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First and
foremost, to immediately reduce

And this is just the
beginning of the calm, healthy, happier
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productive than you are now! Simply download this
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Why Make Yourself Crazy? 400 Strategies for a
Stress-Free Life

bestselling Author & Stress Coach G.
Gaynor McTigue


in national magazines
and talk shows across



stress elimination strategy is
so powerfully written, so
inspiring… you’ll feel your
tension and anxiety melt away
just reading it. But
that’s hardly enough. More

Each strategy provokes
action. It doesn’t
just preach or lecture you—or

rehash the same old platitudes
you’ve heard a thousand times.
It gives you fresh, clear-cut
direction you
can act on immediately, and
makes such crystal clear
sense, you absolutely can’t

help but follow its
guidance and start dissipating
your stress.


look at some prime examples:

.. Read

#27 for an
instructive, stress-
ingeniously effective
way to discipline
kids without

the shouting, hitting
and guilt.

.. Read

#209 on how
to cut needless .

out of your schedule…leaving

you time
enjoy the pursuits that really

.. Read

#2 on how
you can easily rid
.. your.home
and office of stifling
clutter, without
having to make a humongous
project out of it.
(People love this one!)



#4 on
making your get-togethers

work, less expensive and
infinitely more fun
.. and

.. Read


#258 on
how to defuse the ..
.. tension

between you and
rekindle the intimacy

affection you once
thrived on…even

if you
think it’s no longer

.. Read

#234 for a
surefire way to lose
stressful state of mind,
totally relax and
the revitalizing rest you
need. Finally.


is just a
small sampling
of the wide
array of
stress issues
you can
resolve with
these 400

with the
ebook’s Fast
Find Stress
Relief Index:


the fear of


to overcome an
addiction to


way to deal
with all those


sports without


longer be a
slave to peer


cool behind
the wheel, in


ways to dress
for less





hundreds more!



have said
the wisdom, the tools
and the motivation
harnessed within the

Make Yourself
Crazy? ebook
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when you consider the
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peace of mind…day
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year…it is indeed


the very least, you
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thousands of
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definitive guide to

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James Mallinson


panic attacks
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last, overcome your
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flying, driving,
speaking, social
situations… and much
more in this powerful
150-page guide. Yours




Bob Bastian

brilliant ebook of
everyday strategies
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including 101 Money
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Success Tips, 101
Health & Fitness
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through the barrier
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get rid of the
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fat. Reprogram

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control of your


Management 101


Crystal Paine

This widely
acclaimed ebook
will show you
how to get more
done in less
time (yes, it’s
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reclaim a more
composed, saner
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We also accept
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absolutely no
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Make Yourself
Crazy? 400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life…

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refund at any
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days of
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No questions


gives you two whole
months to try out
every single one of
these extraordinary
techniques for
eliminating the
stress that has a
strangling grip on
your life. You
simply cannot lose.


stop making excuses.
Stop hesitating and
start getting your
life back under
Download the

Make Yourself

guide today!

Read these
unvarnished reviews from
some of our thousands
of users:


tips? Fantastic! More like
wisdom for living. They have
helped to
streamline life, refocus on
priorities, endorse
my humanity, appreciate
diversity,accept my
limitations, welcome beauty,
question status
quo, challenge norms, and regain
when the frenzy of busy-ness


London, UK

* * * *

“I work
full-time and do a lot of
work afterwards. The stress tips
help keep
me level in my very busy life!
Thanks for
supplying these great strategies
for living!”

—Del Cleek
County, IN

* * * *

“My life is
extremely hectic. I am a widow
with a toddler and a teenager, work
hours a week, and take care of a
and a yard. Stress is my middle
These tips, which I always read
thing in the morning, are my reality
They enable me to take a deep breath

and think, ‘Oh, yeah. This is my
life I’m
supposed to be living.’ It sorta
put things in perspective and
reminds me there is something
larger, something greater
than the simple little problem I am
with at the moment. They help me see
big picture.”




Dothan, AL

* * * *

simple,easy to put into practice and
particularly relevent to our modern





stress tips are remarkably intuitive
and they always provide practical strategies
for addressing real life

—J. DeLaMater

Marietta, GA

* * * *


sense, easily identifiable
situations and behaviours that leave me
laughing at myself because they are
US! Thank you

for your insights and helping me to
leave behind the rat race. I
thought I was
alone in my dissatisfaction of our way of
life until I
read your many eloquent words.”

