Horrific murder caught on CCTV

Shocking: Killer smashes head of old man with rock, murder caught on CCTV

Horrific murder caught on CCTV

The horrific murder was caught on CCTV camera


  • A gruesome murder in Tamil Nadu was caught on CCTV
  • The killer smashed head of the sleeping old man with a rock
  • He escaped after grabbing cash inside the man’s shirt

Shocking CCTV visuals have emerged from Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu in which a man can be seen smashing a sleeping old man’s head with a rock. The old man has died. He has been identified as Egambaram.

The killer can be seen jumping inside the gallery where Egambaram was sleeping. Egambaram was working in the same house. Killer then smashed Egambaram’s head with a rock. He then checked the old man’s pockets and ran away with the cash. The murder took place on September 12. The video has since gone viral.

The CCTV footage has been sent to police and it is being analysed. Local residents have demanded an enquiry and called on the police to arrest the killer immediately.

Another such incident had come to light in August when a man tried to stab a woman in broad daylight in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. The incident was recorded in CCTV.

The woman was saved by the general public who nabbed the man and handed over him to the police.

The accused, identified as Arun, was trying to hack the woman as she was allegedly in a relationship with his father due to which his father separated from his mother.

Shocking Video: Killer smashes head of old man with rock

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