Live updates: US President Trump heads to Paris

Live updates: US President Trump heads to Paris

President Trump departs Friday morning for Paris for a series of events to mark the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the WWI armistice.

The trip comes following a wild week of news — two mass shootings, a midterm drubbing that saw Democrats make massive gains in the House, and the forced resignation of his embattled attorney general — and President Trump will try and use the world stage to reset his agenda while bolstering his presidential standing with two days of largely ceremonial events.

His only bilateral meeting is with French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, where issues like Syria, Iran, and trade could come up. The two men are close, but remain apart on issues like Iran and trade.

Like Trump, Macron is also suffering approval ratings problems at home.

Initially expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, those talks could now come now at the G20 later this month in Argentina. But he’s still likely to encounter Putin, along with leaders like British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during the centenary ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe on Sunday.

Trump’s main speech will also come on Sunday, which will also act as his traditional Veterans’ Day address. He’ll deliver it at the Suresnes American Cemetery outside Paris, which was set aside for fallen US soldiers.

The Paris trip was announced as a replacement for the military parade he commissioned, which was deemed too expensive.

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