—Bernadette Keane


* * * *


love these and find them very
timely and

—Lori Killian


* * * *

stress tips are the perfect remedy
for a bad day! They make you stop to
think, and appreciate what you have.
They also offer practical advice on
how to achieve a more stress-free
life. Who wouldn’t want

—Michelle Jones-White



well thought out strategies that
keep one from going crazy. Tips
that, when reminded of, you laugh
right out loud, knowing you’ve done
just that: procrastination,
disorganization, trips to guilt
country, too much on the plate of
life, super Mom, Dad, employee etc.
Thank you very much!”



stress tips get
right to the heart of the issue; elegantly
concise and free of superfluous


New Hope, PA

* * * *


am very thankful to
you, because I get  good

tips from you and they made me to
act what I want to be
in my life!”


Bangalore, India

“Your tips
remind me that it is the little
things that I control that bring the
real simple quality to my life. It
is so easy to let myself go “crazy”
and it is usually a simple thing
that starts the ball rolling in the
wrong direction. I love the brief,
positive, to-the-point tips that
speak volumes to me…I am
constantly asking myself and others:
“Why make yourself crazy???”


Encondido, CA


never miss reading your stress tips.
are especially true in our most


Haifa, Israel

* * * *

“Like a
sharp, merciless scalpel, these
stress tips cut away the fluff, the
fads, the senseless distractions in
our culture that tend to rob who we

—Linda Maxwell

Richmond, KY

* * * *


last a collection of stress tips
that doesn’t
drive you crazy. G. Gaynor McTigue writes in a
clear, straightforward,

practical way that will soon help
clear the mental and physical
clutter from your life, eradicate
the thinking errors

and set you on a course for a
happier, healthier existence.”

—Jeff Petersen

Cove, Oregon

* * * *


didn’t realize how unnecessarily
crazy my life had become until I
started reading your
guide. Needless to
say, I’ve cut WAY down on the things
that used to
make me nuts! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!”


Baltimore, MD

* * * *


I feel stress coming my way, I open
up the stress tips

and they help me get through the


Freehold, NJ

* * * *


my stress tips every morning is like
hearing a favorite song on the radio. It’s
quite a mood booster! The tips are
helpful and realistic and if
employed, can facilitate stress in
anyone’s lifestyle.”


Atlanta, GA

* * * *


actually work!”



* * * *


thank God for giving the writer of
these stress tips the vision and the
words to put it into black and


Missouri City, TX

* * * *


a fabulous resource! I conduct
Stress Management Workshops around the World and
recommend this to my students. The
tips are digestible and on point.”

—Rosemary Rein

Costa Rica

* * * *


tips loosen the stress knots that
accumulate daily.”

—Nicole Wilcoxson

Deer Park, TX

* * * *


aren’t just stress tips–they’re
LIFE tips! Stress is your body’s way
of saying that your priorities are
out of whack…and Mr. McTigue’s
stress tips are the PERFECT way to
bring it all back into focus.”

—J. St. Pierre

New Orleans, LA

* * * *


stress strategies help me get a
handle on the stressors that
regularly creep into life. I have
learned to look

at things differently because of your tips.
Thanks for being such vital part of
my day!”

—Linda Williams

Chattanooga, TN

* * * *



—Allan Blackman



changed my life. I
had a heart attack at 39. I did the
opposite of everything you guys say!
Well done, keep it up and hope you SAVE
LIVES from the lessons learned!!”

—Mark Nathwani


* * * *


think that they are extremely
helpful in my everyday thinking.
When I feel stressed out I now look
at the bigger picture and think
before I jump or shout. The stress
tips are like a “little voice”
inside my head saying chill out and
relax..why make myself crazy? Thank
you from the bottom

of my heart.”

—J. Russell


“Kudos. I’ve
used a few tips in my food column
for The Daily Herald in Provo, Utah
(of course always giving credit!) to
strengthen the point I’m trying to
make. Thanks bunches!”

—Karen Hoag

Provo, UT

* * * *


enjoy them so much and try where I
can to put them into practice.
Please continue with your excellent

—J. S. Hughes


South Africa

* * * *


are like apples of gold on pictures
silver. Just right, and what’s


Warri, Nigeria

* * * *


love the stress tips! They make
sense and
help me cope with real life…”


Worcester, MA

* * * *


have found the stress tips to be
invaluable, in both my work and home life. Many of
them are so simple to apply, yet
they can make an enormous



South Africa

* * * *


a daily pleasure to read them and to
memorize them even. I haven’t a clue
how many have bought the book,
however, I highly recommend


—Meggie Mohr

Stuttgart, Germany

* * * *


tips are innovative and simple to
follow. One step at a
time, big changes are possible in
one’s life!! Thanks

for the tips.”


Bangalore, India

* * * *


stress tips are wonderful. SHORT AND




* * * *


stress tips proved to be extremely
encouraging and useful.

I took in the tips and they affected
my life right away. The stress
seriously just seemed to trickle out
of my life.”

