Brett Kavanaugh hearings: What to watch

Live: Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, in her opening statement, appealed to Republicans to give Democrats more time to review the recently released documents before continuing with today’s hearing.

“I really regret this, but I think you have to understand the frustration on this side of the aisle,” Feinstein said.

“Every one on this side of the aisle wants to do a good job,” Feinstein added. “They want time to be able to consider what the findings are and there are tens of thousands of pages of emails and other items which could institute findings on a whole host of major subjects that this nominee may be faced with, and they’re serious.”

“It’s not to create a disruption,” she explained. “It’s not to make this a very bad┬áprocess. It is to say, ‘Majority, give us the time to do our work so that we can have a positive and comprehensive hearing on the man who may well be the deciding vote for many of Americans’ futures.”

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