Project—X Presentation Template for Envato Authors

Project—X Presentation Template for Envato Authors

You don’t have a second chance for first impression. Make a difference with your Theme/Project/Plugin presentations.

Project-X is a completely unique presentation template (psd) for Envato authors. Project-X provides you to present complete theme, project or plugins that you prepared for Themeforest or Codecanyon.

Demos, main options, screenshots, installing/introduction videos, user reviews/rating, support/documentation, changelog, frequently asked questions.With areas we prepared carefully, you can easily present all details of your projects,you can put forward the features you prefer.

And more…

PSD Files

These layered PSD files are compatible with Adobe CS5 and later.

  • 01_index-v1.psd
  • 02_index-v2.psd
  • 03_index-v3.psd
  • 04_index-v4.psd
  • 05_index-v5.psd
  • 06_index-v6.psd
  • 07_projects-v1.psd
  • 08_projects-v2.psd
  • 09_projects-v3.psd
  • 10_project-details-v1.psd
  • 11_project-details-v2.psd
  • 12_project-details-v3.psd
  • 13_full-changelog.psd
  • 14_services-v1.psd
  • 15_services-v2.psd
  • 16_project-planner.psd
  • 17_about-v1.psd
  • 18_about-v2.psd
  • 19_alll-feed.psd
  • 20_contact-v1.psd
  • 21_contact-v2.psd
  • 22_contact-v3.psd
  • 23_header.psd
  • 24_footer.psd
  • 25_ui.psd

Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and not included in the PSD files

Main Features

Project-X has a complete developer friendly layout, titled and classified layers between current gaps are specified with pixels: take a look »

  • Modern and Creative design
  • Easy & customizable PSD files
  • Free fonts (google font), icons used (font awesome)
  • Designed on 1170px grid system
  • Grid lines included
  • Full width 1920px
  • All icons and shapes are vectoral
  • Well organized layers makes it very easy to update
  • Named groups and layers
  • Extended documentation
  • 25 Fully & Accurately layered .PSD files

Support and Credits

If you need any help, feel free to contact me anytime. I will reply in 24 hours.
Send a mail from my Themeforest Profile |  Facebook | Twitter

Photo Credits

Free Fonts Used (google fonts)


Metro App – Instapage Landing Page

Metro App : is new Instapage template made for Landing Page and Applications use. It also can be used for multi purpose. PSD files design needed elements are included. We hope you like it!

General Features

  • Landing Page and Applications use
  • Two demos
  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Loading website
  • Unique and Different Features
  • Custom HTML and CSS animation effect
  • Modern website template
  • Detailed Documentation
  • PSD Design Included

Sources and Credits

Note: No preview images are included in main file.

Envato Affiliate WordPress Post Creator

Envato Affiliate WordPress Post Creator is a wordpress plugin powered by Envato Market API. You can easily create wordpress post from any item on Envato Marketplaces. Your affiliate links is automatically attached to the created post. You can install Pretty Link plugin if you want to cloak your affiliate links automatically just enable the automatic link cloaking option under the plugin settings page.


  • Easily create wordpress post from any item on the Envato Marketplaces
  • Automate Envato affiliate links cloaking using Pretty Link plugin
  • Shortcode available
  • Works with custom post type and taxonomy
  • Customizable affiliate button links
  • Supports all Envato Marketplaces
  • Option to automatically create Categories and Tags


Envato Portfolio + Support + Freebies Website

Single page website to showcase your Themeforest, Audiojungle and Photodune Portfolio + Supporting of your theme files and giveaway Freebies to earn some followers and potential buyers.


  • 1170 Grid system Used
  • Fully Customizable layerd PSD files
  • Font Awesome Icons used
  • Google Web Font Used

What’s this website for

  • Themeforest Portfolio
  • Audiojungle Portfolio
  • Photodune Portfolio
  • Support you theme files
  • Giveaway Freebies
  • Client Testimonials
  • Blog
  • Contact Form

Fonts Used


Images in the preview file are not included in the main download.

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Envato Purchase Code Verifier for bbPress

Running a support forum for your Envato items just got a whole lot easier. With the Envato Purchase Code Verifier for WordPress you can easily verify all your Envato buyers, and control how their purhcase codes can be used in your forums and. Limit access to a single forum, multiple forums, or any forum! A Purchase Code Manager is also included to let you view and track all the codes used on your forums. NEW – Use all these great features on Posts and Pages!

