Three Surefire Ways of Failing in Ecommerce & What You Should Do

There are a few things that some people think when they first get into ecommerce that will cause them to fail. If you think any of these things, I hope that I can encourage you to change that way of thinking. Perhaps change it to something that will help you be successful with your online business.

# 1: "I Do not Need to Market my Website"

eBay did not become the eBay that we know without a little internet marketing. Google is not the powerhouse that it is today without telling people about what they had to offer. Your business, will never be successful to the degree that you would like it to be, without putting work into telling people about it.

I had two online businesses before I ever made a dime online. Both of them failed miserably. Looking back now, I do not think it was actually the fact that I was getting involved in over-crowded markets. It just had a lot to do with my inability to market my website and business properly. My entire way of thinking was that if I built this company, that people should naturally want to buy from me. It does not work that way online though. 1) They have no clue you even exist and 2) what incentivous are you giving them to buy from you? I know I did not give them much reason in these first two businesses. I had a good product, but with no reviews, little interaction with perspective buyers, I just did not have the ability to sell to them. You will need to go the extra mile to market your website.

# 2: "My Product is good enough to Sell Itself"

As mentioned above, I had a good product. I still failed at online business. Unfortunately, in the online world people are not just going to take your word for it. You actually have to show them. I really did not have a website that "showed them" that I had a good product. It does not matter what type of business, product, or service you are offering, you must have some type of credibility.

If you sell an item you will need to ship, take videos of your product in action. Show them how your product works. Be very clear and concise about what problem your product solves. With this idea in mind, you will be very successful.

# 3: "I Do not Need to Invest More Money"

While marketing your product and website can be done with free methods, I would recommend that you have some type of marketing budget. Give yourself a monthly allowance. It can be as little as $ 20.00. In fact, I would encourage you to begin small. This is especially the case if you have never marketed a website before. This is not to say that you will always see your $ 20.00 come back by someone buying from you. Therefore, start out small, test different things. Find out what works. If you find something that is working for you, then start investing more money, and tweak things to see if you can get the maximum return on your investment (ROI).

Source by Henry Shea

Reasons to Create Your E-Commerce Website With Magento

Thanks to the growing popularity of e-commerce web development today it has become crucial for online merchants as well as shop owners to develop high quality, reliable and secure e-commerce websites to promote their products and services. There are numerous open source e-commerce platforms available in the market which claim to offer everything that an online store requires.

But, among them all, Magento has earned the trust of web developers as well as online merchants around the world. It has achieved tremendous success and popularity as an e-commerce web development platform in the past few years. Today, if you Google around for any e-commerce site, you will find the essence of Magento in it.

But what makes Magento the right choice for the development of any kind of e-commerce store or site? Well, there are some special reasons which make it the right choice to create your e-commerce website. I have listed out a few of them, so let's take a look at each one in detail.

Reason 1: Wide range of features it offers.

Magento offers loads of rich features for your e-commerce web development venture. Features like catalog management, site management, catalog browsing, analytics & reporting, product browsing, checkout etc. have made it one of the best feature-rich e-commerce platforms in the market today.

Reason 2: It is highly compatible with SEO.

Search engine friendly URLs and various inbuilt SEO tools make it highly compatible with search engine optimization. Moreover, tools like URL rewrite, Google site map, auto-generated site maps etc. make it easy for potential buyers to find your site on all the major search engines.

Reason 3: Provide ample support to mobile e-commerce.

With the growing popularity and usage of smartphones, it has become crucial for online store owners to get their products & services into mobile devices and Magento helps you do it with ease by providing a mobile version of your site to attract and convert the visitors into customers .

Reason 4: Offers most advanced options for marketing.

It offers great options for marketing and promotion of your products and services by tracking user behavior based on their purchases. Moreover, it helps online store owners to create successful and effective email marketing campaigns.

Reason 5: Effective extensions.

It has a wide range of extensions which help you add more advanced and futuristic features & functions within your e-commerce shopping cart. It offers both free and paid extensions to boost your site performance.

Reason 6: Huge community of developers!

It has a huge community of developers constantly making efforts to enhance its performance as well as help you solve your issues or problems related to Magento.

As we can see, there are many advantages to be gained by choosing Magento for your next e-commerce website development venture. The world is selecting Magento, why do not you?

Source by Paul J Hardy

Ecommerce For Sap Business – One

The Problem

The time has come to focus on "Solutions" versus "Tools". SAP does not offer an eCommerce solution as part of their SAP Business ONE portfolio. It is there to review the market situation and provide information and resources about the current offerings related to eCommerce. During conversations with partners, customers and an online discussion, we compiled and organized the "Success Factors" for the perfect SAP Business ONE eCommerce solution. When deciding for an eCommerce Solution that works with SAP Business ONE you can measure the available features against those success factors. In order to do this in a structured manner we will complete the following path:

First we look at the solution scenarios based on SAP Business ONE. This is followed by a brief evaluation of the target market and its constraints. We then define the "criteria" that can be used to evaluate features. In essence, this criteria is designed to measure a solution's ability to "Capture the Business Momentum". There are many features and functionalities. We listed the "key eCommerce features" that should be present in a solution in order to enable "End-to-End" processes. The final step is to put the key eCommerce features to the test with the potential target user base in mind. We attempt to measure the overall solution with the innovative "Simple Yet Powerful Test – SYPT". This visual representation is based on the Newton Cradle concept and showcases a solution's potential to "Capture the Business Momentum".