—Andrew J. Breland

Gulfport, MS

* * * *

“Your stress
tips have helped me think
differently. Your “meat &
potatoes” strategies are full of
practical, down to earth suggestions
which we often overlook in our daily

—Magdalene Dawson

Petaling Jaya

West Malaysia

* * * *


lost my husband, age 55. Your stress
tips have gotten me through a lot of
rough days. They helped put things
back into proper perspective. I
thank you.”


Arapaho, OK

* * * *

“The tips
provide a laugh, a chuckle, a nod,
or a sigh… and then I feel I can
go on with my day. The writing style
feels as if I am hearing from a
friend, telling me to slow down,
take care and listen! Good job and
please keep going! Cheers.”


Chatham, NJ

* * * *

Website written, designed

and developed by Jerry



Gerard G. McTigue. All Rights
For more information Contact


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DIYBeehive.com | Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Bee Hive

Product Name: DIYBeehive.com | Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Bee Hive


From: Nick Winters
Warre Beekeeper, Beehive Builder

var day = new Date();
var weekday = new Array(7);
weekday[0] = “Sunday”;
weekday[1] = “Monday”;
weekday[2] = “Tuesday”;
weekday[3] = “Wednesday”;
weekday[4] = “Thursday”;
weekday[5] = “Friday”;
weekday[6] = “Saturday”;
var date = new Date();
var month = new Array(7);
month[0] = “January”;
month[1] = “February”;
month[2] = “March”;
month[3] = “April”;
month[4] = “May”;
month[5] = “June”;
month[6] = “July”;
month[7] = “August”;
month[8] = “September”;
month[9] = “October”;
month[10] = “November”;
month[11] = “December”;
var year = date.getYear();
if (year < 2000) year+=1900; document.write(month[date.getMonth()] + " " + date.getDate() + ", " + year);

Imagine that you are sitting on your deck enjoying the sun on a summer afternoon. You can see the red and green of your tomato plants in your garden.

You can smell the perfume of your flowers in the flower beds just off the deck. And you can hear the buzzing and humming of the honeybees in your garden beehive.

As you watch, you see your honeybees flying from flower to flower, gathering nectar and pollinating your garden and backyard.

You see them take the nectar back to the hive where they are making honey to share with you and your family.

You see them fanning and dancing at the entrance of their beehive, basking in the sun and enjoying good food from the flowers and plants in your yard and garden.

What If This Was Your Own Backyard? …It could be… All you need is a beehive or two!

What would you think if I told you that you can build your own beehive for less than a dinner for two at your favorite restaurant?

And what would you think if the beehive that you’ll build is sustainable, bee-friendly, and so easy to use that you can build one in a single afternoon?

There are a lot of beehive building instructions available for free… if you can figure out how to use them. Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what tools you’ll need, or even what materials are the best to use!

Maybe you asked around for help on forums. Maybe you paid for help. Or maybe you spent several hours or days hunting around the search engines trying to find a good beehive that was easy to use and simple to build… and fun for you and your family… only to find that you were looking for something as hard to find as a needle in a haystack.

Because all that searching, analyzing and comparing can get frustrating, and you can run into dead-ends, I understand that you want a simple shortcut to building your own beehive. You want to be able to easily assemble your hive, finish it and install it, and have it ready for your own colony of honeybees.

Anyone capable of wielding a saw and a hammer will find this guide invaluable – particularly the very clear photographs – and you make it all very easy to follow with step-by step instructions.

I see you have also included diagrams that expert woodworkers can use – and some great bonuses!

I recommend this publication to anyone thinking of building a vertical top bar hive – nothing else I have seen comes close.

Phil Chandler (www.biobees.com) | Author of “The Barefoot Beekeeper”

I have to share a secret with you…building your own beehive is enjoyable! Handcrafting a beehive for your own colony of honeybees is an experience you will never forget. When your first colony of honeybees accepts the beehive you made for them, it is a very rewarding experience! It is made even more rewarding when you see just how easy and inexpensive it was to build!

Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0 by Nick Winters takes you step by step, teaching you how to:

With the simple directions I give you in your Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0 manual, you will be able to build easy-to-use beehives for use in a low impact and chemical free environment… Guaranteed!

What you are ordering here is an electronic book. After you order, you will arrive on a page where you can download this book in PDF form immediately, even if it’s 2:30 in the morning.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, I will refund your money for up to 60 days after the purchase date.

Thanks for the Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0. Very well done. I think that even I can follow these directions. Great detail with pictures. You did not miss a trick.

Truly a wonderful piece of work. Thank you again. God Bless.

Brian & Lynda Lou Sedlack | Lifetime Member

This is an all in one package. Do you want to build a top bar hive? Just follow the plans included in this manual. Do you want a frame beehive? Just follow the plans included in this manual. You get to choose how you want to build your own beehive.

