Salman Khan ‘Doesn’t Want To Be A Part’ Of The Show Anymore

New Delhi: 

Salman Khan, so good to see you! Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar started with Salman Khan taking us inside the Bigg Boss house, the contestants of which were busy with a task. With the three ‘jail mates’ release from the kal kothri, the housemates were given a task to label each other with tags such as “shatir, khalnaayak, kapti” and zero.” Surbhi was chosen as the villain by the end of the task while Dipika was tagged as ‘shatir.’ Saba was voted for ‘double standards’. But the interesting part of the episode arrived after the task, when Salman Khan interacted with the housemates personally.



The show host began by addressing Anup Jalota and Sreesanth, who are currently in the secret room. Salman Khan asked what Sreesanth plans to do as he had said earlier that he wants to ‘unmask’ a few of his fellow housemates. As the camera switched to the house, Salman had a detailed conversation with Dipika and Surbhi, who alleged the former of hiding her ‘real image.’



Next, Salman pulled up Shivashish for planning an attack on Deepak during the luxury budget task. Even after Salman trying to make Shivashish realise the repercussions of physically hurting someone, he remained adamant about his view. He continued to justify what he did was correct till Salman appeared to lose his cool. Later, Shivashish and Deepak repaired severed ties over apologies.

Talking about physical violence, Salman also pointed out how Srishty Rode and Saba Khan engaged in a fight during the captaincy task. Even the housemates agreed that Srishty was at fault and was difficult to deal with once she locked herself up in the washroom. By this time, the atmosphere got heated with Salman Khan threatening to throw out whoever poses physical danger to others. He also said: “This is not a show that I want to be a part of,” adding: “Even I don’t want to be seen like this.” However, the chapter ended with Srishty Rode and Saba Khan apologising to each other.



In other news, Shivashish gets nominated for this week’s punishment. Sunday’s episode will reveal who gets evicted from the show. Actress Kajol will also make a surprise appearance in the house on Sunday’s episode to promote Helicopter Eela and lighten the mood with fun and quirky tasks with the housemates.

Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 12.

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