Invoice Auto Generation in Magento

Sometimes the Magento order process causes more work than a client desires. Imagine you have a client who utilizes their Magento eCommerce store so their customers can make purchases online. Now they also want to process orders on their own with customers from their physical store.

If they were to place an order, they would need to also invoice and process shipping. This becomes cumbersome. Here we bypass this so that placing a successful order with payment will auto invoice the order so it is complete and nothing more is required.

Create NAMESPACE folder under app/code/community/MCorner

• Create module folder “MCornerOrdersObserver” as we will use this one as the name of our module

• app/code/community/MCorner/MCornerOrdersObserver

• Create Folders

• app/code/community/MCorner/MCornerOrdersObserver/etc

• app/code/community/MCorner/ MCornerOrdersObserver/Model

• app/code/community/MCorner/ MCornerOrdersObserver/Helper

• Create the config.xml file

• app/code/community/MCorner/MCornerOrdersObserver/etc/config.xml

• Inside the config.xml file copy and paste the code below




Create the main observer file:

• app/code/community/MCorner/ MCornerOrdersObserver/Model/Observer.php

• Copy and paste the code below into app/code/community/MCorner/ MCornerOrdersObserver/Model/Observer.php


class MCorner_MCornerOrdersObserver_Model_Observer {

public $order;//the order…

function afterSalesOrderSaveCommitAfter(&$event) {

return $this->__process($event);


protected function __process($event) {

$this->order = $event->getEvent()->getOrder();

if (!$this->order->getId()) {

//order is not saved in the database

return $this;


else {




protected function createInvoice() {

$orderState = $this->order->getState();

if ($orderState === Mage_Sales_Model_Order::STATE_NEW) { // Check for state new.

if ($this->order->canInvoice()) {


$invoice = $this->order->prepareInvoice();








else {

//we can not invoice it so the process is normal.







To activate the observer module create the module file:

• app/etc/modules/MCorner_ MCornerOrdersObserver.xml

• Copy and paste the code below




Make sure all files are saved in their locations as in the tutorial and now go into Magento admin and CLEAR ALL CACHE.

Now, if an order is placed through your Magento store it will automatically be invoiced and the invoice amount will be charged. An invoice will be created and an email will be sent. This functionality is similar to clicking the Invoice Button in Magento order administration.

Source by Harry Balle Singh

Presenta Marketing Email-Template + EmailBuilder

Presenta Marketing Email-Template + EmailBuilder

Do not miss the moment. Buy a template for Christmas.

X Mas template
Santa template

Coming soon new Christmas Template

Presenta Marketing Email-Template

The best decision for your business. The set includes all the stages of promotion and marketing. From product presentation and pre-order to its selling.

We have split the process of goods selling on 8 stages. Clean, modern, material design template has been created for each of them.

Important! You are not limited to these sets. Different blocks can be placed on any of the email templates. So you can vary in complexity and email filling. We provide you with this builder, which allows to do it by dragging the blocks. It’s very easy, you definitely should try it!

1. Pre-order. First photos of the goods, a brief description and a real-time countdown! You specify only the date of new items entry to your store and a proper time zone.

When the recipient opens a letter, the timer does not start counting again, the countdown timer works constantly until a specific date!

2, 3. Product presentation. A complete description of the product, its features and photos. In the header a slider is used to give a more dynamic type of email.

4. Product Page. Page for goods selling contains the price, push-button for purchasing, option of other models.

5. Order Confirmation. After purchasing customers receive a letter from their order, as well as information about related products to its purchase. This is a good tool to increase sales of your store.

6. Reviews. You can make mailing with the customers reviews about the particular product, your service or your store.

7. Promotion. We offer you to choose one of two discount types: with and without slider.

8. Thanks letter. This template can be used for ordinary text messages, reminders and congratulations.

Retina Ready


  • The Email builder isn’t included in download package. It is accessible via the link which is included to the package.
  • All sliders will be animated in Apple mail, iPhone, iPad and native Android email client
  • Mailchimp don’t accept css3 keyframes so email sent via mailchimp won’t support sliders
  • Gmail App for Android is not supported
  • Microsoft Outlook doesn’t support background images, they are replaced with a solid background color

Compatible with:

  • Apple Mail
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android 4
  • AOL Mail
  • Gmail
  • Thunderbird
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2011
  • Outlook 2013
  • Lotus Notus 8.5


  • Full Responsive Email Template
  • Compatible with Most Modern Browsers
  • 24 Valid HTML Files
  • Material Design
  • Email builder
  • 8 Layered PSD
  • MailChimp & Campaign Monitor Compatability
  • Commented HTML code
  • Modular Layout allows to build your own layout easily for the template (delete/copy/replace)
  • Documentation


Bijoy Stock Inventory Manager ERP

Bijoy Stock Inventory Manager ERP

Most advanced and robust software for stock inventory management and order processing.
This automated system keeps tracking of inventory, order, shipment, payment
which accelerate your business in real life.
Bijoy integrates both product purchase and sales order in a single platform.