Additionally, those of you who are ordering through this page will get a special bonus — full parts checklists for the Warre Garden Beehive in both Imperial fractional and Metric measurements. These checklists contain a list of every single piece of wood you will need to build your garden hive. Not only that, but these sheets give you the measurements for both 3/4″ wide and 1″ wide wood… these are the most popular wood sizes for beehives today!

All you have to do is flip to the hive part you want to build. Make a note of the wood dimensions and then just measure, cut your piece of wood and you are done! No fiddling with fractional calculations or other difficult measurement transfers. Just find your part, and then cut your piece of wood!

Great package. Very easy to understand.

I’m looking forward to building my first hive. Great “extras” too.

Much appreciated. Thank you.

Tony Wake | Lifetime Member

Not only do you get the parts checklists and diagrams I’ve mentioned above, you also get 9 step-by-step videos for the Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0.

I actually go through every page and every step in both the manual and all the checklists and documents so you don’t miss anything. On the off chance something didn’t make sense in the book, everything will be perfectly clear in the video.

It also saves you a TON of time. If you’re a beehive building newbie, it might take you an hour or two to get started with the construction process. But if you watch a video, you can get the hang of the whole process in about 25 minutes.

It’s like watching over my shoulder as I show you what to do and when to do it!

Here are all the Training Videos you get when you order today:

Why spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get your beehive created and set up — when you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get it up and running today?

And with every one of these 9 videos, you’ll be able to watch them directly on the computer screen itself!

I found the plans and all the extras very useful indeed. Nothing too complicated for the unskilled, and easy to follow. Building a Warré hive is on my list of things to do ready for next Spring.

Richard Lucas | richard-lucas.blogspot.com

If you act now, you’ll also get these Checklists and Reports:

Your garden hive construction guide is beautifully done. very clear and easy to follow.

Some one with little or no wood working skills (such as myself) could easily build the warre garden hive using this guide.

The photography is wonderful and really clears up many questions left from looking at all the computer or hand drawn plans online.

Thank you for all your hard work putting this great resource together.

Jeff Hartman | Lifetime Member

In addition to these great bonuses, you will also get full access to the Spring 2009 Natural Beekeeping Webinar recorded live with a great group of beginning and advanced beekeepers. We talked about beekeeping from a sustainable perspective and answered a lot of excellent questions on beginning backyard beekeeping.

Here is what you get with the Bonus Natural Beekeeping Webinar:

just purchased the wood for my Warre hive today. will be blogging about constructing the hive based on your plans. am flanked with a pantheon of master carpenters and boat builders for neighbors in my neck of Maine.

but expect, given the clarity of your design plans to be able to build my hive without forking over any compensatory cases of beer to my neighbors.

work in progress…blog in progress…..

The Luddite | ludditeapiary.blogspot.com

When you download Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0, you will receive:

Try out the Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0 for a full 2 months. If you are not satisfied with it in any way within those 60 days, just let me know. I’ll send you a complete refund from my own money, no questions asked.

The Risk Is 100% On Me To Deliver.


Nick Winters
Warre Beekeeper, Beehive Builder

P.S. Don’t forget my guarantee! You’ll buy the product and download it within seconds. After you flip through the report…if you decide within the first 10 minutes that it might not be for you, contact me and I will login to my PayPal or Clickbank account and send you a full refund with my own money. You can also spend all day or all week to decide if you want your money back…even a full 2 months if you want!

I am starting to build a new hive now for next spring. I may even build two of these.

Thanks for the great instructions.

George Baker | Lifetime Member

The plans were simple and easy to read and they made making the hive very easy. I like the step-by-step photos.

In one weekend (with some interruptions) I was able to make a hive with two boxes. Now all I need is the bees!

Galen Kreiser | Lifetime Member

Thank you so much for the copy of the construction guide, you have done a first class job the photographs and descriptions made the roof construction a piece of cake.

I have just completed my first one and it looks fine, I am now waiting for my first swarm to take up residence.

Your photographs and detailed explanations cover all the angles and make the building of the hive an enjoyable and stress free experience, I am unable to find anything to criticize.

Please feel free to use any of my observations, I am only to happy to help promote this most useful publication and further the cause of the Warre system of beekeeping.

Barry in the UK | Lifetime Member

My husband and I are just starting beekeeping. We had done some research and built a horizontal top bar hive. This took several days and turned out fine but the plans were a little difficult to follow. Then I came across your plans for the Warre Hive and decided to try this. Yesterday afternoon we put together 5 hive boxes and will complete the roof and base today.

The plans are great, clear, and concise. The pictures are wonderful. We used cedar and will leave it natural. Tomorrow we will introduce a package of bees in each hive. We are excited and look forward to starting.

Your plans, pictures and web site were so very helpful and helped to fuel our excitement. We will continue to follow your website as we go.

We hope to see plans for a feeder for the bees. Thanks so much.

