3 Things Internet Advertising Agencies Are Going To Be Doing Next Year – And One They Will not

Progress stops for no one, and this is certainly truer now than it probably ever has been before simply because technology has taken over as the hallmark of our age. It's no surprise that more traditional industries in life have had to adapt, and this is certainly the case with the rise of internet advertising agencies. What was once an industry dominated by men in black suits pitching ideas on paper has now become a diverse conglomeration of talent operating in cyberspace. It's a mad, mad world indeed.

The issue that internet advertising agencies face, though, are really similar to those of their forefathers – change with the times, understand what makes people tick, or crash & burn. As with most blunt evaluations, it is most certainly easier said than done. Considering we live in a world where a version of one technology can become almost obsoleste in just a couple of years, changing with the times can mean redefining on what feels like a daily basis.

It does not sound like an environment conducive to longevity, but herein lies the promise that comes with internet advertising agencies. Being born in the age of the World Wide Web has given these agencies a chance to be on the forefront of the changes that will define advertising for the foreseeable future. Tweaks aside, having an in on the web & understanding how it can work for you makes for a solid foundation.

Although prognostication is not necessarily the same as adaptation, the age of the Internet has changed all of the rules, and part of this change includes sometimes making bold moves.

Here are three things internet advertising agencies will be doing next year:

Reliance on Customer Data Acquisition and Analysis – Data is where it's at when it comes to advertising. Not only will it be vital to know how to get this data, but it will be even more important that you've got the right people to make the data do more than fill a spreadheet.

Fighting Over Talent – As such, agencies will try to get the best of the best on their team. Of course, this has always been the case, but the advertising talent today has such specialized skills that getting the right people on staff can really make or break things.

Investing on Education in New Technology – New things such as artificial intelligence are on the horizon. While it may still be working out the kinks, it will be part of the future, which means you're either onboard or on the sidelines. Agencies will have to invest in their team's education on this and other technological breakthroughs.

As far as the past is concerned, one thing these agencies will not be doing any longer is trying to operate as independent, freelancing niche groups that are fairly one-dimensional and have more notoriety than substance working for them. In other words, the new kid on the block is typically hot for a while, but at some point, the hype dies down. It's not easy to feel as though you're being passed over by the new guy because you are, make no mistake about it. However, internet advertising agencies are also learning that having one foot on the ground is not akin to one in the grave – it just means you're thinking about the future.

Source by Morris Raymond

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Online Classifieds – Free classifieds advertising with Classified 2000 .net

Product Name: Online Classifieds – Free classifieds advertising with Classified 2000 .net


Our goal is to continually provide quality service and affordable advertising.

Our rates are always competitive and fair.

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Guide to Choosing an Advertising Agency

Choosing an advertising agency can be the best move your company ever makes or a costly mistake. There are a few basic things to consider when choosing someone to take charge of promoting your business or product. You may want a company that specializes in a particular media such as direct marketing or print advertising or concentrates more on making your brand or logo visible to the public.

More companies than ever are deciding to use broadcast production to promote their product or services. Ads on television and radio reach more people that any other method, providing you choose the correct time slots for your target audience. An advertising agency will know where to place your ads in order to reach the consumers that are likely to need your business. While you may think prime time television is the ideal spot for your ad, an agency that makes it their business to study viewing and listening habits may know that your product would do better in another slot or may even in another media. Placing your logo in a Sunday newspaper, for instance, may be a better idea than a radio spot. Ad agencies make it their business to know how and where to reach the largest segment of people who will respond to your advertising. They may even advise you to take your campaign online, an increasingly popular and effective advertising tool.

You may want to consider an agency that specializes in commercial production rather than one that spreads itself over all media. These agencies know where to get the best producers, the most creative managers and the best prices for your ads. Perhaps you are looking for one that concentrates on video production so you can effectively advertise within your industry or distribute focused CDs to a select demographic.

If you see an ad that grabs your attention, find out who created it and contact them. Read some trade publications and find out which agencies have received awards; there is a direct correlation between award-winning ads and sales of the product they were advertising.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to advertising agencies. Sometimes a smaller agency, as well as being less expensive, can focus on your job much better than a large and busy shop. Smaller firms also tend to attract very creative designers that are just beginning their careers and have fresh, unique perspectives.

Choosing the right advertising agency may take a little time but the results will be well worth it.

Source by Ryan Gilbert

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Facebook Ads are much better for highly targeted
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For example, if you own a Pilates Studio
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Google Adwords doesn’t know that much
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As a result of the better targeting
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Have you ever tried to set-up a Google Adwords
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A good picture is worth a thousand words.
This is one of the most powerful features on Facebook Ads.
Better use images in your ads on Facebook is a huge
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Facebook Ads are much more cost effective.
This is great especially for small businesses trying to do
online marketing without a big budget.

