Amid skepticism, Saudi official provides another version of Khashoggi death

Amid skepticism, Saudi official provides another version of Khashoggi death

RIYADH (Reuters) – As Saudi Arabia faced intensifying international scepticism over its story about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a senior government official laid out a new version of the death inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that in key respects contradicts previous explanations.

FILE PHOTO: Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi speaks at an event hosted by Middle East Monitor in London, Britain, September 29, 2018. Middle East Monitor/Handout via REUTERS

The latest account, provided by a Saudi official who requested anonymity, includes details on how the team of 15 Saudi nationals sent to confront Khashoggi on Oct. 2 had threatened him with being drugged and kidnapped and then killed him in a chokehold when he resisted. A member of the team then dressed in Khashoggi’s clothes to make it appear as if he had left the consulate.

After denying any involvement in the disappearance of Khashoggi, 59, for two weeks, Saudi Arabia on Saturday morning said he had died in a fistfight at the consulate. An hour later, another Saudi official attributed the death to a chokehold, which the senior official reiterated.

Turkish officials suspect the body of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist and critic of powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was cut up but the Saudi official said it was rolled up in a rug and given to a “local cooperator” for disposal. Asked about allegations that Khashoggi had been tortured and beheaded, he said preliminary results of the investigation did not suggest that.

The Saudi official presented what he said were Saudi internal intelligence documents which appeared to show the initiative to bring back dissidents as well as the specific one involving Khashoggi. He also showed testimony from those involved in what he described as the 15-man team’s cover-up, and the initial results of an internal probe. He did not provide proof to substantiate the findings of the investigation and the other evidence.

This narrative is the latest Saudi account that has changed multiple times. The authorities initially dismissed reports that Khashoggi had gone missing inside the consulate as false and said he had left the building soon after entering. When the media reported a few days later that he had been killed there, they called the accusations “baseless.”

Asked by Reuters why the government’s version of Khashoggi’s death kept changing, the official said the government initial account was based on “false information reported internally at the time.”

“Once it became clear these initial mission reports were false, it launched an internal investigation and refrained from further public comment,” the official said, adding that the investigation is continuing.

Turkish sources say the authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting Khashoggi’s murder inside the consulate but have not released it.

Riyadh dispatched a high-level delegation to Istanbul on Tuesday and ordered an internal investigation but U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he is not satisfied with Saudi Arabia’s handling of Khashoggi’s death and said questions remain unanswered. Germany and France on Saturday called Saudi Arabia’s explanation of how Khashoggi died incomplete.

According to the latest version of the death, the government wanted to convince Khashoggi, who moved to Washington a year ago fearing reprisals for his views, to return to the kingdom as part of a campaign to prevent Saudi dissidents from being recruited by the country’s enemies, the official said.

To that end, the official said, the deputy head of the General Intelligence Presidency, Ahmed al-Asiri, put together a 15-member team from the intelligence and security forces to go to Istanbul, meet Khashoggi at the consulate and try to convince him to return to Saudi Arabia.

“There is a standing order to negotiate the return of dissidents peacefully; which gives them the authority to act without going back to the leadership” the official said.

“Asiri is the one who formed the team and asked for an employee who worked with (Saud) al-Qahtani and who knew Jamal from the time they both worked at the embassy in London,” he said.

The official said Qahtani had signed off on one of his employees conducting the negotiations.


According to the plan, the team could hold Khashoggi in a safe house outside Istanbul for “a period of time” but then release him if he ultimately refused to return to Saudi Arabia, the official said.

FILE PHOTO: A human rights activist holds picture of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a protest outside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey October 9, 2018. REUTERS/Osman Orsal

Things went wrong from the start as the team overstepped their orders and quickly employed violence, the official said.

Khashoggi was ushered into the consul general’s office where an operative named Maher Mutreb spoke to him about returning to Saudi Arabia, according to the government’s account.

Khashoggi refused and told Mutreb that someone was waiting outside for him and would contact the Turkish authorities if he did not reappear within an hour, the official said.

Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, has told Reuters he had handed her his two mobile phones and left instructions that she should wait for him and call an aide to Turkey’s president if he did not reappear.

Back inside the consul’s office, according to the official’s account, Khashoggi told Mutreb he was violating diplomatic norms and said, “What are you going to do with me? Do you intend to kidnap me?”

Mutreb replied, “Yes, we will drug you and kidnap you,” in what the official said was an attempt at intimidation that violated the mission’s objective.

When Khashoggi raised his voice, the team panicked. They moved to restrain him, placing him in a chokehold and covering his mouth, according to the government’s account.

“They tried to prevent him from shouting but he died,” the official said. “The intention was not to kill him.”

Asked if the team had smothered Khashoggi, the official said: “If you put someone of Jamal’s age in this position, he would probably die.”


To cover up their misdeed, the team rolled up Khashoggi’s body in a rug, took it out in a consular vehicle and handed it over to a “local cooperator” for disposal, the official said. Forensic expert Salah Tubaigy tried to remove any trace of the incident, the official said.

Turkish officials have told Reuters that Khashoggi’s killers may have dumped his remains in Belgrad Forest adjacent to Istanbul, and at a rural location near the city of Yalova, 90 kilometers (55 miles) south of Istanbul.

Turkish investigators are likely to find out what happened to the body “before long,” a senior official said.

The Saudi official said the local cooperator is an Istanbul resident but would not reveal his nationality. The official said investigators were trying to determine where the body ended up.

Meanwhile, operative Mustafa Madani donned Khashoggi’s clothes, eyeglasses and Apple watch and left through the back door of the consulate in an attempt to make it look like Khashoggi had walked out of the building. Madani went to the Sultanahmet district where he disposed of the belongings.

The official said the team then wrote a false report for superiors saying they had allowed Khashoggi to leave once he warned that Turkish authorities could get involved and that they had promptly left the country before they could be discovered.

Skeptics have asked why so many people, including military officers and a forensics expert specializing in autopsies, were part of the operation if the objective was to convince Khashoggi to return home of his own volition.

The disappearance of Khashoggi, a Saudi insider turned critic, has snowballed into a massive crisis for the kingdom, forcing the 82-year-old monarch, King Salman, to personally get involved. It has threatened the kingdom’s business relationships, with several senior executives and government officials shunning an investor conference in Riyadh scheduled for next week and some U.S. lawmakers putting pressure on Trump to impose sanctions and stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The official said all 15 team members had been detained and placed under investigation, along with three other local suspects.

Writing by Stephen Kalin; Editing by Bill Trott

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Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi died in consulate, Trump says Saudi explanation credible

Trump, Europeans call Saudi account of Khashoggi death inadequate

ELKO, Nev./ISTANBUL (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump joined European leaders on Saturday in pushing Saudi Arabia for more answers about Jamal Khashoggi after Riyadh changed its story and acknowledged that the journalist died more than two weeks ago at its consulate in Istanbul.

Saudi Arabia said early on Saturday that Khashoggi, a critic of the country’s de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had died in a fight inside the building.

Germany called that explanation “inadequate” and questioned whether countries should sell arms to Saudi Arabia, while France and the European Union urged an in-depth investigation to find out what happened to the Washington Post columnist after he entered the consulate on Oct. 2 for documents for his marriage.

Turkish officials suspect Khashoggi, a Saudi national and U.S. resident, was killed inside the consulate by a team of Saudi agents and his body cut up.

The Khashoggi case has caused international outrage and frayed political and business ties between Western powers and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, the world’s No.1 oil exporter.

Asked during a trip to Nevada if he was satisfied that Saudi officials had been fired over Khashoggi’s death, Trump said: “No, I am not satisfied until we find the answer. But it was a big first step, it was a good first step. But I want to get to the answer.”

In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump said that “obviously there’s been deception, and there’s been lies.”

