Why Are Customized Phone Cases Attracting More Customers?

The modern era has seen many changes, and most of these changes are towards improving the lifestyle and make it easier for people to survive and enjoy their lives to the fullest. The modern living includes the maximum electronic tools and devices which play an important role in essentially supporting the living conditions. Out of the various devices that are available, the most important one is a mobile phone. All of us carry one to meet the basic requirement of communicating with people. The requirements have scaled a level up from the basic need of just attending the calls, people now are very much interested in browsing the internet, click pictures, explore the technological up gradations and remain up to date with the latest trends, whether it is fashion or current affairs. All these requirements can be easily met with a single device, i.e. a smartphone. This is the reason that the gadget has adhered to our lives in such a way that it replaced many electronic devices in the market.

In the race of manufacturing the best phones, there are many brands which are competing to work on the functionality and offer the maximum facilities within a single handy device to the customers. However, the developers and the manufacturers make their bid for the efforts at the time of demanding the money from the buyers. Thus, the prices of the smartphones are always considered to be an investment by the purchasers. After spending a good amount on the gadgets, it becomes obvious for the customers to pay attention towards its protection. This is the reason that people seek for the phone covers in the market.

There are innumerable models of the smartphones that are available in the market, and to cover the devices people seek for model specific phone cases. This is because the various phone models differ in design, shape, and size, trying to cover a phone with a cover which is not meant for it can stop you from exploring the different functionalities. The cases keep the mobiles from getting rugged with the course of time and offer great support. Apart from the protection requirements, the phone covers are also considered to be an impressive accessory, therefore people have become more inclined towards purchasing a Custom wallet case, as the designer inside of every customer comes out alive. Also, it acts as a great tool to flaunt the unique style of the individuals.

Individuality matters a lot to the youth, thus looking for the customized products has become habitual. The traditional way of purchasing the products, is now outdated; people look for the option of customization so that every gadget or accessory acts as a tool to project individuality. If you too are one of those who want to show off in front of friends saying ‘it’s my custom case ‘ then you can grab the chance of creating your own unique and beautiful design for your phone case by seeking the websites, which offer you a chance for the same.

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Cell Phone Service Providers

Today in the world that we live in, communication is very vital and plays a crucial role in our day to day activities. There are quite a number of communication devices available in the world today, from the computer to the hand held cell phones. Cellular phones certainly top the charts when it comes to the best communication devices, these can be hand held and carried everywhere that an individual goes without being a hassle at all. As a matter of fact they have become a necessity for most folks, not a luxury. Many people no longer have a landline home phone they only have a mobile phone. Well, now that we know that the cell phone is the best communication device we need to know about the people or companies that are behind the use of cellular phones, these companies are known as cell phone service providers.

What are cell phone service providers?

A cell phone service provider is responsible for setting up the cellular phone networks and ensuring that everyone with a mobile phone is able to get connected to the world. These companies own satellites, servers and other communication facilities that help to connect people who are not at the same place with the use of cellular phone networks. These companies provide these services at a price and the prices all depend upon the provider that you are looking at. There are many of these service providers for cell service and all of these offer different charge rates and services.

Choosing the right cell phone service providers

There are many cell phone service providers on the market and hence you may at times face a challenge when it comes to choosing the right cell phone service provider. The best amongst these service providers are those that put you, the customer, first always. The right deal offered by these providers does not always lie in the cheap prices but the quality of services that are offered. In some cases you may find out that you are paying less but the service that you are getting will be so bad. One important aspect of cellular communication is that your mobile phone must be available all the time. In a country you may find out that there are some remote places that most mobile service providers cannot reach. If you work in such places at times, then certainly you need a cell phone service provider that makes sure that you are in reach all the time.

