How to Get 360 Waves | Discover the Secrets Deep, Dark & Shiny Waves

Product Name: How to Get 360 Waves | Discover the Secrets Deep, Dark & Shiny Waves


If you’d finally like to learn how to get deep, dark, spinning hair waves like your favorite celebrities and athetes this is probably the most important letter you’ll ever read.

My name is D. I’m not a celebrity or anything like that. But what I had to share with you is so revolutionary and so exciting – I just had to sit down and tell you about it. So please bear with me a little.

Let me start by telling you I’m an average guy in every sense of the word. I’m average height, average build, and decent looking.

And that’s why my problem lies.

It’s very frustrating when you don’t have that “it factor” about you to attract the ladies. Some guys look like models, some hit their growth spurts by the time they are 16, others have the flyest clothes and nice cars. I didn’t have any of that and to make things worse, my self confidence used to be low thanks to all of these things. I know I’m not the only guy out there that ever wondered “why didn’t I get more” out of life.

I was a Sophmore in college and virtually invisible to the female species. To make the matter worse, I transferred dorms so that I could be closer to the two all-female dorms on campus. My dorm was directly between two all-female halls and your boy was about as visible to the ladies as Casper the friendly ghost.

My friends were all out getting girlfriends while I wandered around life aimlessly trying to figure out what to do to let the women on campus I existed short of wearing a sign that said “Yes! We are Open!”

One day I decided to vent to my barber while I was in the chair. He responded, “D. just let someone set you up. That’s how it has to be done sometimes.”

Appauled at the idea of not controlling my own destiny I told him “I can’t trust my luck.” I knew there had to be a better way than that. At the end of our chat he dusted my cut off as usual and said something that would set me down a new path…

“D. if you’d brush your hair you could get those waves swimmin’. They’re trying to come in but you won’t let them.”

For a few weeks I completely ignored the advice until I was slapped in the face by it again. I was walking home from class and I saw two of the best looking females on campus, talking to some random average looking dude at the same time!

What?! What does he have that I dont?!

Then I saw it. As I came down the hill I got a better look at them and I was nearly blinded by dude’s hair. He had these smooth, shiny waves, looking like a young P. Diddy and the confidence to match. The ladies were hypnotized. I was appaulled. Beyond his hair, dude had nothing that I didn’t! We were both the same height, same build, average clothes and shoes…

…but he had nice hair and I didn’t.

I was so ready to doubt my barber’s advice to work on my hair!

But it worked like steroids when I tried it…

Not only did I look better, I felt better, and my confidence grew leaps and bounds. I started chatting up cute girls in my classes, getting their numbers and hanging out with them. Women finally knew I existed. And the sexy girls saw talking to dude with the waves weeks earlier? One of them ended up giving me her phone number, twice!

So what does my success mean for you?

Throw that wave kit in the trash!

You don’t need it.  In fact, it can do more damage to your hair than it’s worth.  All it is dangerous hair relaxer for men. That isn’t the right way to have the healthiest, nicest looking waves. Take it from me there are a LOT of BAD things you can do to your hair if you don’t know what you are doing. Some of it can cause IRREVERSIBLE damage to your scalp!

I have complied everything I have done, “Paint-By-Numbers” style for you to replicate and get waves with.

Get Ready To Change Your Hair Life Forever.

This exclusive information is NOT available anywhere on the net!  This is your chance to discover the methods that have helped men of color DRASTICALLY improve their hair texture and health.

360 Waves Mastery is NOT:

If you are ready to finally take control of your hair situation, look like a celebrity for a fraction of what they spend on barbers and learn all the tricks you can use in the comfort of your own home then let’s do this!

Well it’s quite simple. Since you’ll be downloading this ebook directly from the internet I don’t have to incur the costs of hiring an order fulfillment team or anything like that. I’m just a regular person, and because of that I can pass the costs I save directly on to you. Everyone wins. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to use this ebook either- it works with PC’s and MACs.

For a limited time, I am throwing in the following absolutely free when you order now. I am also going to include some other secret bonuses I can’t even talk about here, but only for a little while…

In the bonus guide to the barbershop I have covered all my strategies for how to find a good barber who won’t mess up your hair! I also complied a guide on what to do before you get a new cut to make sure it looks the BEST it can be!

