Mobile Devices Bring Newfangled Technology to the Traditional Estate Sale

The two questions everyone is asking at an estate sale are: “what is this?” and “what is it worth?” The average buyer at a tag sale event is often faced with guessing if the contents of the home are reasonably priced and if the objects they hope to purchase have any real value.

It used to be that estate sale buyers would come armed with pricing catalogs, books and homemade spreadsheets to attempt to figure out if an item at the tag sale was valued fairly and what would be a reasonable haggle price. This is especially critical if your intention is to re-sell the item in question later, such as with dealers who turn over their goods at retail prices. If they don’t purchase their inventory at a reasonable wholesale cost, then they really aren’t able to make money.

Oftentimes these books and catalogs toted around by buyers were out of date, and the ability to check what an item may have sold for at a recent auction or retail shop was next to impossible unless the shopper had access to professional resources or friends in the business they could tap. If buyers were lucky, the estate sale provided the opportunity to view some of the items in advance so they could cram in as much research as possible before the event o make a more informed decision.

Mobile technology has radically changed the state of estate and tag sales. Even a first-time novice buyer armed with a smartphone or tablet can quickly have access to the most up-to-date value on virtually any object available for purchase. These devices quickly allow a buyer to check the signature on a painting or verify what that stack of vintage PEZ dispensers is currently selling for on eBay. You can research the hallmark on the bottom of a piece of pottery or check the authenticity of an item right on the spot so that you can make an informed decision if you are paying fair market value.

Not only can an iPhone or iPad be useful tools that can assist a buyer in making an educated decision on what to pay for an item, but sellers can also quickly make a call on a good listing price to put on an article. In fact, if your item has a bar code on it, there are even apps that can read the code and tell you exactly what the object is currently selling for at a number of sources. This is ideal when buying or selling books, magazines, and any other item packaged with a ubiquitous bar code on the back.

Even if the item in question has no code or identifying mark on it, it is super easy to Google the gizmo in front of you with a brief description and get some information about it or its value. Mobile devices level the estate sale playing field so that both buyers and sellers can feel more comfortable about pricing.

Mobile devices can also be helpful in finding a local estate sale in your area. By quickly bringing up sites such as while you are on the road, you can find tag or moving sales in the area you live and plan the best route to get there in a snap. Even while in the car, you can get an idea of what they are selling and check out photos to determine if the event is worth visiting on a sunny weekend.

Source by Lisa Arias

Search Person by Mobile Number

Are you concerned and need to know who he's talking to? You'll probably want to find out who is behind that number then, and you'll want to find out now! To search person by mobile number, from an unrecognized cell phone using a reverse number phone lookup, is easier than you think! You are not alone in this, we all receive phone calls that we do not recognize.

If you know where to look, you can locate any number from anywhere to find a person or to find people, all you need in your possession is the area code and the seven digit number.

Mobile cell phone numbers are not maintained for the public to view. This is why, looking up a person's name, address and other information by cell phone number in the public directory, is not possible.

Please realize that because mobile cell phone numbers are not in a central database, there is no such thing as a Free reverse number phone lookup, and therefore, you can not match a phone number to a person without paying a fee.

However, with a cell phone reverse lookup directory, you can search person by mobile number anywhere in the United States. Using a good online reverse phone number directory service, you will get complete information quickly, such as the person's name, current address, phone carrier, criminal histories, birth record, legal files and much more – and the information returned will be 100% confidential .

If you're worried about your spouse or partner cheating and callers who keep hanging up when you answer, if you think your child is going around with unsavory people behind your back, or if you just want to find a lost acquaintance, cell phone reverse lookups can be a huge help in getting the answers you need in order to resolve matters once and for all.

To search person by mobile number and reap the full benefits of your request, select an online service carefully, one that specializes in reverse number phone searches, one who gets the best results quickly and discreetly.

