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Interested in Jobs For 14 Year Olds? – Apply Online Today!

The internet is a continuously changing place for one to learn and discover. It is a minefield of valuable resources which are available for the public. Advertisements can be found all over the place. Some of these advertisements are job offerings. Nowadays, people turn to the internet in their quest for the perfect job. 14 year olds are no different.

Because of their age, 14 year olds have restricted options in their job search. There are certain jobs which they aren’t allowed to do because of state rules. There are also some jobs which have age restrictions. However, jobs for 14 year olds can be acquired over the internet.

Filling up online survey forms is the most popular among these online job options for 14 year olds. This is because it is free, time-saving, and never runs out. The survey forms which the teenager is expected to fill-out comes from different manufacturers or companies who want to get their target market’s opinion on a particular product. This is done so that these companies can improve or change these products before it gets released out in the market. Since products are continuously being released by companies, there is no shortage of survey forms which need to be filled out.

Another type of online job is to sell things on eBay. This is applicable to teenagers who have products that they want to sell online. However, it doesn’t really amount to a stable income. There are also other types of online jobs like writing articles and essays, data entry and the like. However, a 14 year old may find himself competing with professionals for these types of jobs.

Finding a job over the internet is easy to do. However, one must be vigilant in looking because, unfortunately, there are numerous scams out there. People need to do careful research on the company he or she is interested in joining. This is important to remember since no one wants to work without getting paid.

Source by Jason Welsh

Comedy Script Writing

Comedy script writing is in demand by comedy script producers and entertainment-industry professionals. Special skills are required to trigger laughter from others. Comedy script writing is in demand because comedy films are:

– Less expensive to make

– Enjoyable projects for the crew and cast

– Likely to do well at the box office

For comedy script writing, consider the following:

– Do a lot of brainstorming and come up with truly novel ideas; something that has not been tapped before.

– Think differently. Be creative. Do not be afraid to explore new ideas.

– It is not necessary that all viewers like all your jokes. It should be your goal to engage the maximum number of people in the audience. The witticism you utilize should be easy to understand, irrespective of age or nationality.

– Comedies are believable stories that are peppered with humor.

– Sprinkle the elements that are likely to evoke laughter through the script and not at certain points of the script alone. This will keep viewers' interest and have them looking forward to the next gag. Comedy script writing can be turned into an enjoyable and lucrative venture.

– Do not let the influence of external media like the TV or radio reflect in your composition. Allow your own creativity to steep the comedy that you are compiling.

– Narrating actual jokes would only seem out of place while comedy script writing. Cramming the script with practical jokes is a bad idea.

– Prepare and maintain a step sheet. The purpose is not to write an outline but to remind you what occurs in each scene. Ensure that every character, dialogue, and scene furthers the story in a light-hearted manner. This will keep the audience in the right mood through the movie or teleplay.

Screenwriters are not the best judges of their own work. After completing comedy script writing, allow it to season. Take some time away from the script and come back to review it at a later date. Read to see whether your jokes make you laugh. You should also seek the honest opinions of others during the rewriting process.

Learn to accept criticism. Comedy writing requires editing and re-writing dozens of times. There is always room for improvement which you can bring into your comic script. It is this gradual enhancement that will absolutely lead to success. It can be helpful to hire a professional screenwriter to help you write, edit, and rewrite your comedy script.

Source by John Halas

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55 Creative Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Event Or Meeting

1. Hire a comedian who can poke some fun at your CEO, do an impersonation of him, or even make light of your industry as a whole.

2. Hire a magician that can incorporate your sales message into his magic, or cut your CEO or receptionist in half. He might even be able to vanish the CEO, much to the delight of the employees.

3. Book a vocal improvisation group to take requests and spin them into a funny performance.

4. Have a musician write a song about your company and play it at the event.

5. Hire a celebrity impersonator to come to the event and sign autographs and take pictures with guests.

6. Book a caricature artist to draw personalized sketches of each employee at the company. These are fun souvenirs as well.

7. Book a digital caricature artist who composes his or her photos digitally on a computer right in front of your eyes. They can even personalize the backdrop to reflect the company

or event. This is a great souvenir for the guests to take home.