The Solution

The need for web technology is omnipresent and the ROI for web implementation is "undisputed". Using the method shown in this white paper you can "dispute" and better decide for the "right" solution. We will focus on products that are highly integrated with SAP Business ONE. Therefore eCommerce solutions that are not integrated with SAP Business ONE by design are disregarded. Any solution can be integrated and it is not our goal to provide an integration guide in this document. We focus on solutions that are utilizing the DI-API or similar means to "extend" SAP processes to the web. Any "manual" integration will not be part of this white paper. The goal of this document is to highlight the need for end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate.

Most emerging companies need a solution that is simple to use, easy to implement and can help them "manage growth". Growth is one thing, but "managing" growth is key. We will later see how the established "Success Factors" can help you identify how this "Management of Growth" can be handled with your preferred solution. In the next section we will identify and define the target market for the SAP Business ONE eCommerce solutions.

The Market – Focus on Emerging Companies

What's a small company? If you ask consultants and customers there are many categories and criteria, which is causing some confusion. The definitions actually are different by country and industry. It points to the fact that the categorization is based on the perspective. For example, a company may be larger than a SAP Business ONE perspective. However it may be small for SAP mySAP. Please find the complete SAP Business ONE categorization below:

• Emerging (1-10 Employees)

• Small (<50)

• Mid (> 50)

• Enterprise (> 500)

The eCommerce solutions discussed in this document are targeting the Emerging, Small and Mid-Sized companies. This customer segment is characterized by limited financial resources, limited IT management resources, niche market focus and success based approval processes. Thereafter the potential solutions have to deliver an easy to manage solution that has the capabilities to be adjusted to detailed "niche" market needs.

The Criteria – Establishing "Business Momentum"

The quality of a product is determined by the criteria we use to evaluate it. During an online discussion on the LinkedIn SAP Business ONE forum participants were asked to contribute their perspective on the "Key Success Factors for eCommerce" as related to SAP Business ONE. The discussion further underlined the need to organize the success factors and structure them. For example some participants had general complaints about the available solutions while others requested specific features. It was clearly shown that there are a variety concerns and requirements floating around. In order to help consultants and customers evaluate their potential eCommerce solution for SAP Business ONE our team organized the success factors as follows:

– Real-Time Integration as the basis to reserve the "Business Momentum"

A key selling point for SAP Business ONE is "Real-Time" information. It is there before important to evaluate the level of integration for potential eCommerce solutions. Is the solution "Real-Time" integrated or is "Synchronization" required to keep the data updated in SAP Business ONE? There may be reasons to choose one method of integration over the other. However we advise that with respect to the SAP Business ONE targeted target market "Real-Time" integration is preferred as it minimizes the requirement for additional consulting hours and / or manual synchronization. We are suggesting this, because a solution that is not integrated in Real-Time may require repetitive manual steps to get the data in sync. In a business management world there are some red flags when we hear "repetitive manual steps" and data that is not in "sync". In addition the value of "Real-Time" integration is that the "Business Momentum" is preserved. The Newton Cradle nicely demonstrates the momentum when different components are connected in real-time. In this white paper we will identify the "Key Features for eCommerce". Those will represent the components that have to be connected in "Real-Time" and reserve the "Business Momentum" in SAP Business ONE.

–Custom Component / Standard Component

Every eCommerce implementation is unique as customers have very specific requirements. At the same time each eCommerce implementation has to meet industry requirements and standards to comply. It becomes clear that a solid eCommerce solution for SAP Business ONE has to deliver the flexibility to meet customer specific requirements while also complying with new industry standards.

When evaluating an eCommerce solution we therefore identify the ability to "customize" the functionality for customers. In addition we list the "standard technologies" that are available. Therefore the "custom / standard" criteria must be evaluated as one. For example customers generally want to implement their custom design. However a modern eCommerce design has standard features that are often integrated with the design. Such standards are "Google Ads, Chat, Web Analytics". As it may turn out most custom features should be based on a standard functionality in the eCommerce solution. This way you avoid programming and make sure the solution can be maintained.

When standard features are not available, eCommerce solutions are "customized" via programming. We strongly discourage any programming for customer projects as it defeats the purpose of an out-of-the box solution. We advise customers to approach any programming additions with caution.

Having said that it must be noted that most eCommerce projects have some requirements that can not be easily implemented in a standard format. That's when your solution selection is crucial. How can a specific requirement be implemented? For example many customer scenarios already have an existing web and eCommerce solution. It was potentially developed as an expensive custom development. You need to treat such a system like any other "Island of Operation" and evaluate the potential for replacement or integration. Your eCommerce solution should provide options for both scenarios. For example an existing eCommerce website should easily be integrated with the SAP eCommerce checkout process. Therefore an eCommerce solution can serve as a "real-time" connected solution that integrates an existing website with SAP Business ONE.


Are any additional Add-Ons required to achieve "End-to-End" process integration? For example does your eCommerce solution require additional add-ons for Credit Card Processing, Shipping Rate integration, Newsletter Integration or any other essential functionality? This is a critical aspect, because for any SAP Business ONE implementation you should limit the number of Add-Ons used.