Protect your interests – you have a right to know …

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How to Build a Mobile Content Friendly Website or Blog

In order to build a mobile content friendly website or blog, you will need to either make a separate page just for mobile users or make sure your page is mobile friendly. Today, more and more people use cell phones and mobile devices as second computers even though mobile phones aren’t yet considered computers and have limitations. Your potential customers likely do a lot more on their mobile devices than play games. They read books, surf the web, read blogs, and even make purchases. By making sure your Website or blog is mobile friendly, you can create one more way for potential clients to connect with you.

Here are a few tips to build a mobile friendly Website or Internet log (blog):

  • Reconsider Entry (Landing) Pages— Get right to the important content either by adding a list of menu items on the front page that your mobile visitor can click on to see more or by putting the actual content on the first page.
  • Consider the Real Estate— Think in terms of how much space is displayed on a mobile device and make your content friendlier to the device’s screen real estate. Short, drop-down menus may be more useful than long menus or other types of menu options.
  • Find out What Devices Your Visitors Use— There are a variety of mobile devices on the market today, and you may not be able to appeal to all of them. Some mobile devices are better than others at video, for instance, and some are better for displaying text. Survey your customers to determine what types of mobile devices are most often used by your target market, and build your Website to appeal to the majority.

By creating a mobile content friendly Website or blog, you will open up a totally new way to market products to your potential customers. For example, if you usually bookmark your new blog posts to Twitter, maybe your visitors would enjoy getting a text message alerting them to new content as well. However you do it, is now time to add mobile content marketing to your overall marketing strategy. By becoming mobile content friendly, you will expand your content marketing reach to the mobile content marketplace; keep your place in the Internet marketing world; and substantially increase your return on investment.

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Best Mobile App Maker – Mobile App Builders and Creators with Zero Coding

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Appymaker, Create Your Own Beautiful Mobile App!

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Who Owns the Business Smartphone? Mobile Device Liability

Today's enterprises have already learned how to deal with the complexities of their mobile employees and the information carried in their laptop computers. After all, the information in those laptops is confidential and owned by the corporation. Those same complexities-and many more-now arise from the employees' use of smartphones. Often, the data in a smartphone is just as sensitive and critical to the company as data in computers. Issues of security, compliance, legality, trust, and of course cost all need to be addressed.

All of these issues give rise to the biggest question of all-who should own the enterprise smartphone-the employee or the corporation? Smartphone use among US-based information workers is expected to triple by 2013, according to Forrester Research. It seems that the decisions and strategies surrounding the control and ownership of these devices should have been made sooner than later.

The cost of ownership is somewhere the easiest aspect to calculate. It might seem like just reimbursing an employee for a flat percentage of the bill from their own phone would be a quick and easy way to go. But there are hidden costs to consider, including the support costs of accounting, billing, and asset management, and for controlling things like overseas roaming charges. Not to mention keeping track of how and where the connection charges are occurring in the company, this can yield valuable information on the true costs of enterprise mobility.

Corporate-owned phones come with their own set of problems, like supporting the plethora of different phones and carrier types. Think again if you believe that you can just issue the same phone to everyone to control that complexity. It's usually the best performers, the hardest employee-type to recruit, who insists on having his or her own type of phone, "because it's worked for me in the past."

Even though it looks obvious that there is need to control employees' equipment and use-after all, there are hundreds of emails, calendars, documents, and confidential customer information stored on these smartphones-an increasing number of companies are loosing their hold on employee -owned handheld devices that are used for business purposes.

Today, half of the smartphones in use among US and Canadian businesses are not company-issued equipment, according to a recent report from Forrester Research. Most companies are still grappling with the question of who should be liable for these devices. In this debate, there are still many unanswered questions and hidden trapdoors, including: What is meant by "liability"? What are the legal aspects that must be considered? How can I start to build a strategy that is meaningful and balances the needs of both the company and the employee?

What Is Meant by "Liability"?