Watch Demo Video

You can also try a live example of this plugin, I use it on my own support forum here:


  • Require a Purchase Code to access any part of your forums – Leave some forums unlocked, allow purchase codes to work on multiple forums, etc.
  • Allows you to lock forums down according to a list of Envato Item ID’s that require a license.
  • Have locked and unlocked forums on the same site!
  • You can now also lock Posts & Pages in the same way you can lock forums!
  • Includes user whitelist for moderators, support staff, test accounts, etc.
  • Does all the hard work for you gathering the user’s data, purchase codes, and more and stores them all to a searchable table!
  • Adds User ID and Purchase Code counts (with a link to that users’ purchase codes) right in the User Management dashboard.
  • Includes admin / support team bypass – Admins will not need to verify.
  • Keeps fakes out! Each purchase code can only be used one time.
  • Super easy to use! Takes only seconds to install and configure!
  • Full i18n support for internationalization of all strings, ready for translation with poEdit.
  • Includes full documentation and usage instructions!
  • By far the most complete solution for managing Purchase Code validation for an Envato Support Forum.
  • Free Updates!
  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10+
  • Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Most Android Devices

Buyer Feedback

“Anyone searching for a decent solution for support – this is it! Functional and easy to use.
Do not waste your own time or energy with other self proclaimed support solutions found here on codecanyon for triple the price, if you are an author and wish to provide support for your users, then this is the plugin to use
Thanks TylerQuinn, sincerely – Danny” – SimpleSites4U

Awesome – just purchased! This is the one we’ve waited for! Keep it up! Thanks again for great plugin, Dave from Germany – deckerweb

Guys this is an awesome plugin. If you’re an author and want to offer support forums without shelling out for vBulletin or anything it’s the one to go for. – mikemayhem3030

This plugin rocks! I’m just putting together a support forum for my themes and have been using “the other plugin from here (CC)” with which I only had problems and had to edit the plugin code + no support… But this one works BRILLIANTLY and even gives me the option to have Envato + non-Envato themes in one forum! That’s just amazing! So simple idea that just works. – webmandesigna


* Version 1.0.6 ( 5/29/2015 )
- Envato API for validation updated, no more issues folks.
- Updated error messages to be more clear
- Updated docs

* Version 1.0.5 ( 10/20/2014 )

* Version 1.0.4 ( 5/31/2013 )
- Added support for locking posts and pages for verification
- Redirection has been streamlined reducing server load and database load
- Meta box has been made more clear
- All strings and Meta box are now setup for i18n with the locale pack
- Default locale pack updated

* Version 1.0.3 ( 4/4/2013 )
- Fixes redirect with WP 3.5.1 and latest bbPress,
redirect to forum has been future proofed as well.
- Updated default message to be more clear
- Updated default language pack

* Version 1.0.2 ( 2/27/2013 )
- Adds user whitelist support
- Fixes issue with direct access to verification form
- Includes updated default locale files

* Version 1.0.1 ( 1/7/2013 )
- Full i18n support ready for translation
- Will not require users to login for unlocked forums
- Typo in page template fixed

* Version 1.0 ( 1/7/2013 )
- First release

Smart Market Widgets

Smart Market Widgets is WordPress plugin containing 5 widgets, using Envato API to get information about files available on all Envato Marketplaces and display them in the website sidebars using different methods and styling.

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Request Full Demo

Links generated by the plugin support adding of referrer username for earning affiliate commission from new signups on any of Envato Marketplace websites.

Included Widgets

  • Featured Author
  • Featured File
  • Files List
  • Search for Files
  • Powered By API Banner

Envato API

Plugin has support full support for new Envato API using the Personal token. To get Envato API Personal Token you need to register on Envato API website.

Cache Envato data for better performance

Cache Envato data for better performance
Plugin can cache all data received from Envato API, and you can control the timeout for different data types. You also have a tool to clear all cached data anytime.

Different display methods and styling for widgets

Different display methods and styling for widgets
Plugin contains two basic styles and six item display methods allowing you to show items thumbnails, preview, ratings, item information. Plugin allow use of tooltip hover to show Envato like item preview.

Many widget settings to control items display

Many widget settings to control items display
You can control widget generated links, add referrer to each URL (for affiliate commision), control item sorting, widgets visibility, tooltip preview, styling and more.