Duane & Teressa Anderson | Lifetime Member

Copyright ©

DIYBeehive.com • Fort Collins, Colorado 80526Customer Support: support@diybeehive.com • Phone: 970-460-6568

Click here to get DIYBeehive.com | Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Bee Hive at discounted price while it’s still available…

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DIYBeehive.com | Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Bee Hive is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

RedChili - Restaurant WordPress Theme for Restaurant, Food & Cafe

RedChili – Restaurant WordPress Theme for Restaurant, Food & Cafe

Red Chili template

Red Chili – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Red Chili is a clean and modern WordPress Theme for all kinds of Restaurant, Hotel & Fast Food Company. It is perfect for any kind Restaurant, Catering Service, Fast Food, Pizza, Food Court, Bakery, Pastry Shop, Coffee Shop any Food business and personal Chef web sites. etc. It is easy to use.

Red Chili Theme comes with necessary features and pages for Food & Restaurant business such as About, Chief, Chief Detail, Different Food Menu, News/ Blog, News Detail, Recipe Page, Event, Contact page and others related Pages.

Restaurant theme Restaurant theme
Restaurant WordPress Theme

Restaurant WordPress Theme

RedChili Features:

  • 05 Home Pages (Multi Pages).
  • 05 Home Pages (One Pages).
  • 05 Header styles can do 10+ header variations.
  • 09 Case Studies Pages (Grid & Slider).
  • 02 About Pages.
  • 03 Chef Pages (Grid & Slider).
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder included – WPBakery Page Builder ($45)
  • Powerful Premium Slider included – Layer Slider ($22)
  • Food Menu Pro ($15)
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unlimited Color Combinations.
  • Customizer Included so you can change read time of theme option
  • Powerful Admin Panel by Redux
  • Dynamic Page Header
  • Clean, Trending and Modern Design.
  • Free Lifetime updates!
  • One Click Demo Importer (10 Home Pages)
  • Child Theme Included.
  • Supports all modern browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE11+.
  • WPML Translation Ready ( also pot file included)
  • Quick & Faster Support (15 hrs online in a day)
  • Google Web Font
  • Detail Documentation Included.


Font Awesome Icon – https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/
Flat Icon – http://www.flaticon.com/



Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the Template and NOT included in the final purchase files.


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Plugins Updated: Redchili-core 1.5, Layer Slider 6.6.8
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New: Woocommerce Food Menu Addon
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Fix: Single Food Menu Ingredients and Nutrition Show / hide option fixed
Fix: CSS fixed in the related food Menu and Widget area
Plugins Updated: Visual composer, Layer Slider , Food Menu Pro


Delimondo Seafresh Fully Responsive HTML Template

Delimondo Seafresh Fully Responsive HTML Template

WordPress version available here:

Delimondo” Seafresh Restaurant Template is built upon bootstrap framework and is fully responsive.
It adapts to window resolution and looks fantastic on all devices including ipad and iphone.
See for yourself (resize your browser and refresh page).

Delimondo Seafresh HTML Features:

  • Fully Responsive HTML 5 Website, Looks awesome on all device even new iPad Mini
  • 2 Homepage versions (2/3rd and fullwidth).
  • 2 Menu Card Designs 2/3rd one page and fullwidth book style.
  • 2 Nivo based Slider Options, 2/3rd and fullwidth slider adapt automatically to your screensize
  • Featured Dishes Slider
  • High flexible Team Slider
  • High flexible daily recommendations section
  • Awesome 4 column gallery slider
  • Blog section with single page layout
  • Form validated contact form with email notifications (PHP required)
  • Jquery driven awesome looking “Book a Table” Form 2 versions (desktop/mobile) with email notifications (PHP required)
  • Only free fonts (Google) were used, no hassle. (Except for the seafresh Logo).

Delimondo Photoshop Features:

  • PSD document is Set Up by convenient layer comps.
  • Logically named and color coded groups, folders and layers
  • Easy editing by smart objects
  • Detailed how to file
  • Quick and friendly support

Some words about our included documentation:

We at Template Rockers know that not everyone is a high class web developer.
That is why we give our best efforts for our products just to talk even to the unexperienced user.
For you this means that you will receive a product which we called
“easy as pie” to handle . This product will be no exception. We want you to have the greatest range of product-fun and usability. To avoid frustration and anger, we have written a very detailed and comprehensive documentation. Even as a beginner, it should be easy possible to create a great looking website with the included documentation.We have covered the most common question you probably would come about in our HOW TO? Section in the documentation.

However, should you stumble upon any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will will try our best to solve your problem.


HYEC Cafe - Restaurant Joomla Template

HYEC Cafe – Restaurant Joomla Template

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HYEC Cafe is an elegant and unique Joomla template, which will be ideally suitable for any sites related with Restaurant and Bar.

