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Product Name: eBooks – My Methods for Trading on Betfair | UKFT


All of the products below were put together with great care to ensure absolutely everything I do when trading was included within them. I don’t believe in doing one thing and saying (or selling) another. The reviews I have received on these products confirm that I managed to achieve the fine balance between explaining all the boring detail but without alienating or confusing people, especially novices to sports trading. I firmly believe these are some of the best trading information products (and strategies) you’ll find anywhere online.

This completely free eBook explains the basics of Betfair trading to anyone considering entering the markets for the first time.

Designed for total beginners, it explains the fundamental workings of Betfair as well as how trading strategies work, what an “edge” is, how to back and lay, and many other essential pieces of information which all traders should understand before diving in with their hard-earned cash.

This will almost certainly be the last ebook I write. It’s also by far the biggest at over 460 pages. It took many months of blood, sweat and tears to produce and was only done due to continued pressure and requests from readers asking me to ‘unravel’ the hugely complex subject of trading in the pre-race markets.

Most requests came from people who had read my fairly lengthy pre-race trading article published some years ago now. Quite a number of people not only found it extremely helpful, but actually took the information to the markets and increased their profits with it. Considering that was, for me anyway, a pretty short and sweet stab at giving some of my knowledge to readers, I knew an ebook on the subject would help people massively if I could one day manage to produce one. After huge delays of 1-2 years, I finally did.

This ebook goes into a huge amount of detail (possibly even too much for some people!) and aims to take readers from square one having never traded on Betfair before, through to full time racing trading. It covers every single topic you can imagine and probably many more besides. Instead of just teaching a strategy, with this last ebook I really wanted to give people every last drop of knowledge I could about understanding and reading the Betfair markets, knowledge which of course can be taken far beyond horse racing and applied to just about any other market, including stocks, commodities and currencies.

For anyone interested in pre-race trading and looking for something they can download, I am confident you will not find anything to compete with this in terms of readability, depth, and practical usefulness. For most people it will require weeks of work both reading and studying markets to see the principles in action before trading for real. System-hoppers please give this one a miss!

Until publishing my pre-race ebook, this was by far the largest volume of information I had ever produced, it was also the best. I don’t mind saying that because more than a few readers said so themselves after reading it.

In here is literally everything I do when trading In Play (or ‘In Running’). The actual trading strategies are not what I would call “difficult”, certainly not compared to pre race trading. However, the formation of a clear and disciplined trading plan for each race is where things needs to be taken seriously, and carefully.

There is no time to make it up “on the fly” in these markets, so the eBook covers how I analyse the racing each day, how I devise a plan of action for each race, and how I carry out those plans (the easiest part usually!)

Please note that this approach does require dedicated Betfair trading software.

This eBook is an extremely comprehensive guide to everything I do in-running, it took a long time to put together and I tried my very best to make it accessible and useful to traders of all levels from complete beginners through to experienced full timers.

Thanks to its excellent reviews, this ebook quickly became far more popular than I ever could have hoped.

Drawing on many years experience of laying the draw in football leagues around the world, this eBook covers my analysis in detail as well as every aspect of my selection criteria and how I manage each trade.

Absolutely nothing is left out, this is my unique take on the LTD method ready for you to pick up and start taking profits with immediately.

(Trading software not needed)

This is a simple and fairly beginner-friendly horse racing strategy which lends itself to traders with and without trading software installed on their machine as this method can be easily employed using the Betfair website in a browser.

It therefore suits people with 9-5 jobs and limited access to a computer during the racing day as trades can be placed in the morning and do not need monitoring.

This eBook details every part of the process when trading with this method, including where I source my data and all the variations of the strategy that I have tried. This makes it suitable to various experience levels, especially novices.

“Thanks Tim for all your tips they are very accurate, and PROFITABLE.” K.M.

“I’ve had fantastic success with it so far. Very profitable, very consistent.” J.M.

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End Ovarian Cysts

Product Name: End Ovarian Cysts


Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.
Download the video instead.

A video presentation on what women should do to end their ovarian cysts. The video visualizes 3 steps to be followed to throw down your ovarian cysts only in 12 hours.

Our video presentation reveals 3 mighty solutions concerning your ovarian cysts. The solutions are clinically approved and 100% guaranteed to heal your pain, bloating, and irregular periods permanently.

Let us suppose that you no longer feel painful and uncomfortable, free from the frustration that all problem ovarian cysts causes you and live your life happier with no burdening matter at all, your life may turn out to be unbelievably awesome!! This video will show you effective 3 steps that you can follow and help you to reach those wonderful feeling in 12 hours.

Real People. Real Results.

With over 7.500 satisfied customers worldwide, there’s no reason to assume that this product will not work for you.