Learn how to STOP you hair loss before its too late! What good is it having nice hair if your hairline is on Lebron status? Learn the causes, and how to prevent future balding now.

Because I’m so confident, If I can’t help you turn your situation around in 60 days or less, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

So don’t wait and wonder “what if” forever. Get started today. If my manual cannot help you, feel free to keep the bonuses and simply take advantage of this money back gurantee. No hard feelings. Now isn’t that fair?

P.S. Don’t procrastinate! You can get 360 Waves Mastery  with TONS of additional free bonuses by ordering now. Why wonder what if? Do it now.

P.P.S. Your purchase is 100% confidential. The charge will come up as, a secure payment processor.

Copyright 2011

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How to Get 360 Waves | Discover the Secrets Deep, Dark & Shiny Waves is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman – DARK TRIAD MAN®

Product Name: Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman – DARK TRIAD MAN®



Your gut is telling you the truth about her.

You live with an endless rotation of arguments, drama bombs and abuse.

It feels like the crazy strobes of a murderous disco.

The truth is that you worry how far she might go. Either with your brother or with you.

He tells you she’s crazy and you shamefacedly agree with him.

But you continue to stay and suffer. And there’s a reason you can’t get out.

It’s because you don’t know how.

Maybe he doesn’t either.

You need a real escape plan.

One that shows what to do every step of the way.

A plan that delivers a concrete escape and cements recovery.

A plan that teaches how to get out and never, ever go back.

To her or any other damaged woman in the future.

I built this plan, survived with it and saved my family. Now it’s here for you.

You don’t need another day of pain.
You just need a roadmap out of crazy.
Get this vital manual today.


We don’t need to analyze all her vicious control tactics.

I don’t care about her, and you shouldn’t either. Her sickness is her own problem.

Let her rot in her own cruelty and let’s focus on helping you escape.

Our grave concern is that you extricate yourself from the situation. She’s supremely confident that she’s got you nailed to the floor in miserable helplessness.

And she’s absolutely right. She’s disgustingly expert at what she does.

Men in this situation need real help.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman equips you with final power.

Her mesmerizing control is toxic.
She has you crucified to the floor.
Claim your freedom right now.


Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman works.

It’s designed, tested and proven as a solid and compelling resource.

It gives beaten, manipulated and cruelly injured men a real, successful and permanent solution to a bitter problem designed to keep you prisoner.

I know because I’ve been there myself. I’ve fought the entire dozen-round drama match with the damaged woman and been through extraordinary and agonizing struggles.

I didn’t merely escape.

I also handled the brutal aftermath for myself and my loved ones.

My child was kidnapped by a damaged woman. I hired a bounty hunter  to track him down across state lines, then find and bring him home.

I was stalked by another damaged woman after I ended the relationship.  I know the enormous stress that comes from constantly watching your back. And handling the cops when she smashes her way into your new home.

I know the grim and permanent satisfaction of driving her out forever.

I used the ruthless skills and mindset of Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman to achieve it all. Now it’s my turn to help my brothers in the dark world.

Take my hand, brother, and let’s get you moving.

Let’s get you the hell out.

Don’t waste another therapy copay.
Invest in your happy productive future.
Get the hell out of crazy.


ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman – DARK TRIAD MAN® is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Secundo Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

Secundo Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

Get support!

Secundo  WordPress Theme


  • Responsive HTML5/CSS3 design
  • 53 custom shortcodes
  • Shortcodes generator, also available in fullscreen mode
  • 6 widgets
  • 600+ google fonts available
  • Ready for internationalization
  • Built with Bootstrap 2.2.1
  • Based on a unique design template
  • Contains all PSD sources


Secundo Responsive Portfolio WP Theme changelog



BIG Countdown - Fullscreen Coming Soon Page

BIG Countdown – Fullscreen Coming Soon Page

BIG Countdown is a unique fullscreen coming soon (under construction) page. It can have fullscreen slider, video background, static background or fancy parallax effect. Each comes with dark and light skin.

This is HTML/CSS site template (not CMS) so it requires basic HTML skills to customize it.