We are proud to release a new Responsive Joomla Template built off of T3 Framework and TZ Portfolio. HYEC Cafe is the first template which integrates TZ Guestbook a great Testimonial component of Joomla.

Let’s experience the passion with HYEC-Cafe under Bachata music.



HYEC Cafe is a Responsive Joomla Template. No more needs of different templates for each type of mobile device, your template will adapt automatically to the screen size of the device and display all the content in an intuitive and simple way.

TZ Portfolio


If you are a Joomla lover, you must see that is the best Content management system in the world (com_content). But the reality is that this system has not satisfied all of our needs. That why we build TZ Portfolio, which is an ideal content management system to fulfill all weaknesses of com_content.

TZ Portfolio works on database of com_content, sothat you do not have to worry about importing or exporting data from your system (which already works with com_content).

TZ Portfolio inherits all current functions of com_content, in addition, we develop two new data interfaces: Portfolio and Timeline view.

TZ Portfolio is strongly supported by Group Extra field system, you can create multi-portfolio system in your website. In addition, it supply 3 functions , these are video display, gallery or representative photo displayed for each article.

TZ Guestbook

TZ Guestbook is a simple guest book with responsive style. TZ Guestbook adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. Let us imagine a wall of time where we store memories over the years.


HYEC Cafe support upload single-image, mutil-image, youtube, vimeo, embed code.

More Features

  • T3 Framework v2
  • Ajax Infinite Scroll
  • Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression
  • Joomla 2.5.x compatible
  • jQuery Masonry Script

Icon & Image & Video Music


  1. http://iconsweets2.com/


  1. http://www.flickr.com/groups/sandwiches/


  1. Bachata Tanja La Alemana y Jorge Ataca WE Sensuel Nantes 2011


  1. https://soundcloud.com/therealdjtaino/que-precio-tiene-el-cielo


  1. Patua One
  2. Georgia
  3. Times new roman


Sushi Restaurant | Food & Restaurant Theme

Sushi Restaurant | Food & Restaurant Theme

Restaurant and Food Woo-Commerce Theme

We bring to you an awesome Restaurant and premium food theme design which has specifications best suited to fit in food industry businesses. It is being delivered hot with some tempting features like semantic code, powerful admin panel and premium slider plugins, menu or catalogue custom post with woo commerce to make comfortable payment / on-line shopping experience, Event Calendar Pro plugin to create stunning event pages etc., Sushi comes with features helps you in creating a flavourful and appealing website to your clients.

Grab it now and give your website a whole new enticing experience!

NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.

Change log:

2016.10.15 – version 3.0

 * BPanel UI design fixes for Events Calendar update

2016.10.08 – version 2.9

 * WordPress 4.6 Compatible
 * Font awesome css updated
 * TribeEvents shortcode category option added
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Mailchimp updated to latest api 3.0
 * Unyson importer plugin included

2016.07.04 – version 2.8

 * Latest TGM plugin updated
 * Latest Responsive Styled Google Maps plugin updated for Google Maps API key request.
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Little design tweaks fixed

2016.05.05 – version 2.7

 * WordPress 4.5 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Tab jquery updated
 * Some design issues fixed
 * Font awesome stylesheet updated
 * Site width extended

2016.03.31 – version 2.6

 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * WordPress 4.4.2 Compatible
 * WPML compatible issue updated
 * Font awesome stylesheet updated
 * Some translation texts updated
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.08.28 – version 2.5

 * WordPress 4.3 Compatible
 * Language files updated
 * Font Awesome Icons 4.4.0 updated
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * WPML compatible issue fixed
 * Catalog template page jQuery issue fixed
 * Woocommerce product title linked
 * Some design issues updated

2015.07.27 – version 2.4

 * Captcha for contact form added
 * Woocommerce category listing fixed
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.06.25 – version 2.3

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability in prettyPhoto jQuery library

2015.04.29 – version 2.2

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability
 * Updated to TGM Plugin 2.4.1
 * WordPress 4.2 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * BPanel options issues fixed

2015.01.09 – version 2.1

 * WordPress 4.1 Compatible
 * New Retina Ready
 * New updated documentation
 * All plugins Compatible checked
 * rtl.css updated
 * Theme performance improved
 * Dummy slider zip included
 * New Dummy content xml file updated
 * Added placeholder disable option

2014.10.01 – version 2.0

 * Responsive css updated
 * Select control arrow issue fixed

2014.09.13 – version 1.9

 * WordPress 4.0 Compatible
 * WooCommerce 2.2.2 Compatible

2014.09.09 – version 1.8

 * Revolution Slider 4.6.0 updated
 * WPML Config file updated

2014.05.26 – version 1.7

 * Gallery isotope issue fixed
 * Support WooCommerce 2.1.9
 * Designthemes core plugin updated
 * Some design Tweaks updated

