I created with you right now for FREE. There are 3 different levels of Approach Anxiety:

HIGH ANXIETY –when you have so much anxiety, where you can’t even ask a stranger for directions or the time.

MEDIUM ANXIETY – you can approach strangers or women, but you still have anxiety and cannot hold a conversation.

COMFORTABLE ANXIETY – the minimal anxiety that you want to feel when you approach with the ability to hold a conversation.”

You can even use the Edge System in order to identify what level of Anxiety you would be at when approaching women or strangers. With applying the model, this will bring you down to Comfortable Anxiety, which is where you want to be at.

If anything I have said above rings a bell. And you feel like my advice would change your life (I know it would but YOU have to feel it too) then let’s go for it. Buy this and let’s get started on getting you what you deserve.
But don’t dick around waiting for God to intervene on this one. Like I said this offer is going soon. If you enjoy nights on your own and waking up to Tori Lane playing on loop then fine. Leave. But if you’re serious. And god knows you SHOULD be fucking serious about getting a hot girl in your life. Then click the big button.

You know how they say a house is built on solid foundations? Guess what? So is a personality.
And if you get the foundation wrong then EVERYTHING else you learn will crumble in on top of you.

Now having too much or too little of any of these will slay your chances at getting laid. Seriously, it’s like building a house on uneven ground. This free bonus will show you how to dig out the foundations and cement a good solid base. And from there on out the skies the limit.

The four basic pillars of the sexually attractive male are:

This audio guide is the missing piece in your personality puzzle.

P.S – Beautiful women are born every second. Twenty years ago some lady had a little girl and right now, she’s out there. Waiting to be found. You owe it to yourself and to her. Find out where you’re going wrong. Fix it. Go get her. She’s waiting.

P.P.S – Jaws 2 is a terrible movie. Seriously. Just get a woman instead.

Manny Blake is a pen name to protect the author’s privacy.

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

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GotPickup Lines App | Got Pickup? PUA Player

Product Name: GotPickup Lines App | Got Pickup? PUA Player


This app is a pickup artist’s dream come true and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. For all of its features, scroll below. * Available for Android and iOS devices.

More than just pickup lines, this amazing app is loaded with field tested openers, negs, pull lines, responses and more. Upon launch it will contain over 500 lines with more added each week.

than any other app, allows you to drill down to the specific line you need. Whether it be a situational opener, a bold neg, or a funny response, there are over a dozen subcategories to choose from.

or posting date. The app allows users to vote on whether the lines “worked” or “failed.” The algorithm automatically recalculates the effectiveness of every line in real time.

There is no limit to the number of favorites, so your tried and true lines are always ready at your fingertips.

The app is an ever growing repository of user submissions that will be evaluated by users like you with in-app voting. You can also view submissions by recentness.

Every line allows users to comment on them, giving others valuable advice on delivery techniques, target choices, etc.

I got tired of going out night after night and not getting anywhere with women. So I decided it was time to turn the tables, and use technology to my advantage.

I went to work for a year, creating a solution to all of the problems guys have in approaching and communicating with the opposite sex. I asked guys in the pickup forums what were their biggest sticking points and what would help them the most in their journey to attract women.

What they told me overwhelmingly, is that they wanted attraction ammunition in an easy to use, intuitive tool to get results fast. One that screens out the best lines from the duds, and that provides feedback on how and where these lines work best.

Most of all, they wanted something you can carry in your pocket to use infield. And so, we built it!

That’s right it’s an app, but not just any app. I scoured the internet, talked to PUAs infield, got feedback from girls to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. And I put everything at your fingertips.

Get this, it’s a database, of NOT JUST PICKUP LINES, but of…


With a few finger swipes you get:

But it gets EVEN BETTER…

You can VOTE ON THE LINES to let other users in the community know if “IT WORKED” or if “IT FAILED.” Your vote gets added, and an effectiveness rating for that line is instantly recalculated. Lines are organized so you can see which ones have worked the best most recently.

That means you know when the line HAS WORKED IN THE FIELD with guys just like you!

You can even LEAVE NOTES AND COMMENTS on any line in the app, so others can benefit too– for example, the best way to deliver the line, pitfalls to avoid, or who is the most appropriate target.

In addition, USERS CAN SUBMIT NEW LINES, which get added to the app, so you’ll NEVER get tired of seeing the same old lines.


There has never been a pickup app this complete or this practical for the guy infield.

Forget memorizing lines. With the GotPickup Lines app, you can BOOKMARK your favorite lines in any category so you can pull them up instantly when you need them most.

Want to COPY/PASTE the lines from this app directly into your dating apps or web messaging platforms? You sure can!

With the GotPickup Lines app you can LEARN, SHARE, VOTE and have ANYTIME ACCESS to the best lines the pickup community has to offer.

IMAGINE THIS: While those so-called players are trying their best to sound interesting with the same old-time lines their fathers used, you’ll DOMINATE THE SEXUAL MARKETPLACE and leave them scratching their heads as to how YOU GOT THE GIRL!

The next time a woman asks you to buy her a drink, you’ll know exactly what to say to keep her interested and make sure you DON’T GET USED AND DISCARDED like the rest of her fanboys.

When she has a common excuse not go home with you, you’ll be able to follow up with a response that reveals if she really has a boyfriend, an important meeting in the morning, a judgmental roommate, etc. or if she’s just testing your confidence.

Let’s face it, you’re not getting the results you want with women or you wouldn’t have found this app. You can continue doing things the old fashioned way with the same mediocre results you’re used to, or you can step up your game with THE MOST DANGEROUSLY EFFECTIVE PICKUP APP EVER MADE!

Try it out risk free. If your game doesn’t improve significantly after using the GotPickup Lines app, just request a refund within 60 days of purchase and I’ll send you back every penny, no questions asked.

I don’t want any unhappy customers, so if it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money.

So what are you waiting for? Join the community of guys who are helping tweak these techniques and adding new ones every month to expand our seduction stockpile.

Whether you’re a newbie, a one night stand ladies’ man, or just looking for a girlfriend, this app can get you there faster and easier than ever.

GotPickup Lines is the game changer! Do yourself a favor and GRAB IT NOW! for your Android or iOS device.

Your Bro (With solid pickup advice)

P.S.  I can’t promise the price will stay this low after we launch our new affiliate program.

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go.

Only available here, not through any Appstore.

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