  • Fullscreen slideshow
  • Audio player
  • 2 skins (dark & white) and 4 variants (slider, video, static image & parallax)
  • Full screen video background (you can use self hosted MP4 file, Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Working subscribe form (saves e-mail in csv file)
  • Working Ajax contact form with real-time validation
  • “About us” page
  • Twitter Integration
  • 28 social icons
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE8/9/10/11, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Works on IPad & IPhone
  • Valid HTML & CSS
  • Configuration file for setting options with ease
  • All photos included

Video file from preview version is not included, but you buy find it here:

Audio file is included, but if you want use it on your website, you must give credit to the author:

Not sure? Check what other say on my items!


Updates history

29/02/2016 – removed deprecated eregi() function – PHP7 compatibility
25/08/2015 – Youtube embed script updated
03/10/2014 – Vimeo and Youtube fullscreen background added
17/06/2014 – Twitter plugin updated to work with new Twitter API
08/04/2014 – Countdown plugin updated to version 2.0.
28/06/2013 – Tweetable plugin upgraded to latest version.
04/04/2013 – better cooperation with small screens, Safari inline-block bug fixed.
16/01/2013 – countdown plugin updated to latest version for better work in Chorme
08/12/2012 – added static image background instead video when viewed on mobile devices

If you like BIG Countdown, you must check BIG Gallery HTML – fullscreen photography portfolio!

And BIG Gallery WordPress – fullscreen photography portfolio!

Check also:

Apartment HTML – Real Estate Multi/Single Property:

Noel - Onepage AJAX Template

Noel – Onepage AJAX Template

Onepage, Responsive, AJAX, HTML Template

Noel is an responsive html5 template with elegant minimalistic design and it can be used as a personal portfolio, as showcase, or even photography web site. Template has fluid layout, ajax sections, Flickr & Picasa Gallery, Background Image Changer and more than 60 configurable parameters to tweak the way site performs.


  • Responsive Design
  • 7 Site Sections
  • Flickr, Picasa and Instagram Gallery
  • Configurable Grayscale Google Map
  • Site Background Changer with 4 Animation Effects
  • 60 Configuration Parameters
  • Ajax Mail Form with Validation
  • Valid Markup

Update 06/10/2012

– Noel is now responsive
– fixed scroll problems on mobile devices
– added captions to flexslider

Update 18/10/2012

– site intro has been replaced with immediate site load
– added youtube and vimeo support for fancybox
– added Instagram as a photo source for gallery
– added simple fluid grid to help with layout
– redesigned contact form
– fixed all problem while viewing site on mobile devices
– fixed problem with Picasa gallery not displaying in IE

Update 29/10/2012

– totally redesigned site intro (with ability to disable it in configuration)
– fixed minor padding/margins issues
– updated tweetable plugin to 1.7 (+ timeago plugin)
– fixed vertical content paddings for mobile devices

Update 17/11/2012

– all sliders now dynamically adapt to image size
– added option to disable mousescroll on google map
– added toggle element and button styles
– Flickr module of Gallery now can accept API key instead of feed
– main JS code was optimized
– Slideshow plugin (“Projects” page) was improved and became fluid

Update 09/07/2013

– updated jQuery to 1.10.2
– updated Backslider plugin to 1.7
– updated Tweetable plugin

Credits and sources

Photos in site preview are from
55Laney69’s ULTRA BOKEH set on Flickr

Gallery photos from “Gonnado Fotomarathon Luzern” Album by Thomas Leuthard on Picasa Web

Claystone - Responsive HTML Template

Claystone – Responsive HTML Template

Claystone v 1.03 Available for Download

Powerful Responsive site template designed in a clean and minimalistic style. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing, approaches for personal and professional use (blog, portfolio, etc.).

Claystone has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery. It has a solid flexible responsive layout that scales from 320px to 1260px with all Bootstrap features. Follow me to be notified for future updates!

Claystone developed on the Bootstrap — beautifull boilerplate for responsive development so it look beautiful at any size, be it a 17” laptop screen or an iPad, iPhone.

Visit the responsive preview site and resize your browser to see it in action or visit Claystone directly on your mobile device.

iPad and iPhone TESTED !