The program works well. I live in Europe and experienced Ovarian Cysts for years. I have started the methods of yours end ovarian cyst. My ovarian cyst had disappeared in 3 months and the stabbing pain was gone as well in hours, it was really useful, helped me to have much more energy during my holiday. I would recommend my friends to read this remarkable methods, whether they suffer from ovarian cysts or not. It is a gift from God that I’m experiencing the vitality and well-being on a daily basis. Thank you Amanda!

“Dear Amanda, before I started following your methods, I was treated with birth control pills for months under my doctor’s orders without getting any improvement over my ovarian cysts condition. I once had severe pain in my spine and in all the wrong places, including my thighs and I felt very awful back then. I couldn’t bear it! I’m glad I have found your website. The results from doing your method were unbelievably good and it only took weeks. I could not believe it. You have taken me away from agony, distress and the risk involved with surgery many times the purchase price. I don’t need to spend a dime either on those useless over the counter drugs that do nothing but side effects.

I am 23 years old and was diagnosed last year with multiple small Ovarian Cysts. I have been suffering and every prescription drug has been tried that you could think of to treat this horrible condition and to ease the pain. About 4 months ago I started your Ovarian Cyst Methods and I am so delighted to report that Ovarian Cysts has gone. The pain is gone…completely! And the overall feeling is great.

Thank you for your help Amanda!

Hello Amanda, I have started the methods of yours and I have to say that the results are fascinating. My periods are back to normal and my doctor was also fascinated to see that my cysts were gone quickly. It is a better feeling I have now. I have also discovered through your book that some of my other health problems derive from PCOS. My skin texture had also got better and I feel awesome physically.

If I am capable to do it then anyone is!

Dear Amanda, Thank you so much for the methods. I’ve struggled with ovarian cysts for quite some time. I started following your suggestions as best as I could. I am back to normal and my doctor also can’t believe that my cyst is gone. Thank you so much for the inexpensive, yet, effective methods in your book!

Thank you, thank you. I had ovarian cysts and my only option was surgery until I read your book. I definitely suggest anyone looking for the answers to read this book, it saved me from the horrible surgery. I can say that I no longer have cyst, thank you!

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Social Media Rockstar

Product Name: Social Media Rockstar


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12 Weeks To Freedom by Gordon Jay Alexander

Product Name: 12 Weeks To Freedom by Gordon Jay Alexander


And it is so SIMPLE, even my 11 year old does it.

Buying and selling of CHATTEL. Personal property. It is a MULTI BILLION dollar industry
that is available to everyone. Many have learned how to do it and have made a great living – with no boss! You could do it part-time or full-time – whatever fits your lifestyle!

Any extra cash be used for anything a person wants to do. For example…

Here’s a FACT. Living your dreams is often dependent on how much MONEY you earn. And that is why you
may be looking into money making opportunities. That’s how you came to this site, right?

Maybe you are tired of not making enough money to fulfill all of your dreams.

Perhaps you have a JERK for a boss. Or you have a long drive on smog covered
expressways full of angry people ready to shoot you at the push of a break pedal.

Whatever the reason, there is a good chance that you are NOT making enough MONEY to do
what you really want to. But of course, you may not even know what you want to do.

Here is what I believe to be a truth. If you had ENOUGH MONEY, to take the daily
pressures off, then you could spend some TIME to find out what would really make you

But as my old friend Joe Karbo used to say:

“Most people are too
busy earning a living to make any money.”

And it was Joe that taught me about the “world’s most exciting business” the
DIRECT RESPONSE BUSINESS. Some call it Mail Order. Or Remote Direct Marketing. And I have
been involved in this business, it seems, forever.

But it was ALSO Joe who taught me about CHATTEL. And how buying and selling of chattel
could get me the START-UP capital for any type of business. At the time I was a student at
Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach, California. I think I was taking
Surfing 101 as I remember it. Mostly just hanging out. And Joe was at Sunset Beach when I
first ‘bumped’ into him, literally. Well, anyhow, that story is not important.

Here’s What’s Important…

Joe told me about how he made money BUYING & SELLING surplus boxes after he got
out of the Service. (We were kindered spirits, he was a Pharmacists Mate, I was a

Joe also BOUGHT a boat (which is CHATTEL) for a fraction of what the owner had paid.
And when Joe sold that boat, he made a very substantial PROFIT.

Joe Karbo is considered by many to be a marketing genius. And I agree with that. What
most people don’t know about Joe, he was “accessible” and helpful to people and
he gave this young college student more than the time of day. He gave me a way to make
money, anywhere, anytime I needed to.

Are you too busy earning a living that you don’t have the time to make any money?

Let me introduce you to what I affectionately call Joe’s OTHER direct
response business: the BUYING & SELLING of CHATTEL. And as I mentioned, it is so
simple my 11 year old does it.

You probably DO IT too. Or have. Have you EVER bought anything from some other person?
At a garage sale? Or yard sale? Or swap meet or flea market? Or from the classified
section in the newspaper?