– Proven Track Record / Certification

In order to prove the track record of a solution often the number of customers is utilized. However it is not a sufficient criteria when evaluating solutions. Thereafter the following additional criteria should be considered:

– Is the solution "State-of-the-Art"? Often established solutions are outdated or based on old technology. You have to make sure that the solution has a long-term perspective looking forward and not only backward.

– Is there a significant number of customers who purchased the solution, but never used it or otherwise never went "Live". This could point to a discrepancy between "Sales Skills" and "Solution Potential" of a vendor.

– Review industry independent reviews. Is the solution positioned in competitive ports?

– Is the solution certified by SAP? This will be a good indication for the vendor's dedication to this product.

– There are any "Live" stores that you can evaluate. This should be the best indication, because you can see "live" what you may get. Did the "live" stores require programming?

– Are there any implementations in your specific industry?

– Is a clear benefit analysis with before and after scenario available? This points to the fact that the solution provider has a structured approach.

–Regional Coverage

It is interesting to note that it is often overlooked to consider language specific requirements for localized implementation. The ideal eCommerce solution would make it simple to adjust to regional requirements. Therefore the regional coverage has a "functional" aspect. Considering the very nature of eCommerce with a potential worldwide audience this aspect could play an important role when eCommerce solutions reach a mature level where overlooked features like this become an essential factor. The future eCommerce system would not only allow you to publish stores easily and present relevant content dynamically for users, but also would identify the location of a current site visitor and determine the geographic and cultural framework including products, currency, warehouse locations, and availability. These "regional" aspects are clearly functional and can contribute to an efficient integrated eCommerce solution.

An important non-functional aspect is "support". Basically you need to determine if your preferred eCommerce vendor has support capacities at your geographic location.

–eCommerce Key Feature ROI

Features are important. However features can add complexity. The main requirements should be matched with the core feature set available in the evaluated solution. We would like to highlight that this criteria is crucial. Providing the "right" features helps customers understand the potential of their solution. It is better to provide features that inspire customers based on a standard solution rather than offering them to implement "based on their requirements". Do not misunderstand this as disregarding the detailed customer requirements. A solution provider should address the most common requirements and then also "connect the dots" to release synergy effects. For example integrating newsletter Functionality is not an immediate obvious function. However with integration this functionality can leverage your real-time data to the next level.

It is also important to note that it does not make sense to go "feature hunting." The less and more precise features the better. Therefore in this white paper we evaluate what we call the eCommerce essentials. We do not advocate adding new features, but rather keep it simple and add features only if their integration adds significant synergy. The following features are the essentials we identified when analyzing eCommerce functional complementess:

– eCommerce End-to-End Process

– Multi-Store Capability

– Online Catalog

– Web Dashboard

– Service Integration

– Newsletter Automation

Weave each of the above key features a neutral ROI weight. You can change this based on your specific requirements. Each key feature is evaluated against the success factors. Using this concept you can assess eCommerce offers and position them against your requirements.

The success factors for each criteria are:

– Real-Time

– Custom / Standard

– Completeness

– Track Record

– Regional Coverage

Vendor Evaluation

When valuing vendors and their eCommerce solutions use the following criteria to evaluate:

– Does the vendor have a solution or a "programming toolset"? The approach "We can do anything you like" does not suffice. Based on our analysis a standard functionality must be available for customers.

– What is the history of the solution? How many owners and developer hands did the solution go through? Changing code and software with a history of more than one owner is not easy. Customers for such solutions will end up getting marketing updates with marginal value.

– Is the solution designed for SAP Business ONE or did the vendor "modify" an existing implementation that was designed for another platform?

– Be careful of vendors promising that their solution helps you "Keep your Data Synchronized". You should have your data in Real-Time, which does not require synchronization.

– Does the solution provide real-time information and reserve the "Business Momentum"?

Vendor Score Chart based on Key Criteria

The following chart is a sample visual representation that shows how different eCommerce solutions for SAP Business ONE measure up against the identified success factors. Each key feature is evaluated against the success factors. As you can see the N2ONE Portal shows high ratings for each key feature. Each component from Multi-Store, eCommerce, Online Catalog, Web Dashboard, Service, Newsletter Automation is integrated in Real-Time and designed for end to end processes that retain the "Business Momentum". In addition no Add-Ons are required to implement the functionality. All other eCommerce solutions even require Add-Ons for basic checkout functionality.

SYPT – Simple Yet Powerful Test

What is SYPT?

The Newton Cradle nicely shows the power of kinetics. It also shows the importance of integrated processes that transfer data seamlessly in Real-Time. But what if there is a dis-connect? It's easy to see that the cycle is broken and the process does not work anymore. Thereafter we would like to utilize the Newton Cradle as a tool to evaluate that the key process components are in place and comply with SYPT critertia namely "Feature Completeness" and "Ease of Use". For example if the following criteria are met the SYPT will get high scores:

– No programming required to customize

– Little consulting help needed

– End-to-End Automation without additional Add-Ons

The "Simple Yet Powerful Test – SYPT" perfectly puts the solution to the test and qualifies if it delivers a good combination of features, ease-of-use and the ability to "manage growth". Matching the customer resources with the final solution with respect to usability and manageability is important. SAP Business ONE customers can range from 1-2 employee companies with an eCommerce solution that may grow to 80 employees with various locations and warehouses. Matching the requirements with minimal or without programming is key. If programming is required, it must be ensured that it does not affect the "supportability".