Visit Photomin on your Small Devices

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
    This means you website will automatically adjust its layout and proportions to suit the device it is being viewed on. The theme content will be easy to read and easy to navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.
  • 22 Different Pages
  • Awesome Flex Slider and jCarousel
  • Build with Bootstrap ( All Bootstrap Features )
  • Unique Hover Effects
  • 7 Sortable Portfolio Layouts
    • 3 Columns
    • 3 Columns + Vertical Images
    • 3 Columns + Horizontal Images
    • 3 Columns + Description
    • 4 Columns + Vertical Images
    • 4 Columns + Horizontal Images
    • 3 Columns + Description
  • Blog
    • Single Post + Image
    • Single Post + Video
    • Disqus or Facebook Comments
  • Contact Form with AJAX
  • jQuery Powered
  • HTML5 + CSS3 Features
  • Cross Browser Support


Version 1.03 2015-06-26
       Fixed: Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in prettyPhoto

Version 1.02 2012-08-11
       Added: Added: PSD file (Home page)

Version 1.01 2012-08-01
       Added: Light Version
       Added: Add support for IE
       Fixed: Some bugs

Images used in the Demo
All images used in the demo are not distributed with the theme. They are all licensed under Creative Commons and credited to their respective creator/owner.


If you like my work, please rate it. If you’re about to rate it with less than 5 stars, please let me know the reason first and I will do my best to improve the theme.
Thanks so much!

Recent Projects

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Photomin – Responsive HTML Template

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Incorn – Portfolio HTML Template

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Unik - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Unik – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

What Buyers Say about Unik Theme

Main Features

  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • WPML (WordPress Multi-Language) Compatibility (NEW)
  • Woo Commerce (NEW)
  • RTL Support (NEW)
  • Full Screen Layout (NEW)
  • User-Friendly Shortcode Generator
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Fully Responsive
  • Lots of Individual options for each page
  • HTML5/CSS3 with fluid animations
  • Styles manager ? 1 click style change for many major elements
  • Unlimited sliders
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Ultra-flexible admin panel
  • Detailed documentation
  • Update notifications
  • Sample content and admin panel import/export mechanism
  • Translation Ready (.po/.mo files included)
  • A 5-minute screencast to setup the theme as showcased in the demo
  • Over 300 Icons (Font Awesome)
  • Over 500 Fonts (Google fonts)
  • 5 Custom widgets
  • Page heading variations (Static Promo text, sliding promo text, slider, featured image)
  • Ajaxified contact form
  • Under construction page included

Update Changelog

v1.8.5 – 15 January 2018
1) Latest version of Visual Composer included
2) Latest version of Revslider is included.
3) Minor issues Fixed

v1.8.4 – 15th December 2017
- Custom theme plugin added
- Theme Check Issues Fixed
- Latest Plugin Included
- Compatible With Latest Woocommerce
- Code Improvements
- PSD Link Updated.
Note:Must install the "Unik Plugin" after update

v1.8.3 – 25th June 2017
- FIX ! Code Improvements

v1.8.2 – 25th May 2017
- UPDATED ! Plugins updated to latest version
- FIX ! WooCommerce Update
- FIX ! Comment Form Design Fix
- FIX ! Code Improvements

v1.8.1 – Jan 27th 2017
- FIX ! Code Improvements

v1.8 – 25 Dec 16
- UPDATED ! Plugins updated to latest version
- FIX ! Code Improvements
- FIX ! WooCommerce Design Fix

v1.7 – 12 Oct 16
- UPDATED ! Plugins updated to latest version
- FIX ! Code Improvements

v1.6.3 - 18 May 2016
- Fixed portfolio issue.

v1.6.2 - 18 May 2016
- Fixed some visual composer bugs
- Full compatibility with WP 4.5+
- Minor fixes and improvements

v1.6.1 - 30 September 2015
- Updated Visual Composer.

v1.6 - 30 September 2015
- Full comatibility with WP 4.3+
- Fixed issues with visual composer
- Fixed outdated woocommerce files error
- Added automatic Plugin activation option for easier setup
- Updated Font Awesome to version 4.4.0
- Updated all the plugins to the latest versions
- Updated the sample contents file for Visual composer to reflect the latest changes
- Minor fixes and enhancements

v1.5 - 06 March 2015
- Added a 1-click installer for blazing-fast setup
- Added a sample content file for Visual composer variation
- Optimized the scripts inclusion, now the theme works even faster
- Updated social links styles to use corresponding brands colors
- Updated the documentation video to reflect latest changes
- Updated Visual composer plugin to the latest version
- Fixed portfolio items zoom not working issue
- Fixed portfolio featured items shortcode parameter not working with latest version of WP issue.
- Fixed incompatibility issues with latest version of Woocommerce

