WordPress eCards

NEW! Version 4.5.2 is out and it brings statistics and email logs! Create your personalized email templates and use tags and shortcodes to include custom details and content.

WordPress eCards is a WordPress plugin used to send electronic cards to friends. It can be implemented in a page, a post or the sidebar. Start your own eCards site! Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween, the eCards plugin works for everything.

Demo | eCards Documentation

eCards makes it quick and easy for you to send an eCard in 3 easy steps. Just choose your favorite eCard, add your personal message, and send it to any email address. When you send an eCard using this plugin, no personal information is stored in WordPress database.

eCards sends any embeddable image, be it JPG, PNG or animated GIF. If no image is found in the post, the eCard is still delivered to its recipient. eCards uses WordPress internal mail sending functions. Save eCard senders as WordPress contacts and export or synchronise them with MailChimp!

Highlight the number of eCards sent using the new [ecard_counter] shortcode.

eCards uses an optional PayPal shortcode to hide the form until a payment is made.

More Features

  • Member-only restrictions
  • PayPal sandbox mode
  • Custom PayPal buttons

= 4.5.2 =
* UPDATE: Replaced date/time picker with vanilla JavaScript (+speed, -weight)
* UPDATE: Removed jQuery dependency from main eCards script (+speed)
* FEATURE: Added email log

= 4.5.1 =
* UPDATE: Removed getButterfly logo
* UPDATE: Removed wording from getButterfly ad box
* UPDATE: Tweaked plugin description

= 4.5.0 =
* FIX: Fixed CSS compatibility with IE
* FIX: Admin UI tweaks
* UPDATE: Added basic template for eCards grid
* UPDATE: Show eCards in WordPress Dashboard by default
* UPDATE: Removed new eCard CPT capability (eCards are read only)
* UPDATE: Removed SparklinesJS
* UPDATE: Removed old, generic stats
* UPDATE: Removed [ecard_counter] shortcode
* UPDATE: Removed jQuery dependency
* UPDATE: Removed WP Mail From II recommendation
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress requirements
* UPDATE: Updated PHP requirements
* UPDATE: Removed unused table and options
* FEATURE: Added basic stats

= 4.4.6 =
* FIX: Fixed wp_mail() headers compatibility with PHP 7+

= 4.4.5 =
* FIX: Consolidated wp_mail() headers
* FIX: Consolidated payment shortcode
* FIX: Fixed undefined variable
* FIX: Styling tweaks
* UPDATE: Removed eCards UI references
* UPDATE: Code quality updates

= 4.4.4 =
* FIX: Consolidated wp_mail() headers
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

<strong>= 4.4.3 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed SQL bug

<strong>= 4.4.2 =</strong>
* UPDATE: Updated documentation
* UPDATE: Relaunched eCards UI
* UPDATE: Code quality updates
* UPDATE: Code performance updates
* UPDATE: Code security updates
* UI: Added better contextual help for additional images

<strong>= 4.4.0 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed incorrect email message being passed to Akismet
* FIX: Removed unsupported mail attachment argument
* UPDATE: Consolidated appearance settings to avoid overriding options
* UPDATE: Code performance updates
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* FEATURE: Added possibility to attach images from Media Library to posts/pages
* DOCUMENTATION: Added eCard samples (XML import)

<strong>= 4.3.0 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed missing eCard (Designer) template (added WordPress notification)
* FIX: Fixed date/time picker
* FIX: Fixed Masonry loading behaviour

<strong>= 4.2.0 =</strong>
* FIX: Properly added mail headers to allow for secure sending and reply-to options
* FIX: Fixed carousel to work on more themes natively
* FIX: Fixed some issues with scheduled eCards
* UPDATE: Added ID to eCard form to allow tracking targeting
* FEATURE: Merged all email options into the new eCard Designer
* FEATURE: Added Masonry grid to eCards

<strong>= 4.1.0 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed large image using the full size (instead of a custom one)
* UPDATE: Added optional carousel behaviour for eCards
* UPDATE: Moved Sparklines plugin to a local folder (instead of CDNJS)
* UPDATE: Refactored internal plugin URL and removed the constant
* UPDATE: Removed path and version constants and replaced them with native functions
* UPDATE: Removed forced hiding of CPT UI
* PERFORMANCE: Only load admin scripts and styles on the plugin page
* PERFORMANCE: Saved multiple database calls for multiple eCards collections

<strong>= 4.0.5 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed large image size being hardcoded to thumbnail
* FIX: Code formatting fixes for PSR compliance
* UPDATE: Updated date/time picker library and used the full version