Setting up an ad campaign on Facebook is
lot less frustrating than Google Adwords. As mentioned earlier
you benefit from using pictures in your ads, but you also
have more space for your ad descriptions. Adwords allows you
to use only 75 characters, whereas you can use a whopping
135 on Facebook! Facebook Ads also allow you to use more restricted
words than Adwords in terms of possible copyright issues.
You can even use the exclamation mark in your Facebook ads!

Facebook has now over a Billion users worldwide.

If Facebook was a country it would be the third biggest
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Advertising Guide is an excellent guide book that
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Two Moons Consulting we provide our clients with
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Professor of Sociology
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This site and the products and
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– Sam Rosen

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Henri J. Van der Aa

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3 Surprising Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Push Marketing and Advertising to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence is going to change everything we do in advertising and marketing, but not in the way we think. The truth is that if used correctly, RPA software and intelligent machine learning can give companies and agencies the power to provide extraordinary experiences for customers. The kind of campaigns that move the customer on an emotional level.

After all, that is the key to a loyal customer base. The people who come back again and again because they know on a gut level that a business understands them. Steve Jobs saw this after a calligraphy class inspired his design for the iconic mac fonts. Creativity and intelligent automation seem like the furthest concepts from one another, but in fact, they are intrinsically connected.

We are currently drowning in a sea of data. This data contains valuable information about consumer preferences, their likes, and dislikes. The key to creating something that consumers truly want. Even giants, such as holding companies dedicate a massive amount of resources to crunching the numbers.

Combining AI with creativity can open up a whole new field of marketing and advertising. There are three ways this can take shape, and they are all interconnected.

Targeted Experiences – when you add AI to the marketing mix, it opens up a whole new category in the funnel. This means curated experiences for every different type of customer in the market. Capturing Millenials and Baby Boomers with the same campaign, using powerful messaging that appeal to each group. This isn’t the stuff of tomorrow. Many agencies are already deploying AI technologies to their advantage and producing creative that works across the board. According to Entrepreneur, AI will help companies target customers more accurately and place budget dollars where they belong.

Tighter Budgets – speaking of dollars, the analytical power of AI software will help solve one of the most age-old problems in advertising. Funding campaigns that deliver on ROI and help companies take calculated risks that pay off. Marketing and creative wants the budgets to be higher, and businesses want to cut costs. There is no “right” or “wrong” party here. A large part of advertising is trial and error, but that means wasted money. However, when businesses and agencies use intelligent machine learning software to analyze customer data, a lot of the guesswork goes out the window. This creates a positive feedback loop, where money can flow to the projects that need it and build richer marketing experiences.

A Marriage of Creative and Data – any marketing manager worth their salt knows that the best creative is made possible by data and analytics. Machine learning algorithms are making this symbiotic loop stronger. They perform elaborate functions without slowing down the customer experience. This allows creative teams to get fast feedback, giving businesses time to change their approach and become agile. Instead of waiting for analysis to determine if a campaign is resonating, with MLA’s, companies can get results almost in real time.

Don Draper would have killed for the kind of value AI can add to creative. It’s a chance to leave the guesswork behind and make more impactful campaigns. Like it or not, advertising and marketing are just one of the many fields AI is going to change.

Source by Sasha Kogan

Mixta — Creative Agency, Portfolio PSD Template

Mixta — Creative Agency, Portfolio PSD Template

Team - Multisport & E-sport WordPress Theme

Responsive wordpress Theme

Mixta ? Creative Agency, Portfolio PSD Template have an awesome design for website of Personal Portfolio, News / Magazine, Fashion, Creative Blog, Gallery Photo, Creative Corporate, Community, Company Profile, Agency and other. It’s clean, modern and beautiful grid based template.
Design built on the UIkit grid that makes easy to create website templates, based on our layout: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or HTML theme.
This PSD file is perfectly organized, so you can easily customize everything you need.
PSD theme includes website development elements such as: contact page, portfolio, presentations of the project, and other necessary design elements.

In addition to the exhibited works, this template contains three presentations of the project. You can show the details of the work on the project and the process of its creation.

This template can also be used for any other type of website, especially for Freelancers or Photographers.

Key Features

  • 9 Fully Layered PSD Files with Layer Styles
  • Multiple project presentation
  • Based on 1200px Uikit grid
  • Each PSD includes a guidelines
  • Unique and Modern Design
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Well organized layers
  • Free Google fonts used
  • Free Icons used
  • Great Portfolio / Portfolio detail layouts
  • Awesome and Creative Design.
  • Great Support 24/7.
  • Easy to find the files name, folder, layers, goups.