Almost EVERYONE has bought and sold some of their PERSONAL PROPERTY at one time or

But have you ever considered it as a way to MAKE MONEY?


Well I have. After one of the greatest marketing minds the world has ever known OPENED
MY EYES to buying and selling. And if was good enough for Joe Karbo, friends, it is good
enough for me.

Now I also, like Joe did, develop products and do Direct Response Marketing. That is
what I’m doing right now. I’m trying to sell you a product that I have created, just like
Joe taught me.

I want to sell my special report to YOU, directly. And I’m adding an element I learned
from one of my other mentors, Benjamin D. Suarez. I’m doing it REMOTELY.

Ben Suarez owns a debt free 100 Million dollar international direct response company.
He employs nearly 1000 people here in Northeast Ohio. And Ben personally recruited
me from a seminar audience to come and work for him. Based upon what I had learned from
Joe Karbo, and Melvin Powers and a few other “mentors”.

And although I did take a position with Ben’s company, (he made an offer I couldn’t
refuse), I CONTINUED to work my little operation of BUYING & SELLING of CHATTEL. And
made more in one fifth of the time than I did working for someone else.

It’s Time To Reveal My Secrets!

So I thought it was time to share my secrets with those of you that might be ready to
get out of the rat race, and into the CHIPS. ARE YOU READY?

BUT FIRST, let me get this off my chest. CHATTEL may NOT be the way for you to make
money on a PERMANENT basis. It takes time and effort. I personally don’t believe in FREE
lunches. I don’t like people that sit around their kitchen table in their underwear and
tell people how they can “get rich” doing practically nothing. And then have the
gall to sell you a 500.00 “course” in doing what they did. This really peeves

But, WHATEVER! I mention this because I’m not going to sell you a course. I will
however sell you a brief report that I put together, with the help of my teenagers,
based on what I KNOW and DO. A report on CHATTEL. And how buying and selling chattel can
make you money. OH, I am going to be making some money from selling you this report. Do
you mind? I hope not, after all YOU are going to learn how to make money.

But don’t you judge information by volurme or weight. If you want lots of pages, I’ll
send you a phonebook? OK? This report is around 60 pages. It contains everything you need
to get started. REAL LIFE information like:

You get the information you really NEED to get started. In fact, you will be doing
exercises within the first hour that teach you how to find UNDERVALUED chattel, and WHERE
you should sell it.

And even if you don’t do it on a REGULAR basis, it still can give you ALL THE CASH you
need to start a business you really want to do. Perhaps a REMOTE DIRECT RESPONSE BUSINESS.
(Hey maybe I can help you with that one also, AFTER you have raised some money, because in
“mail order” it takes money to make money, and I don’t care what anyone tells
you to the contrary).

So, PLEASE don’t BUY THIS report, if you are not seriously interested in doing
something about your current financial situation. This is NOT a magic wand that eliminates
your problems. But it CAN help you make money.

I have written this report with the average person in mind.

Because I consider myself to be VERY average and ordinary.

So this little money maker:

See, I designed this report for those people that have been burned. Or scammed. Or had
their dreams stolen by the unscrupulous. Or had their hard earned money taken by some fast
talking swindler. And FRIENDS, there are plenty of them on the internet.

I (and my teenagers) put this report together so that anyone with the ability to read
can understand it.

I hold you by the hand, and teach you how to crawl. How to invest that 100 bucks, so
that you get a SUBSTANTIAL return on your investment.

I encourage YOU to go as slow OR AS FAST AS YOU DESIRE. I’m not about to limit anyone.
Want to go faster, skip ahead a few weeks. I set up the GROW-PLAN to have you do ONE
transaction a week for 12 weeks. But, feel free to do it at your own speed and comfort. Just keep going, and you’ll make it!

If you have never done anything like this before, then I teach you to CRAWL. Then
in week 3 to TODDLE. Then in week 8 to walk. And in week 12 you can RUN AT BREAKNECK
SPEED, if you so desire. Run all the way to the bank.

I call this THE G-PLAN. G stands for GROW. The grow as you go plan.

My teenager calls it the 12 STEP PLAN. 12 weekly, easy to follow steps, buying and
selling. And re-investing your profits each week, until you reach YOUR GOALS.

Keep the report for 60 days. If you don’t make money, or it is not for you. Simply
let my friend Dien Rice know, and he’ll give you a full refund.

Click Here To Get”The Chattel Report – 12 Weeks To Freedom”For Immediate Download!(PDF Format)

And for those of you that do not know me, if this is our first encounter, and you are
concerned about the fly-by-nighters, I don’t blame you, there are plenty of people to
worry about taking your money in this world. PLENTY. But I’m not one of them.

Lived in Cuyahoga Falls since 1960. Graduated ’68. (Yea 760th in my class). After the
service, and travelling and going to school in CA, I have chosen to live here today (hey
maybe I am a little crazy?). I’m not going anywhere except on a few vacations every year.
You can find me at the GOLF COURSE or the Natatorium or down at the new family aquatic
center floating in an inner tube around the lazy river, gleefully splashing my kids.

