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Evolution of the Zero Vacuum Engine – A Replication of John Bedini’s Zero Force Motor FULL DISCLOSURE by Yaro Stanchak – One of John Bedini’s most coveted technologies, the Zero Force Motor is revealed in full detail. Yaro shares some of John Bedini’s lab notes relating to the ZFM that have never been released before showing the genesis of some of John’s magnetic model concepts. The ZFM is an ironless motor that runs a rotor at high speed with minimal current draw. It is extremely efficient, exhibits some anomalous behavior, and still has some secrets yet to be revealed. It is thought that this motor coupled with a low drag or drag free generator that this could possibly run itself. This motor is the key to high speed for lower power.

Release date – July 20, 2017. Learn more: Zero Force Motor

The Gold Magnet – Attracting Non-Ferrous Metals by Jeff Moe is a simple presentation that shows you how to pick up metals without iron with an easily built electromagnet.

This is not a new concept, but goes back to the early 1900’s and apparently Jeff’s uncle is the originator of the concept. Although others have replicated it and even written about it, there are very few replications!

You will see the history of its invention, theory of its operation and the know-how so that you can replicate your own magnet that picks up gold, silver, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals!

Release date – July 21, 2017. Learn more: The Gold Magnet

Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller is the presentation that everyone has been waiting for. Finally, the details to replicate Joseph Newman’s motor has been released!

Geoffrey Miller worked with Joseph Newman for about 10 years and was one of the few that earned Newman’s trust enough to be let in on his most coveted secrets.

Geoffrey is the one that actually helped Newman increase the quality of his own builds and this took it to a whole new level. There are lots of conspiracy claims for energy technologies, and Joseph Newman’s motor was one of the most suppressed in history with more documentation that you can believe! Even the court’s own special master (expert) agreed that Newman’s motor worked as claimed but they still threw it out, which was beyond corrupt.

Release date – July 25, 2017. Learn more: Newman Motor Disclosure

Two Overunity Technologies and a Theory to Explain Them by Dr. Paul LaViolette is a powerful presentation where he presents two of the most profound overunity technologies.

Besides going into the fallacies of much of conventional beliefs in terms of the foundation of physics, he reports on two profound technologies.

One of the technologies is a high overunity hydrogen technologies that produces heat and the the other is a thruster that produces unidirectional force 1000 times more than a NASA designed thruster per input – actually, this thruster requires ZERO energy expenditure to produce the thrust!

Release date – July 28, 2017. Learn more: Two Overunity Technologies

Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami presents quite possibly the simplest unified field model that has ever been proposed that even those with non-technical backgrounds can understand. A unified field model ties together gravity, inertia, time, electricity and many other natural principles in a seamless way that they all collectively form one cohesive picture of how the Universe is put together.

Beyond this, Hacking the Aether essentially debunks all the basic and fundamental laws of physics – one of the most outrageous claims anyone could make, but it is done in a simple and eloquent way that is nearly impossible to argue with because it uses conventional claims themselves to point out the inadequacies.

Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, and other principles are debunked using elementary logic. The first and third Laws of Motion are rewritten so that they reflect reality and a simple formula to show that inertia is actually a form of dielectric induction of space into mass is presented. Again, this is all done so simply that the layman can understand the concepts.

Einstein’s biggest blunder is that space can be curved – this is one of the most ludicrous ideas ever put forth in science and is easily debunked based on the simple facts that a mass cannot curve space if space is supposedly made of nothing and the curvature of space violate the necessity for an equal and opposite reaction, which does not happen! You will see how gravity operates in a manner so simple that even a child can understand the natural laws.

This presentation should be at the very foundation of anyone study into the energy sciences because it lays the groundwork based on common sense, historical facts, and basic logic. It is the birthright of every human being to understand their relationship with the natural universe and Hacking the Aether fulfills that role.

Release date – August 8, 2017. Learn more: Hacking the Aether

The Universal Medium – The Great 20th Century Prophets by Paul Babcock. For the first time publicly, Paul Babcock shares intimate details about his own life story, background and path that he followed that has led him to the understanding that he shared with the audience.

He covers some of the greats such as Tesla, Lakhovsky and a few others and how their work is directly related to The Univeral Medium – otherwise known as the Aether.

Because of his extensive background in electrical engineering and personally having held may technical and non-technical duties in many companies, he has amassed a uniquely qualified skillset that has allowed him to unlock the true nature of the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator.

It wasn’t until several years ago that the real circuit was even known since Lakhovsky and his son never revealed it to anyone. Fortunately, some engineers came across some original units still crated up after all these decades. They reverse engineered it so that the actual circuit is known.

However, the deeper understanding of the nature of the machine and it’s interaction with The Universal Medium is still missing from the literature and this is where Paul’s profound and empowering presentation comes in. He also covers how the machine and the Aether interact with our physical bodies to boost the Life Force energy, which allows it to operate at an optimum level.

When you hear Paul’s personal story, which I have been a personal witness to most of it, it will shatter a few paradigms of what is thought to be possible!

Release date – August 10, 2017. Learn more: The Universal Medium

Subtle Energy Protocols, Experiments, Baseline Results by Professor Robert M. Haralick. Subtle energy, for a lack of a better term, refers to the energy and/or the change of the structure of space that occurs when influences such as conscious intention affects material reality.

An example of this kind of influence is when healers use Qi or Parana to effect a healing either close by or remotely.

Other instances include mental telepathy, remote viewing and the programming of quartz crystals by conscious intention.

Tiller uses the quantum mechanics phrase Raising the Gauge.