Pricing is also important, as why should one have to pay more for a service that he or she could get for less from another provider? Some mobile phone companies may charge cheaper rates for the more minutes that you spend on the phone. These companies will be ideal for those people who need to spend a lot of time talking on their cell phones. For those who make international calls, you may need to go for the service providers that offer you cheaper rates on international calls, especially if you are a company. There is at least one provider that has an international add-on for a very reasonable price, less than $10 per month for up to 1000 international minutes. The internet will help you to compare these mobile phone providers easily and ensures that you get nothing but the best deal. So use the internet to shop for and purchase your service. You will find some great deals online that you wont find in an offline store. You need to compare services of the different providers for the best deals with cell phone service providers.

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How to Make a Mobile Phone App

The smart phone industry is booming. One in two Americans owns one and it’s popularity is growing exponentially, as is the tablet market’s. Since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, Apple has sold over 25 million units. Mobile devices have become essential parts of lives and are constantly in use for different tasks. There are differences in what they are used for in distinct parts of the world, in Japan browsing is more common, whilst in the USA people tend to text more and play a lot of games on them, however apps are equally popular worldwide.

Software applications were originally intended for productivity, such as checking emails, the weather, GPS etc., however due to demand both their number and the variety of functions rose, now there are about 500 000 apps available for iOS based devices alone. The most commonly used platforms are iOS (Apple), Blackberry, Android, Windows, Amazon and Ovi (Nokia), these all have their own specifically designed apps.

Since the introduction of applications, the online market has fundamentally changed. Having a business online doesn’t just mean that there’s a website that can be promoted or found through search engines. It is a huge advantage if a business or brand appears in tools consumers use on a daily basis.

Making an app

Creating an app is relatively simple and doesn’t consume a lot of time or money either; after it has been sprung to life there’s a monthly fee that has to be paid for hosting, the price of this can range from about $10 to $100, but considering the price of other forms of advertisement, it can be called a bargain. Apps for apple are probably the easiest to create, but Blackberry and Android are close behind.

Making an application is the easiest through websites designated to host apps, there’s a wide selection to choose from, a few of the most commonly used:

– Swebapps

– App breader

– Kanchoo

– BuildAnApp

– My App Creator

Key steps

The process of creating of an app can be summed up in three steps:

1. Sign up to one of these websites and create an account. This usually doesn’t involve a fee, but can differ depending on the website.

2. Build the actual app. Each site has a different setup, but all of them offer a wide range of App-gadgets and opportunities for customization. Although seeking the help of a graphic designer requires a larger investment, it can greatly improve the final result.

3. The final step is when the application gets published in the appstore, after this it will be available for downloading.

This is the way to simple apps are created, more complex applications require both designers and developers, these run on fairly larger budgets.

Apps are still new to the public, it is important to realize the importance of them, which comes mainly from their popularity, this can be turned to the advantage of brands and businesses.

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Motorola W377 Contracts Deals – Trim Your Phone Expenses Easily

So what is the Motorola W377 carrying with it to impress you? This sophisticated, compact designer mobile phone is a camera phone with versatile connectivity, push e-mail and with other camera features to capture and share lifestyle. It incorporates all the new features that make an admirable impact on mobile phone lovers. The handset is very light in weight ie 107g and comes in many striking colors namely red on black, blue on white, gray on black, pink on white and yellow on white. You can opt for the Motorola W377 contracts deals and enjoy hassle free mobile phone communication and that too too at pocket soothing prices.

If you avail the Motorola W377 contracts deals you have to sign an agreement with various service providers for particular time period. The time varies from 12 months or 18 months to 24 months. It is one of the best ways to stay connected with your loved ones. Moreover, with the contracts deals you can also trim your hefty monthly mobile phone expenses without any obstacle. The handset is loaded with a 3.15 megapixel camera that allows you to capture excellent images and video recording. It has 2048×1536 pixels of resolution, autofocus, LED flash and VGA @ 30fps.

Another amazing feature of this astonishing handset is its unique connectivity tools such as GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. It allows you to share or transfer data with other friendly devices. With the WAP 2.0 / xHTML, HTML and RSS feeds browsers you can also access the Internet at fast speed. The handset has multiple messaging facilities in the form of SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging. So, to avail the 12 months free line rental deals you have to tie up with various leading network providers such as Virgin, Vodafone, O2, 3, T-mobile and Orange.