If that does not ease your mind a little, then please don’t order the report. And don’t
ask for details about my business or my private life. You won’t get them. So there. Hope
you’re not offended. Hey, I trust YOU enough to be honest with me about the report. OK?

Just Like Joe Karbo said to me many years ago; “TRY IT. AND JUDGE FOR

If you have questions, e-mail me via my buddy Dien at dien@chattelreport.com. We talk
often, he’ll let me know of any questions he can’t handle.

NO QUESTIONS? Then go ahead and click on the order link! You’re only a few short steps
away from a lifetime of FREEDOM.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Gordon (Mr. CHATTEL) Alexander

P.S. The price is 47 dollars U.S. You can download it immediately (it’s in PDF format), so there’s no shipping charge!

I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. And if you DO know me, then you
know I will.

I guarantee you’ll make moolah – or else you can use the no conditions 60-day money back guarantee.

P.P.S. My buddy Dien Rice bought one of my original reports – and he’s been
successfully “chatteling” for years now. I’ve asked him to add a few pages at
the end of the report on how to do it – quickly and easily – using the internet. With this
“twist,” the profits are now easier to come by than ever before!

P.P.P.S. There’s also a special new section about how one of the world’s richest men –
an American multi-BILLIONAIRE – got started, just by doing this. You’ll find out who he is – and how he did it! What are you waiting for?

Contacting Dien Rice and the Chattel Report.
Email: dien@chattelreport.com.
Telephone: +61 4 1955 0447.
Address: P.O. Box 1323, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia.

Copyright © Gordon Alexander and Dien Rice

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Unauthorized Affiliate – error page

Product Name: Unauthorized Affiliate – error page


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Trading Addicts Subscription

Product Name: Trading Addicts Subscription

Description: Follow Along With Top Traders As They Profit In Stocks, Options, Futures, And Forex Markets In Real-time. Recurring Revenue For Affiliates With A Generous

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Blood Pressure System LP – Pharma Freedom

Product Name: Blood Pressure System LP – Pharma Freedom


An URGENT Message For Anyone Taking Blood Pressure Medication.

…Proven To Lower Your Blood Pressure, Throw AwayYour Medication & Develop Robust Heart Health…

If you suffer from high blood pressure, or take any type of blood pressure medication…

… Then you need to read every single word on this page.

On this page, you’re going to discover a simple 7-day method, recommended by doctors, to help you lower your blood pressure and throw away your medication for good.

You’ll also learn how you can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by over 50%, by using an ancient secret recommended by Hippocrates, that anyone of any age can use to improve their heart health.

Finally, I’ll also show you

High blood pressure is a SEVERELY underrated medical condition that is one of the most preventable causes of heart attack and stroke in the world (the top 2 killers in the United States annually).

It’s so dangerous that just recently in 2017, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology Lowered the numbers for the diagnosis of high blood pressure to 130/80.

According to the old guidelines, 1 in 3 people or approximately 75 million people have high blood pressure in the United States!

And with the new guidelines that number will likely rise to above 100 million people with high blood pressure!

Now, you may say, “Troy, I take blood pressure medication, so this doesn’t’ apply to me.”

Well, the truth is, that couldn’t be more wrong.

The Great Blood Pressure Myth –

We think medications are safe and the solution to our high blood pressure. But the truth is…

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, most likely by your doctor, you may have tried going on medication or currently take blood pressure medication.

This is a great start to lowering your blood pressure to a safer level however medications are not natural to the body and have side effects!

Common side effects of blood pressure medications:

Maybe you have experienced some of these for yourself!

According to the AHA/ACC, normal blood pressure is below 120/80. Often times, in order to achieve these numbers people have to go on 2, 3, or even more medications! Swallowing an extra meal a several times a day!

The problem with more medications? More risk of side effects!

The SPRINT Trial, a huge trial which studied over 9000 people and the effects of treatment with medication to achieve a blood pressure less than 120/80 showed amazing results.

People had significant reductions in cardiovascular events and death from any cause when their blood pressure was less than 120/80.

HOWEVER, in order to achieve these blood pressure goals they were prescribed intensive medical treatment which lead to significantly higher rates of side effects!

Lower Blood Pressure = GOOD. 

More Medication = NOT SO GOOD.

To make things worse, about 50% of people that take blood pressure medication stop taking it within the first year of being diagnosed with hypertension.

The other 50% don’t take their medications as directed.

Leaving approximately 75% of people taking blood pressure medication not achieving optimal blood pressure control!

These statistics are dismal. Clearly medications are not the answer to our high blood pressure problem.

Blood pressure has claimed so many lives. Even some of our top leaders in the world.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most successful Presidents in history, and the only one to serve four consecutive terms, suffered the wrath of high blood pressure.