There are other situations where a subtle energy can develop: These include being exposed to certain kinds of magnetic fields or electric fields, being exposed to quartz crystals, and being exposed to sacred geometric forms.

This talk discusses the difficulty of doing subtle energy experiments, gives the protocols for a few different kinds of subtle energy experiments involving water, describes a number of kinds of measurements that can be made of water, and shares the results of those experiments.

Release date – August 15, 2017. Learn more: Mind Over Matter

Musical Seismograph – Demonstration of the Tesla Converter by Eric Dollard. The advanced seismic warning system that was built by Eric Dollard in Landers, California was the most advanced earthquake forecasting system ever developed or probably even imagined.

It could predict earthquakes 6.0 and above 24-72 hours ahead of time, which is far beyond anything our own government or military has ever achieved (publicly that is.)

After it was closed, Eric has been working to rebuild the basic system, but this time on protected land where nobody can stop the progress.

He has been accomplishing this with a low budget based on donations and “glom”, which is free stuff found around the desert, junkyards or electrical surplus places. This has been ongoing for a few years now and the progress has been incredible including have an entire mine dedicated with three seismic transducers (seismographs) at the disposal of EPD Laboratories, Inc!

The signals are very low strength and it is an amazing challenge to amplify these – especially if the goal is to do it all with analog components. Of course being that Eric Dollard is the modern-day Tesla, he is doing it Tesla style.

This presentation walks you through the concepts of converting the seismograph signals into musical signals using a Tesla Converter. Most Tesla fans have never heard of or even know what a Tesla Convert is, but Eric teaches what it is and even shows one working. It amplifies signals with resonance instead of electrically. That along is beyond the scope of most Electrical Engineers and Eric Dollard is using this to have each Seismograph output tones that will eventually be tuned to the Pythagorean scale.

If you thought 432 Hz was the musical note of A that would be in resonance with the natural world, well, the truth is you’ve been misled. The truth is that the Pythaogrean scale is the one that is truly in harmony with natural ratios and you will learn all about that in this presentation.

Besides the Tesla Converter presentation and demo (with us in the actual mine!!!), you’re going to learn about some audio amplifier circuits that you have never seen and the design concept that Eric shares may very well be the most highest fidelity audio amplifier ever conceived. This has never been publicly shared so you’ll be the first to see what he has been working on.

You’re going to learn quite a bit about multiplexing, which is like playing a chord on the piano, but it is more than that. On phone lines, being able to send multiple signals once and having them be split apart again at the end.

You’re going to see Eric on a piano keyboard showing a lot about chords and multiplexing. He has quite a bit of this in the presentation and is necessary to prove the point.

This is one jam-packed presentation and just so you know, the transmission lines for the Advanced Seismic Warning System will be complete in about a month!

Thank you for supporting EPD Laboratories, Inc. and Eric Dollard’s work.

Release date – August 17, 2017. Learn more: Musical Seismograph

Think Strategically & Spread Your Message by Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich – Do you have questions such as “What are the best ways to tell the world about this invention?” or “How can I spread the word about game-changing energy science?” Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich offer tips that can help, whether you work alone in your garage or in industry with access to a communications department.

Multiple Order Harmonics – Tuning the QEG by James Robitaille – Ronald Brandt was a brilliant experimenter who was successful in developing many Tesla and related technologies. He associated with many of the legends of the “Free Energy” and Tesla Sciences field including the late John Bedini who he shared his well-known “Tesla Switch” plans with that ran an electrical motor in a unique way that allowed the batteries to stay charged up while producing an abundance of mechanical work.

With a different methodology, he developed a generator technology that had high energy gains based on synchronizing various resonances in the system and this serves as the foundation for the Quantum Energy Generator or QEG project, which became an internationally known phenomena by Hope Girl and the Fix the World Organization.

Release date – August 23, 2017. Learn more: Multiple Order Harmonics

H2Global – Clean Fuel for a Clean Future by Walt Jenkins – Most water fuel researchers and developers are focused on methods to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water with electrolysis (running electrical current through the water). However, there are other ways that are much more efficient and effective. With only hundreds of miliamps, Walt Jenkins can run an engine with 95%+ water.

He isn’t using electrolysis, but he was heavily involved with that years ago and he is actually the original developer of the popular dry cell that most experimenters are using.

Moray King considers Walt Jenkins to be the modern-day Stan Meyer and that is a very strong statement coming from a leading authority on water fuel technologies. Help us bring more awareness to the work of Walt Jenkins so we can have clean fuel for a clean future!

Release date – August 25, 2017. Learn more: H2Global

Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity & Singularity by Al Francoeur – This is the premise of much of the model that Al Francoeur has been working on in relation to explaining how he believes the Ed Gray power supply works. The Gray Motor was verified in the past to operate at over 300 COP, which means 300 times more work was demonstrated compared to the net loss in the batteries that were powering the motor.

Al happens to own the largest collection of the remnants of Ed Gray’s technology and he has been diligently working to reverse engineer the power supply to see what if any components or how it is built is operating in some unusual way. There appears to possibly be a transformer winding method that on the surface would appear to not work and it deals with counter-turned windings that oppose each other. Conventionally, the thought would be that it would cancel out the ability to generate a magnetic field, but there are other instances where this kind of winding method has been implemented and it actually gives very unusual performance such as is seen in the famous Kromrey Generator.

Release date – August 29, 2017. Learn more: Electricity, Magnetism, Graivty & Singularity

Poor Man’s Split the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford – John Bedini came up with this method years ago after studying the concepts in the famous Ed Gray motor, which had a similar process, but with much higher voltages. The above example has been known as Bedini’s 3 Battery system and very few people have ever understood the profound implications of it.