Trump’s comments about the Khashoggi incident in recent days have ranged from threatening Saudi Arabia with “very severe” consequences and warning of economic sanctions, to more conciliatory remarks in which he has played up the country’s role as a U.S. ally against Iran and Islamist militants, as well as a major purchaser of U.S. arms.

He had earlier called the Saudi narrative of what happened to Khashoggi credible.

Riyadh provided no evidence on Saturday to support its account and made no mention of what had become of Khashoggi’s body.


As Saudi Arabia faced intensifying international scepticism over its story, a senior Saudi official laid out a new version of the death in which a team of 15 Saudi nationals sent to confront Khashoggi had threatened him with being drugged and kidnapped and then killed him in a chokehold when he resisted. A member of the team then dressed in Khashoggi’s clothes to make it appear as if he had left the consulate.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called for a full investigation into the killing and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a joint statement with her foreign minister, said the Saudi account was not enough.

“We expect transparency from Saudi Arabia about the circumstances of his death … The information available about events in the Istanbul consulate is inadequate,” the Germans said.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called into question the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said Riyadh’s explanations lacked consistency and credibility.

Trump said it was possible that Prince Mohammed had been unaware of the circumstances around the death of Khashoggi, 59.

FILE PHOTO: Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi speaks at an event hosted by Middle East Monitor in London Britain, September 29, 2018. Picture taken September 29, 2018. Middle East Monitor/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo

For Western allies, a main question will be whether they believe that the prince, who has painted himself as a reformer, has any culpability. King Salman, 82, had handed the day-to-day running of Saudi Arabia to him.

Trump, who has forged close ties with Saudi Arabia and the crown prince, said he was concerned that it was unclear where the journalist’s body is.


According to the senior Saudi official, the Saudi team rolled up Khashoggi’s body in a rug, took it out in a consular vehicle and handed it to a “local cooperator” for disposal.

One of the operatives then donned Khashoggi’s clothes, eyeglasses and Apple watch and left through the back door of the consulate in an attempt to make it look like Khashoggi had walked out of the building, the senior Saudi official said.

Turkish investigators are likely to find out what happened to the corpse “before long”, a senior Turkish official said earlier on Saturday.

Officials told Reuters in Turkey on Thursday that Khashoggi’s remains may have been dumped in Belgrad Forest adjacent to Istanbul, and at a rural location near the city of Yalova, 90 km (55 miles) south of Istanbul,

Turkish sources say the authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting Khashoggi’s murder inside the consulate. Pro-government Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak, citing the audio, said his torturers cut off his fingers during an interrogation and later beheaded him.

Trump said no one from his administration has seen video or a transcript of what happened inside the consulate.

Slideshow (10 Images)

Khashoggi’s Turkish fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, tweeted in Arabic: “They have taken your body from this world, but your beautiful smile will stay in my world forever.”

Saudi Arabia had previously denied that Khashoggi died in the consulate.

But the Saudi public prosecutor said on Saturday that a fight broke out between Khashoggi and people who met him in the building, leading to his death. Eighteen Saudi nationals had been arrested, the prosecutor said.

Saudi state media said King Salman had ordered the dismissal of five officials, including Saud al-Qahtani, a royal court adviser seen as the right-hand man to Prince Mohammed, and deputy intelligence chief Ahmed Asiri.

The crisis prompted the king to intervene, five sources with links to the Saudi royal family told Reuters.

The king also ordered a restructuring of the intelligence service, to be led by Prince Mohammed, suggesting the prince still retained wide-ranging authority.

The dismissed official Qahtani, 40, rose to prominence after latching onto Prince Mohammed, becoming a rare confidant in his inner circle.

Sources say Qahtani would regularly speak on behalf of the crown prince and has given direct orders to senior officials including in the security apparatus.

The New York Times reported on Saturday, citing U.S. and Saudi officials, that Qahtani created the strategy behind the deployment an online army to harass Khashoggi and other critics of the kingdom on Twitter.

People close to Khashoggi and the government said Qahtani had tried to lure the journalist back to Saudi Arabia after he moved to Washington a year ago fearing reprisals for his views.