For music-centric people the handset is loaded with superb music and video player that can be played in almost all file formats. You can listen to stereo FM radio with RDS for live entertainment. Avail the Motorola W377 contract deals and get benefited with numerous free gifts and incentives like laptops, LCD TV, gaming console, Xbox, automatic text messaging, free accessories, free mobile phone more.

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Life Outside Your Phone

I realize that times change and that each generation does things differently than the one before it. I also understand that the world around us requires us to change the way we do things. I do believe, however, that with all the technology created to make our lives easier, we've actually allowed ourselves to become even busier than we were before. This is about how we choose to manage that.

Obviously things change over time, usually a lot of time so that we do not even notice it happening. The goal of these advances is to allow us to get more done in less time. I think, however, we've taken that free time and filled it up with even more things to do, usually online and usually via our phone. Yes, we get more done, but I do not think we've got anything because we're not using it for things we want to do; we just keep adding in more things we think we have to do. I think we're so addicted now to filling up our time that we simply do not know any other way. Any free minute we have, we reach for our phone or laptop. We always have to be looking at something, checking something, or doing something (usually more than one thing).

I'm certainly not opposed to any of these advances. I do, however, think there's still a place in our lives to stop and look at other options. I think that we can use this technology to our advantage but also make sure we use that advantage to keep our humanity. I'd like to make a suggestion to just stop and evaluate situations to see if it's always the best use of your time. Sometimes it's better to just be in the moment and enjoy it for exactly what it is.

I know we all agree that multi-tasking while driving is a bad idea, but I also know that most of us continue to do it. I'm not saying just texting and driving, but making and receiving phone calls, even on Bluetooth, is distracting. The conversation itself is distracting. How hard is it now to sit through a whole red light without checking your phone to see what you're missing? When we're in meetings at work, people are either busy checking their phones or run right back to their desks and grab them afterwards. When was the last time you met a friend for lunch or drinks and just sat and talked to each other? I pass parents walking their children in strollers and the adult is on the phone, allowing for zero interaction whatsoever. When the kids are in the park playing, the parent is sitting on the bench talking on the phone or scrolling through their messages, emails, or apps. Kids learn by talking to us, through interaction and play. I see the same thing happen in grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, and various events. People are going through the motions of doing things like shopping or watching a child's sporting event, but they're also distracted by doing something else. I get it! I'm guilty of it as well and I usually regret it right away when I do it. We all have to do as much as we can in a day, right? Sometimes we have to take calls or manage a problem. All I'm saying is that there might be good times to just NOT multi-task if possible. Now might just be a great time to think about how we want our world, our relationships, to look in a few years and how our generation handles itself.

Our kids are learning to be by interacting with the adults around them. We are the ones that set the expectations, that spend time teaching them what's right and what's wrong. Kids are so smart that they learn by just watching what we're doing and they learn a lot! If we want to change any of how we're managing this technology, now is the right time to do it. Now is when we can make changes to how our own kids will manage it. Again, please do not get me wrong; there's definitely a time and place to use these things and I know we need them, but paying attention to the people we are with is important. Giving all of our attention to driving and to our jobs is important. Giving ourselves permission to just be in the moment is important. So enjoy that sunset or that game or that that conversation without doing anything else at all! We all need time to think, to turn everything off and to pay attention to what's really important to each of us. After all, that's what all this technology was developed for, right?

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The Top 5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Wireless Mobile Cell Phone Service Provider

Technology is being innovated and implemented faster than we can keep up! This is a major reason why consumers are constantly looking for better deals and better technology from their wireless mobile cell phone service provider. As the technology grows up, the pricing of obsoleste and older technology goes down. Therefore a constant turnover of customers and accounts is expected. When upgrading your phone or switching service providers, one should definitely do some research to find the best deals and technology.