Now when you combine this concept with a highly efficient Bedini Energizer where you can recover a high percentage of what goes into the system in addition to getting some extra electricity from some generator coils that have very low drag, you have the keys to be able to produce mechanical or electrical work while making up for virtually all its own losses. That means you have a simple system that keeps itself charged up and you can create the battery swapping part of the system with parts from your local hardware store!

Release date – August 31, 2017. Learn more: Poor Man’s Split the Positive Battery Swapper

High Voltage N- Machine, Advancing the Homopolar Generator by Aaron Murakami – At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I review the basic history and the most notable names who have been involved with this kind of generator and then I show a working model that I have used to charge some capacitors up to 150-160 volts! If you consider the fact that for the size of magnets I was rotating, I would be lucky to wind up with 0.5 volts! I have a neon bulb connected to the capacitor and the bulb blinks every time the capacitors are up to the trigger voltage of these neons, which is about 95-105 volts.

What this shows is that I’m able to get 200 TIMES THE VOLTAGE than is expected from this kind of generator, which could very well take the entire experimental world of homopolar generators to a whole other level of practicality unlike anything has ever been demonstrated. It appears that at the conference, the small demonstration model achieved a worlds record by showing that I have wound up with more voltage from a Homopolar Generator that anyone has achieved in the last two centuries!

Release date – September 5, 2017. Learn more: High Voltage N- Machine, Advancing the Homopolar Generator

2017 Panel Discussion #1 – Al Francoeur, Yaro Stanchak, Aaron Murakami, James Robitaille, Geoffrey Miller, Jeff Moe.

2017 Panel Discussion #2 – Susan Manewich, Jeane Manning, Walt Jenkins, Dr. Paul LaViolette, Aaron Murakami, Prof. Robert Haralick and Paul Babcock.

Babcock External Field Interaction Motor by Paul Babcock – In this presentation from the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Paul Babcock discloses for the first time how this motor actually works. It is based on the foundation that he taught in Magnetic Energy Secrets Parts 1, 2 & 3. What you will learn is that it is indisputable that magnets really are a source of energy contrary to what the physicists claim and engineers claim. Release date – July 25, 2016. Learn more: Babcock DC Motor

Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami – This presentation reveals and unknown patent application that spells out the clearest description and list of benefits of Cold Electricity out of any public document. It has been hiding in plain sight for years and is the subject of a replication attempt. There are enough details in this presentation to demonstrate the basic switching method and two proposed methods of operation. Proceeds from this video will be used to further the replication attempt and we hope that others will be able to follow suit. Release date – July 27, 2016. Learn more: Cold Electricity

Panel Discussion at the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference – This starts with some announcements from the vendors who had tables at the conference and then we celebrated Tesla’s 160th Birthday by playing the trailer to a very important documentary called Teslafy. The director of the documentary Janja Glogovac was there to share a bit about her work. The panel discussion was moderated by Aaron Murakami and included contributions by Peter Lindemann, Paul Babcock, Moray B. King, Graham Gunderson, Professor Robert Haralick, Jim Murray, Mike Waters and Eric P. Dollard. Watch it free right below, give it a LIKE and please share it with all your friends! Release date – July 29, 2016

Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator by Jim Murray – This astounding machine demonstrates many principles that are not understood by conventional science. It rotates but creates a square wave output, with positive feedback – it speeds up to self-destruct speeds, which you normally only see in science fiction movies but this is the real thing, it can light mercury vapor lamps at 200-300% more lumens per watt among other mind-bending feats! For the first time ever, Jim Murray discloses the inner workings of this machine to the public and even describes how someone can replicate it by modifying an off the shelf motor. Release date – August 1, 2016. Learn more: Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator

Magnetic Implosion Transformer by Graham Gunderson – This presentation shows a solid state transformer invented by Graham that measured out at 570% more output than the input he had to pay for at a live demonstration. He can even dial the input down so the input goes negative, which means the COP (coefficient of performance) is infinite (ratio between intended work compared to input we paid for. These measurements were validated by multiple methods that all corroborated with each other. Release date – August 3, 2016. Learn more: Magnetic Implosion Transformer

Open System Physics & Thermodynamics by Mike Waters – If you want to learn an argument that wins 100% of the time against conventional physicists who deny “overunity”, this is for you. You’ll also learn how Michael produced 12,000% MORE electricity from the wind compared to a conventional turbine – it’s so simple, you can build your own test units to see what they produce! He also goes into graphene, cavitation and many other concepts including sharing his vision of a personal transport vehicle that could eventually have an unlimited range. Release date – August 5, 2016. Learn more: Open System Physics & Thermodynamics

Bedini SG – Beyond the Advanced Handbook by Peter Lindemann – This is the first time John Bedini’s 1984 Kromrey Generator has been publicly demonstrated ever and the meters showed that the output was 200% compared to the input. The Bedini SG that was demonstrated had a self-rotating battery system based on Bedini’s Splitting the Positive diagram and it recycled virtually all of the energy is used to run the energizer back through batteries to charge them up. The amp hours of running time that this energizer demonstrated was way more than the battery capacity can account for. A diode method was also shown that elicited way more radiant energy than the circuit and batteries could even handle, which teaches you that generating the radiant is not the issue because it has always been in the machine from the beginning – the real issue is how to safely capture it! The bottom line is that this presentation demonstrates that everything we have said in the Bedini SG books are true.  Release date – August 9, 2016. Learn more: Bedini SG – Beyond the Advanced Handbook

Sharing the Breakthrough Energy Message by Ken Rochon – How do you get the word out about a very important message to a lot of people? You create viral message campaigns using social media. Ken Rochon of The Umbrella Syndicate is able to capture the spirit of an event using his unique style of promotional photography, is an author of 15 books and has a humanitarian approach when working with organizations all around the United States. Release date – August 11, 2016. Watch this video FREE on YouTube below as well as 2 slideshows from the conference.

Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems by Eric Dollard – This is the sequel to The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson. This is the deepest Eric Dollard has ever gone to develop the theoretical basis for longitudinal propagation, which is not subject to the inverse square law. There is also no velocity to its propagation and therefore no association to light speed. If you ever saw the classic Borderland videos on Tesla’s Longitudinal Waves, this presents diagrams, math and more information that you can ever hope for if you want to experiment with the analog Longitudinal networks on your own! Release date – August 15, 2016. Learn more: Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems

From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning by Moray B. King – In an internal combustion engine the big anomalous energy manifests from microscopic ball lightning – not hydrogen combustion. This presentation shows many resources and academic paper references that are involved with the latest research in this field. You will also learn how you may be able to make your own nanobubbles using various methods of cavitation to create what just may be microscopic ball lightning in your engine. Release date – August 18, 2016. Learn more: From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning

Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments by Professor Robert Haralick, Guy Obolensky & Loren Zanier – In this talk, we describe experiments by which the diamagnetic field by the bloch region and by the poles of a magnet may be measured using 3-axis Hall effect milligaussmeters, magnetoresistive milligaussmeters and sensitive differential electrometers. Our experiments provide evidence for the existence of a diamagnetic field and the vortex of the paramagnetic field. Experiments also reveal longer spinning times with a load than without and a loss of weight. Release date – August 23, 2016. Learn more: Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments

Plasma Impulse Motor by Aaron Murakami, presents a novel way to power an inductor that appears to possibly have a reduced resistance/impedance effect in the entire circuit. This may prove out to show how to get a stronger magnetic punch on a coil thereby increasing its power so we can have stronger motors for the same or less electricity. It is also a 100% mirror image of the Gray Tube circuit, which is though by many to be THE Holy Grail of Free Energy since the output is astoundingly high compared to the input. If the inductor’s impedance is being reduced, even a little, this is a very important discovery in electromagnetic science. Release date – August 27, 2016. Learn more: Plasma Impulse Motor

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami, 5th Edition, is recommended for anyone that wants to learn about the basic principles that permits systems to freely output more than what we have to put into them. The Quantum Key could easily be called Free Energy 101. None of this violates any laws of physics contrary to what conventionally trained skeptics claims and it is backed by Nobel-Prize winning work in thermodynamics. This is a unified field model for the layman, which seamlessly connects aether, mass, gravity, inertia, electricity, time and extraluminal travel. Using elementary math and simple equations with easy to understand analogies, anyone can understand the science of free energy and the thermodynamics that actually describes these systems. Learn more: The Quantum Key

Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami is the definitive book and video collection, which teaches all about plasma ignition systems.  This is the first significant improvement to ignition systems in the last 100 years that almost anyone can build with simple off the shelf parts. This includes theory, pictures, diagrams and many hours of videos. Hundreds to thousands of people around the world have replicated this plasma ignition method. Learn more: Ignition Secrets

Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murakami reveals what Stan Meyer was really creating with his water fuel technology and that was a synthetic fuel on demand based on NITROGEN modification of the water fuel (HHO). Nitrogen is responsible for slowing the burn rate and lowering the temperature of hydrogen so that is can burn more like gasoline. This is all demonstrated with Meyer’s own documents, which many self-proclaimed Meyer experts deny exist, but here they are all spelled out in Water Fuel Secrets. Learn more: Water Fuel Secrets

A Course in Mind Power by Aaron Murakami covers many rare pieces of information that are left out of much of the western literature when it comes to enhancing mind power. That even includes teachings in English of Eastern philosophies. You will understand the secrets of the ideomotor effect and who was really behind the science. You will also learn some little known facts about Zi Fa Dong Gong as well as Kundalini that you won’t find elsewhere. Make sure to read the testimonials on

this website! Learn More: A Course in Mind Power

How to Build a Jet Engine by Aaron Murakami teaches how to do it with a turbocharger along with some efficiency modifications that nobody else is showing, which were designed by the inventor of the world’s most efficient heat exchanger. Learn More: How to Build a Jet Engine

Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – Building a Bedini SG is a Right Of Passage For Anyone Seeking REAL Free Energy! Save Thousands Of Hours Of Research, and Eliminate Trial & Error! For The First Time Ever, The Entire Bedini SG Schematic, Parts List, Detailed Building Instructions and Circuit Operation Theory are Revealed All In One Place. Learn more: Bedini SG

Bedini SG – The Complete Intermediate Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – This takes everything you learned in the beginner’s handbook to the next level. Building upon the original Bedini SG, you’ll learn how to critically balance the circuit and charge and discharge capacitors so you can get more output for less input. You’ll also learn a bunch of John Bedini’s personal tricks to enhance efficiency even more. Learn more: Bedini SG

Bedini SG – The Complete Advanced Handbook

Bedini SG – The Complete Advanced Handbook by Peter Lindemann – The third book reveals the final secrets of John Bedini’s self-running machines. One of the main revelations of this advanced book is a complete disclosure and analysis of John’s low-drag generator designs. This shows you how to convert the mechanical energy of the wheel into excess electrical energy. Learn more: Bedini SG