PSD Contents

  • 01_Mixta_home.psd
  • 02_portfolio.psd
  • 03_photo_project.psd
  • 04_Video_project.psd
  • 05_project_web_design.psd
  • 06_contacts.psd
  • 07_loading_page.psd
  • 08_offline.psd
  • 09_error_page.psd


If you have any questions please feel free to email us via contact form here.


Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Elegant Directory Theme

See More

First version of our Business Finder theme was released in August 2013 as an absolutely unique design and theme concept inspired by our very successful Directory Theme. Theme was continuously updated with new features, it was getting better and better. Over the three years Business Finder WordPress theme received dozens free updates, which is remarkable.

In the beginning of 2016 we started working on new theme update called Business Finder+ again based on our very successful Directory+ WordPress theme. We made a list of our customer requirements and new theme was born. This brand new Business Finder+ WordPress theme is coming to all our existing Business Finder customers free of charge. It’s a completely rewritten theme with brand new features, updated design and compatibility with new plugins.

Extension plugins are not included in the theme package. Yes – theme and plugins do cost more that a generic multi-purpose theme, but you’re not buying just a WordPress theme, you’re buying yourself a fully working and proven online business.

What's New on Business Finder+

You’re able to set up 7 different headers per any page:

  • Standard Google map
  • 3D Google map
  • Video header
  • Revolution slider
  • Static image
  • No image

Each Directory listing detail page can have in the header one of the following 7 options:

  • Standard Google map
  • 3D Google map
  • Street view
  • Business view
  • Static image
  • No image

Modern Design

Fully Responsive

Special Business Finder Features

Theme Features

Business Finder comparation table 1

Business Finder comparation table 2

Business Finder comparation table 3

Business Finder Iconsets

Available Extension plugins

Some things in the demo are commercial add-ons that aren?t included in the download. Business Finder+ WordPress theme is tested & fully compatible with the following extension plugins. These plugins are not required for your website to function and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. These plugins are not bundled with the theme.

We’ve simplified your life and prepared you also over 15k category icons and map pins to start your online business faster.

Page Builder

Multilingual Ready

Easy as Drag and Drop

Woo Commerce Support

Ecwid Store Support

Divide and Conquer

Style Fine Tunning

Seo Ready

Sidebar Manager

Theme Support

1 Minute Setup

Focus on Security

Developers You Can Trust

Directory Items Element Vertical Taxonomy List Element
Directory Items Info Element Vertical Toggles Element
Promotion Element Vertical Posts Element
Job Offers Element Vertical Events Element
Services Element Vertical Price Tables Element
Portfolio Element Vertical Faq Element
Testimonials Element Vertical Partners Element
Advertisements Element Vertical Revolution Slider Element
Members Element Vertical Opening Hours Element
Contact Form Element Vertical Easy Slider Element
Counters Element Vertical Countdown Element
Columns Element Vertical Rule Element
Facebook Element Vertical Twitter Element
Video Element Vertical Mixcloud Element
Soundcloud Element Vertical Page Title Element
Text Element Vertical Google Maps Element
Widget Area Element Vertical SiteMap Element

Absolutely unique features of Business Finder+ WordPress theme:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Drag&Drop Page Builder
  • Over 30 elements to build your website
  • Google Fonts
  • Mega Menu
  • Sidebar Manager
  • SEO Tools
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Geolocation support in km and miles
  • Frontend registration for guests
  • Guests can administer their own listings
  • Ability to get pointer on the map from address
  • Administrator can define packages and set the price
  • Wide / Narrow layout style
  • Advertising spaces
  • Contact form on listing detail page
  • Listing by location or category
  • Featured items
  • Listing sorting
  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • Many portfolio layouts that can be used on any page.
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps integration
  • Custom CSS field for your own styles
  • Automatic theme updates
  • Theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that HTML design is completely separated from other PHP. Making updates cannot be easier.
  • And many more…

Google Maps API limits

There is no issue using Google Maps on directory sites unless number of map loads is not higher than 25000 a day. If number of calls to Google is higher, you need to purchase Google maps for Business license. Please check the following url for more details.


White, grey, black, light blue, dark blue, light green, purple, gold and yellow. Hotel & hospitality, restaurant, real estate, marketing company, blog, cms, portfolio website, software & computer sales, information technology, travel & tourism, solicitors, car business, music industry, food & drinks, human resources and personal relations organizations, school, university and college websites, science, magazine & community websites, blog.

Note: Images used on our demo sites are proprietary images and are not included in the theme package.

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