FDR got the United States through the Great Depression with his “New Deal”, and led the country successfully in its efforts during World War 2.

Over the last few years of his life, FDR’s health was significantly declining. He was known to have significantly elevated blood pressure for years.

Approximately one year before his death, FDR’s blood pressure was found to be 240/130!

The consequences of his uncontrolled blood pressure led to him developing congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and ultimately a massive stroke which claimed his life.

His death shook the nation.

Over a half of a million people attended the funeral procession, many openly weeping the loss of such a tremendous leader.

So what really lead to the death of America’s most beloved President?

If your blood pressure is high and you’re not working to get it under control, you’re literally playing Russian Roulette with your life.

So how do we fix our high blood pressure and lower our risk of developing it’s deadly consequences?

What if I told you that you could get your blood pressure under control without medication?

You could throw away the prescription bottles and finally get your blood pressure under control for good?

What if you could do this quickly, safely, and naturally?

You could take back control of your health and live gracefully into the golden years?

Hippocrates is often called “the Father of Medicine” and believed we all have a physician inside of us that is just waiting to be unleashed.

He watched the bodies natural instincts when it’s sick and when it’s most healthy.

He believed that “our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food.” Meaning we should strive to eat very healthy and pay attention to what we put in our body.

His method helps you to “Unlock” your Inner Physician and lower your blood pressure naturally, safely, and quickly!

This is a completely natural process that our bodies are designed to perform that improves your health dramatically!

What if I told you, that you were already doing this? And with the right guidance, you could get off your blood pressure medication, and dramatically improve your health?

A 2001 study recorded in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, tested this secret on 174 consecutive hypertensive patients with blood pressure in excess of 140mm Hg systolic, 90mm Hg diastolic (140/90 Hg), or both.

The treatment program lasted approximately 3 weeks. The results of the test were astounding:

Approximately 90% of the people in the study improved their blood pressure to less than 140/90 mmHg.

The average reduction in blood pressure of the subjects was 37 mmHg systolic and 13 mmHg diastolic! That’s huge.

For people with more severe hypertension (systolic greater than 180, diastolic above 110, or both), these subjects had an average drop of 60/17 mmHg at the end of the treatment.

(I’ll show you exactly what this secret is in just a moment)

All in a span of only 3 weeks!

With the 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution you’ll learn Hippocrates’ Ancient Secret to turbo charge lowering your blood pressure and vastly improving your overall health.

You’ll learn how to do this safely and can start seeing improvements in your blood pressure quickly!

This ancient healing method will reboot your system each day, helping you become leaner, more energized, and feel better in every way.

Utilizing this program to lower your blood pressure and throw away your medication, and lower cholesterol could lower your risk of heart attack or death by 50% or more!

You’ll also discover a simple technique I use every night before bed that can lower your blood pressure instantly!

At this point maybe you are a little skeptical.

My name is Troy VanHouten.

I am a practicing board certified Physician Assistant working in Hospital Medicine.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University , and Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Toledo Ohio.

I have attended multiple cardiovascular conferences held by the Mayo Clinic with some of the top physicians in the world.

Working in hospital medicine I have treated hundreds of patients with high blood pressure and those that have suffered its complications such as heart attack or stroke.

In Western Medicine, we are very good at treating acute illness with medical therapies. However, what we are not so good at is preventing these illnesses from happening in the first place.

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work in multiple environments including the Emergency Department, hospital floors, and a subacute rehab center.

From treating pneumonia, to diabetes, to taking care of someone that has just suffered a stroke or heart attack, to someone learning to walk again after a hip replacement, I have seen a lot.

Constantly seeing the devastating consequences of uncontrolled high blood pressure has led me on the path to discover methods to help people on their life journey, discovering ways to combat disease and chronic illness naturally.

To provide them with the means to live a life of abundance, health, and longevity.

However, my own story hasn’t been all rainbows and flowers. My battle with blood pressure began when I was very young…

One day I went in for a routine check up with my own doctor. As standard practice goes, they checked my blood pressure and it was 147/92!

That’s Stage 2 Hypertension!

I had always had normal blood pressure around 117/72. What happened?

Here I was, a 29 year old medical professional and my doctor is thinking of putting me on blood pressure medication if my numbers don’t improve soon.

I felt embarrassed. Like I was a fraud! After all, how can I help other people if I can’t even take care of myself.

I thought everything was going great. I mean I felt fine!

Doing some self reflection I realized my health had fallen to the wayside the past couple of years. I had recently gotten married and life got busy. I wasn’t exercising regularly and my diet was very unhealthy. I had put on about 10 to 15 pounds the past year. This really hit home when I tried on a pair of pants I had worn less than a year ago and literally could not button them…

I started to think about the devastating complications of hypertension that I see in the hospital EVERY DAY. Over and over again I’ve seen families ripped apart by the loss of a loved one due to a massive heart attack, or stroke, or organ failure.