So you are looking to upgrade your current wireless plan, or you are considering switching your service to a different wireless provider. Here are the top 5 things that you should consider before you make the move to change your mobile cell phone plan:

1. Contract or No Contract – All of the major cell phone service providers in the US offer their version of contract and no contract plans. It is important to decide which option is right for your particular situation. A contract plan usually usually last for 2 years. When purchasing a 2 year contract plan, the major wireless carriers will typically offer a brand new cell phone for free in exchange for the 2 years of service that you are promising to fulfill. The price of the "free" phone is calculated into the service plan, and you end up paying for the phone anyways. This option is superior if you need a new phone right away. The other option is to go with a no contact plan. When going with a no contract plan, the wireless carrier does not usually offer extravagant deals on new cellular devices. Long story short, you end up paying almost full price for your wireless mobile cell phone. There are a handful of companies out there that will allow you to bring your own device to a contract wireless service plan. Bringing your own device will allow you to take advantage of the lower pricing of a no contract plan without having to buy a phone.

2. Coverage Map – It is very important to look at the service coverage maps from each of the different companies that you are looking at. There is no reason to go with a company that is going to give you a killer deal on a plan and a mobile cell phone when you are not going to be able to take full advantage of the service coverage area. Cell phones really are not of any good use when there is no service, or the service is weak and intermittent.

3. Data Speeds – There are now dozens of cellular networks that traverse the country, and many of them offer high speed data capabilities to the service coverage area. These networks consist of 3G, 4G, and LTE. It is very important that you take a peek at what networks each service provider is using, and to check the availability of these networks in your area. It is also a very good idea to check network data capability with the wireless mobile phone phone that you are using. For example, an iPhone 3GS is not going to be capable of using the high speed LTE data network because it is an older phone and is not engineered to use the newer and faster data networks.

4. Unlimited Everything Plan – Most people gravitate toward a plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data because they are using their cell phones very often. However, most people do not really pay attention to their actual usage, and they could possibly be leaving a bunch of money on the table. Before deciding on a brand new unlimited everything plan, take a look at a recent wireless phone bill and see exactly how much talk, text, and data you are actually using. Then compare these numbers to the new plan that you are looking at at see if you really need to pay all that money for a truly unlimited plan. You might actually be surprised as to how little you use the services that are paid to be unlimited.

5. Customer Service – Last, but not least, one should do some research on the service providers themselves in order to see what kind of customer service these companies are offering. It is never any fun to have a problem with your wireless service provider, and it is a lot less fun to have to call them only to find out that no one in their call center speaks your native language, and they do not really have a good idea about how to help resolve your issues. Poor customer service can be a real deal breaker! Take some time to look at a company's track record, do a few Google searches and take a look at aful of genuine customer reviews.

Shopping for a wireless mobile cell phone service provider looks like a pretty cut and dry process on the surface, but there can be a lot of variables that will apply differently to each personal situation. When you are ready to switch service providers or upgrade your plan, I recommend taking the time to do the due diligence and find the one that works best for your situation and your location. There can be a lot of monetary savings coming back to you if you can find a service plan that is tailor to you and your personal usage.

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Cellular Phone Repair

Cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. In such a scenario, life seems to come at a halt if there is a fault in your cellular phone and you need a repair.

Until recently, only the manufacturers undertook the cellular phone repair job. Opportunities now exist for entrepreneurial individuals to start their own lucrative business, either as an employee of a cellular phone repair shop, or having their own stand-alone cellular phone repair operation.

Some basic steps may be followed if your cell phone is not working properly. First, determine if the problem is with the phone or the battery by replacing the battery. If you can’t hear callers, make sure the volume is turned up, the ringer turned on, or the battery is charged. If these strategies don’t work, take your cell phone to a cellular phone repair center.