v1.4 - 30 Jan 2015
- Added full compatibility with Visual composer
- Fixed pagination issue with blog set as main page
- Fixed some issues with shortcodes
- Added Contact Form 7 styles and sample markup
- Updated Font awesome to version 4.3
- Updated Visual composer plugin to the latest version
- Fixed outdated bundled files issue with Woocommerce 2.2+
- Fixed some layout issues with Fluid version of the theme
- Minor fixes and improvements

v1.3 - 06 September 2014
- Fixed theme admin panel incompatibility issue with WordPress 4.0
- Fixed dropdown menu on mobile not showing correctly bug
- Fixed page with custom featured image in header not showing along with title/breadcrumb bug.
- Minor CSS fixes
- Improved RTL Support 
- Updated the Documentation - Due to popular demand we added a legend of shortcodes, plz check the shortcodes section * in the documentation to see the new screenshot which makes it easier for you to find the shortcodes by their names 

- Added full support for post formats
- Added Visual composer plugin to the package, full integration coming soon
- Added option to show logo on under construction page
- Added speed parameter option for the slider
- Added background color choice option to full width block
- Added custom bg/color to button and set target _self as default
- Added option to set page heading image for blog archives
- Changed Blog layout 2 to support isotope
- Fixed social icons widget target window issue
- Fixed contact page content not showing bug
- Fixed issue with header box appearing if title/breadcrumb is set to hidden and there is no featured image
- Fixed main sidebar widgets not showing on mobile resolutions bug
- Fixed some styles not being applied when set via customizer
- Fixed featured image not showing when set from post head options bug
- Fixed sticky menu on mobile views issue (now it's sticky on desktop resolutions only)
- Fixed contact widget sending issues by switching to wp_mail() function
- Fixed Woocommerce page sidebar not appearing when set bug
- Fixed youtube and vimeo social buttons issues

- Added Full width layout option
- Added RTL support
- Added WooCommerce compatibility
- Added WPML compatibility
- Added 4 more social services in Social widget
- Added option to carousel shortcodes to hide arrows
- Fixed blog shortcode not synchronizing with parameters set via theme admin panel bug
- Fixed dark version not taking some parameters set by live customizer bug
- Fixed some live customizer issues
- Fixed single posts page showing featured image in title header bug
- Fixed bug with menu shadow being assigned white color by default
- Fixed carousel script issue
- Fixed portfolio shortcode magnify issue
- Fixed some missing strings from translation

v1.0 - 17 June 14
- Initial Release

Colosseum Hotel - Premium Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Colosseum Hotel – Premium Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Special Offer

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Colosseum Featur List

About Colosseum Hotel:

Colosseum is a responsive, full-featured hotel and resort WordPress theme. Colosseum has an exclusive booking system which is called Ravis Booking and it covers all the needs of hotel websites. It is powered by Bootstrap and compatible with all common browsers. It is fully documented and with help of it you can create unique pages and styles, in addition by selecting from 3 preset colors of theme you can provide better style for your website.

Main features:

  • Exclusive Booking System
  • Membership System
  • Event Management System
  • Booking Archive Page
  • Payment Archive Page
  • Booking Overview ( Calendar View )
  • PayPal Integration
  • Fully Control on Plugin Option
  • Professional User Panel
  • Currency Exchanger
  • WPML Compatible
  • ShortCode Wizard
  • 3 Preset Colors ( Dark / Light / Slate Blue)
  • 26 Layered PSD files
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • Hotel Custom Font Icon
  • Easy to Customize
  • Cross Browser
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Font Icon included ( Custom Hotel Package / FontAwesome / Glyphicon )
  • Well Documented
  • 24/7 Support

Note : Images in the live demo are not included. Because of the download package’s size, we exclude the PSD files from Download package and we provide a txt file in download package which contains the URL of PSD package of theme.