Asiri joined the Saudi military in 2002, according to Saudi media reports, serving as spokesman for a coalition backing Yemen’s ousted president after Prince Mohammed took Saudi Arabia into that country’s civil war in 2015. He was named deputy chief of foreign intelligence in 2017.

Reporting by Jeff Mason and David Dolan; Additional reporting by Tuvan Gumrukcu in Ankara, Stephen Kalin in Istanbul, Yara Bayoumi and Yeganeh Torbati in Washington, Marwa Rashad and Hadeel Al Sayegh in Dubai, Nadine Awadalla and Yousef Saba in Cairo and Thomas Escritt in Berlin; Writing by Chris Sanders; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Alistair Bell

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Madhya Pradesh BJP To Hire Magicians For Campaigning And Publicity In Assembly Elections

The BJP in Madhya Pradesh plans to rope in magicians for campaigning in Assembly polls


Seeking a fourth straight term in Madhya Pradesh, the ruling BJP intends to cast a ‘magic spell’ on voters during the upcoming state assembly polls.

The party would be roping in magicians to highlight the work done by it in the last 15 years and compare it with that of the previous Congress government, state BJP spokesman, Rajnish Agrawal told PTI.

“We have plans to hire magicians for campaigning and publicity,” he said, adding that magic shows would be organised at market places to reach out to voters, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.

The number of magicians to be utilised for this is yet to be decided. But, the BJP hopes to start the magic shows soon and budget allocation for these activities is also being worked out, Mr Agrawal said.

“With this art, we are going to tell people about what the BJP government has done for people, especially the weaker sections of society in Madhya Pradesh in the last 15 years,” the spokesman said.

The magic shows would also highlight the “poor condition” of roads, electricity supply and basic amenities during the 10-year Congress government headed by Digvijaya Singh between 1993 and 2003 in the state, he said.

The Madhya Pradesh assembly polls will be held on November 28 and counting of votes will take place on December 11.

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Sabarimala Temple Live Updates: 2 Women Attempt Trek To Sabarimala  Temple, Stopped By Protesters

2 Women Attempt Trek To Sabarimala Temple, Stopped By Protesters

Sabarimala Temple Live Updates: 2 Women Attempt Trek To Sabarimala  Temple, Stopped By Protesters

Devotees wait in queues inside the premises of the Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta district.

New Delhi: 

Four days after the doors of the Sabarimala temple in Kerala opened after the Supreme Court stepped in to overturn a nearly three-decade-old ruling formalising a ban on women of menstruating age. Today, two women in their early forties who started walking towards the Sabarimala temple today were stopped by protesters 200 metres from the base camp Pamba. Vasanthi, 41, and Aadhiseshi, 42, said the protesters surrounded them, blocked their way and forced them to return to the base camp. Yesterday, another women arrived at Pamba, attempting to enter the temple. However, Manju, general secretary of the Kerala Dalit Mahila Federation was told that no police protection will be provided until background check is done to verify if she was an activist. The decision is likely to be announced today. Police sources said the woman has a few cases against her and alleged links to a radical organisation.

Manju’s plan for the trek was also thwarted after heavy rains in the area. If she is given the security she will succeed in entering the temple to script history. No woman in this age group between 10 and 50 years have made it to the temple.

Here are the LIVE UPDATES of the Sabarimala temple opening

Andhra women unaware of Sabarimala protests

The women Vasanthi, 41, and Aadhiseshi, 42, hailing from Andhra Pradesh had trekked around 100-200 metres from Pamba base camp towards Sabarimala. The women were part of the pilgrim camp who were trekking to various temples across Kerala. They say they were not aware about the situation in Sabarimala. They have informed the police that they don’t want to go further and want to instead return.

The traditional musical ‘panchari melam’ being performed at the Sabarimala sannidhaanam on Sunday morning.
2 women in their early 40’s identified as Vasanthi and Aadhisesh tried to trek to Sabarimala temple and were stopped by protesters 200 meters from Pamba. The women have now returned to police guard room in Pamba.  