Nowadays, customers may bring in a faulty phone to any of the cellular phone repair centers. A Work Order Form will be issued, and a deposit towards the cellular phone repair service must be made. An agreement is then signed for receiving a courtesy phone. All cellular phones have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The cellular phone repair centers will repair or replace phones under warranty as long as the user did not cause any physical damage to the phone. If the warranty has expired, the cellular phone repair center might charge for repairs. Once the cellular phone repair job is over and the phone is returned by the relevant cellular phone repair center, the customer returns the courtesy phone, makes the final payment and receives the repaired unit. Sometimes it’s best to just purchase a new phone, because cellular phone repair costs can be as high as the cost of a new phone.

A cellular phone repair technician has several sophisticated tools and techniques available for the repair job, such as:

Cleaners – They are used in cellular phone repair since they are oxide dissolving contact cleaners. These equipments are used to clean dirty pins in the phone and thus aid in cellular phone repair.

Lamps – They are used while doing a cellular phone repair job to protect your eyes when you work. Table lamps come with high-frequency 4200Hz lamp without frequent sparking to avoid harmful effect to eyes, since a lot of work under deficient light at normal 50Hz/60Hz can cause short eyesight and many eye diseases. It is a very useful tool for people who are doing the cellular phone repair business.

Phone Open Tools – A cellular phone repair job requires opening up of cellular phones. Several tools such as screwdrivers made of magnetic alloy steel can be used for this part of the job.

Programmers – Cellular phone repair requires the cellular phone to be unlocked. Not all mobile phones can be unlocked with simple cable. Programming tools can be the only way to repair “death phones”, those that have stopped working. A 24xxx chip reader can read and write EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) in a phone without any problem. Power obtained from USB connection to computer port, serial port is used for reading/writing data during a cellular phone repair job. Programming tools are used in almost every cellular phone repair center.

Ultrasonic Cleaner – It is a device that transfers ultrasonic sound waves to a cleaning liquid or solvent that dislodges embedded dirt on objects immersed in it. The ultrasonic cleaner is used during cellular phone repair to clear the PCB board of cellular phones.

If your phone becomes faulty, don’t panic. Just take the basic steps that have been highlighted above. If this does not work out, you can still take your phone to a cellular phone repair center where a cellular phone repair technician can solve your problem.

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Best Smart Phone – BlackBerry 9800 Slider Torch With Accessories

Thinking Berry? Yes, it is one the best, stylish, tempting, smart elite class phones available and has an excellent repute all over the globe! If you have a BlackBerry and you walk around the streets people will comment like “Oh man! Look at his/her phone! It’s so awesome!” That’s what BlackBerry name only brings to you, regardless of the model you are holding.

And when it comes to BlackBerry 9800 Slider Torch, we are really talking about something FANTASTIC! Available in Jet black shiny color, this BlackBerry model has the following eye-fascinating features:

-5 Megapixel Camera

– TFT touchscreen

-HVGA display

-512 MB of RAM,

-4 GB of on-board storage

-Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

-Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP

-GPS with A-GPS support

-BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) OS 6.0

In addition to the above mentioned features and QWERTY arrangement keyboard, this BlackBerry weighs only 5.68 Oz and has an unbeatable talk time of up to 336 Hours and a long stand-by time of up to 5hr 40 Minutes.

Want to add more to your BlackBerry 9800 Slider Torch? To do that, consider adding BlackBerry 9800 slider torch accessories. These are small light weight easy to carry around plug & play gadgets that make your phone even more fun than it really is.

General Accessory Categories and How they enhance the Phone’s features & use:

All the latest accessories of BlackBerry 9800 can be categorized in the following types:

  • Bluetooth Devices:

As this BlackBerry model has Bluetooth connectivity, this allows users to stay connected to the phone without even touching it and without any wired connection. A Bluetooth device is a simple light weight wireless device that allows a tremendous distance of use without any wire mess. These devices are further available in Bluetooth hands-frees and Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth hands-frees customize the phone features in such a way that it connects you to any incoming call and allows you a 2 way conversation without holding mobile near ear. Some of the latest Bluetooth devices include:

-BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset

-BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset

-Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset

-Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset with Audio IQ technology

-Plantronics (Altec Lansing) BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headphone/Headset