Hitting a little closer to home, I remembered watching my uncle suffer a heart attack, requiring open heart surgery. He lived a few more years after his surgery, however, never had the energy and pep in his step that he used to.

He became horribly depressed, no longer having the energy to do the things he loved like working on cars and woodworking. Unfortunately he had another heart attack claiming his life several years later.

I remembered watching my grandfather, a highly intelligent man, retired dentist, talented poet, and beloved by his entire family, suffer with Dementia.

I spent months researching the best dietary practices, exercise programs, main risk factors for developing high blood pressure and how to combat them. While these were all great I was looking for something that could speed this process up. Something to turbo charge the results.

After months of researching, I discovered a centuries old natural method preached by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine himself that has a powerful impact on lowering blood pressure.

Using this method I was able to lose that 15 pounds of fat I had in no time! I began to feel more energized, and more focused. People were asking me what I was doing because they saw visible results in my physique.

The best part? My next doctor’s appointment revealed a normal blood pressure of 118/74!

Through this practice I had taken back control of my health! And as soon as I discovered it, I knew I had to share it with the world. And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

I spent months writing up everything I had learned. I shared this information with friends and family and had a professional team help me to self-publish everything.

Here’s everything you will get when you place your order today.

The 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution

The first part of the program you will receive is the 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution.

This manual will give you EVERYTHING you need to lower your blood pressure naturally, so that you can permanently get off your blood pressure medication, burn stubborn belly fat, and boost energy levels.

I know your life is busy that’s why I’ve made this manual clear and concise. You can read the entire manual in less than 45 minutes! Follow the step-by-step instructions I’ve laid out for you and the scientific evidence behind them in common everyday language.

Inside the 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution You’ll Discover:

This program is all you need to lower your blood pressure naturally! In addition you’ll also receive

The perfect weapon to take the principles learned in the 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution and put them into practice in the kitchen.

Delicious recipes proven to accelerate fat loss, reduce cholesterol, and start lowering your blood pressure quickly! Inside You’ll Discover:

Inside the Ultimate Blood Pressure Cook Book You’ll Discover:

This program is designed to boost your metabolism, shed unwanted pounds, and build muscle all while improving blood pressure.

All workouts are 20 minutes or less, 3 days per week, in the comfort of your own home! No fancy equipment or gym membership required! Inside you’ll discover:

Inside the Vitality Exercise Program You’ll Discover:

The average person with high blood pressure takes 1-2 medications to improve their numbers. Why not try something natural that your body truly needs?

Learn the top 4 all natural supplements doctors recommend for high blood pressure that also have many other health benefits! If you’re not taking these for your health, you should be!

Inside the Supplement Guide You’ll Discover:

I’m so confident that you’ll improve your blood pressure and overall health with this program that I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If within the next 60 days you aren’t satisfied with the program for ANY REASON, just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund. Right now, you’re standing at a crossroads and you’re facing 2 simple options:

Forget this program and take a gamble on your health. Your blood pressure will continue to remain elevated and so will your risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and multiple other conditions.

Continue being a slave to your medications with the multitude of side effects such as:

And find yourself reading this page again next year after you visit your doctor and get another cardiovascular scare… wishing you had taken action and fixed this problem once and for all…

Or…You can chose…the smart option, the intelligent option, the safe option…

Take advantage of the research proven principles and step by step guide. Get off your medication and no longer suffer from all it’s embarrassing side effects. Reduce your risk of a heart attack by over 50%. And FINALLY, get your blood pressure under control the SAFE way.

Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you show up for your checkup and your blood pressure has dropped significantly. Imagine having more energy and being able to run around with your kids or grandkids.

And imagine knowing that you have full control of your health and are no longer a slave to medication.

Here’s what you need to do now.

Take 60-seconds to enter your billing information, and you’ll be given INSTANT ACCESS to the program and be on your way to drastically improving your health! You have nothing to lose!

Can’t wait to see you inside the program.
Please write me an email once you’re off your medications. Thanks for reading.

*All products are digital products that will be delivered electronically. Product photos are for visualization purposes only.

You will get instant access to the 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution ebook which contains my step-by-step 100 percent natural solution to lowering your blood pressure quickly and safely.

The Ultimate Blood Pressure Cookbook which includes 30 delicious blood pressure lowering recipes and a 30 day done for you meal plan!

Vitality Exercise Program – Designed to boost your metabolism, lower blood pressure, and shed unwanted pounds!

Supplement Guide: The top scientifically proven supplements to lower blood pressure and improve your health!

Yes! All of the principles taught in the program are researched based and 100 percent natural. If you follow them you will improve your health and blood pressure! Results may vary from person to person based upon their general health and comorbidities.

Yes! There are no experimental drugs or methods in this program. There are no risks with this program. There are no side-effects. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the program, send us an email to get your 60 day money back guarantee.