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann – Learn to understand the chemistry of what a battery actually is, it is easy to see the parameters of what the battery charger needs to do in order to treat it right so that when it is charged and discharged, they can have a theoretical infinite number of charge/discharge cycles. That’s right – infinite – because the chemistry of a lead acid battery is 100% REVERSIBLE!
Learn more: Battery Secrets

Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann – This video  goes deeper into the chemical changes that happen during repeated, incomplete charge cycles. This is one of the main reasons why batteries fail. It also goes into the chemical changes that happen when a battery sits for a long period of time without use. Learn more: Battery Rejuvenation

Magnetic Energy Secrets – Part 3 by Paul Babcock – In this presentation from the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, many different devices are discussed, which all have one thing in common – Back EMF or Lenz’s Law has either been partially or fully negated. The implications of this are priceless, because it allows you to get more mechanical work from a motor for less energy than conventionally built motors. Learn more: Magnetic Energy Secrets

The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Law by Jim Murray – At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Jim gave a presentation called The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Law. For the first time ever, many of the secrets to the Dynaflux Alternator are revealed including details that were intentionally left out of the patent! If you want a disclosure on an electrical generator that has been tested to output over 2.5 times the amount of electricity compared to a normal generator turned by the same motor – here it is! Learn more: Dynaflux Alternator

The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard – In this presentation, we demystify the aether and give it tangible form and substance while attempting to demonstrate how it is the medium of creation. Below is a synopsis of each section of this presentation that is nearly 4 hours long! Learn more: Power of Aether

Plasma Ignition for Wasted Spark Systems

Plasma Ignition for Wasted Spark Systems by Aaron Murakami – The Ignition Secrets book and supporting videos and documents are all about the theory, science and application of the Plasma Ignition system itself. Many people have been able to successfully build bench models and even put it on their automobiles as long as they aren’t using wasted spark ignition systems. The problem with wasted spark ignition systems is that half the plugs run on the opposite high voltage polarity as the other. That makes it more difficult to install the plasma on these cars. This presentation shows what the wasted spark ignition system is all about and how I personally overcame this issue on my own 1998 Subaru Legacy GT with a boxer engine. Learn more: Ignition Secrets

The Lord’s Pump Project by Al Throckmorton – The Lord’s Pump Project was started to help a small isolated village of 2500 people in northern Uganda without potable water. This presentation presents the inspired answer: A plastic pump operating at 260 psi using the water pumped as the fuel. The plasma ignition system ignites this water gas pushing the water out and up to heights thought to be impossible by conventional thinking. This presentation also includes techniques for liberating explosive gas from water as well the creation of other elements in the plasma and the impact on our present model of the cosmos. Learn more: Lord’s Pump Project

Overunity Disclosure & Floyd Sweet’s VTA by Graham Gunderson – Out of all of the technologies built by other people that I have been tasked to verify, there was only one that was verifiably overunity, which was a system similar to the famous Floyd Sweet “VTA” but in this device, it charged up the battery bank of an electric car using ambient energy. It took a week to charge its batteries, but it worked. Since there is so much complexity in this quest for overunity and it isn’t attainable by most people, I wanted to present something that the average tinkerer can actually build and verify and that is exactly what I presented at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference. It is a simple transformer with simple off-the-shelf parts configured in a specific way so that there is a “motional” or moving magnetic field and it is that moving field that allows this transformer to demonstrate overunity performance – and how it does this as if it is alive and breathing. Learn more: Overunity Disclosure

ECE Unified Theory of Physics by Douglas Lindstrom, PhD –  As revealed in this lecture, the currently accepted model of the physical universe has outlived its usefulness to the point that new experiments such as CERN cost tens of billions of dollars, investment that could be much more wisely utilized elsewhere. The electromagnetic theory of Maxwell of the 1860’s is still the electromagnetic theory used by mainstream engineers and scientists. The electromagnetic portion of the ECE theory, a theory which in total couples electromagnetism, gravity, quantum theory, and the rest of physics, together as a unified field, is presented in a manner that can by understood by anyone with a slight knowledge of the mathematics of vectors. This theory is used to explain LENR, the homopolar generator, and parametric over-unity devices, all of which have eluded satisfactory explanation using the standard model. Learn more: ECE Unified Theory of Physics

On the Parallel Propulsion Researches of Tesla and J.J. Thomson by William Lyne – In this new presentation the comparison between the works of these two important men are reviewed in detail. We’ll be covering material going back to the late 1880’s. This presentation includes a discussion of the Theory of Electromagnetic Momentum developed by J.J. Thompson and is crucial to the understanding the foundations of aether physics. Learn more: Tesla & JJ Thompson

2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion moderated by Jeane Manning – Watch it for FREE!

Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami is the definitive book and video collection, which teaches all about plasma ignition systems.  This is the first significant improvement to ignition systems in the last 100 years that almost anyone can build with simple off the shelf parts. This includes theory, pictures, diagrams and many hours of videos. Hundreds to thousands of people around the world have replicated this plasma ignition method. Learn more: Ignition Secrets

Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murakami reveals what Stan Meyer was really creating with his water fuel technology and that was a synthetic fuel on demand based on NITROGEN modification of the water fuel (HHO). Nitrogen is responsible for slowing the burn rate and lowering the temperature of hydrogen so that is can burn more like gasoline. This is all demonstrated with Meyer’s own documents, which many self-proclaimed Meyer experts deny exist, but here they are all spelled out in Water Fuel Secrets. Learn more: Water Fuel Secrets