The "Simple Yet Powerful – SYPT" test evaluates each "eCommerce Key Feature" using the "Success Factors" criteria. In addition, each eCommerce key feature is judged based on its "ease-of-use" and usability considering the potential target audience of SAP Business ONE customers. Using this method, we can make sure that a feature can deliver business benefits for customers without the cost need for continued consulting help. Real-Time integration of all the key features and ease of use will guarantee success. In order to visually represent these requirements, we have color coded each key feature. We then utilize the Newton Cradle concept to evaluate if a solution is capable of "preserving the business momentum". For example if a key feature is not implemented then the "end-to-end" process is broken. Essentially this would result in the fact that the momentum is not preserved.

Other SAP eCommerce solution (vendor undisclosed)

There are disconnected key components. The momentum is lost.

N2ONE Portal designed for SAP Business ONE

The solution preserves the business momentum. All key features are integrates in real-time.

NIEFERT recommendation "Do not be the boiling Frog"

When throwing a frog into boiling water it will jump out immediately. However if you heat the water gradually it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. ( )

How does this apply to eCommerce for SAP Business ONE?

Expanding your business using web technologies and tools is a common goal for most businesses today. With new web related technologies emerging frequently, those "tools" often lead to operational "Islands". The absence of a solution for common challenges leads to "creative solutions". Over time businesses get tangled up with complex technologies and consulting. That's where the "Boiling Frog" comes into play. If you do not pay close attention your business solution becomes a jungle of applications that require "synchronization" and other unnecessary clutter. We are suggesting that businesses re-evaluate their solutions based on the success factors in this white paper.

What's Next: Watch Stores Live and compare

Source by Wolfgang Niefert

Why Is Magento the Best Ecommerce Platform?

It is raining eCommerce everywhere, and Magneto makes these online portals run flawlessly while presenting top-class customer-friendly features. Magento is, in fact, everything that an eCommerce marketer would want to have on the online shopping platforms- exhibit product lines, offer simple payment gateways, deliver 24/7 customer service and manage all back-end operations effectively.

If you are looking for a simple content management system, that almost 50% of the major brands are using, hop onto Magento Platform. Here are 7 top of the line features that makes it the “go-to” choice for all eCommerce operations.

Open source… Freeware

What more could a developer want from an eCommerce-friendly platform! Magento is an open source product and has a huge community that consistently upgrades it to latest tools and features. As one of the most active eCommerce platforms, Magento enjoys the advantage of a reliable open-source freeware with minimum glitches.

If you still wish to have a support team to keep you updated on the “what’s new” in Magento, you have two other options:

  • Magento Enterprise
  • Magento Go (paid version with hosted service on exclusive Magento servers)

Easy to download and install

Apart from being a freeware, Magento is easy to download and gets installed instantly. All the versions are available on Magento Connect- which by the way is the largest eCommerce app store. Once installed, you can enjoy free upgrades as well as plug-ins to set your eCommerce plans rolling.

The features are free from security flaws and even from the point of enterprise applications, Magento offers a Secure Payment Bridge with PCI Data Security Standard.

Superior integration with 24/7 admin support

Magento is a highly flexible package considering its PHP-driven integration. With scalable solution and real-time network support, its eCommerce compatibility allows successful integration, that too with superior user interface and compelling marketing features.

Easy to use features load instantly, even when upgraded and migrated to a different platform, its automatic updates and versatile functionalities push sales revenue by prompting visitors to navigate through relevant pages and galleries.

Exclusive package of eCommerce features

Be it for start-ups or for established retail brands, Magento more or less offers all the contemporary features that would make an eCommerce site run efficiently. The freeware offers:

  • Interactive user dashboards
  • Robust real-time inventory management
  • Logistics and shipping strategies
  • Integrated Cloud-based CRM and ERP platforms
  • Mobility capabilities with automated marketing
  • Email, SMS and visual marketing

Fast loading, quick returns

Web users want a particular site to open in less than 3 seconds flat! ECommerce platforms powered by Magento generate a significantly higher conversion rate as compared to other established paid and open source suites. Its quickness is built on its capabilities that allow Varnish-powered page caching and humongous volume of data retrieval in few milliseconds.

SEO-friendly like never before

Magento is the most updated eCommerce CMS platform with its flurry of SEO-friendly features. Optimised pages assure good traffic and higher page ranking. When a website is competing with hundreds of other sites, creating SEO web pages and URLs with powerful meta-tags and descriptions push the rankings even further.

One-stop solution for every business

With hundreds of ready-made templates and full range of customization tools, users can build any website from ground zero, suiting their requirements and budget. With a dedicated set of features and applications, Magento is a step higher from where platforms running on plug-ins are working.

Choose your own hosting service and control your costs without compromising on the results and the benefits of running an ECommerce platform on Magento.