If you follow the steps outlined in the program you will start to see results in about one week!

No. You should always consult your doctor before making changes to your medications. If you follow the program, you will improve your blood pressure. Continue to monitor your blood pressure at home and bring a log of your readings to your doctor before changing your medications.

No. This program is 100 percent natural with lifestyle modifications and natural supplements. You are safe to continue your prescribed medications.

Zero equipment needed. The exercises included in the Vitality Exercise Program can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with the program in 60 days, please send us an email and we will refund you your money no questions asked.

Click the button below, enter your billing information and I’ll give you instant access.

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thankyou – Your First 10 Pounds

Product Name: thankyou – Your First 10 Pounds


Hi, my name is Will Tseng and I’m the scrawny kid mentioned at the beginning of this letter.

I am now a fitness instagram influencer and competitive state and national fitness model.

It wasn’t always like this though…

7 years ago I was 95 pounds of bone and nothing else.

I had a weak, lanky frame, my chest was completely flat, my arms were like toothpicks and I had a pot belly too.

But most of all, people would let me know about it everyday…

My friends would call me the ‘scrawny’ guy or the ‘lanky’ guy.

I got bullied a lot and pushed around by bigger guys in college.

With one confrontation a bully held me by the arms and beat into my rib cage just to humiliate me with all my classmates around laughing.

I ended up crying through class that day but no one felt sorry for me.

And at the time, I was too weak to protect myself.

The girls I went on dates with in the hopes I would get a girlfriend rejected me because I was too skinny.

I still remember a girl I liked saying “Sorry, you’re skinnier than my best friend and she’s a girl.” while laughing

During the start of my fitness journey one of my best friends even told me to “eat a sandwich.”

I was heartbroken, humiliated and felt embarrassed and ashamed.

That was one of the most humiliating messages I had ever received and it spurred me on to prove them wrong.

I knew I was meant for more. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.

All I knew was that I wasn’t always going to be known as just “The Skinny Guy”

I was tired of being the guy girls never noticed.

I was tired of being in the background and being bullied in school and college.

I was tired of not having complete confidence in my own body and that I couldn’t even take my shirt off at the beach.

Broken, depressed and anxious every time I stepped foot in public were just normal feelings of everyday life.

I didn’t have the confidence to take off my t-shirt.

In fact I didn’t even have the confidence to be in one…

My arms were way too small for the sleeves and I had to buy sizes down so I didn’t  look like I was wearing a plastic bag.

I would wear baggy hoodies just to feel bigger and stronger.

I would touch my arms nervously in public every few minutes in the hopes they were bigger and the people around wouldn’t laugh.

The stress of looking in the mirror haunted me daily.

In all the pain I was experiencing, I decided one day to prove all those who doubted me wrong and to prove myself right.

One day I was on YouTube watching some fitness videos when I stumbled upon a young bodybuilder named “Zyzz” at the time.

He was oozing confidence, got all the girls and most of all he started skinny as well.

I admired him so much because he kept telling guys out there that hard work and dedication was all it took to put on muscle and go from skinny guy to an “aesthetic god”

He too had experienced what I was experiencing.

He too was the skinny guy that girls always rejected.

He too was the skinny guy people overlooked, humiliated and bullied.

He too had arms that looked like toothpicks and a chest that looked like a pancake.

After seeing him, I decided to make a decision to finally be known as the muscle guy and not the skinny guy.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought though.

I spent years making mistakes and spinning my wheels trying all the solutions in the fitness market at the time only to realise years later that they weren’t made specifically for the skinny guy and my body type.

I tried copious amounts of information built for other body types and still ended up Skinny AND Fat.

And after years of training and experimentation I found out what really works for the skinny guy body type.

You see the problem with the information out there is that it isn’t built for skinny guys like you and me..

Its built for genetic freaks. Guys who already have solid amounts of muscle who can do anything and get results.

Guys like you and me don’t get results unless we’re doing everything right and catered toward our body type.

I’ll be honest. I thought I was doomed to be skinny forever.

I had this belief that my body just wasn’t meant to build muscle.

I got so angry that other guys seemed to be building muscle 10x as fast as me!

They were working half as hard and getting twice the results I was getting..

I even remember getting angry at my parents for giving me these ‘crappy genetics’

That was until I found my solution..

Those Bodybuilding Juice Head Magazines Have Lied To You All These Years About Putting On Muscle.

You read the magazines to see their workouts, but every workout is completely different.

Oh, Kai Greene bench pressed 100 sets a week, maybe I should too. Phil Heath trained each body part 6 times a week? I’ll do that. Ronnie Coleman trained 36 hours per week? I’ll do that!

It’s just plain confusing, but it’s not your fault.

The mass media is always letting us know the diet and training of a person who built muscle and gained weight.. but they fail to acknowledge that someone is either using performance enhancing drugs or is a plain genetic freak.