Real History of the Ed Gray Motor Part 2 by Mark McKay, E.E. – In February of 2014, I received a call from one of the primary, early supporters and personal friend of Ed Gray. He told me that he had found some recently uncovered audio tapes from his attic, where he was interviewing Gray’s Chief Engineer, Richard Hackenberger, about the technology’s secret power supply method. He sent me a transcript of these recordings and they revealed a lot of new information that has never been released before! This is the REAL background and history of WHERE this technology came from. And I can tell you one outrageous detail …. ED GRAY is NOT the inventor! Told for the first time in public, this is the REAL story of Ed Gray and his fantastic self-running machine. Visit Homepage: Real History of the Ed Gray Motor

Advanced Motor Secrets by David Squires, E.E. – Designing an electric motor that produces one horsepower for about 200 watts of input electricity is not that difficult in principle. The physics and the mechanics are fairly straight forward. You do have to understand the math and the theory, however. The end result is an electric motor that produces a lot of mechanical energy while dissipating very little electrical energy. This advantageous energy transformation is possible in well engineered designs and becomes the “Power Gain” in the system. But let me make one thing perfectly clear. No electrical laws are being broken here. These Advanced Motor Secrets use the same math and magnetic theory as ordinary electric motors. You just have to know what you are looking for to find it! Visit Homepage: Advanced Motor Secrets

Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter Lindemann  – In my presentation, you will learn the real history of perpetual motion and how our ancestors learned to power their machines by the Forces of Nature. You will also learn that the first, undisputed Perpetual Motion Machine was built in 1605 and given as a gift to the King of England! But that is not all! You will also learn that there are over 500,000 of this type of machine on the planet today, and there is one in New Zealand that has been running continuously since 1864! You see, Real Perpetual Motion Machines run from an energy source that is available everywhere, all of the time. Even Nikola Tesla described this as “the ideal source of energy” to power our industrial society! The machine he designed to run on this energy is called the “Self-acting Engine”. Visit Homepage: Perpetual Motion Reality

Tesla Solar Tracker 5 by John Bedini – The World’s Most Efficient Solar Charge Controller JUST GOT BETTER! The Tesla Solar Tracker 5s are specifically designed for offline solar power systems. They are fully integrated solar charge controllers. Most charge controller and solar panel systems cannot even start charging the battery banks until there is direct bright sunlight on the solar panels. It is common for these Tesla Solar Tracker 5’s to start charging as soon as the sun comes up until the sun sets. Marginal light is the minimum requirement – so you can have battery charging all day long even under cloudy skies! Under clouds, it is not as as strong of a charge as it would be under direct sun, but the Tesla Solar Tracker 5 can still give you some charge where other controllers fail! Visit this page for John Bedini’s work on this: Tesla Chargers

The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification by Jim Murray & Paul Babcock- At the recent 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference, the S.E.R.P.S. machine was demonstrated publicly for the first time in history. S.E.R.P.S. is a Switched Energy Resonant Power Supply, which operates on the same power magnification principles that Nikola Tesla used to amplify the power in his generators. In layman’s terms, energy is supplied by a power transformer to run the lights and then is stored in a capacitor. The capacitor is then discharged back through the lights again to the power supply in a way that neutralizes the load seen by the power supply. The consequences of this energy oscillation is that the load (bulbs) can be powered twice while the net energy supplied by the power supply is reduced to a very small value. The implications of this technology for energy use in the future is absolutely astonishing! Visit Homepage: Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification

Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine by William Lyne – Almost everything believed about “space aliens” are nothing more than a complex web of lies within lies to cover up the real truth that the U.S. Government has had fully operational electric propulsion craft capable of interstellar travel for over 70 years. I rarely have presented such a complete expose of this material in a live presentation – Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine. This presentation also covers my work with the Atomic Hydrogen Furnace technology that I developed many years ago, which is partially inspired from Irving Langmuir’s work with his Atomic Hydrogen Torch. Hydrogen molecules require a smaller amount of energy to split them into atomic hydrogen than the energy released when they are recombined back into molecular hydrogen! Visit Homepage: Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine

Cosmic Induction Generator by John Polakowski – The Cosmic Induction Generator is a very important technology with many applications, but the first goal was to demonstrate the manifestation of visible evidence of the intrinsic formative forces of the universe, which is done in the spirit of Tesla technology. The back to back Tesla Transmitters are designed to replicate the ideas expressed in Wilhelm Reich’s “Cosmic Superimposition” of formative fields. When two living energy fields mutually interact, they can stimulate each others’ excitation to the point of illumination – in other words, CREATE LIGHT! Another one of the applications of the Cosmic Induction Generator is that it can create an electrical flame between the two coils, which when modulated with audio frequencies can emit music with the most impressive, hi-fidelity sound that you will ever hear! Visit Homepage: Cosmic Induction Generator

The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson by Eric Dollard – There are two different ways of looking at electricity when it comes to wireless signal distribution. One is based on the “electro-motive-force” associated with magnetism, and the other is the “displacement current” associated with dielectricity. Today’s methods focus mostly on the e-m-f’s of magnetism and ignore the displacement currents of dielectricity. This creates an unbalanced system with significant limitations. I move beyond the theory of how to do this and present actual working models and data with numerical values for given currents, voltages, and power flows through the transmission networks. No one has ever done this before!! I finish by showing the complete electrical characteristics of the various transmissions systems used in the last 100 years. This includes the later Marconi systems, the Tesla system, and the later Alexanderson systems used at New Jersey, California, and Hawaii. This is the first time in history that this complete method of analysis has ever been revealed. Visit Homepage: Extraluminal Transmission

2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion by Jeane Manning – Watch it for FREE!

