Intruder rapes woman in her South Delhi home

Intruder rapes woman in her South Delhi home

A research associate living in a posh South Delhi locality was allegedly raped and robbed by a stranger who managed to sneak into in her house while she was away and attacked her when she returned.

The incident took place last week when the 27-year-old woman had gone out for work. When she returned home, a six feet tall man came from behind, grabbed her throat and threatened her of dire consequences if she raised an alarm, claimed the woman.

The Delhi police have registered a case for rape, causing hurt, criminal intimidation, attempt to murder, robbery and wrongful confinement.

“To gain sympathy, I told the attacker that I was only 21 years old, but it did not move him. He took my handbag and took away my highend headphones.”

“All this while, he had tied my hands and feet. He even made me speak to my mother. Despite being so shocked and scared, I spoke to my mother as if everything was fine with me,” the complaint told police.

The woman said that after a while, the attacker forced a bottle of alcohol down her throat, took her to her bed and raped her.

She suspects that the man was following her for a long time.

“My entrance to the house is different from the rest of the house, and is not easily visible to someone new. He was very casual and spoke to me in both Hindi and English. I fear that he has observed my movements and knows where I work, shop for groceries and my daily pick-up and drop locations,” she told police.

The accused allegedly stayed in her house for over five hours and left around three in the morning. “It was only after an hour of his leaving that I could muster courage to call my friend and her parents and report the incident,” she said.

Nearly 7,200 cases of stalking were registered in 2016 and out of the 7,073 accused who were charge-sheeted, only 480 got convicted.

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