<strong>= 4.0.4 =</strong>
* UPDATE: Forced hiding of CPT UI to avoid confusion
* UPDATE: Grouped several developer-only settings

<strong>= 4.0.3 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed checkboxes not being unchecked

<strong>= 4.0.2 =</strong>
* UPDATE: Added success message to labels list

<strong>= 4.0.1 =</strong>
* FIX: Fixed several PHP notices for unset checkboxes
* UPDATE: All emails now include the selected eCard as an image attachment

<strong>= 4.0.0 =</strong>
* FIX: Removed deprecated phrase from the Diagnostics tab
* FIX: Added HTML content type fix and grouped debugging options together
* FIX: Fixed formatting and line breaks for eCard content
* FIX: Fixed several issues with non-initialized options
* UPDATE: Synchronized with the free version

See official site for the full eCards changelog.

Note: Only current version – 4.0+ – is supported! Please upgrade before asking for support.


KONG – Website Builder WordPress Plugin

New Update: version 1.2 is ready with new portfolio add-on, banner post widget and carousel post widget for KONG page buider.

KONG is a Website Builder WordPress Plugin. Its purpose is to provide an entirely frontend solution for building from simple to complex web pages without experiencing the traditional hassle in which users normally are forced to switch between frontend and backend to check how their configurations look like.

Website Builder Features

  • Realtime Dragdrop & Editor: provides the entire frontend solution for building your site, from configuring gobal styles with Live Customizer to designing layouts with Page Builder, Header Builder and Footer Builder.
  • Responsive: take control over your site display on different screen sizes with a range of responsive options for changing width, spacing, alignment or font size.
  • Template Manager: Manage and save templates and widgets for reusing or sharing purpose.
  • Shortcuts Support: Save your time by using shortcuts to perform common tasks such as closing popup, copying or pasting widgets.
  • Prototyping: Quickly prototype your layout in minutes with more than hundreds pre-built cards and presets.
  • Inline Text Editor: The Page Builder and Footer Builder support a beta version of inline WYSIWYG editor to help you edit in-place editable elements on the page .
  • Undo/redo: Correct your mistakes with Undo/Redo feature. You are free to experiment with different design ideas.

Other core features

  • Rich typography options, upload custom fonts or use 800+ fonts from Google, 1400+ fonts from Typekit
  • Integrate 3rd plugins and services such as Mailchimp, Google Map, Instagram, etc.
  • Ready for A/B testing with unlimited headers & footers
  • One page support
  • Support adaptive images to resizes and optimizes images delivered to mobile devices
  • Color presets: save your favorite colors in a collection for using across the ecosystem.
  • Gradient generator with a ton of pressets
  • Easy to create one page website with Header and Page Builder
  • Build blocks of content with Page Builder and convert them to shortcodes. Embed the blocks in anywhere of your site
  • Mega menu support
  • Youtube video background
  • Animated transitions ready. Support complex animation like tilt or parallax scrolling
  • 15 section divider types and counting
  • Built in modules, enable or deactivate the parts that fit your purpose.
  • Easy to inject custom CSS or Javascript to any single page or the whole site

Update and Improvement

Besides many upcoming features in our wishlist, we also listen to your idea and feedback to make KONG get better and better.

Free Extension

Along with the plugin you are also given free add-on and theme to extend the plugin functionality.

  • Starter Theme: provide basic options such as 404 page, maintenance mode, page layout, post &
    blog, etc along with 3 new widgets for Page Builder.
  • Contact Form 7: enable the widget of the popular contact form for Page Builder & Footer Builder.
  • KONG portfolio: an add-on for building your portfolio page with our page builder. Support grid & full-screen layout + filter function.


We provide well-documented guide and tutorial videos to help you quickly get started with the Plugin. Check it out here.


Our support forum is under construction. Before the launch, we provide support via hello@kolumn.io or you can leave your comment at the item comment box.

Sources & Credits

All images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.


List of notable changes for each version can be found here.


BookingWizz for WordPress

(This wordpress plugin requires BookingWizz 5.5, which must be purchased separately. Credit card payment plugin also not included and can be optionally purchased separately.)

Version 1.4 is now available


BookingWizz for WordPress – is long awaited addon which will allow you to integrate bookingwizz into your wordpress site without any hassle. Plugin will install bookingwizz for you (bookingwizz must be purchased and uploaded to your site root) with a click and will seamlessly integrate whole system interface into your wordpress site, you will not have separate login to manage your events/bookings/calendars. BookingWizz for WordPress has 2 widgets and 5 shortcodes at the moment.