There are many types of liability associated with owning and using a smartphone, including financial, regulatory, compliance, privacy, and legal liability, to name just a few. Financial liability is perhaps the easiest to understand. It would seem obvious that paying for individualiable (IL) carrier plans would have the responsibility of the employee. But what if the employee racks up a $ 5000 bill on a three-week business trip to Europe? And what if that employee uses a corporate liable (CL) phone to conduct an illegal activity with large financial constraints, like using the camera feature to take a picture of a competitor's confidential documents?

If you are in an industry with strict regulatory and compliance considerations, it would be more likely that stronger controls and CL smartphones would be the norm. Of course, it is the data on that phone, and not the phone itself, that needs to be managed. In a larger company with adequate IT staffing, keeping sensitive data away from the phone with specialized software and firewalls is relatively easy. But what about smaller companies that allow phone access to company records on the company's private intranet?

Financial services and medical companies can have very high financial and legal ramifications for misuse of private data that might end up on a smartphone. Many of these companies require all corporate data to go through company-issued computers (and not phones) that have elaborate encryption and other data protection mechanisms. But "privacy" can have another definition. How about protection of employee-owned information that resides on a CL smartphone? Does the employee have the right to look at ALL of the data on the phone they own, even if they might happen upon some embarrassing photos?

And here's a hypothetical "who's liable" question. What if an employee happens to lose a next-generation prototype smartphone that is later found and sold to a technology magazine, so that the new features and technology can be "outed" to an interested public? What kind of insurance / risk management liability plan will cover THAT?

Legal Aspects of Data Ownership and Control

There is a distinct lack of legal clarity about what a company can and can not control when it comes to smartphones. With case law lagging behind technology, how do you factor legal issues into the equation of who should own the smartphone?

Some generally accepted practices are starting to emerge. Corporate email messages and company data are owned by the company, regardless of where they benefit. The company has unrestricted access to the information and can set usage policies that must be adhered to by the employee. On the other hand, courts have ruled that once this data is sent via the Webmail through a service like AOL out into the cloud, employers can lose the rights to confidentiality! The problem is multiplied exponentially if you are an international firm, because in the EU, Japan, and Canada, all email is considered as private to employees if it was authored by them.

Can an employee mandate control over CL or IL phones used for business purposes? One way that seems to hold up legally is through the use of employment agreements. Even if the phone is owned by the employee located in (let's say) Canada, a well-crafted employment agreement will Trump the local laws about employee privacy of business email and text messages. Of course, the employment agreement will not hold up if it is only selectively or randomly enforced, which makes the employer the bad guy if it is strictly enforced with a heavy hand. It is generally agreed upon that any policy must be well understood and "bought into" through consensus to be able to avoid lawsuits over privacy issues.

Start with a Strategy

There are too many variables in the equation to go about randomly managing your policy for smartphone use, ownership, and control. At the core, you need to define your strategy upfront. What are the business goals you want to accomplish? How do you balance the needs of BOTH the employee AND the company? Since every function and level of a company-not just sales and marketing Road Warriors-is affected by this plan, the strategy must be well thought out.

Segmentation of user types is generally the first step of the strategy. Forrester analyst Ted Schadler recommends dividing your information workers into several groups based on how their mobile enablement benefits the company:

  • Those who use the most sensitive data get company-paid, company-managed smartphones
  • Those who work further away from their desks receive subsidies for most or all of their personal smartphone charges
  • Those who work away from their desks occasionally receive a partial subsidy for their personal smartphone use
  • Those who rarely work away from their desks receive no subsidies, and you may consider locking their smartphones out of your systems altogether.


So who should own the smartphone? There is no perfect answer. Sometimes it's the employee, sometimes the employer. Times have changed and employee expectations are different. The work today today is demanding to choose their own devices. The locked down, two-year old corporate device just does not cut it anymore.