Magnetic Energy Secrets – Part 2 by Paul Babcock – Paul picks up where he left off from Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1. This time he presents all the math necessary to calculate how much radiant energy is contributing to the production of new energy in the system. He also shows a demo of his highly efficient motor running. Learn more: Magnetic Energy Secrets

Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann – This video  goes deeper into the chemical changes that happen during repeated, incomplete charge cycles. This is one of the main reasons why batteries fail. It also goes into the chemical changes that happen when a battery sits for a long period of time without use. Learn more: Battery Rejuvenation

Open System Thermodynamics by Peter Lindemann, DSc – “We’ve all heard that the laws of thermodynamics say that a machine cannot produce more energy than it runs on. But that is only true using closed system thermodynamics. In 1977 a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discoveries of Open-System Thermodynamics, where environmental inputs can add to user inputs to produce super efficient systems. Therefore, we CAN and DO have machines that can produce more energy than we have to supply and no laws of physics are broken.” Visit Homepage: Open System Thermodynamics

Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries by Jim Murray – Most people believe that Nikola Tesla made his primary contributions to the field of electrical science. In this presentation, Jim Murray retraces his decades of research into Tesla’s discoveries concerning mechanical power. This 90 minute lecture includes over 90 Power Point slides, showing the results of dozens of original experiments and their startling implications. Learn More: Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries

Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity Video by Eric Dollard – What is not understood by most engineers and motor specialists is the fact that the “rotating magnetic field” is inherent in the electricity itself, and not just an artifact of the stator coil arrangements! Tesla’s invention of “poly-phase, Alternating Current” electricity is actually much more complex and interesting than most people think, and I have spent the better part of my adult life experimenting with and developing an understanding of it. This is, by far, the most comprehensive discussion of the history, philosophy, and development of the understanding of electricity that I have ever produced. I’m sure you’ll enjoy making it a valued part of your study library! The Complete, 3 HOUR, unedited presentation made by Eric at the 2013 Bedini-Lindemann Science and Technology Conference, talking through a Power Point Presentation with 131 Slides. Learn more: Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity

Contract Manufacturing – Turn Your Dreams into Reality by Mike Hirata – Watch FREE!

Gadgetman Groove by Ron Hatton – Watch FREE!

Redox Signaling Molecules by Dr. Karl Smith – Inside this FREE information, you’ll find out: REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES FACTS: Redox Signaling Molecules is considered the MOST important health science breakthrough in the last 100 years! Learn the biochemical SOURCE CODE that has been left out of all the health guru’s explanations. Redox Signaling Molecules has over 300 peer reviewed medical studies published monthly – each study is an average of 9 months – it is the FASTEST growing field in the health sciences. Learn why antioxidant supplements are almost completely worthless to the body. Redox Signaling Molecules are required for Stem cells to work – basically stem cells do not know where to go or what to turn into without these all-important molecules to know where to go and what to turn into. This is NOT about vitamins, herbs, mineral supplements, amino acids, fatty acids or any of the fad functional food drinks – it is not even on the radar of all the health gurus! Redox Signaling Molecules are the only technology that can benefit the weakest of the weak to the strongest of the strong including olympic athletes! Surprise info included! And Much More Inside….This presentation is no longer available but you can download the FREE book, which covers this topic. Download this book FREE –  Redox Signaling Molecules

Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter Lindemann, DSc – The Natural World is in Perpetual Motion. Discover the True History of How Inventors Have Been Attaching Their Machines to the ‘Wheelwork of Nature’ for Over 400 Years!The Truth Will Astound You and Open Your Eyes to a World with Unlimited Amounts of Clean, Low-Cost Energy! Learn more: Perpetual Motion Reality

The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay, E.E. – E.V. Gray’s Motor is One of the Most Sought After Technologies in the History of Exotic Energy Science. What You are About to Learn is the Real Story of Ed Gray and the Astonishing Path He Travelled to Develope, Prove, and Eventually Lose Control of This Incredible Technology. Learn More: The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor

Magnetic Energy Secrets (Part 1) by Paul Babcock – Physicists Have Always Said That Magnetism Isn’t a Source of Energy. Well, They’re Wrong! What You’re About To Learn is Something That Has Been Kept Secret From The Public For Over 170 Years! These Really Are The Magnetic Energy Secrets That You’ve Never Seen Before!Visit Homepage: Magnetic Energy Secrets

Advanced Motor Secrets by David Squires, E.E. – Scientists and Engineers Have Always Told Us That Electric Motors ‘Convert’Electrical Energy Into Mechanical Energy. Apparently, That’s Not True!It Is Now Clear That Electric Motors Can Be Designed To Produce Mechanical Energy AND Recover Most Of The Electricity They Are Running On! This Turns The Idea Of ‘Conversion’ On It’s Head!! Learn more: Advanced Motor Secrets

Versor Algebra Volume II by Eric Dollard – In Versor Algebra Vol. II, Special Theories of Sequence Operators as Applied to Power Engineering, the general theory presented in the first volume is actually applied to any number of phases. The second volume covers a plurality of phases including eight phases, which is necessary for the proper mathematical analysis of polyphase music. It also covers the very usual true single or monopolar phase developed by Nikola Tesla for his telluric ground transmission systems. We also review the more common three and four phase power systems. Visit Homepage: Versor Algebra

Tesla’s Radiant Energy by Peter Lindemann  – What is Radiant Energy? How is it produced? What is its relationship to “ordinary” electricity? How can it be harnessed to power our industrial machines? Why is it important to understand the answers to these questions? Finally, with Tesla’s Radiant Energy, you can understand exactly what Nikola Tesla discovered, all those years ago, as described in Tesla’s own words! This lecture is the definitive communication on Tesla’s model of electricity and its relationship to the production and use of Radiant Energy as a freely available energy source from theenvironment. Visit Homepage: Tesla’s Radiant Energy