In a nutshell

Magento for eCommerce platform is extremely modular when it comes to developing responsive websites or mobile apps. Rewrite codes to exemplify your business with a rock solid series of mobile-friendly capabilities, controls and scaling options.

Source by Pinakin Darji

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with ‘Drop Shipping and eCommerce’ products.

For those of you who don’t know, Drop Shipping and eCommerce products
are simply any type of product you can get from a wholesaler you can
list on your online store and keep a substantial amount of the
profits. The best thing…. you don’t need to ship any goods but you DO
keep the profits. Pretty
cool huh?

But here’s the thing…

Most people believe you have to pay big money for the ‘right’ to sell
these items. Not true. Sure some may have a small cost to set up reseller store, but you can get
a reseller store for FREE! More on that later inside the Blueprint.

But, Wait Here’s The
Best Part…

You don’t need a lot of time to get started. I was able to get started in my spare time without ANY previous
experience whatsoever!

And now I’ll show you how YOU CAN TOO!

I’ll take you by the hand and show you what works, why it works, and
give you the steps to copy my success with my own personal blueprint you
can use to build your own Drop Shipping and
eCommerce Business.

What’s more, I’ll show you how to get up and running so you can be
listing new products to sell in your store right away.

You can get started today…

It also makes no difference what your age, where you live in the
world, or what your educational background may be – I’m convinced anyone
can do this!


Since my initial success, I’ve perfected everything I learned…
fine tuned it, tested and retested it and right now I feel it’s the most
straight forward Drop Shipping Blueprint you will ever come across!

Step By Step Blueprint
To Building

A Drop Shipping
Online Business…

With my simple and easy to follow instructions and down to earth
“tell-it-like-it-is” techniques and strategies you can get started immediately,
the EXACT same way I’m doing it today!

I’ve included every bit of powerful Drop Shipping and eCommerce knowledge you could ever need.
You’ll quickly learn what to do and how to do it and why — with nothing left to
chance. No second guessing what to
do next. No theories. No confusion about anything!

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll discover…

Drop Shipping and eCommerce Explained In Detail: Get the scoop on Drop
Shipping and eCommerce. What they mean and the pros and cons of each –
everything is explained in detail and how to avoid common mistakes, pitfalls and
the myths.

Pin Point Strategies For Product Selection/Margins/Pricing: What you should know when choosing Drop
and eCommerce products for maximum sales volume and income!

New Product Sales Research Secrets Revealed: Find out what people are willing to pay
for and how to give them exactly what they want. Discover secrets for how to source in demand products
from reputable suppliers!

Customer Getting and Retaining 101: How to stir up an unstoppable flow of
buyers beating a path to your online store to buy your products!

The Power of Sales Persuasion: How to properly showcase your products to
help increase sales, reduce returns and help to boost your bottom line!

The Law of Percentages, Margins and Returns: What you can do to any Drop
Shipping and eCommerce
product to increase sales, cut your margins and significantly reduce returns!

Complete Step-by-Step Drop Shipping Blueprint: Follow along as I go from
having an idea for a store and a product to sell to getting your first sale.

New Methods For Selling On Multiple Stores: Innovative techniques and strategies available for building
higher sales numbers with products listed on multiple Drop Shipping and eCommerce

Big Drop Shipping and eCommerce Rolodex: I’ll give you my own personal
list of where to find powerful free drop shipping tools and must have resources you can
use to help build your business fast.

And that’s just a short list of what you will be getting!

I know, right about now you’re probably wondering:

“If the Drop Shipping and eCommerce Blueprint is as good as you say it is, will you
me some sort of guarantee so I can judge for myself”?

You Love It Or I Buy It Back Guarantee!

Well, of course I will and here it is…

Quite honestly, I believe so
strongly that Drop Shipping and eCommerce Blueprint can help you build a more
solid financial base for your business. But if after you buy it and you’re not
completely convinced,
I am giving you a 60 Day, 100% Risk Free No questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Love it or
I’ll buy it back no questions asked.

Build A Business For Yourself and Your Family…

Every day you get up early and leave
your family to go to work and all you are doing is helping your boss or the company you work for get rich.
So what do you get out of all that hard work you put in? A Just Over Broke
salary and a few weeks off if you’re lucky. How fair is that?

Instead, if you had your own online business, it is possible you could become a
professional Drop Shipper and work from home and wake up when YOU decide to start your day!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to:

Spend more time with family and

Stay home and make more money?

And have all this without screaming
bosses to put up with. No time clocks to punch. No fighting rush hour traffic.
No more making the “other guy” rich?

If you only read ONE Drop shipping
Book, this is it!

I’m No Genius, If I Can Do
This You Can Too!

Listen, I’m no genius. Just an
average, working class lady who wanted a lot more money and free time. When I
started my first drop ship store I had no
special skills or abilities to speak of.
What I do, can easily be learned and duplicated by anyone with the
ambition and desire to start living a better life and build their own business.

The bottom line is this…

Whether you’ve been struggling to find a way to earn some quick extra cash or
generate a job killing income with a lot more money in the bank – finally here’s
a 100% legitimate and proven way to do it!

And if you follow what I am about to
teach you, it is possible you can be successful. But first don’t take it from
me, here is…

“Christine, gosh, you did it AGAIN! The products you release are so
incredibly detailed. I didn’t know much about drop shipping but after reading
your book, I am ready to get started.”