Yesterday, another woman arrived at Pamba attempting to enter the temple. SP Manju, general secretary of the Kerala Dalit Mahila Federation had aborted her plans for the trek after heavy rain in the area.

Four days after the hill-shrine Sabarimala opened its doors to the public, few women who have attempted to enter the premises have met tough resistance and had to return back. The shrine closes at 10 pm tomorrow.

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Modi inaugurates National Police Memorial, says people will help cops if they are compassionate 

Modi inaugurates National Police Memorial, says people will help cops if they are compassionate 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said common people will come forward to help the police in reducing crime rate if those manning the police stations are more compassionate towards the complainants.

“The relation between society and police can be significantly improved if cops at police stations just offer a glass of water to people who come there to file a complaint. Society will come forward to cooperate with you if you are compassionate towards them. This will help you reduce the crime rate,” he said.

The prime minister said this during the inauguration of the National Police Memorial in New Delhi on Sunday morning.

Addressing a gathering of serving and retired police personnel and families of martyrs, Modi hit out at the Congress and accused it of delaying the memorial’s construction. “Had the earlier government wanted, the memorial would have been built several years ago”.

“Why it took 70 years after Independence to get the memorial into reality?” he asked.

October 21 is observed as the Police Commemoration Day every year in memory of the policemen killed at Hot Springs in Ladakh by Chinese troops on this date in 1959.

Modi said the memorial has been created to recognise the sacrifices made by police personnel since independence.

“It is the result of your [police forces’] alertness that the elements which create unrest are unsuccessful in their attempts. The attempts to create fear and insecurity in the nation were foiled by you. The peace prevalent in the nation is possible only due to your services,” he said.

Speaking about the law and order situation in the country, the PM said this is a day to remember the jawans who maintains law and peace in Jammu and Kashmir and fight against terrorism.

“Jawans on duty in the Naxal-affected areas are doing a great service. It’s also due to them that the number of Naxal-affected districts is going down and the youth is coming to the mainstream.”

The prime minister announced an annual award for police personnel who display exemplary service during rescue operations. The award has been named after Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.


The central sculpture of the memorial is a 30 feet monolith made of a single piece of granite, weighing 238 tonnes. Its weight and colour symbolise the gravitas and solemnity of the supreme sacrifice. A 60 foot long river at the base of the sculpture reflects the continuous self-service of the policeman and woman, to maintain peace and public order.

The Wall of Valour has the names of all 34,844 martyrs engraved on granite.
It has been built on a 6.12-acre land in Central Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area at the northern end of Shanti Path.

The memorial, built a few years ago, has now been refurbished and the central structure has been enhanced by replacing the old rock structure.

The museum capturing the history, artifacts, uniform and gear of central and state police forces is an underground facility in the premises of the national police memorial.

The project is being steered by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in coordination with the central armed police forces (CAPFs) that function under the command of the Union Home Ministry.

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In 3 days, fuel price come down by 87 paise

In 3 days, fuel price come down by 87 paise

Since October 5, diesel price has risen by Rs 2.74 per litre and petrol price by Rs 1.33 a litre.

Picture for representation(Photo-Reuters)

Picture for representation(Photo-Reuters)


  • Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi down to Rs 81.74 per litre and Rs 75.19 per litre respectively
  • In Mumbai, petrol now costs Rs 87.21 a litre and diesel costs Rs 78.82
  • This comes as a relief after a stretch of fuel price rise in the past few weeks

The fuel prices have come down by 87 paise in the last three days.

In New Delhi, petrol price has been slashed by 25 paise to retail at Rs 81.74 per litre, while diesel is being sold 17 paise lower at Rs 75.19 per litre, as reported by ANI.

Price of petrol in Mumbai has been reduced by 25 paise to retail at Rs 87.21 per litre, while diesel is being sold at Rs 78.82 per litre after an 18 paise cut.