Included Widgets

1) Calendar widget – can show single calendar(service) which you will select in widget settings (appearance-> widgets) or it can show all calendars (drop down will appear on front end).
2) Upcoming events widget – at the moment you can select which calendar events to show (can be all) and how many events to show.

Included Shortcodes

1) [BW_calendar] – will display calendar on any post / page. If there are multiple calendars in the system – will display drop down in top right corner to select needed calendar.
2) [BW_calendar id=”calendarID”] – will display single calendar (service) of your choice, without any drop downs. Make sure you change calendarID to actual ID of the calendar (you can get that in the list of all services table)
3) [BW_events_list] – will display all events from all calendars for current month
4) [BW_event id=”eventID”] – will display information and booking button only for particular event. Event ID can be retrieved from events list table in administration
5) [BW_attendees_list eventID=”X”] – will display attendees list for particular event. Event ID can be retrieved from events list table in administration

Please note – this product requires BookingWizz v5.5 to be present on the same site root. This product is fully compatible with BookingWizz Credit Card Payments. BookingWizz Credit Card Payments module is not included in this addon, and optionally can be purchased separately.

Demo Links
http://bwwp.funforging.com – front part



Version 1.4 – released on June 16, 2014
– updated code to support BookingWizz v5.5
– fixed background issues
– updated header menu in wordpress bookingwizz dashboard
– added canonical URL and nofollow attribute for calendar months (next / prev) (seo purposes)
– adjusted default event font color
– fixed paths issues for non lightbox booking form
– fixed issue with multiple calendars on same page
– fixed dead link in single service calendars in certain cases

Version 1.3 – released on January 15, 2014
– fixed several bugs
– added support for BookingWizz v5.4
– added support for WordPress 3.8

Version 1.2 – released on May 1, 2013
– added shortcode menu to editor
– added compatibility with BookingWizz v5.3
– added new shortcode [bw_attendees_list eventID=”X”] which allows to insert attendees list to page or post based on eventID
– adjusted how calendar works: removed red tooltip, added onclick event for calendar cell. If “show spaces available” enabled in admin – will be shown on the calendars at once.
– fixed several bugs impacting functionality
– added compatibility for jQuery 1.9.1
– overall code improvement

Version 1.1 – released July 17, 2012
– modified shortcode for events list (now has calendar selector if multiple calendars used)
– fixed issue with wordpress location not in root during install process
– fixed schedule page – now has selector (must update to bookingwizz v5.2.1)

Initial version released on July 4, 2012

Need product support?

Support for any of our products is offered ONLY through our support forum. Please do not post support questions here under the item comments. This is reserved for pre-sales questions. If you have purchased this product and now have questions, please follow the link below.

View Support Policy | Visit Our Support Forum Now »

Other Addons for BookingWizz


X4 Crypto Tables – WordPress Plugin

X4 Crypto Tables is a real-time cryptocurrency prices and market capitalization WordPress plugin. It retrieves data using CoinCap.io API that is delivered in real-time via websockets and then displays that data on the different types of tables.

Tons of settings allows you to change every pixel in the tables including set of columns, set of coins to display, fiat currency, coins per page, search coins box, values colors and badges, values formatting, chart time period, chart coin property, etc.

No need to reload the page every time you want to see the most recent data, green/red flashes and badges are updated automatically with a new data. Click on any coin in the table to see the historical changes on the interactive chart.

Review the examples to see all the power of X4 Crypto Tables and a large set of different options available for customization. The tables are fully responsive and mobile ready, work perfect on desktops, tablet and mobile devices, including full screen mode.


  • Highly Customizable. Full-featured tables, tons of settings allows you to change every pixel in the tables.
  • Real-Time Data. No need to reload the page every time you want to see the most recent information.
  • Select Fiat Currency. A large set of fiat currencies to compare with cryptocurrencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP etc.
  • Flashes & Badges. Green & Red flashes and badges with a new data values are updated automatically every second.
  • 1000+ Crypto Coins. A large set of cryptocurrencies to select, adding more crypto coins every week automatically.
  • Excluding Coins. Ability to display a list of all cryptocurrencies except a fixed array of excluded coins.
  • Fixed Set Of Coins. Ability to display only a fixed list of cryptocurrencies instead of whole 1000+ list of coins.
  • Historical Charts. Click on any coin in the table to see the historical changes on the interactive chart.
  • Search For Coins. Use the search box to find needed coins, for example display a list of all Ethereum coins.
  • Customize Columns. Tons of column customization options such as titls, aligning, sorting, template, etc.
  • Customize Colors. Select the colors of any control in the table, including flashes colors, badges colors, etc.
  • Columns Hide Order. Select the order of columns to hide if there is not enough space, e.g. for tablet & mobile devices.
  • Localizations. Ability to localize all the labels in the table including column titles, all controls labels.
  • Values Template. Use the value template string line to customize the output of coin names and values.
  • Values Formatting. Use value formatting options such as rounding factor, thousands separator and precision.