Update History

version 1.2 – 15 May, 2017

- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvements

version 1.1 – 1 April, 2017

- Fixes an issue where the number of products to ship could be greater than the remaining number of products to ship
- Fixes an issue where product could be added without entering a name
- Fixes an issue where sales order could be added without selecting a customer
- Fixes an issue where purchase order could be added without selecting a supplier
- Fixes a php error while adding warehouse
- Adds a table summary for user list
- Adds a table summary for sales orders
- Support added for right-to-left(RTL) aligned languages
- Adds an updater module in system settings for updating the application without loosing previous data
- Minor Bug fixes
- Performance improvements 

version 1.0 – 15 March, 2017

- Initial release


  • Apache web server for running php (version 5.6)
  • Mysql database server
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only


Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support center :

Flag Counter

Simple Stock - Manage your stocks, invoice and customers.

Simple Stock – Manage your stocks, invoice and customers.

Simple Stock is a simple inventory management system that simplify record keeping and inventory control. It can keep track of your products, items in stock and process orders dynamically.

Online Demo

Username: br_admin
Password: test123

Quick Overview

  1. Products Overview: Show products and it quantity in stock
  2. Easy navigation links
  3. Overview of products in stock and items sold
  4. Overview of recent orders or sales
  5. Add products to shop stocks
  6. Add items to products
  7. Dynamic products update during sales
  8. Quick order processing.
  9. Secured login

Additional Features

  1. Fully responsive. both front end and backend
  2. Built with PHP, almost anyone can scale it
  3. Well documented and structured code
  4. Can run offline
  5. Includes settings page for setting company’s name, logo and admin login.

We will be glad to be in business with you

MC Invoice Manager

MC Invoice Manager

MC Invoice Manager allows you to easily create invoices for your clients , Very easy to install and Ability to generate PDF invoices.

Live Demo

Admin Area :

User : admin , Password : admin

This Script Included in Ultimate Webmasters Bundle

Wilylab Invoice : Recurring & Multiple Company Invoice

Wilylab Invoice : Recurring & Multiple Company Invoice

Wilylab Invoice is a Web Application that will help you to generate invoices with some easy step. With this user-friendly invoice software, you can create sales quotation, convert quotation to sales invoice, create recurring invoices, create invoice and quotation from multiple companies, manage clients for multiple companies, list company as product-base or service-base or both type. You can export quotations and invoices as PDF and CSV and can make a bulk print. You can also send the invoice through email directly to your client with or without the signature option. It?s very easy to use and install.

Demo Link:




Wilylab invoice Manager Features List

  • Create and manage multiple companies
  • Create Invoice from multiple companies
  • Create Recurring Invoice template
  • Create Sales Quotation
  • Convert Sales quotation to sales invoice
  • Edit sales invoice
  • Manage customers as per companies
  • Manage customer payments and money receipt
  • Manage products and status
  • Assign product as inventory type or service type
  • Create Expense Category
  • Create and Record company expenses
  • View company expense report
  • View details activity log.
  • Automatic Money Receipt Feature
  • Money receipt on/off system for any specific payment.
  • Multiple Currency Support as per companies
  • Tax option for every product
  • Email Invoice to client directly
  • Email Money Receipt to client directly
  • PDF layout invoice
  • PDF layout Money Receipt
  • Multiple User Login System with Access Control
  • Fixed or Percentage discount option
  • Export list to PDF, CSV, Print
  • Bulk print selected invoice
  • Assign company as Product-based, Service-based or both
  • Shipping option
  • Create desired invoice reference format
  • Change date format for every invoice
  • Dashboard overview graph and chart
  • Extensive sort /filter/search option
  • With or without signature option
  • Print Invoice directly
  • Print Money Receipt directly
  • 10 beautiful color invoice layout
  • 10 beautiful admin panel color
  • View and print report for selected or all company
  • View and print report for selected or all client
  • View and print report for selected or all user
  • View and print report for selected or all product
  • Report can be filtered by date range
  • Beautiful pie chart has been added in the report section.
  • Responsive design
  • Very easy installation process
  • Details documentation included
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • CodeIgniter and Bootstrap based Invoicing system

Change Log

Version 3.1 (22.03.2016)

  • Added: Expense Module (Add expenses by category)
  • Added: Expense Report
  • Added: Log Report (All activities log report with user and action)
  • Added: Monet Receipt On/Off system.
  • Fix: Invoice History sorting bug.
  • Fix: Quotation History sorting bug.
  • Fix: Quotation to Invoice conversion company prefix bug.