8. Book a balloon artist that makes the life size figures such as Disney characters, scenery like palm trees, huge company logos, and more. The balloon artist can do these figures with everyone watching making it an experience to watch the balloons being put together.

9. How about a strolling juggler who can mingle through the cocktail hour.

10. Book a stilt walker to make a big announcement for your company at an annual conference or meeting. It is a fun and guaranteed way to get everyone’s attention.

11. A clown is a great option for events with children or families. There are also evil clowns for events with no kids or around Halloween.

12. Book a palm reader to make psychic predictions about the future of the company or to tell people’s fortunes.

13. Hire a reality TV star to interact with guests. They are far less money than big time Hollywood celebrities.

14. Book a tribute band to play the songs of an artist that is popular among the guests.

15. An a cappella group can perform on stage or stroll through the event during a cocktail hour or dinner.

16. Hire a symphony orchestra to play at the event. You will need to consider space requirements for this type of an act.

17. You could have a mime act out a corporate message to employees or event customers.

18. Book a DJ to play only requested songs or songs from a certain era such as the 80’s

19. Break dancers can be lots of fun. They are generally young, hip, and add a sense of youth to an event.

20. How about a mariachi band for some festive music.

21. A steel drum band can be a nice addition to a high end gala event.

22. Booking a fire eater can be a great way to kick off the launch of a hot new product or service.

23. Carolers can be nice addition to any holiday event.

24. A living statue can be a great idea for almost any event. Make sure you ask for a living statue that matches closely to the theme of your event or meeting.

25. Booking a cirque act is a great idea when the event needs something remarkable or to get a buzz going. Make sure you can accommodate for the space some of the cirque acts require.

26. A snake charmer is a unique way break up a meeting or attract a crowd at an event.

27. Hire a mentalist to read the minds of the guests. This is creative way that the performer can interact with the audience.

28. How about an ice sculptor who can sculpt the company logo or a corporate message live while people watch it being carved.

29. Acrobats provide a lively addition to an event.

30. Singing waiters are an a cappella group dressed as formal waiters. This catches guests off guard and is an offbeat way to infuse entertainment into the dining experience.

31. Ballroom dancers can be popular with all the dance themed TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and others.

32. A barbershop quartet is an a cappella group where all the members wear red and white costumes, similar to that of a barbershop pole. This has a nostalgic feel to it.

33. Dueling pianos are a fantastic way to get the audience involved with nonstop entertainment

34. You could have your employees put on the entertainment by having a talent show and getting everyone in the company involved including the CEO. You will want to record this so everyone can watch it later on, or you may even want to send them all home with a copy, or mail it to them afterwards. You could also post them on YouTube for all to comment on.

35. A marching band can be an official way to introduce somebody special at the event. It can also be a way of showing that the company does not take themselves too seriously if they book a fun themed marching band.

36. Book the 60 second novelist. He comes with his own table and a manual typewriter and asks guests a few questions to get a sense of who they are, and he types out a short life story in one minute. He even binds it so guests can take it home. The story is funny, imaginative and true. This is a fun way to get people to open up and share their stories and get to know each other.

37. Face painters are a neat way to entertain the younger kids.

38. A choir can be a nice way to make a grandiose statement.

39. How about an opera singer for a classy event or gala.

40. A graffiti artist that can create a painting of someone or something with a large crowd watching. Some artists do this type of thing super fast, making it intriguing to watch.

41. Book hula dancers to mingle on the dance floor with guests.

42. How about Polynesian dancers to inject a unique culture into the event.

43. A ventriloquist can be a great entertainment choice that can play well for kids or adults depending on the performer.

44. Hire a dynamic storyteller who can weave a message about the goal of the event or meeting.

45. An escape artist is a dramatic way to convey messages such as, escaping or breaking free of limiting beliefs and constraints. This can be a nice way to motivate employees to achieve a goal.

46. Booking a hypnotist can provide a serious element or a comedic one.

47. A rapper could perform a comedic rap specifically written about the company. Some rappers can even improvise this on the spot.

48. A puppeteer is another option for younger children to keep them entertained.

49. Hire a sword swallower to attract the crowd or if it fits into the theme.

50. You can always hire a real Hollywood celebrity to attract the attention and buzz you need or try booking a couple of smaller celebrities to make better use of your funds and get more celebrity drawing power.