The price cut follows international oil prices trading near the lowest level in a month on a bigger-than-expected gain in American stockpiles.

As per India’s pricing mechanism, the domestic fuel prices depend upon the international fuel prices on a 15-day average and the value of the Indian rupee.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had, on October 4, announced a reduction of Rs 2.50 per litre on both petrol and diesel prices after curbing excise duty on the commodity by Rs 1.50 per litre. He had also directed all state governments to slash rates. The reduction in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled states was more as they matched this cut by an equivalent reduction in local sales tax or VAT. Prior to October 5 cut, petrol price had risen by Rs 6.86 a litre and diesel by Rs 6.73 since mid-August.

After the Centre cut excise duty by Rs 1.50 per litre and asked PSU oil firms to subsidise fuel by Re 1, Maharashtra and Gujarat governments were among the first to announce a matching Rs 2.50 cut.

They were later joined by Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Assam, Uttarakhand, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar with similar moves. Jammu and Kashmir, which is under the governor’s rule, too reduced the tax on the two fuels.

Also read: Petrol, diesel prices fall after global price cut

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Arjun Kapoor And Malaika Arora Trend Yet Again. Here

Arjun Kapoor And Malaika Arora Trend Yet Again. Here’s Why

New Delhi: 

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have yet again found a spot on the trends list after the 33-year-old actor went to promote his new film Namaste England on the sets of reality show India’s Got Talent. As per a DNA report, the rumoured couple apparently went on to the stage hand-in-hand and also danced along with a contestant. India’s Got Talent Season 8 is co-judged by Malaika, Karan Johar and Kirron Kher. The first episode of the show premiered on Saturday and Arjun was there with co-star Parineeti Chopra. Just a couple of months ago, Arjun and Malaika trended a great deal after they were spotted sitting next to each other in the front row at the Lakme Fashion Week.



Rumours that Arjun Kapoor, 33, and Malaika Arora, 44, are dating featured in headlines after her separation from ex-husband Arbaaz Khan in 2016. However, in an interview to DNA in the same year, Malaika had addressed the speculation and said, “Arjun is a very good friend of mine. But people give a very different meaning to it which isn’t true.”



Meanwhile, Arbaaz is reportedly dating model Giorgia Andriani. They also celebrated Navratri together at an event in Gujarat. Here are the pictures.



On the work front, after Namaste England, Arjun Kapoor will be next seen in Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, again with Parineeti Chopra. India’s Most Wanted and Panipat are some of his film in the line-up. While Malaika Arora, apart from India’s Got Talent, co-judges India’s Next Top Model Season 3.

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Afghans shut out by polling station chaos return to vote

Afghans shut out by polling station chaos return to vote

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghans unable to vote in Saturday’s parliamentary election after hundreds of polling stations failed to open were given another chance to cast their ballot on Sunday after voting times were extended despite security threats and warnings of fraud.

Afghan women cast their votes during parliamentary elections at a polling station in Kabul, Afghanistan October 20, 2018.REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

Around three million Afghans voted on Saturday, election officials said but across the country there were complaints that polling stations remained closed, often because staff failed to turn up.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan issued a statement saying it was encouraged by the high numbers who voted on Saturday, many of whom endured long delays due to technical and organizational problems.

“Those eligible voters who were not able to cast their vote, due to technical issues, deserve the right to vote,” it said.

An Afghan man arrives as a woman casts her vote during parliamentary elections at a polling station in Kabul, Afghanistan, October 20, 2018. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

The Sunday extension was made for 401 polling stations, and 500 extra officials were deployed.

Many independent election observers, seen as an important check on efforts to manipulate the result, have been reluctant to work, fearing militant attacks.

“It is not an ideal scenario,” one foreign security official said, noting the extra pressure placed on already stretched security forces which have been on high alert following Taliban warnings that they would target the election.

Over 120 incidents involving hand grenades or improvised explosive devices were reported on Saturday and scores of people were killed or wounded across the country. In one incident, 15 people were killed by a suicide bomber who tried to enter a polling station in Kabul, but overall the violence was not as bad as some officials had feared.