  • Chargers:

Every mobile phone user needs a mobile charger to charge the battery of their mobile phones and use them. These chargers are available in various types including car or traveler chargers, office and home chargers, and solar energy chargers. The basic function of all these chargers is the same. While all other chargers uses electricity to charge mobile, solar chargers merely uses sunlight to charge the mobile phone. Some of the chargers are named as:

-BlackBerry OEM Micro-USB 12 / 24v Car Charger ASY-04195-002

-BlackBerry OEM Micro USB Charging Bundle includes: Car Charger, Folding Blade Travel Charger and Sync Cable – ASY-18083-001

-Solio Mono Emergency Solar Hybrid Charger GIF-S4-Box

  • Data Cables:

These data cables allow users to connect the BlackBerry 9800 Slider torch smart phone to their laptops and computer and store data in it or synchronize the phone. This keeps their phone up-to-date always. These data cables include:

BlackBerry Universal MicroUSB Data and Charging USB Cable ASY-18071-001

  • Touchscreen Light Weight Pens:

These are light weight slim touchscreen pens which works on most of the PDAs and other touchscreen devices including the BlackBerry 9800 phone. This enables the users to use their mobile phones easily without using the phone by touching it with fingers. Making it more fun and adding more style to it. These include:

-Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus Silver for Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch, MacBook, iPad, BlackBerry, Motorola and Zune HD

-Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus Green for Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad and BlackBerry 9300 9530 Storm 9550 Strom2 9800 Bold Motorola Droid x

-Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus Orange for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and BlackBerry 9500 9530 Storm 9550 Strom2 9700 Bold Motorola Droid x

  • Micro – SD cards:

Though this phone has 4GB of built-in memory but to allow users to store more in their phones, Micro – SD cars are used. These are small cards which are inserted in the mobile to enhance its massive storage memory. They are available in different storage capacities including:

-SanDisk 32 GB Micro SDHC Memory Card

-SanDisk 4GB Micro SD Mobile Ultra Memory Card

-SanDisk Micro SDHC 16GB Flash Memory Card

  • Other accessories:

Other accessories of BlackBerry 9800 include car kits, which allow users to remain connected with their phones in cars too and find ways easily through navigation system, Headsets, giving you an ultimate sound experience of music with noise cancellation technology, and Body covers to protect the mobile from all kinds of damages. There are some BlackBerry 9330 curve accessories which are compatible with BlackBerry 9800 slider torch.

-DriveNTalk Klat-7 Drive-N-Talk A2DP Car Kit

-Logitech Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 220vi Noise-Isolating Earphones with Voice Capability

-Swiss Leather ware Glacier Vertical Case

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Phone Charger For Car: A Mobile Solution for Mobile Devices


The dual USB car charger is a great example of how a product has been developed as a response to meet the needs of those who use portable electronic cell phones and tablets. Portable is the operative word in this instance and these devices share some common features. For the purposes of this article, the most important common feature is that they all require charging. They require a charging solution that is as mobile as the devices themselves so that full functionality at any given time is always available. A dead device is of no use to their users.

The Cell Phone Car Charger

The underlying assumption with this charger is that cell phone users also use a car. In the majority of cases, this is exactly what happens and the vehicle can be your personal use vehicle or a company vehicle that you use during the course of a typical work day. The phone charger for car is small enough that you can keep it handy in a pocket so that you can use it in multiple vehicles as required. Of course, it is suitable to be used in multiple vehicles without the possibility of causing damage to the vehicle’s electrical system so it has universal usability.

The Best Dual USB Car Charger

It is the best because it is a quality product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It also does it fast, to the point where you can safely charge two devices together without sacrificing charge speed. If you are travelling with someone else, you can charge their cell phone as well, while you are charging yours. The system of using universal ports will also make it possible to charge cell phones with different operating systems, such as an iPhone or an android phone, simultaneously. These are just a few things that set it aside from other chargers.