Version 3.0 (11.02.2016)

  • Added: Company type (Inventory, Service, Both). An invoice will be generated accordingly.
  • Added: Company Filter in Invoice History.
  • Added: Customer Filter in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice Status Filter in Invoice History ( e.g. paid, partial paid, due, over due etc).
  • Added: Invoice list PDF export in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice List CSV export in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice list Print option in Invoice History.
  • Added: Selected Invoices list Print Option in Invoice History.
  • Added: Sales Quotation.
  • Added: Invoice Edit Option
  • Added: Sales Quotation History.
  • Added: Converting Sales quotation to Sales Invoice.
  • Added: Company wise client create.
  • Added: Sales Report with the chart (Overall or company wise).
  • Added: Product Report with the chart. (All currency separate report).
  • Added: Client Report with the chart.
  • Added: User Report with the chart (Overall and company wise).
  • Added: Employee name in invoice (on/off).
  • Added: System backup option (4 options as your convenience).
  • Added: User column in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice status in Invoice History.
  • Added: Per user owns admin color option.
  • Improved: Recurring option. Now you can select predefined days or set up manual days.
  • Improved: Dashboard overview by a specific company.
  • Improved: Company wise user access.
  • Improved: Product type option.
  • Improved: New Invoice page option as company type, product row as product type.
  • Improved: Invoice History column.
  • Improved; Client List column.
  • Improved: System Menu Option. Now this is more user-friendly.
  • Fix: Some minor bugs

Version 2.2 (07.07.2015)

  • Added : Multi User Login System with Access Control
  • Added : Own Signature Upload for Invoice and Money Receipt (Company Wise)
  • Improved : Company Settings

Version 2.1 (28.06.2015)

  • Added : Money Receipt Feature
  • Added : Money Receipt Email, PDF, Print Features
  • Improved : Company Settings
  • Fixed : Client?s Total Dues Bug in Client Table
  • Fixed : Invoice Shipping Value Bugs

Version 2.0 (15.06.2015)

  • Added : Added Recurring invoice option
  • Added : Client management option
  • Added : Individual client invoice page
  • Added : Individual invoice due payment option
  • Added : Product Management option
  • Added : Individual Company Settings Option
  • Added : Email option in invoice preview page.
  • Added : Graph, chart in Dashboard Page
  • Improved : Invoice Product Add Option
  • Improved : Multiple company management option
  • Improved : Signature option
  • Improved : Setting page
  • Improved : Software installation process
  • Fixed : History page invoice table date descending bugs
  • Fixed : Some other minor bugs

Version 1.0 (16.12.2014)

  • Initial stable version release

PDF Invoice Generator v 1.0

PDF Invoice Generator v 1.0

Invoice multiple pages

PDF Invoice Generator is a PHP class for creating invoices and was created to work with the famous class FPDF generating pdf’s.

Invoice multiple pages


  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • IE7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari, Opera


Version 1.1 2013-04-06

  • Unicode font
  • New option to define decimal and thousands
  • Save and separate invoices for days in folders
  • Autoincrement invoice number

  • Create invoices in pdf
  • Translate text
  • Change color
  • Validates the inputs
  • Save in a folder all invoices generated
  • Invoice multiple pages


  • Fixed number format
  • Validate all product inputs

Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin Payments

This is a plugin for the Ultimate Client Manager – Lite Edition. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of Ultimate Client Manager Lite Edition before using this plugin.

Bitcoin Invoice Payments

The plugin allows you to accept invoice payments via Bitcoin. Send an invoice to your customer and they will have the option to choose Bitcoin ( the other available option within UCM are PayPal, Stripe, MultisafePay and Authorize.NET). The bitcoin conversion to local currency is automatically calculated and you receive the correct amount in your bitcoin wallet. The invoice is automatically marked as paid once the bitcoin transaction takes place.

This plugin uses the popular Coinbase wallet service. You will need a Coinbase account to use this plugin. The bitcoins will go to your Coinbase wallet after a customer pays their invoice. You can transfer the bitcoins to another wallet or withdraw them to a US bank account (see below).