Planning for this dynamic is the new reality. Forrester's Schadler says, "The secret to smartphone management is increasing employees like grown-ups and using a 'trust and verify' model for policy control. management question. "

More and more companies are already starting to make this shift in their thinking. A balance needs to be found between issuing smartphones as an IT-controlled management tool, to letting a certain subset of employees own the responsibility for their own devices. That balance point will vary for every company. One thing is certain-the IL / CL debate will rage on for a quite a while to come.

Source by K Hickey

Mobile App Builder

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The Easy Az Method – View Mobile

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Game on- Advantage Mobile Phones

Human beings have an inborn urge to express. Perhaps it is the societal conditioning that makes us live with the fellow human beings, and too with our pets of course. We like to share our plans, desires, anguish, achievements, night-mares and what not. We just want to express ourselves. Now let it be through the mediums of video, images, audio or any written words, we human beings like to exchange the interpreted matter of facts in every way it is possible. Mobile phones are the essential tools of successful and cost-effective communication. And by virtue of their technology assemblage and integrity they hold every salt of their worth.

In the scenario when communicational success spells positives for any professional or personal dealing, a gadget like a mobile phone that captures and streams video, records and reproduce stunning clear audio, helps in clicking away still pictures, and like a perfect e-mailing tool sends messages across; is a combination of all multiple mediums of communication in a single entity and utmost necessary tool to be held. Did I forget to mention that mobile phones are wireless devices and let their users remain free from the entangles of wires and also a mobile phone is sumptuous with its packaging and complete with features making any-time, any-where communication a sure possibility.

Add to all these fitting functionalities, a trendy mobile phone comes with health-friendly features benefiting one and all alike. If there are mobile phones that help parents to keep a track of their wards movements; there are mobiles that come with GPS navigability and help in locating any geographical location of choice. The list of offers from mobile phones inundates with possibilities where every category speaks of thousand probable usage of a mobile phone. Plus all, when any technological up-gradation is considered a probablity, the future of mobile phone glows bright with many more additional possibilities.

With so much so on offer from a device that promises to narrow the entire world of opportunities inside its sleek casing, and ready playing every shots demanded with effortless ease, from the recent standing to the one in the near future, it is advantage mobile phones only!!

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Windows Mobile Radio!

There are basically two ways by which you can have radio on your Windows Mobile Device. Some devices have inbuilt radio service. This implies that they can catch radio signals when the headphone acting as an antenna is connected to them. Some of the windows mobile devices don’t feature radio. There are certain online services which allow you to have radio functionality on your device. To access this facility, you need to have a wireless internet connection to connect to the service.

Windows mobile radio offers online radio service. It is one of the most reliable radio services that you can use for your Windows Mobile. Since the service is offered by Microsoft, the format of the file is suitable for your mobile device. This also doesn’t require any installations. There is a vast selection of radio channels from which the user can choose. Rather than limiting your choice only to MP3’s, you can opt for this service too. You can also have access to the unique feature of the platform which offers a home screen plug-in which enables users to view “now playing” program and song information. It also gives them an opportunity to select their favorite presets on home screens instead of having to open the application.

There is a huge demand for this type of service. The mobile software market has been flooded with various kinds of options for listening to Internet radio stations. High-speed broadband connections and WiFi-equipped handsets, can also act as a radio player. There is a multitude of option for all four smartphone operating systems: Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, Palm OS, and Symbian. Not just this, there is still more that you can do with windows mobile.

For those who are interested in playing games on the windows mobile, can make use of windows mobile games. You can choose from a wide variety of games. Choose from a wide range of Windows mobile software (Pocket PC & Smartphone) and change the way you interact with friends, transact your business or manage your work and home. By choosing Windows mobile device, you can experience the latest applications and games. You can also browse through hundreds of hand-picked downloadable Windows Mobile Games. The most popular games are – HTC Touch HD Games, HTC Touch Diamond Games, HTC Touch Games, Samsung Omnia i900 Games, Samsung i900 Games, Samsung i780 Games to name a few.

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