“I bought your book From Newbie To Millionaire and
I am so impressed with the amount of information you give. This book is the
same: a sea of information. It is clear you practice what you teach!”

“You have left nothing out. I have built my first online
store and I am actually selling, thanks to your book! I am over the moon. Thanks
so much for such a brilliant guide you have produced.

“Simply bursting with information and practical
tips and trics. I love this ebook and will refer to it time and time again.”

“You definitely OVER DELIVERED! This really is THE
guide I was looking for! Wow, what a book. A total bargain for the price you

Are You Ready To Get Started
Right Now?

With this Blueprint I am giving you, you
will get everything you need to learn how to build your own successful Drop Shipping Business.

So are you ready to put yourself and
your ability to learn and earn to the test?

Remember, if I can do it you most
likely can too! Because…

Skills + Action = Success!

You Don’t Have To Pay Much

My Proven Drop
Shipping Business Blueprint!

After you “Click the Add To Cart Button”,
and your order is processed,
you will receive the eBook. After ordering you can immediately
download the book
and be reading it in seconds on your computer. There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

OK, Now Here’s The Deal…

You want to get your own Drop Shipping Business or run your own profit making
online store, don’t you? 

Sooner or later you’re going to realise the
benefit of having a business coach to help you get your Online Store
off to a good start!

This proven blueprint will give you Drop Shipping / eCommerce Insider Knowledge!

You can be sure that if you use all the step-by-step directions you will be on your way to building
and getting online your own Drop Shipping eCommerce Store!

Soon you will be adding new products to your store faster than you ever thought possible!

I’m not going to say this is the perfect blueprint for you, because I want you
to make your mind up about it…

The very fact you’ve read this far means you know the value of
this proven blueprint.

Get the expert knowledge you need to turn your
dreams for your own online eCommerce store into reality!

I know you’re ready to get started TODAY!

In minutes from now,
you’ll have in your hands…

—  its my
‘brain dump’ with all my expert knowledge all laid out for you.

You get
it via instant download right to your computer… You can have this critical blueprint right at your finger tips!

You’ll be thrilled as you start seeing NEW SALE NOTICES AND ORDERS land in your
inbox. Because… once you know the RIGHT way to create an online dropshipping
or eCommerce store from scratch, it won’t be long before you start receiving
orders, if you build your online store the way I do!

Make sure you get this so you can prevent yourself from making many mistakes
that new Drop Shippers normally make.

Get ready to start listing products in your new online store for new customers — who are
ready and willing to buy what you are

You now have a
fantastic opportunity to get your hands on this brand new Drop Ship and
eCommerce Blueprint which you can be reading just minutes from now.

And the sweet part is… Just so you know now you can save time, money and the
extra hassle of trying to find or figure all this out by yourself.

With my “Drop Shipping Blueprint you
can easily ‘do it yourself’ for less
than you would pay for just 1 HOUR of work from a professional eCommerce Store Developer!

Download the ‘Blueprint’ and get
the expert knowledge you need to ‘do it yourself’!

As you flip through the pages you’ll
be delighted with how quick and
easy it is to create new online stores once you follow the step-by-step

 I have left
nothing to chance, everything you need to know is covered.

With the expert knowledge you will receive today I promise you, if you use it…

You’ll be able to build your own online store!

I’ll show you
all my Drop Shipping and eCommerce store building tips that
only the expert Drop Shippers and
eCommerce marketers know!

These are unique and cutting edge
tips and my own private methods I use every day to build my own online stores.

Lock in your low one time price now!

You can’t leave this page empty handed can you?

All you need to do to take advantage of my generosity and get the lifetime
included is click on the “Add to
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Especially when you can make
back that investment from the first sales of your new online store!

Its great when you realise you’ve decided to by a quality product, isn’t it?

Now is the time to take advantage of the low
introductory price when you
order today! 

Click the
button below and get started building new online stores right now!

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Give Me Instant Access To Drop Shipping and eCommerce!

I Want To Learn How To Build My Own Drop Shipping
and eCommerce Business!

After you “Click the Add To Cart Button”,
your order is processed,
you will receive the eBook.
After ordering you can immediately download the book and
be reading it in seconds on your computer.
There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

To Your New Drop Ship Business

Christine Clayfield


After you “Click the Add To Cart Button”,
and your order is processed,
you will receive the book. After ordering you can immediately
download the eBook and be reading it in seconds on your computer. There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.


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StartHub — Clean Multipurpose Business/Corporate/Blog WordPress Theme

StartHub — Clean Multipurpose Business/Corporate/Blog WordPress Theme

Team - Multisport & E-sport WordPress Theme

Looking for support? CLICK HERE! We awailable from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (GMT +2)

Responsive wordpress Theme

With design and accent in details Start Hub is perfect template. Design have beautiful typography and elegant structure.

WordPress Theme is based on Warp 7 Framework and made for all who wants a lightweight and modular website.

The clean and modern design is perfect to create a website for your business. At the top of the page you can insert a text logo and slideshow or static image. And all 50+ widget positions are collapsible and have different styles which can be selected in WordPress Theme settings.