The dual USB car charger provides a flexible charging solution that is perfectly matched with the underlying concept of portable electronic devices. Cell phones and tablets require constant charging, regardless of whether or not you use them for business or pleasure. A phone charger for car complements the mobile environment by offering a mobile, in-car charging solution. It will ensure your devices are charged quickly so they are always ready to be used without the need to stress over a dead battery. It truly is a mobile solution for mobile devices.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Installing a Custom Rom On Your Android Phone


R-O-M stands for Read Only Memory. ROM is an operating system which runs your droid and is stored in the read only memory of your phone.

To classify there are two types of ROMs:


Stock ROM is pre-loaded into a device by the manufacturer and is optimized according to the device configuration. It has a lot of restrictions for the user.


Android is open source, so developers can take the code and customize it to their taste, add features to it and build a new operating system.It is a customized android operating system normally stored on the read-only memory of your mobile phone and replaces the manufacturer operating system.


Before installing a custom ROM a device needs to be rooted. Rooting an android devices means lifting off restrictions enforced by the manufacturer. Rooting enables tons of customisations for your device.Rooting changes your privilege from guest user to a super user. It is considered as a protective measure but some people don’t like them as it restricts them from some customization they want on their device. But keep in mind, rooting your device voids your warranty but some custom ROMs are worth it.

Installing a custom ROM has both advantages and disadvantages.



One of the most common reason to install it is the updated android version. Users are able to install the latest version of android on their phone which makes their old phones look new. It does not only make them look new but also it provides the user with better performance as the newer version is more stable than the old.


Another reason people choose to install it on their android phone is the tons of customisations available in them. Sexy and stunning themes can bring a new look to their devices. It enables the users to customize the UI (User Interface) to their taste.


This is not really an advantage of installing a custom ROM, but instead it is associated with the custom kernel (a system file which is like a driver for the operating system) installed with that ROM. Well anyway, it allows a user to overclock or underclock their device. Overclock means to run the CPU processor or GPU of the device at higher speed than the one intended by the manufacturer. This provides you with higher performance but, I won’t recommend it as it can cause damage to the device. Underclocking is the opposite. It is the modification of the system to run at a lower speed then intended. It does provides you with longer battery life but, in exchange for some performance. You can also install custom kernels.


While rooting does enable the user to remove bloatware apps installed by the manufacturer but, still the user has to choose which app they want to use and which they do not and manually uninstall every single one that they don’t want to use. While custom ROM developers remove these apps while they create these ROMs, they don’t include them in their operating system, thus the user only has to install it and now his/her device is bloatware free.


Tons of custom mods available for a custom ROM attract the users to install a it on their device. These custom mods vary from being really simple like increasing volume beyond the manufacturer limit to huge modification of the custom ROM like the multi-window mod or the pie controls mod.


It enables a user to experience a wide range of UI and choose the one that suits them best. Like the Sense UI for the HTC phones which has been ported to many different phones enabling the users to experience a HTC phone without even buying a HTC phone. User can also choose to install the stock android on their phone which is faster than the customized one installed on phones like Samsung or HTC.



Another cause of user being hesitant of installing a custom ROM on their device is the fear of bricking which makes the device unusable and nothing more than block of brick. It is mostly feared because there is no way to recover a device from that state.


These ROMs may not be fully optimized for your device which results in the battery life issues causing it to drain more, not charging properly or even damaging the battery.


These ROMs may not support all the hardware on your device which may result in the non-fuctioning hardware or other issues, like the camera not working or taking picture at a lower quality.


These ROMs are not tested like the one pre-loaded by the manufacturer so this produces some bugs which produce instability, like applications force closing (which can be really annoying) or random reboots of the phone or the phone being stuck in a bootloop (really terrifying for a newbie).


Well here are the pros and cons of installing a custom ROM, but you don’t fully know whats going on until you try it out. I, myself use a custom ROM on my phone and I am happy with it. But, everyone has their choice so you may make your and also keep in mind that neither I am responsible nor the ROM developer for what happens to your device.

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