Most of these guys already had a ton of muscle!

Most of these guys are on a ton of drugs!

Most of these guys have genetics that help them gain weight while eating a pickle!

The media is lying to you!

The media loves to sell the idea that we all can be like Hollywood superstars or professional bodybuilders by simply following their workout and nutrition regimes for a couple weeks. It makes a great story.

…The real problem is that these magazines and websites don’t consider the role your genetics play or how hard it is to gain weight as a skinny guy who doesn’t use drugs.

If you’re a skinny guy who is not using drugs to achieve your body goals you should not be training like bodybuilders on drugs…

The mass media thinks you can magically build muscle by following programs designed for pro bodybuilders and genetic freaks but for the natural skinny guy it is more complicated than that..

The real secret is knowing what methods scrawny guys who aren’t on drugs like you and me are using to go from a lanky door frame to an ultra ripped fitness model.

If You’ve Tried To Build a Great Body And Failed Before, It’s Not Your Fault

It’s a shame that the fitness industry hasn’t fully understood the Skinny Guy yet.

They supply cookie cutter plans built for guys who already have tons of muscle.

You’ve been disappointed with other programs you’ve tried before, but you need to know, it’s not your fault.

Those programs weren’t designed for guys like you and me.

The Problem With Most Information On The Web

Too long has traditional bodybuilding websites supplied us with outrageous macronutrient ratios that has made gaining weight almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Conventional nutritional plans from bodybuilding websites that doesn’t cater for skinny guys

It’s hard being a skinny guy. It’s even harder when conventional fitness advice on the Internet comes from a genetically gifted mass monster who has no idea what its like to build muscle as a skinny guy.

It’s no wonder skinny guys like you and me are struggling to gain weight and build muscle!

… The real secret is having a nutrition plan that is made exactly for your skinny guy body type. These are methods that don’t exist in conventional fitness magazines and websites, but are the exact methods that can help you develop the body you want, and it’s easier than you think.

Introducing the breakthrough solution for skinny guys who want to gain weight, bulk up their muscles and not their belly.

Mass Gain Meal Plans is your easy-to-use weight gain and muscle building system for skinny guys that will help you pack on weight, bulk up your muscles and not your belly.

These are the meal plans that will save you from years of continuing to stay skinny and fitting into size small shirts..

Quit being spoken to like a hot girls little brother when they talk to you instead of being an actual guy they would date..

If you finally want to see the scale moving in the right direction and your weight climbing up morning after morning every time you step foot on the scale… this is your solution.

The Solution to bulking up your muscles and finally seeing the scale move in the direction of your dreams…

The most common issue by those looking to gain weight and gain some serious muscle is that they struggle to get down the calories easy and effectively.

That’s why I created Mass Gain Meal Plans, the weight gain and muscle building program to finally help you gain those desired slabs of muscle.

This meal plan is built exactly for the skinny guy.

I call it the Golden Macronutrient Ratio for Skinny Guys

Here are some reasons why these meal plans have worked for so many of my clients and so many skinny guys around the world.

Trust me, if you follow these meal plans with an effective workout program you’ll hardly believe the changes you’ll see in the mirror…

The girls will definitely notice… and so will the “bigger” guys in the gym.

AND if you get it today I’ll even throw in some bonuses for you..

“I’m eating like a king and I gained 5 pounds in the first week! Will made gaining weight easy once and for all.”

“To be honest I didn’t think I could gain weight and was a bit sceptical but man I am so glad I took the plunge. Have gained 30 pounds since starting this”

“I can really see a difference in the mirror… My arms are getting bigger, and my physique is getting better and better!”

Ryan came to me depressed, frustrated and had really low confidence. He had no control over his body until he started using my MASS GAIN MEAL PLANS.

Inside Mass Gain Meal Plans You’ll Learn How To:

Meal Plans designed to help the Skinny Guy gain weight and build muscle.

From 1500 to 4500 calories for training and non training days.

Try the MASS GAIN MEAL PLANS on me. If you are not completely satisfied, you’ll get every penny back. My money-back guarantee is golden.

You get a full, prompt and friendly refund – and we part as friends. No questions asked. All the pressure and risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Click the “Add to Cart!” button below to grab the MASS GAIN MEAL PLANS NOW.

If you don’t invest in Mass Gain Meal Plans today and you choose not to let it help you to build muscle, gain weight and make big changes in your life, then how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today? The answer is: it’s not, you’ll still be spinning your wheels.

Investing in yourself today will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster — including that killer physique you’re striving for.

If you don’t have the muscle and strength you want, you’ll find it tough to to enjoy the way you look with or without a t-shirt. You won’t have as much confidence, and you’ll be robbing yourself of opportunities in life such as getting compliments, making new friends, and having fun with that special someone.

Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to build your body, and feel more fit and confident. Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works. Join me RISK-FREE today.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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Product Name: Majorav


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Majorav is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.