51. You might want to book a political impersonator that is popular such as Sarah Palin or Barack Obama.

52. A harpist can add a light musical touch without loud music. This would be nice for a laid back, high end atmosphere.

53. How about having multiple celebrity tribute artists on stage performing a bunch of hits songs from the various artists they impersonate.

54. Have a stage where different executives from the company do karaoke for a variety of songs.

55. Finally, the best way to guarantee a creative entertainment experience is to have the performer or performers customize their acts to your event or meeting. This creates a memorable experience guests are sure to remember for a long time.

Source by Joshua Gair

Learning is a Continuous Process – Are You Learning?

Learning is a Continuous Process – Are You Learning?


Most of you will agree with me, if I say, "Learning is a Continuous Process" but most of you will come forward to chop my head off, if I say that, "Many of us do not learn". Well, that is the truth. As per the survey done by Virgin Management Consultancy 83% of people stop learning after acquiring Post Graduation or any Degree Higher than that and 91.5% of people stop learning after getting a work experience of five years. (Sample size: 53,672 people. Survey Done in Seven Major Cities in India, Asian Countries, USA, UK, Germany and Australia).

For the purpose of this article, we need to redefine the term "Learning". Reading Newspapers, Magazines, Listening News, Acquiring Degrees is not Learning. So, what does learning consist of:

Application of theory

Application of reading

Maturity in thinking and decision making

Learning from Mistakes (Not Repeating the Mistakes)

Learning from experience (Others and Yours)

These things consist of learning. If you are doing any of these things, then you are called as a "Learned Person".

Look at the following accidents

1) How often do you hear, your parents or your elders telling you, "I have seen the world, I do not need to learn from you"?

2) How often do you see in your office or in professional circles where your boss and your seniors say, "The very fact that I am your boss is a proof that I am learned."

3) Sometimes we see something on Television, Movies and even in our neighborhood and we exclaim, "wow, such a wonderful person, doing such a great thing" but when it comes to application or learning from that incident, we just ignore.

4) Sometimes we say something but do not apply.

5) Two people may be doing the same thing in a same way but when I am doing something, it is right but if some one is doing the same thing, he is wrong.

These are the enough proofs that we do not learn.

Positive and Negative Learning

Learning can be positive and negative. If we see something wrong and we adept it, that is called negative learning and if we see something good and practice it, that is called as positive learning. Let me share one story with you, which I Read in one magazine.

"There were two brothers. One was nice, doing very well in life and career.

On the other hand, his brother, who was also living in the same colony but was not doing very well in life. He was alcoholic, drug addict, sleep around with other females. He use to beat his wife and children and use to fight with almost everyone.

One day few people of the colony thought of asking these two brothers that although you are born to same parents, how you are poles apart in your behavior and attitude. They asked the "bad brother" and he replied, "When I was kid, my father was alcoholic, use to beat us, use to sleep around with other ladies. you can expect me to be good? " Then these people asked the other brother … the "Good Brother". He said, "When I was kid, my father was alcoholic, use to beat us, use to sleep around with other ladies.

So, you see learning can be positive as well as negative. It is up to you. What you want to learn? That reminds me that as the culture is changing in India. People are become more open in their attitude, having multiple relationships is not an issue, one night stand, partying, boozing … having luxuries lifestyle is not new and we here the elders that his generation is becoming western. Why? Why are we taking bad things from their culture? Are they having bad qualities only? Why we are not learning positive things? Those people are more systematic, more process oriented, less corrupt, more practical, more straight forward … why can not we learn those things?


You have 25 years of experience; You have N number of degrees; You are working as a CEO in one company; These are reasons big enough to call you as a "Learned Person". No age, No experience, No designation is big enough to stop you from learning. One is expected to learn not only everyday but every moment of each day. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. You can learn from your past experiences; from people around you; from nature; from all small-small things that happens around you. Your learning shows in your behavior; your thinking; your reaction to a particular situation; the way you treat your fellow human being.

Just see, if you are still learning or you have stopped learning? Are you learning?