Real Rain Making by Trevor Constable  – While Meteorologists catalog weather events AFTER they happen, I have been interested in discovering WHY they happen in the first place. After all, it is in the deeper study of “true causes” where the mysteries of life are revealed. Regardless of how unusual any weather event may be, there is a real reason for it and a real set of laws governing the appearance of that event. I believe I have discovered the real energy source that drives the weather, and with this new theoretical basis, have developed a comprehensive set of methods for modifying its appearance. So if you have never heard about this before, now you know why. The documentation has just never been widely available. But I’m getting older, the situation on this planet is getting more desperate, and I want YOU to know that there IS a solution available to tackle the problems presented by extreme weather conditions and Climate Change. Visit Homepage: Real Rain Making

On the Art of Natural VLF Recording by Stephen P McGreevy – This “Natural Radio” includes audio-frequency radio signals of Earth in the approximately 200 Hz to beyond 10,000 Hz (10 kHz) spectrum which are not man-made but occur naturally. The most-spectacular phenomena are heard between 400 Hz and 5 kHz. Interest in naturally-occurring ELF/VLF (Extremely Low Frequency / Very Low Frequency) radio phenomena such as “whistlers” and “chorus” has enjoyed a rapid resurgence among all kinds of people – from hobbyists, musicians, nature lovers, amateur and professional scientists, and so on. Let’s all get involved and listen to what the Earth is telling us and get back in alignment with the natural cycles, sounds and frequencies that are all around us tapping on our shoulders to pay attention to. It’s all been hiding right there in plain sight! Visit Homepage: Natural VLF Recording


A Course in Mind Power | How to Build a Jet EngineIgnition Secrets | The Quantum Key | Water Fuel Secrets


Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s HandbookBedini SG – The Complete Intermediate HandbookSave on Home Energy


Four Quadrant Representation of ElectricityLone Pine Writings | Wireless Giant of the Pacific


Lessons in Advanced Perception

Tesla’s Hidden DiscoveriesMARK MCKAY SET, PE is the world’s leading authority on the real history of the E.V. Gray technology. His 12 year analysis of this unique Free Energy phenomenon has opened up new possibilities into reverse engineering this very powerful, yet lost discovery. Mr. McKay has 35 years engineering experience in industrial power and control systems. He is presently employed by Tyco Fire and Security in Spokane, WA as a Sen. Project Engineer developing large scale Fire Alarm Systems. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State in 1974 and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Washington.

The Real History of the Ed Gray MotorPAUL BABCOCK has twenty-nine years of experience in industrial electronic applications, as a technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager and applications and design engineer. Paul has worked with public entities and private organizations in fields ranging from avionics, power generation, telephony and alternative energy. He has broad experience designing and implementing custom communication and electronics systems in both the public and private sectors, and in developing large-scale communications solutions for the oil and gas industry. Paul is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation for companies and individuals, especially in remote locations.

Magnetic Energy Secrets | Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 2

PETER LINDEMANN, DSc is a Science Historian, an inventor, author, lecturer, and researcher. He is author of The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, the Electric Motor Secrets films, Battery Secrets, and co-author of the Bedini SG Handbook series. Peter worked with John Bedini during much of the early development of the advanced battery charging technology, starting in 2004. Peter is a world renowned expert on Tesla technolgies and was on the board of directors for the legendary Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.

Battery Rejuvenation | Battery Secrets | Classic Energy VideosElectric Motor Secrets | Magnet Secrets
Open System Thermodynamics | Perpetual Motion RealityTesla’s Radiant Energy

TREVOR JAMES CONSTABLE has devoted over 40 years of his life to the development of an environmentally clean, natural process to engineer the production of rain — without spraying any chemicals into the air. This astonishing accomplishment was over and above his professional career, where he spent 26 years in the US Merchant Marine as a Radio Officer and co-authored 9 historic biographies of the best World War II Fighter Aces, establishing himself as an internationally respected aviation historian. All of the weather engineering research was funded privately by Trevor and his associates in the early years, and since 1989, with a great deal of assistance from Singapore Businessman George K. C. Wuu. This has allowed the technology to remain completely independent, and free from the distorting influences of “investment capital”.



Visit Homepage: Lone Pine Writings


Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – Building a Bedini SG is a Right Of Passage For Anyone Seeking REAL Free Energy! Save Thousands Of Hours Of Research, and Eliminate Trial & Error! For The First Time Ever, The Entire Bedini SG Schematic, Parts List, Detailed Building Instructions and Circuit Operation Theory are Revealed All In One Place.

Visit Homepage: Bedini SG or Bedini SSG

Bedini SG – The Complete Intermediate Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – This takes everything you learned in the beginner’s handbook to the next level. Building upon the original Bedini SG, you’ll learn how to critically balance the circuit and charge and discharge capacitors so you can get more output for less input. You’ll also learn a bunch of John Bedini’s personal tricks to enhance efficiency even more.

Visit Homepage: Bedini SG Intermediate



how reasonable are these bookis

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Can you
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if any one in rested in giving the world back it freedom build some hho system to use in there cars and back wood folks

Does anyone here know where to buy regenerative air based heat pump with compressor and expansion turbine connected at the same shaft?. Seems like it’s only for the D.Y.I. crowd. I was so unfortunate as to order a conventional heat pump before I heard Lindeman talk about the regenerative option. My only hope being that my salesman would become aware of this and supply me this kind instead. In case I would need a miracle and a “time warper” to change the course of action now.


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