Google Doodle celebrates the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup

Google Doodle celebrates the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup

Trust Google to show some love for special occasions, events and birthdays with special doodles on its search homepage. As you may know, the 2018 FIFA World Cup officially kicked off on Thursday with the opening match being played between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Google also marked the start of the World Cup with a celebratory football doodle, and the company will be releasing a new Google Doodle everyday until July 15 which is when the World Cup ends.

Google says that it will feature Doodles by guest artists from each of the 32 countries that are participating in the month-long 2018 FIFA World Cup. Each Doodle will be an artist’s interpretation of what football means in their country. Clicking on the Doodle will bring up a page of scheduled games for the day as well as the top news stories, highlighted videos and social media discussions, among other things.

For the next month, Google will be celebrating the diverse cultures coming together to play in the World Cup. If you head over to Google’s blog post, you’ll find the featured artists for the day answering “what football means in your country”. You can also click on the name to find other popular illustrations by that artist.

“This year’s Doodle series celebrates the rich cultures and talent of all 32 participating countries by featuring guest artists hailing from each nation! Tune in to catch all 32 Doodles throughout the games, each illustrating the artist’s interpretation of ‘What football looks like in my country,'” Google said.

Defending champions Germany is a strong contender this time around as well, while Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, France and Peru are also considered favorites to win the World Cup this year.

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