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

With lots of care and affection,

Source by Sanjeev Himachali

A Luxury Travel Blog – For those who enjoy the finer things in life… : A Luxury Travel Blog

Top 5 Greek island destinations in 2018

From heart-stopping adventures to the perfect Mediterranean dish, Greece has a variety of destinations to discover. In 2018, we handpicked five island destinations which already enjoy some of the limelight and will attract some international discerning travelers looking for crystal clear waters, authentic cuisine and the well-known Greek philoxenia (φιλοξενία). Paros Island Located close to […]

A Luxury Travel Blog – For those who enjoy the finer things in life… : A Luxury Travel Blog

Top 5 Greek island destinations in 2018

From heart-stopping adventures to the perfect Mediterranean dish, Greece has a variety of destinations to discover. In 2018, we handpicked five island destinations which already enjoy some of the limelight and will attract some international discerning travelers looking for crystal clear waters, authentic cuisine and the well-known Greek philoxenia (φιλοξενία). Paros Island Located close to […]

Canvas Bags Vs Plastic Or Paper Grocery Bags

Our family owns and operates a company which produces and sells canvas bags for grocery shopping. It is a well known fact that plastic has and will continue to have severe consequences when to come to our environment.

It takes 1-20 year old tree to make 700 paper bags. Plastic bags are made from a non-renewable natural resource-petroleum so they do not biodegrade. Plastic photodegrades which is the process of breaking the plastic down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways. Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Billions of these bags end up as litter each year. The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store.

San Francisco's city council passed an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags in March-2007. The city, which has a population of approximately 752,000, estimates that it generates 1,400 tons of plastic bag waste each year.

The Boston city council wants to ban the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores in the city. Senator Brian A. Joyce is drawing up plans to file a bill proposing a statewide law that would charge store customers a fee if they elect plastic over other kinds of bags. If the bill passed, they would start at 2 cents per bag in 2008 and gradually increase to 15 cents per bag in the seventh year. The revenue would go towards the state's recycling programs and toward improving consumer awareness of environmental problems caused by plastic bags.

Ireland has reduced plastic bag consumption by placing a consumer tax on plastic bags. Perhaps the most strict plastic bag regulations are found in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh, where people worn with plastic bags are fined $ 2,000.

If we all do our part in the fight for a better environment we can make a difference-every little bit has a great impact in the long run!

Source by Carol Wall

Buddhism and Hinduism

BUDDHISM – This religion was found by a prince Siddhartha Gautam who later got famous as Buddha. He was also known as ‘Sakyamuni’. Buddha offered teachings and taught Four Noble Truths which ultimately leads to the way to achieve Enlightenment or called ‘Nirvana’ by the Buddhists.

The Buddhists followers and believers built shrines renowned as ‘STUPAS’ at those places where Buddha lived, visited or preached. The famous one are at Sanchi and Sarnath. In Bihar, a place called Bodh Gaya has a Peepal tree also known as Bodhi tree. Near that a small shrine is built by the emperor Ashoka.

The ‘CHAITYAS’are the places or can be properly termed as the temples where the people pray together;

In MAHARASHTRA—there are ‘chaityas’ with water cisterns or ‘podhis’ to store rainwater.

Maharashtra also has renowned Ajanta and Ellora caves in its Ajanta and Verul leni villages which have paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

In LADAKH – Buddhism is the merged belief of many other rituals. Here, the Buddhist monasteries orGompas are store houses of icons or murals;

In ASSAM – The Hayagrina-Madhab temple in Hajo is visited by the Buddhists.

Among the so many statues, shrines and temples of Lord Buddha most of them are in Asia especially in China, Korea and Japan. The LESHAN BUDDHA in Sichuan, China is the world’s tallest statue.

In ARUNACHAL PRADESH— ASIA’S second largest Buddhist monasteries is present known as Twang Gompas. This monastery has homes for monks and other useful sanctums.

This was just a brief account about natural deities and Buddhism. Next at your door is the information about Hinduism…

HINDUISM – It is another ancient religion found thousand of years ago. It is widely practiced in India and Nepal. With of pace of time Hinduism is expanded all over in different number of sectors and sub-groups and that too with varying beliefs. Though most of the Hindus believe that there are many gods like-Shiva, Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Lakshmi so many more, there are few other with contradictory believes…..

The revered and the devotion given by the devotees to their idol is in different obeisance. For some, meditation is the complete form of worship in which the person not only feels relaxed but there is a feeling of a strong bond between the soul and the almighty. Other form of worship includes: chanting, reading holy-books like Ramayana and Bhagwadgita and even performing sacrifices to the god.