Modern Video Player For WordPress

Modern Video Player is highly customizable WordPress gallery plugin with lots of adjustable features. It can display video, audio and image files from many external content sources.

It support self hosted video, audio and image files, 360 reality video and image panorama, Youtube and Vimeo content. Also provides ability to display any custom iframe like Wistia video, Dailymotion, Google Maps etc..

Using wordpress admin create unlimited number of playlists and players. Playlists can be mixed with different media together.

This plugin can be added into any post or page area using shortcodes.

WordPress installation:


Creating player and playlists:

Player style can be changed over plugin css file.

Features and options:

  • Responsive layouts
  • Multiple different skins and layout (vertical / horizontal playlist, right / bottom playlist, dark / light skin for each layout)
  • Shortcode generator
  • Responsive layouts
  • Font awesome 5 icons
  • Content sources:
    • Self hosted video, audio, images
    • Self hosted virtual reality 360 video
    • Self hosted image panorama 360
    • Youtube content:
      • Single video
      • Playlist
      • Channel
      • Video query (search)
      • 360 video
    • Vimeo content:
      • Single video
      • Album
      • Group
      • Channel
      • Video query (search)
      • 360 video
    • Folder playlist (video, audio and images)
    • Custom iframe (show any iframe into the player: Daily Motion, Wista, Google Maps…etc)
  • Multiple instances in the same page support
  • Mix different media types in the same playlist
  • Playback options:
    • random playback
    • playback speed
    • start / end time
  • Social sharing (facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus)

tags: wordpress video, video player, audio player, image gallery, youtube video, 360 panorama, vimeo album, channel, facebook, wordpress plugin

jQuery version available here:

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE [21.03.2018]

 - [FIX] few bug fixes

UPDATE [20.03.2018]

 - [UPDATE] map.css share classes (facebook, twitter...)

VERSION 1.0 [11.03.2018]

- first release


EasyGrid WordPress Creative Gallery

EasyGrid provides an easy way to display your posts, or uploaded media (photos), or photos from your Flickr or Instagram feed on beautiful grids inside your WordPress posts, pages or in any widgetized area. It gives you an intuitive interface to control display settings of your gallery, which you can easily override by passing shortcode parameters. You can control how many photos will be displayed at once. Your visitors will be able to load more photos via load-more button which can be turned off at will.

EasyGrid comes with a collection of a beautiful grid system, including even grids, masonry grids, justified grids and creative grids. Creative grid system contains a collection of beautifully designed creative grids that will help you to stand out.


  • Display uploaded media in beautiful grids
  • Compatibility with WISYWYG Editor & Text Editor
  • Compatible with KingComposer
  • Compatible with VisualComposer
  • Comes with an widget
  • Powerful shortcode with useful and handy parameters
  • More than 200 display combinations possible
  • Creative Grids
  • Even Grids
  • Masonry Grids
  • Justified Grids
  • Display Posts in Grid
  • Display Flickr Photostream
  • Display Instagram feed
  • Multiple hover styles
  • Multiple image orientation, square, landscape and portrait
  • Lightbox
  • Useful WordPress filters
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Excellent Support & Regular Update


Version 1.3

  1. Added support for gutter in creative grids

Version 1.2

  1. minor fixes
  2. 3 new grids in 3 columns section
  3. 1 new grid in 6 columns section

Version 1.1

  1. Minor fix that makes sure that the shortcode works perfect with active KingComposer plugin, even when a page is not built using KingComposer
  2. One new grid in 3 columns section
  3. Three new grid styles in 4 columns section
  4. Four new grid styles in 5 columns section
  5. One new grid in 6 columns section


Facebook Reactions For WordPress

Facebook Reactions is simple and lightweight Ajax powered plugin for WordPress platform that offers an opportunity to give people more ways to express themselves and share their reaction to your content. The collection of Reactions includes Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.


Version 1.2

- Fixed bug with some themes

Version 1.1

- Only shortcode mode
- Fixed content disappearance

Version 1.0

- Initial Release


Instagram Testimonials Plugin for WordPress

Instagram testimonials plugin allows you to display Instagram posts from your customers as testimonials on your website. Be a part of a new trend and use social media to trigger customer trust. If your clients really enjoy your services and post it on Instagram, why not boast it? Display their positive impressions as testimonials on your website with recognizable design. Add stickers and make it brighter, highlight phrases so that they catch the eye, set rating and you will see how attractive it looks!