If your looking for the 1st class WordPress template, which you can easily customize, take a look at this.

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • QuickStart demo package included
  • 4 built-in Color Styles with unlimited color style possible
  • Supports WordPress version 4.x+
  • Clean and fresh looking
  • Template based on Warp Framework and UIkit
  • Locations, Schedule, Classes, Workouts, Store, Contacts, Gallery and other pages.
  • 50+ widget positions
  • Icon, badges, widget class suffixes
  • Based on HTML5/CSS3 technology
  • Responsive, Full screen slider
  • Scroll animation (fadeIn, rollIn, bounceIn and lots more) option for different blocks
  • Coming Soon / Offline Page
  • 404 error page
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Megamenu & Off Canvas
  • Real Time Customizer
  • Advanced Profile Settings
  • Gzip & Minify Compression
  • 300 Font Awesome Icons
  • 6 Different Widget Styles
  • Flexible Template Width
  • Well documented PHP and LESS files
  • Rich typography
  • More features coming soon…


If you have any questions please feel free to email us via contact form here.



TRENDY! Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme

TRENDY! Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme

Hello, Thank you for buying our theme. If you have any question please contact via themeforest profile.

TRENDY! – Premium & Responsive Prestashop Theme

TRENDY! – Premium & Responsive Prestashop Theme can be use for any e-commerce store, Clean & modern design suitable for any type of products, TRENDY! responsive prestashop theme is a flexible theme completely adjustable for any device. (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone…) Highly customizable prestashop theme.

Compatible with Prestashop Versions 1.6

Theme Features

  • Clean & Responsive Design.
  • Responsive mode on/off option.
  • Compatible with Prestashop Latest Versions [1.6.0]
  • Powerful admin option.
  • Custom modules.
  • Multistore support.
  • Unlimited Colors – change colors for almost everything.
  • 6 Preset colors
  • 600+ Google web fonts…
  • Font setting option : Font size, style weight etc. for body, heading, title, product name etc…
  • Wide and Boxed layouts option.
  • Upload custom background.
  • Layout variations – Fullwidth, with left sidebar or right sidebar.
  • Multi – language & currency support.
  • Quick shopping cart view.
  • Ajax quick search with image.
  • jQuery Superfish Mega Menu.
  • Static Info-Blocks for banners & promos.
  • Content image slider
  • Large carousel product slider with background image option
  • Product slider
  • Static banner on home
  • Left or Right sidebar option for home page
  • Featured, New products & Top Seller Carousels on home page – enable/disable any carousel from admin
  • Featured, New products & Top Seller Tabs on home page – enable/disable any tab from admin
  • Two product box style – can be change from admin
  • 4,5 products per row on tab – without sidebar
  • Sale & New badge – with 5 style, enable/disable from admin
  • Wishlist & Comparison option
  • Products quick view
  • Back to top scroll with position left/right/none option
  • Latest tweets feed
  • Facebook like box
  • Social icons – footer
  • Payment icons – footer
  • Custom links on footer
  • Newsletter subscribe
  • Grid and List products view
  • Category sidebar accordion
  • Ajax attributes filter
  • Product listing with & without sidebar, Number of product per row can be 3,4
  • Top seller & Special products on sidebar
  • Product page with & without sidebar
  • Lightbox & jqZoom
  • Product page right static block can be replace with special or top seller products
  • Related products carousel on product page
  • Share plugin on product page – or you can use your own share plugin code from admin
  • Product page custom tab option
  • Products review & rating
  • Standard (Five steps) & One-page checkout

Version – 13 July 2014
– Updated: Root wdajaxsearch module
– Updated: Some updates on theme setting module

Version – 08 July 2014
– Updated: For prestashop

Version – 22 June 2014
– Release: Trendy for prestashop 1.6


Thank you for buying our theme. If you have any question please contact via themeforest profile.

Circolare eCommerce HTML Template

Circolare eCommerce HTML Template

Circolare is a premium eCommerce HTML template with three unique color styles. It is loaded with a lot of jQuery features and a great list of layouts you may need for your e-shop.

List of features

  • Three color skins with complete color scheme (not only background change)
  • 72 html pages (24 for each color skin)
  • 4 different layouts of jQuery sliders/carousels for the homepage
  • Filterable portfolio pages so you can display all your portfolio sections without page reload
  • Price range jQuery slider
  • Collapsible elements in the left sidebar
  • List and Grid layouts for product listing
  • Full width layout for product listing
  • Tabbed interface for the detail page allowing you to split your content
  • 2 different photo galleries for displaying all product images in the detail page
  • Fully working contact form with validation
  • Shortcodes pages with layout, buttons etc.
  • Tabs and Accordion, jQuery based
  • Semantic code with comments for easy use
  • Clean and attractive design
  • Help and PSD fiels

List of pages you get

  • Four homepages, each with a different main slider + one additional slider for hot products
  • Grid product listing page
  • List product listing page
  • Full width product listing page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Contacts page with working cotact form with validation
  • Detail page for a single product with 2 different product galleries
  • Frequently asked question type of page
  • Price/services compare page
  • Portfolio page, items displayed in 2 columns, with filteriing of different sections
  • Portfolio page, items displayed in 3 columns, with filteriing of different sections
  • Portfolio page, items displayed in 4 columns, with filteriing of different sections
  • Blog listing page
  • Single blog posting page
  • Standart internal page, but with right sidebar instead of left
  • Shortcodes Buttons – different buttons, messages and links
  • Shortcodes Columns – different column based layouts
  • Shortcodes Tabs and Accordions – jquery based tabs (2 styles) and accordion (2 styles)

Note: For preview I’ve been using some stock images that can’t be included in the download package due to license incompatability. However all those images are available to be bought from stock sites and I’ll be happy to give you links of you want to have them.