Please note: Coinbase currently only supports withdrawing to US bank accounts. However if you just want to keep the bitcoins online and not withdraw them to a bank account then that is fine. If you wish to withdraw your bitcoins to your bank account through Coinbase then you will need a US bank account. Please see their website for more details.

Recurring Bitcoin Payments

Do you offer a recurring service and want people to pay via bitcoins automatically? Now you can! Charge for things like hosting or ongoing service fees.

Create a subscription (with the UCM Subscription plugin) and the customer will receive a recurring invoice. The customer can setup a recurring bitcoin payment plan using their coinbase account (just like a paypal recurring payment).

Bitcoin Feature Overview

  • Invoice in your own local currency, bitcoin exchange is automatically calculated
  • Restrict the bitcoin payment option to certain dollar values or invoice currencies (eg: only accept bitcoin for invoices under $100)
  • Support for bitcoin recurring payments – for subscription payments like hosting services ( daily, weekly, every_two_weeks, monthly, quarterly and yearly repeat periods only )
  • Ability to charge an extra bitcoin fee ontop of the invoice fee


Here’s a screenshot of the bitcoin settings area within UCM:


Here’s some screenshots showing the bitcoin purchase process:

1) Generate an invoice with UCM and send it to your customer. They will be able to choose Bitcoin as a payment method:



2) The customer is taken to your Coinbase payment page. You can customise this page with a title and logo from within the coinbase management area. The customer can choose to send funds from their account or directly using a bitcoin address.



3) The customer pays the bitcoin address from their bitcoin wallet:


4) As soon as the funds have been cleared the customer will be automatically taken to the thank you page:




5) You will receive an email from coinbase confirming the payment:



6) The invoice will be marked as paid within the UCM system, and some additional details will be made available next to the payment:



Please login to the Live Demo and create a Customer account for yourself. Then create an invoice linked to this customer. Then email this invoice to yourself and see the available payment options.

Feature List and Product Comparison:

UCM Plugin
Open Source CRM Feature List. Customers, Invoices, Quotes and More


  • Working UCM Lite install (or just get UCM Pro)
  • Check the UCM upgrade system works on the hosting account (in Settings > Upgrade)
  • A coinbase account to accept bitcoins

How to install

  1. Download and install the Ultimate Client Manager on your website
  2. Purchase this plugin
  3. Find your licence code for this plugin (click here for instructions)
  4. Go to Settings > Upgrade in your system
  5. Click the + button to add the additional licence code
  6. Enter your licence code for this plugin
  7. Click the upgrade button
  8. This will install the latest version of the plugin for you, and keep it updated in the future.

Product Support

If you require assistance please feel free to use our support system by clicking here. Please do not post support requests on the item discussion board – these are not checked regularly and your question may go unanswered for weeks.

QuickInvoice - Invoice manager with PayPal integration

QuickInvoice – Invoice manager with PayPal integration

About QuickInvoice

QuickInvoice is application to manage your invoices and clients with extended functionality by PayPal. System provide invoices overview with payments details, client management, settings and print/export to PDF. It is integrated with PayPal, so you can send your invoices to cliens with link to directly pay your invoices on PayPal.

The main features of QuickInvoice are:

  • create & manage unlimited clients
  • create & manage unlimited invoices
  • PDF Invoice creator
  • automated calculation of taxes
  • connection to Paypal (PayPal IPN Integration)
  • ability to send invoices directly to customers

For demo version use:

Username: admin
Password: admin
Live demo


If you want use PayPal integration, your server must run on public IP address.

Look at administration panel

Administration panel

Inovice with PayPal button

Invoice preview

Example of PayPal Integration

Check this video to know how it works.


Other things from us

WooCommerce Debitoor Connect

Welcome to the SP WooCommerce – Debitoor Connect Plugin

This Plugin will connect your WooCommerce WebShop with the Debitoor Accounting Services.

Works with WooCommerce 3.x, WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Bookings

(You need to have an Account at !!)


  • WooCommece 3.x Support
  • WooCommerce Subscription Support
  • WooCommerce Bookings Support
  • Generated automated Invoice at Debitoor if a order is placed at your WebShop
  • Send an PDF Invoice from Debitoor to your Customer
  • Track your Payments at WooCommerce and mark your Invoices paid at Debitoor
  • Send Payment Receipes from Debitoor to your Customers
  • It’s also possible to add a Payment at Debitoor to mark your WooCommerce Order as paid (automated)
  • Sync your Customers from WooCommerce to Debitoor
  • Sync your products from WooCommerce to Debitoor
  • Full VAT Support

Release 1.0.0 – 2017/04/20 – ChangeLog

- Inital Release