In Jammu & Kashmir – the festival of ‘Mahashivratri’ is celebrated lavishly and with a great zeal. It is festival of lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi.

In Himachal Pradesh – there are many temples of Hinduism with an old history. There is an ancient Hindu temple with a boiling hot spring well called ‘Manikaran’. The water is so hot that even rice, pulses and vegetables can be cooked.

In Haryana – birth of early Hinduism took place. The Vedic hymns and manuscripts were formulated here.

In Uttranchal – where kumaon has a 900 years old ‘katarmal’ sun temple, garhwal is a platform for lots of Hindu mythologies.

The very renowned Badrinath & Kedarnath temples of Hindu culture are the icons of Uttranchal. Badrinath is dedicated to lord Vishnu and situated between the Nar and Narayan mountain ranges. This temple was built by Adi Shankracharya in the 8th century; Kedarnath is devoted to lord Shiva situated at the sources of river Mandakini.

In Uttar Pradesh – Kashi and vishwanath temples in Varanasi are famous.

In Rajasthan – in pushkar there is said to be the only temple of Lord Brahma which is very pious and especially visited by the devotees.

The ‘karni Mata’ temple in Bikaner is the centre of attraction of tourists because of the rats being worshipped.

In West Bengal – temples of goddess Durga are prevalent who is worshipped here whole soul by the people. Annually a grand Durga ‘puja’ celebration is held here.

In Orissa – in Konark the spectacular ‘sun temple’ is in the shape of a chariot and is very renowned. It is very massive and richly carved with 24 intricately worked wheels and 7 horses. The horses are believed to symbolize the week days and the wheels represents the hours.

In Puri-there is a beautiful Jagannath temple. There are idols of Lord Krishna, Balbhadra and Subhadra which are taken out for an annual ‘Rath Yatra’ in massive chariots. Thousands of people from all over India attend this grand procession.

In Assam – the Hayagrina-Madhab in Hajo is also visited by Hindus like Buddhists;

A temple complex in the Bamuni hills of Tezpur was built in 9th century.

In Arunachal Pradesh – lord Vishnu is worshiped here and for so temples of lord Vishnu can be seen.

In Manipur – lord Krishna and Radha are their idols. Their temples are not the only attraction here but also the dance performance by the local people to reveal their devotion for lord Krishna and Radha before the ‘Ras Lila’. The music on ‘Mridanga’-a traditional drum is an integral part of this devotional performance.

In Tripura – among the approximately 51 ‘Shakti’ temples of India, one of the most famous ‘Tripura Sundari’ temple is in Udaipur.

At the bank of river Gomti, among the hundreds of sculptures, temples, rivers and carvings, there is a 3ft high head of lord Shiva. It is an amazing piece of art created with devotion.

In Andhra Pradesh – there is a ‘Ramappa’ temple built in 1163. This temple has around 1000 intricately carved pillars and the main beauty is the 6ft tall ‘Nandibull’ status carved out of a single rock. Nandibull is said to be one of the favorite devoted members of lord Shiva.

In Karnataka — in Halebidu and Bedur low, intricate star-shaped temples are built dedicated to lord Vishnu;

Hampi acts as a world heritage site with many beautiful temples.

In 6th and 12th centuries temples were built with a style that was the merged of northern and southern style temples. During that pace of time in Pattadakal a complex of around 10 temples was built. They were the perfect piece of art depicted as a world heritage site. The ‘Virupaksha ‘temple there is very beautiful.

The ancient and everlasting statue of 18-armed ‘Nat raja’ devoted to lord Shiva can be seen among the four carved cave temples in Badami. Another cave temple is devoted to lord Vishnu.

In Tamil Nadu – there are remarkable groups of rock-cut mountains and carved temples in Mahabalipuram. They were created in 7th and 8th centuries and now in the list as world heritage site. In Madurai -there are number of magnificent temples with the whimsical beauty. The very ‘Meenakshi’ temple is the beauty spot of this place.

Whatever information I’ve tried to impart you is very little. Otherwise, this religion is deeply elaborate and distributed all over the country.

Source by Shipra Garg