Get items based on search query and other criteria

Get items based on search query and other criteria
Each widget offers options to which items are displayed. Use predefined criteria or custom built search query to fine tune the resulting Envato marketplaces items.

All Main Plugin Features

  • Supports all Envato Marketplaces (currently 8 marketplaces).
  • Caching of received Envato data for faster response.
  • Log errors into file caused by problems with Envato API requests.
  • Control cache timeout for received Envato data.
  • Search for items: use marketplace, categories and search queries.
  • List marketplace items: popular, collection, new and random.
  • Sort marketplace items: random, new, old, last updated.
  • Filter returned items by minimal rating to narrow the results.
  • Get featured author and file from any marketplace.
  • Get any marketplace item by specified item ID.
  • Get multiple marketplace items by specified item ID’s.
  • Get any marketplace author by specified username.
  • Display Envato like tooltip preview for every item.
  • Display author badges using new Envato API.
  • Modify generated links rel and target attributes.

Features For Developers

  • Functions to integrate widgets anywhere in the theme
  • Hooks to control widgets loading and few other things

Additional Plugin Features

  • Display items using different methods
  • Comes with 11 item rendering methods
  • Comes with 3 predefined styles
  • Tools to delete all cached Envato API data
  • Controls to disable any of the plugin widgets
  • Supports replacing default display functions
  • Support translation and includes POT file


  • Plugin can’t preview audio or video previews for AudioJungle or VideoHive
  • In some cases, API doesn’t return proper image to use for the preview tooltip

System and WordPress Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • PHP 5.3 or newer
  • PHP cURL extension


Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘documents’ directory. Check out this document to get information on plugin options, usage and more.

Smart Market Shortcodes
Very similar to Smart Market Widgets plugin, but it uses shortcodes to add items and author information into posts content. Plugin integrates into WordPress TinyMCE editor with button to open dialog to build shortcode and insert it into the post content. Both plugin can work together and share cache for all Envato API data to improve performance.


Version 4.1 / 2017.01.05.
  • Changed: Improved method to get the preview image
  • Changed: Improved preview sizing for PhotoDune items
  • Changed: Limit preview height to 300px
  • Fixed: Preview image display for PhotoDune
  • Fixed: Preview image display for 3DOcean
  • Fixed: Preview image display for GraphicRiver
Version 4.0 / 2016.09.27.
  • Added: option to display errors with invalid results
  • Added: improved the debugging process to avoid fatal errors
  • Added: tool for deleting the envato api error log
  • Changed: all JavaScript files are minified only, not packed
  • Changed: all CSS files are using better minification
  • Changed: updated all translation strings in POT file
  • Changed: using Smart Envato API Library 5.1
  • Changed: no longer using Legacy API
  • Changed: requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • Changed: plugin is fully tested with PHP 7.0
  • Changed: removed settings for loading CSS/JS files
Plugin Website Plugin Changelog Video On YouTube Ask any Question

BBPress Envato Code Checker

You are Envato Author and you want to optimize item support process? One of the most popular solutions for user support is creating support forum. With support forum, your buyers can find answers to their questions, before they ask you again if similar issue already was published on the forum. But you probably want to restrict access to your forum for users, who didn’t purchase your item or users, which support has already expired. This plugin allows you to do this.
With BBPress Envato Code Checker you can set permission for each kind of users depends on their purchase status on a certain item. Check video preview to see, how it works, and if you have some questions about it – feel free to ask me in comments.

4 User Roles

  • Purchased, Supported
  • Purchased, Not Supported (Support Expires)
  • Not Purchased
  • Guest

6 User Permissions

  • View topics and replies, Reply in all topics, Create topics
  • View topics and replies, Create topics
  • View topics, Create topics
  • View topics and replies
  • View topics
  • None


  • Require purchase code on registration
  • You can easily choose support item for certain forum, by selecting it from dropdown list
  • Allows users access forums depends on their purchase status of each item
  • Flexible user permissions
  • Check license expires status
  • Uses latest Envato API v3
  • Translation ready


Music in Video Preview – 28 Aussens@iten by Stefan Kartenberg© copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Aussens@iter (tobias_weber), Gerd Kohlmeier

Change Log

v1.1 – 08 February 2018

  • Added clear cache button
  • Added support for several purchase keys
  • Now translation ready

v1.0.1 – 02 November 2017

  • Bugfixes

v1.0 – 13 October 2017

  • Initial Release