V 1.9.9 (04 March 2018)

    - IMPROVEMENT : Booking process is now fully compatible with WPML
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.9.2 (28 January 2018)

    - NEW FEATURE : Room daily price in availability calendar
    - NEW FEATURE : Typography option is added to theme
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.8.0 (16 January 2018)

    - NEW FEATURE : Base Price For Rooms
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.7.5 (10 January 2018)

    - NEW FEATURE : Paymill payment integration
    - NEW FEATURE : Stripe payment integration
    - NEW FEATURE : Unlimited main colors
    - NEW FEATURE : <strong>One Click Demo Content Import</strong>
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.4.1 (18 November 2017)

    - NEW FEATURE : Automatic calendar's language changing based on website's language
    - NEW FEATURE : Unit area is added to the room's section
    - IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvement of booking process to avoid some server's error
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.3.8 (28 October 2017)

    - NEW FEATURE : New features like order and count is added to other room's shortcode
    - NEW FEATURE : Feature of having full control on room details page's sections on customizer
    - IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvement of booking process
    - BUG FIX: Fix all the reported bugs

V 1.3.1 (03 October 2017)

    - NEW FEATURE : New shortcode is added to show calendar view of availability of rooms and hotels 
    - NEW FEATURE : Customize the login & registration page of WordPress 
    - NEW FEATURE : Booking form auto fill for users who are logged in
    - NEW FEATURE : Users can change the default WordPress emails sender and its name
    - NEW FEATURE : Compatible with the PHP 5.4 and older
    - BUG FIX: The JS error on safari browsers on iPhones is fixed now

V 1.0.0 (25 September 2017)

    - Initial release.

Apper - App Presentation Template

Apper – App Presentation Template

Apper is the perfect template for selling or presenting your iPhone / Android or Web app. Easily customizable for your app.

With it’s professional look and feel your application will stand apart from the crowd. The theme includes a dark and light version to suit everyone’s needs.

There are several variations possible, with included images for selling iPhone, Android and web applications. A number of button types are also included for “Download now”, “Buy now” and “Read more”.

The buttons can also be replaced with a “Signup form” for collecting email addresses.

On top of that is also two PHP scripts included, one for reading your Twitter feed and displaying it on your site, and a quote randomizer!

Extensive documentation and commented code makes the theme very easy to use and customize.

The theme is available in both PHP and HTML , where the PHP version can be used by those who have a server running PHP and want to use the Twitter feed reader etc.

The HTML version is suitable for those using .NET, RoR and so on.


  • 2 color themes
  • 3 page templates
  • iPhone/Nexus/Web
  • PHP contact form
  • PHP Twitterfeed reader
  • PHP quote randomizer
  • Cross browser support
  • jQuery for fading effects etc.
  • Valid CSS and HTML

Documentation features:

  • Beautiful HTML -documentation
  • Explains all parts of the scripts and theme
  • jQuery Syntax highlighting for code

And much more!


21th January 2011

  • Added BlackBerry Bold
  • Added social sharing icons with sliding box
  • Minor bug fixes


Swiss Eagle | Watch Shopify Theme

Swiss Eagle | Watch Shopify Theme

We present you the Swiss Eagle watch shopify theme with all the features to present a website in few minutes. Here are some of the features that this Swiss Eagle theme has

  • Clean and Minimalism Responsive Design.
  • Two types of home page slider :- Revolution Slider & Flex Slider
  • 5 different styles of Mega menu
  • Infinite product loading options
  • Drag and Drop Sections
  • Single product carousel
  • Quick shop & Option pop-up section
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Product Swatch and Attribute block
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Product Owl Carousel
  • Ajax Sidebar Filters
  • Custom About us and Contact page
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Font awesome icons integrated
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Google Web Fonts Integration
  • Product Sale Label
  • Grid & List Mode
  • Wishlist Module
  • Customer Reviews
  • Predefined Style Page; Contact Page,FAQs

NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included in download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.

* Changelog *

Version: 1.4 15/04/2018

*Shipping Tabing Updated
*Inventory Option Updated

Version: 1.3.1 – 21 Aug 2017

*ElevateZoom updated 

Version: 1.3 – 28 July 2017

*Price tag updated

​Version: 1.2 – 08 April 2017

*Single product quantity, price option updated

Version:1.2 – 10 Mar 2017

*Header design changes for mobile screens

Version:1.1 – 17 Feb 2017

*Sidebar tag count filters updated
*Footer widget updated
*Slide design fixes

Version:1.0 – 11 Feb 2017

*Initial submission