Don’t hesitate to ask your question on this item, I will be happy to reply to you all. Also take a look at my other items.

Many thanks!

Sushi Restaurant | Food & Restaurant Theme

Sushi Restaurant | Food & Restaurant Theme

Restaurant and Food Woo-Commerce Theme

We bring to you an awesome Restaurant and premium food theme design which has specifications best suited to fit in food industry businesses. It is being delivered hot with some tempting features like semantic code, powerful admin panel and premium slider plugins, menu or catalogue custom post with woo commerce to make comfortable payment / on-line shopping experience, Event Calendar Pro plugin to create stunning event pages etc., Sushi comes with features helps you in creating a flavourful and appealing website to your clients.

Grab it now and give your website a whole new enticing experience!

NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.

Change log:

2016.10.15 – version 3.0

 * BPanel UI design fixes for Events Calendar update

2016.10.08 – version 2.9

 * WordPress 4.6 Compatible
 * Font awesome css updated
 * TribeEvents shortcode category option added
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Mailchimp updated to latest api 3.0
 * Unyson importer plugin included

2016.07.04 – version 2.8

 * Latest TGM plugin updated
 * Latest Responsive Styled Google Maps plugin updated for Google Maps API key request.
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Little design tweaks fixed

2016.05.05 – version 2.7

 * WordPress 4.5 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Tab jquery updated
 * Some design issues fixed
 * Font awesome stylesheet updated
 * Site width extended

2016.03.31 – version 2.6

 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * WordPress 4.4.2 Compatible
 * WPML compatible issue updated
 * Font awesome stylesheet updated
 * Some translation texts updated
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.08.28 – version 2.5

 * WordPress 4.3 Compatible
 * Language files updated
 * Font Awesome Icons 4.4.0 updated
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * WPML compatible issue fixed
 * Catalog template page jQuery issue fixed
 * Woocommerce product title linked
 * Some design issues updated

2015.07.27 – version 2.4

 * Captcha for contact form added
 * Woocommerce category listing fixed
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.06.25 – version 2.3

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability in prettyPhoto jQuery library

2015.04.29 – version 2.2

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability
 * Updated to TGM Plugin 2.4.1
 * WordPress 4.2 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * BPanel options issues fixed

2015.01.09 – version 2.1

 * WordPress 4.1 Compatible
 * New Retina Ready
 * New updated documentation
 * All plugins Compatible checked
 * rtl.css updated
 * Theme performance improved
 * Dummy slider zip included
 * New Dummy content xml file updated
 * Added placeholder disable option

2014.10.01 – version 2.0

 * Responsive css updated
 * Select control arrow issue fixed

2014.09.13 – version 1.9

 * WordPress 4.0 Compatible
 * WooCommerce 2.2.2 Compatible

2014.09.09 – version 1.8

 * Revolution Slider 4.6.0 updated
 * WPML Config file updated

2014.05.26 – version 1.7

 * Gallery isotope issue fixed
 * Support WooCommerce 2.1.9
 * Designthemes core plugin updated
 * Some design Tweaks updated

2014.04.25 – version 1.6

 * Support WordPress 3.9
 * Gallery filter issue fixed
 * Support WooCommerce 2.1.7
 * Slider Plugins are updated
 * Designthemes core plugin updated for WP version 3.9

2014.02.25 – version 1.5

* Post format options updated
* 2 new skins added
* Boxed & Fullwidth options added
* Layer Slider 5.0.1 updated
* Revolution Slider 4.1.4 updated
* Gallery widget & Gallery shortcode added
* Woocommerce 2.1.2 support
* Yith wishlist 1.1.0, Yith magnifier 1.1.0 support 
* Dummy content file updated
* Mega menu animation added
* Breadcrumb updated
* Social icons replaced with font awesome icons

2014.01.10 – version 1.4

* New dummy content xml file updated
* Mega menu issue fixed

2013.12.27 – version 1.3

* Gallery Post type added
* New dummy content xml file updated
* New styles updated for  gallery pages
* rtl.css updated for gallery pages

2013.12.20 – version 1.2

* 3 types of header types added
* New dummy content xml file updated
* Some design issues updated

2013.12.14 – version 1.1

* Layer Slider, Revolution Slider updated
* Responsive google map plugin updated
* Events Calendar v.3.2 plugin support
* Woocommerce v.2.0.20 plugin support
* Yithemes Zoom Magnifier & Yithemes Wishlist plugin support
* Catalog menu page side sticky nav issue fixed
* Pullquote issue updated in DTCore plugin
* New Mega menu added
* New Progress chart added
* WordPress 3.8 compatible
* WooCommerce & Events pages cleaned & updated
* Some responsive & design tweaks fixed