WordPress FlipBook

21% SALE

3D FlipBook page flipping demo3D FlipBook physics demo

3D FlipBook is WordPress plugin that allows to browse images, PDFs or HTMLs as a flipping book.
It can be used for demonstration magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets and much more in natural way.
It helps to attract user attention and make more impression on him.

Download Light Version
jQuery Version
Visual Composer Version

Main features

Version 1.7

Main features v 1.7

Version 1.6

Main features v 1.6

Version 1.5

Main features v 1.5

Version 1.4

Main features v 1.4

Version 1.3

Main features v 1.3

Version 1.2

Main features v 1.2

Version 1.1

Main features v 1.1

Version 1.0

Main features v 1.0


          08/03/2018 - Version 1.9
            [New Feature]: Auto resolution
            [New Feature]: Doubled pages PDFs
            [Improvement]: IE11 Full Screen
          22/12/2017 - Version 1.8
            [New Feature]: Categories
            [New Feature]: Books gallery
          18/11/2017 - Version 1.7.5
            [New Feature]: Swipe gesture
            [New Feature]: FlipBook from PDF url
            [New Feature]: Individual control settings (download, print, ...)
            [Improvement]: Scrollbar style
            [Improvement]: Fixed a display orientation bug on iOS
          19/10/2017 - Version 1.7
            [New Feature]: RTL mode
            [Improvement]: Default template option in General Settings
          13/09/2017 - Version 1.6.3
            [Improvement]: Changed the page dragging physics
            [Improvement]: Added auto selection PDF loading protocol HTTP/HTTPS
          13/09/2017 - Version 1.6
            [New Feature]: CSS Layers
            [New Feature]: Languages
          29/08/2017 - Version 1.5
            [New Feature]: PDF search
            [Improvement]: Fixed the controls alignment problem
            [Improvement]: Solved style sheets incompatibility problem
          03/03/2017 - Version 1.4
            [New Feature]: Thumbnails
            [New Feature]: Flip sounds
            [New Feature]: Deep linking
          14/02/2017 - Version 1.3
            [New Feature]: PDF bookmarks
            [New Feature]: Printing
            [New Feature]: Single page mode
            [New Feature]: Control customization
            [New Feature]: Fit view command
            [New Feature]: Controllable script for templates
            [Modification]: Downgraded php version to 5.6
          28/01/2017 - Version 1.2
            [New Feature]: PDF links
            [New Feature]: Mobile-Friendly
            [New Feature]: Flipping sheet animation style
            [New Feature]: Loading animation and progress
            [Improvement]: Animation points interpolation
            [Improvement]: Smart pan mode - book movement
            [Improvement]: Loading page animation
          18/01/2017 - Version 1.1
            [New Feature]: Smart pan mode
            [New Feature]: Skins
            [New Feature]: Flipping covers together with other pages
            [Improvement]: Sheet corner physics
            [Improvement]: User behaviour prediction system
            [Improvement]: Plugin size
          15/12/2016 - Version 1.0


PhotoMosaic for WordPress

PhotoMosaic adds an option to WordPress’ Create Gallery flow that allows you to select “PhotoMosaic” as your gallery’s theme. Your WordPress Gallery is then transformed into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog.


  • Works with WordPress’ native gallery system. Simply select “PhotoMosaic” from the template field when you create your gallery
  • Galleries can be made from a list of images, images attached to a post/page, and categories and tags in any taxonomy (default and custom)
  • Plugin Options Page to easily configure all of your PhotoMosaic galleries
  • Supports inline shortcode params (eg: [photomosaic width=”500” height=”300”])
  • Template Tag support (eg: <?php wp_photomosaic() ?>)
  • Widget support
  • Fully Responsive
  • Masonry Layout
  • Customizable columns, width, padding, and more!
  • Supports Lazy Loading
  • Uses all of your WordPress image renditions to choose the best image for the mosaic layout
  • Have images link to a URL (with option to open that URL in a new window/tab), open a larger version of the image in a Lightbox, or don’t make them links at all.
  • CSS3 loading animations
  • Works with your favorite Lightbox plugin (or use the packaged PrettyPhoto)
  • Includes code areas for Custom CSS and an onReady Callback
  • Uses the default WordPress gallery for tried and true SEO
  • Gracefully degrades to the standard WordPress gallery in old (feature poor) browsers or if a user doesn’t have Javascript enabled

Latest Release – v2.15.8 (May 6th, 2017)

  • Bug Fix : switches CDNs (the old one added a redirect that caused problems in Safari)