2014.04.25 – version 1.6

 * Support WordPress 3.9
 * Gallery filter issue fixed
 * Support WooCommerce 2.1.7
 * Slider Plugins are updated
 * Designthemes core plugin updated for WP version 3.9

2014.02.25 – version 1.5

* Post format options updated
* 2 new skins added
* Boxed & Fullwidth options added
* Layer Slider 5.0.1 updated
* Revolution Slider 4.1.4 updated
* Gallery widget & Gallery shortcode added
* Woocommerce 2.1.2 support
* Yith wishlist 1.1.0, Yith magnifier 1.1.0 support 
* Dummy content file updated
* Mega menu animation added
* Breadcrumb updated
* Social icons replaced with font awesome icons

2014.01.10 – version 1.4

* New dummy content xml file updated
* Mega menu issue fixed

2013.12.27 – version 1.3

* Gallery Post type added
* New dummy content xml file updated
* New styles updated for  gallery pages
* rtl.css updated for gallery pages

2013.12.20 – version 1.2

* 3 types of header types added
* New dummy content xml file updated
* Some design issues updated

2013.12.14 – version 1.1

* Layer Slider, Revolution Slider updated
* Responsive google map plugin updated
* Events Calendar v.3.2 plugin support
* Woocommerce v.2.0.20 plugin support
* Yithemes Zoom Magnifier & Yithemes Wishlist plugin support
* Catalog menu page side sticky nav issue fixed
* Pullquote issue updated in DTCore plugin
* New Mega menu added
* New Progress chart added
* WordPress 3.8 compatible
* WooCommerce & Events pages cleaned & updated
* Some responsive & design tweaks fixed


In Taverna–HTML5 Bi-Direction Website Template

In Taverna–HTML5 Bi-Direction Website Template

“In Taverna” is a multi-pages bi-directional website template written in HTML5/CSS3 for restaurants, bars, taverns. Can be easily converted into any other business website.

Template has two versions: left-to-right and right-to-left.
All pages for RTL version are completely adapted. View two fully-translated example pages:
1) Home Page
2) Contact Page

This template is suitable for managing texts and photos via CMS (Cushy) by people who have no HTML knowledge.

This template has variety of layouts, colour schemes and backgrounds at your choice.

Flexible design, each part can be replaced, extended and customized. It includes unique features like:

  • Draggable front image
  • Opening modal boxes
  • Sliding captions for images
  • Toggling boxes
  • Sliding panel
  • CSS3 transitions
  • Drop-down menu
  • Paginated blocks of content
  • Contact and Reservation forms based on Google Docs
  • Editable via cms

and more.

Code: 100% valid, well-commented, super accurate.


  • 13 html pages (left-to-right) + 13 html pages (right-to-left). Total: 26 pages.
  • 10 css files.
  • 16 js files.
  • Folder with images-elements in jpg and png formats: buttons, badges, icons, arrows.
  • Layered PSD files: elements: buttons, badges, icons base, (7 in total).
  • Help file in PDF format.

Things to note:

  • Contact form is Google Docs based. Test the demo
  • Template is tested in: latest major browsers on Mac and Windows + IE8
  • WordPress version is not (will not be) available
  • Minimum screen resolution for this template is 1024px x 800px
  • Do not expect IE to work as well as Safari and Chrome do

For extra articles about customisation of template please visit my blog

Thank you!


Can Progress Bar

Can Progress Bar

This item is no longer update and there’s no support for it.

At your own risk.

Get better user conversion

Can Progress Bar is your WordPress tool for better user experience.

Easy to configure, customize and responsive ready, use it anywhere, through your e-commerce or your surveys.

– Quick and simple installation
– You choose the look!
– Works with WooCommerce or any other e-commerce plugins
– Responsive ready
– Easy to customize
– WPML compatible
– Flexible
– Comes with pluggable functions and filters to change base styles
– Easy to link each step to it’s specific page, post or custom post type
– Control how many steps you need and when users are allowed to go back

Base template

Progress Bar WordPress

Progress Bar WordPress

Subtle template

For a limited time this current version comes with the new template “Subtle” for free!

Progress Bar WordPress

Progress Bar WordPress




Restaurant Cafe - Theme for Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant Cafe – Theme for Restaurants and Cafes

This lovely niche theme is built and suitable for any business operating in the Restaurant industry. Restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, bakery, pubs, cafeteria, coffee shop pizzerias or other restaurant related businesses, this is the theme for you. It has purpose oriented design and comes with powerful Reservation Solution, Menu pages, Shop, Reviews, Q&A and Team Member pages. It is suitable for users with zero programming skills as well as advanced developers.