The vote for the lower house of parliament is seen as a test ahead of next year’s more important presidential election but the run-up was marred by chaotic preparations, accusations of cheating and threats of militant violence.

An election official scans a voter’s finger with a biometric device at a polling station during a parliamentary election in Kabul, Afghanistan, October 20, 2018. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

Almost 9 million voters were registered but many of these, as much as 50 percent or more according to some estimates, may have been fraudulently recorded.

More than a million people voted in the capital Kabul but turnout was very low in the provinces, said Naeem Ayubzada, director of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan, a civic action body that has been monitoring the ballot.

He said the decision to extend the vote, which was taken unexpectedly as complaints mounted on Saturday, opened the way for abuse, with half-filled ballot boxes left open all night in some polling centers.

“From a planning point of view, it’s very difficult,” he said. “It provides an opportunity for fraud.”

The result of the election is not expected to be known for at least two weeks due to the difficulty in counting and collating the results.

In addition, voting in the province of Kandahar was delayed by a week following the assassination of the powerful local police commander Gen. Abdul Razeq. The election in the central province of Ghazni was also postponed due to disagreements over the representation of different ethnic groups.

Reporting by James Mackenzie; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore

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Badhaai Ho box office collection Day 3: Ayushmann Khurrana film on its way to Rs 50 crore

Badhaai Ho box office collection Day 3: Ayushmann Khurrana film on its way to Rs 50 crore

Badhaai Ho, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Neena Gupta, continues to mint money at the box office.

A still from Badhaai Ho

A still from Badhaai Ho

Ayushmann Khurrana is on a roll. After impressing fans and critics alike with his dark comedy, Andhadhun, he returned to the big screen with Badhaai Ho, a family entertainer.

He plays an elder son who gets to know that his 50 something mom (Neena Gupta) is pregnant, and thus follows the laugh riot of dealing with the awkward news.

Directed by Amit Sharma, Badhaai Ho has been making a lot of buzz ever since the release of its trailer. The film has got a thumbs up from critics and fans.

Badhaai Ho has earned Rs 7.29 crore on its opening day, thus making it Ayushmann’s biggest opener till date. The film earned Rs 11.67 crore on its second day, and on its third day it’s supposed to soar even higher, and earn Rs 12 crore, bringing its total collection to around Rs 30 crore approx.

Badhaai Ho is a coming-of-age drama which chronicles the story of a family dealing with an accidental pregnancy.

At the box office, Badhaai Ho is racing far ahead of Namaste England, which stars Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

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Do not Get Scammed

I've got a confession to make … I was scammed by a company
promising me I can stay at home and type data into forms and
make over two hundred dollars a day.

There are a lot of scams going on out there, these are just a
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Scam # 1 You Won The Lottery!

This is an e-mail scam from a person or company informing
you that you have just won the lottery. Payment is required
to get your huge unsolicited lottery winnings transferred
into your country / bank account. There are no 'winnings'.

If you receive a "prize notification" from a suspicious

o do not respond to the emails

o do not pay any money in advance to collect a prize

o do not reveal your full identity

o do not reveal your bank account number or credit card

Scam # 2 Employment and Job

Look out for these:

"Local Representative Needed"

"Shipping Manager"

"Financial Manager"

"Sales Manager"

"Type from home"

These titles are from companies offering you easy money
for just a few hours of work a week. Remember if it sounds
to good to be true, then it is.

If you encounter any of these scams or you were scammed
please report the email or website to the following

The Federal Trade Commission

The United States Secret Service


The USPostal Inspection Service

National Assocation of Attorneys General


The National Consumers League

Better Business Bureau



Please do not fall for the scams they have going on out
there. Some of these companies look like they are the real
deal but in all truth they are not. Nobody likes being
taken, I myself personally felt like a fool for falling for
one of these.

Take action and help take these fraud companies down, if it
can happen to me than it can happen to any of you.

Source by Michelle Dudley