  • 23 Meticulously-scripted and professionally-produced HD video tutorials for beginners worth 79$!
  • Sleek and easy to use Drag & Drop page, blog posts and portfolio posts builder, similar to the popular Visual Composer.
  • 1200+ Premium Icon Set – $39.
  • Revolution Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin ? $19!
  • Ninja forms
  • Max Mega Menu plugin.
  • Cube Portfolio Grid worth $16 !
  • FoodPress – Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin ! $29 !


The most popular reservation and menu plugin FoodPress fully integrated.

  Top notch customer support

  • Help Desk with one on one email and ticket support and dedicated support staff ready to assist you.
  • Response times usually less than 8 hours.
  • 23 Meticulously-scripted and professionally-produced HD video tutorials for beginners worth 79$!
  • Extensive set up guide.
  • 100 + help articles written by us.
  • In-Dashboard Contextual Help. There are little helpers everywhere in the interface, that let you retrieve quick information about the particular fields you are currently viewing.

 Endless layout possibilities

  • Boxed and full-width layout.
  • 10 header layouts .
  • One Page Style menu option .
  • Live Customizer.
  • Choose from four max resolutions ? 960 px, 1140 px, 1260 px and 1400 px.
  • Flexible 8 sidebars in body and in footer.
  • Flexible left, right or both sidebars on inner pages and posts.
  • Unlimited Dynamic Sidebars.
  • Global archive templates.
  • Per page and per post option panels.


  • Live Customizer.
  • Lighting fast. Exceptional page-load performance straight out of the box.
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3 design following all modern best practices. Designed primarily with CSS, minimal graphics means minimal load-time.
  • Consistent code structure.
  • Very well-maintained and minimalistic code structure.
  • Pixel perfect design.
  • Custom post type support for Portfolios and Testimonials.
  • Unobtrusive CSS3 and jQuery-powered effects.

 Unlimited styles

  • 1200 Premium Icon Set – $39 Value!.
  • Easy Parallax builder.
  • CSS animation option on most of the elements.
  • 30 + custom ready to use pages with amazing design.
  • Theme skin switcher with 4 predefined skins.
  • Fullscreen background images.
  • Set a different background image for each page.
  • Set a different background color for each page. 55 + color pickers to style every element.
  • The theme will let you customize the style and typography of every element in the design.
  • Packed with 100+ options, it allows you to make your website look exactly like you want!
  • Child Theme Support for Advanced Users.

 Mobile support

  • Responsive layout (320px to 1400px).
  • Option to disable the background images and elements on mobile devices.
  • Option to enable search and top bar
  • Hardware-acceleration on sliders and all javascript.
  • Touch Enabled Sliders with swiping.
  • Gracefully degrades in older browsers.
  • Dedicated mobile design, looks perfect on your mobile device.
  • The columns of portfolio, blog and featured slider layout respond to resolution.4 column layout will go down to 2 in mobile resolutions

 Page/Post drag & drop builder

The VamTam Drag and Drop Builder is conceptually based on the popular Visual Composer.
It is a very rich tool with simple interface for building any page or post layout with simple drag & drop. You don?t need to touch one line of code for creating your page layout and elements. This tool will save you lots of time on building your pages or posts. The VamTam drag & drop page builder is tightly integrated with tinymce editor and you can switch to visual or text editor at any time without losing any changes. Tabs and Accordion elements with drag and drop interface. Drag & Drop page builder works with pages, blog and portfolio posts.

 Font replacement

You can change any text on your site
to the font of your liking and you can preview fonts in the admin panel

  • Google fonts support – 600+ fonts
  • Font Face

 WordPress Live Customizer

All theme options are available in the WordPress Live Customizer to style your site easily in the front end.

  Jetpack and Jetpack widgets

    We support some of the great free features Jetpack plugin come to offer:

  • Custom CSS.
  • Custom Content Types.
  • Extra Sidebar Widgets.
  • Infinite Scroll.
  • Sharing
  • Tiled Galleries.
  • Widget Visibility.

 10+ portfolio layouts

  • Cube Portfolio Grid worth $16 !
  • Filtered portfolio with cool CSS3 animations.
  • Featured slider for portfolio listing and portfolio posts.
  • Full width portfolio

 One-click demo content install

  • Integrated Envato Toolkit – you can update the theme from the admin panel.
  • Demo content and configuration one click install.
  • Widget importer.

 Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin ? $18 Value!


Support for the best shop plugin – WooCommerce!

 SEO friendly

  • Built with semantic best practices and search engines in mind!
  • Support for All in one SEO pack plugin.
  • Support for WordPress SEO plugin by Yoost

 Translation Ready

  • 100% WPML compatible.
  • The theme is translation ready – po/mo files included.


Stock Images

Other scripts used in the theme:


How to update the theme
How to update the Restaurant & Cafe theme

Changelog Restaurant theme

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